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gretchen1.jpgSince I spend most of my waking hours in showbiz, and since YES!, the magazine I am editor of, is a monthly, there is all this stuff I pick up that I don’t get to write at all. Somebody said the stuff is plentiful enough to fill a daily blog.

A bright idea really, if we go by how people are amazingly interested in everything showbiz—even in such matter-of-fact things like Ruffa Gutierrez is all ready to set up home in Barcelona, where husband Ylmaz Bektas has already picked their new house, or such factoids like Richard Gomez, not Lucy Torres, is the real cook in the family.

Still, a daily blog may be tough. I have three dogs that expect me to drive them to the shaded paths of UP, where they walk and sniff, walk and sniff, then rest and drink and think. That takes up time. But a blog that’s irregular, updated as often as there is time and something to say, looks workable. So “Jo-Ann Chats” will now appear here in PEP, if with erratic frequency.

Where do we begin? Well, the hands-down choice has to be the woman who is possibly and arguably the loveliest face in local entertainment today—Gretchen Barretto.

Consistently, Gretchen—also called Gretch, Greta, La Greta in an ascending order of awe—is one of three most talked-about stars in the country. This, I gather from TV ratings, magazine print orders, and dinner-table talk among both Pag-Asa Bliss ex-neighbors, NGO workers, and Penn-graduate friends. (The other two, by my reading, are Kris Aquino and Ruffa Gutierrez.)

GRETCHEN & DAWN. These days, Gretchen is particularly all over the news because of a “tampuhan” she is having with Dawn Zulueta, the other star that others say is arguably and possibly the loveliest face in local entertainment today.

That’s probably why there’s all this media attention. You have Gretchen, 36, and Dawn, 37—both absolute lookers, both attached to men with big bucks and big family names, both sought-after leading ladies of the Nineties, and both making showbiz comebacks at this time—now said to be at odds with each other over, of all things, makeup, clothes, shoes, bags!

Last I checked, the media coverage has Gretchen on the losing end. She’s supposed to be the “diva,” the “prima donna,” the “big star” who came with bodyguards and yayas lugging her “whole house” to a shoot.

I know that she did bring her “whole house”—or at least hauled from there roughly 30 pairs of completely unused signature shoes bought at a recent Singapore trip—to PREVIEW magazine’s cover pictorial for its December 2006 issue, which Gretchen happened to be doing with Dawn, Ruffa, and Angel Aquino. This was where it really all began.

The buzz now is that Gretchen was “showing off,” that she was deliberately making her co-stars, who didn’t have the same multiple-costume choices, feel disenfranchised. The thinking being that anyone lugging, to just one shoot, that many Valentinos and Balenciagas in those huge Louis Vuittons must be showing off.

And when that someone also brings a microwave oven to the shoot…well!   

As a rule, Gretchen indeed goes to shoots with her microwave in tow. She did not, to the PREVIEW pictorial, but she did, to the Pantene commercial shoot that followed, where once again she, Dawn, Ruffa, and Angel formed the celebrated crop of beauties. From there, the buzz just got louder.

Through all this, Dawn has made herself incommunicado. She has not picked up her phone or responded to texts, when and where these calls threatened to be about her and Gretchen.

My last communication with Dawn was last Sunday (Nov. 26), by text, but it was strictly about Jacobo, her one-year-old son, who will be introduced, Dawn says excitedly, to Santa Claus this Christmas! I deliberately did not ask anything about the tiff. I figure, if a person is keeping rigidly silent, she must have her reasons. Leave her be.

GRETCHEN & TONYBOY. For her part, Gretchen has reacted—and how. I figure it’s to be expected. She is the person under fire here, obviously. And she does have a name and an image to protect.

Because, say what you will, but Gretchen has definitely worked on being the loving and loyal, if gregarious and irreverent, partner of a low-key billionaire businessman. She still speaks her mind, as in the past, but she also clearly respects the non-negotiables laid down by Tonyboy Cojuangco, which includes, yes, not showing off!

She is also, the way I see it, truly in awe of Tony’s brainpower. Not surprisingly. After all, the man is a summa cum laude graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University, a post-graduate degree holder from Stanford University, and a smart enough businessman to have made a serious fortune outside the Cojuangco family inheritance.

For Tonyboy, Gretchen has consciously worked on a shift, if not in her name, then certainly in her image.

Gretchen herself may not agree with this. She always likes to say that she needs to be herself, and that local high society, to which her partner has belonged from birth, is not going to intimidate her.

And that could be right—but not getting intimidated doesn’t mean not adjusting to the ways of that society. Gretchen has. At society weddings the couple have to attend, for instance, she certainly can’t talk the way she does when with her gregarious gay friends in showbiz!

So a Gretchen Barretto reacting badly to the media blast is totally expected. What is a sight to behold are the seismic shifts that those reactions undergo within dramatically short periods. The girl actually plays like a movie!

But let’s not get ahead of the story, even if I’m trying to tell it as quickly as possible. This is a blog, right, but even blogs have to be accurate!

THE EMOTIONAL UPSET. Things heated up for Gretchen on Nov. 16, a Thursday, when ABS-CBN’s chief entertainment man, Mario Dumaual, was heard asking who it was that acted like a diva in a shoot starring the four pretty women.

Later, Mario would tell someone from Gretchen’s camp that when he discovered that the clues all pointed to Gretchen, he himself dismissed it as a non-story. Gretchen’s camp quote Mario as saying, “That’s not news. Gretchen’s always a diva, so what’s new?” Or something hilarious like that.

Sounded hilarious to me, anyway, and even to persons in Gretchen’s camp—but not so to Gretchen.

In a flash, Gretchen went from shocked to hurt to angry (Nov. 16, morning till evening), when she called her manager Boy Abunda, then in HK, on the phone, and had her handler Bettina Aspillaga, then with an old friend visiting from NY, rushing over to her Dasmariñas Village mansion.

Within hours, Gretchen had jumped to confrontational (Nov. 16, late morning till 9 p.m.), when she gathered Bettina, Ruffa Gutierrez, and her old friend Anna Abiera in her Dasmariñas dining room for a powwow.

It was then that Dawn, who was on the phone with Gretchen, decided she would go over and join them so they could all talk this out. Fine! said Gretchen.

THE DAWN-GRETCHEN EXCHANGE. And so began several hours of an exchange that went roughly like this:
Yeah, I said those things…
But why, what did I do?
You were making me feel bad.
Why didn’t you tell me?
Everyone was talking about you!
Everyone, everyone? Which one?
Si ano, si ano at si…
Ok, let’s call them all right now!
(A series of calls follows. One by one, the persons called denied they said those things. Those that did not deny said they didn’t intend them to sound mean, that they were just jesting. It is not absolutely certain if they were telling it as it was, or were simply scared to get on Gretchen’s wrong side.)
I thought we were friends!
You’re competing with everyone all the time!
Why, because I wear Prada and Gucci?
Why did you bring those clothes to the shoot?
We were told to bring our own clothes!
Why did you bring those things?
Those are my clothes!
You just want to make us feel bad.
Why should I want to do that?
You’re competing all the time!
What? Competing? I’m just having fun!

THE EMBRACE. The heated exchange went on and on—but just as suddenly, it was over. Still in conference in the Dasma house, still surrounded by the same set of people, Gretchen had exhausted herself, she had let it all out, and now she was open to reconciling with her old friend (Nov. 16, evening).

She made the move to embrace Dawn. Dawn embraced her back.

All was well again between these two extraordinarily beautiful ladies—who, in their 20s, were very dear friends who did everything together, including visiting cosmetology doctors for an enhancement procedure or two.

The following day, however, Gretchen was back to feeling hurt (Nov. 17, daytime), and a few hurtful or hurting—I’m not sure which description is exact—text messages flew between the two of them once more.

Nevertheless, everything was contained. They had all decided to keep quiet, and they did. They knew it was inappropriate for them to be acting like wildcats. They weren’t starlets any more, they were established stars! Not only that, they were mothers, for heavens sake!

But I now believe that, although words bad and good were exchanged to clear the air, and the nice embrace did happen, the emotional fallout from the ugly incident was still there, lurking dangerously. Another trigger, and there was bound to be another outburst.

Emotions after all do take longer to fix than the mind, especially if a once-deep friendship—such as it was for Gretchen and Dawn—had been in cold storage for more than a decade.

“PRIMA DONNA.” So it was not totally surprising that a seismic shift would occur again. This time, the trigger was an email published by Dolly Anne Carvajal in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. (Out Nov. 23, the column must’ve been written by Dolly Anne, said to be the most widely read Inquirer columnist online, at least two days earlier. Columnists normally have a deadline two days in advance of issue date.)

Unsourced and unattributed, the email made the public guess who the “prima donna” was at the shoot of Gretchen, Dawn, Ruffa, and Angel.

Ruffa, who had not left for Barcelona at the time, was the first to read it. As is her style, Ruffa called Gretchen right away. And very Ruffa, she worried, “Girl, that can only be you or me! We’re the only ones with bodyguards and signature clothes! Can’t be Dawn, she doesn’t naman bring bodyguards, and alangan namang that’s Angel. Baka they’ll think it’s me, oh my gosh.”

At that very hour, Gretchen was shooting for the January cover of YES! She was at the Holiday Inn, our pictorial venue, where she had arrived promptly at 8 a.m. and had come complete with her designer clothes and Louis Vuitton suitcases filled with branded shoes and trinkets. Just as YES! had requested. See, she didn’t know exactly what we wanted for the shoot, so we said just bring them on. And oh yes, she also brought with her the now-famous microwave.

UGLY WRITEUP, UGLY FACE. Gretchen knew all about the unflattering writeup by then, but she wanted no talk about it in her presence. When I began to read a Xerox-copy of the article out loud for the others, Gretchen hushed, “Uh-uh, ayokong marinig. Nagsu-shoot ako ng fashion. Kailangan maganda ako. Di ako puwedeng pumangit.” I went on to read it anyway, but quietly. And as I did, I thought, Oh-oh, trouble.

To compound the problem, I got a phone call from Karen Pagsolingan, managing editor of PEP—correct, this very Philippine Entertainment Portal you’ve logged in to, where I’m editor-in-chief—saying that we had a contributed article on the Gretchen-Dawn tiff. She read it to me on the phone.

This one was now far more detailed than the published email. This one actually tracked how Gretchen arrived with her bodyguards and yayas, how the luggage were unloaded, how her special dishes and expensive plastic containers were laid out, how a microwave was in attendance, and so on.

But once again, this one had anonymous sourcing. Later in the day, I would mention the article to Gretchen and to Backroom’s Bettina Aspillaga. It sounded damaging; I wanted their side.

After the six-hour YES! pictorial (counting makeup, change of set, food breaks for the staff), a tired Gretchen sat down for an interview. Incidentally, by then she had been in her high-heeled designer shoes before our photographer for at least four hours straight!

I did the interview with YES! associate editor Anna Pingol. At some point, after talking fashion and makeup and bling-blings, we brought up this latest blast against her.gretchen3.jpg

THE MICROWAVE. Gretchen was surprisingly cool—at least, she began that way.

“Where did that come from? It can’t be from the people we worked with! I didn’t feel any tension or problem there at all. Everyone was nice and treating us well! We were all having so much fun!”

Anyone who knows Gretchen knows that the woman is highly articulate. She has the words to match her sentiments, she knows just how to express herself, she’s a great storyteller. But that is also to say: you don’t want to be on the receiving end of her tirade.

True enough, there she was, trying to find out who the culprit was—and while at it, failing to control her temper. “What is it to anyone if I bring a microwave to a shoot?!! What is the big deal with a microwave? That’s only P2000! Gusto nila bigyan ko pa siya?” she said—clearly raring, if for that split second, for a fight. 

ANOTHER BAD STORY. As the meaning of the latest newspaper blast dawned on her, Gretchen became increasingly biting with her comments. After all, she knew everyone in the country was going to say one more time: There goes that Gretchen woman!

There was already the Elevator Incident. (“Not true. Never happened,” Gretchen said a long time ago. My own research, which led me to one of the younger owners of the RCBC building where the elevator incident was supposed to have happened, came up with the same thing: “Not true. That’s a myth.”)

And there were already those scandalous sightings of Gretchen in malls with six or more bodyguards. (“I rarely go to malls. I hate shopping. I love buying things I like, but I hate shopping! I’d rather have coffee and conversation and eat good food. But yeah, I move with bodyguards. Pero kailangan ko pa bang sabihing may mga threats sa amin? Kailangan ko pa bang ipaliwanag na kundi naman kelangan ang bodyguard, di hindi ako magbo-bodyguard? E may magagawa ba ako kung si Tony ay kilala in business and politics, and there are those who wish him harm?”)

At this point, let me put in a word. For the YES! shoot, we were actually thankful that Gretchen had brought her “whole house!” (I know Gretchen would object. If that were her “whole house,” that would make her “poor,” and that, in her book, is ”not nice!”) Anyway, I admire organization. I like efficiency. I bow to the smooth order of things. I’m a Virgo, what can I say? I even suspect that Gretchen, who is a Pisces, has a Virgo ascendant!

OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE. Gretchen is clearly OC—obsessive compulsive, if you will—about order. At home, she is that way; outside, she is that way, too. At the YES! pictorial, she had everything organized just so, allowing us to pick from her clothes without delay or mess.

All those branded shoes and luggage, designer casuals and Inno Sotto gowns—they were grouped and tagged in such a rational order, our shoot went ever so smoothly, with a lot of laughs in between. I not only had no complaints, I felt beatific.

We had this fantastic cover shoot—and much of it was thanks to a star who was such a pro!

Even the crazy white microwave was no issue with me. I was thankful she had it there to heat whatever it was she needed! And the plastic containers? They were a pricier brand, but they were still, to me, just Tupperware. They were simply there to separate the sliced fruits from the soup from the chop suey.

See, if she hadn’t brought in all that paraphernalia, she might have bothered me about getting them for her! As it was, we didn’t feed her a thing. She always liked asking what we were eating, true. But give it to her—she was disciplined.

She never once touched the scones or the cakes or the tuna turnovers. And she never even got near the sausages and fish and steaks because the main course was served in the main dining hall, while she—bless her!—never left the pictorial room. Except for trips to the ladies room, she never stopped for a break until the entire shoot was done.

TWO YAYAS. What she did was assign one yaya to take charge of her things, pulling out belts and dresses as needed. Meantime, she had the other yaya hand over to her—at different intervals throughout the six-plus hours we worked—the kamote, melon, papaya, atis, brown rice, broccoli soup, squash soup, chopsuey, tissue, and stainless fork. This was the range of her diet.

And always, she ate mainly in between takes. This way, Darren Tieste, our Australian photographer who never seemed to get hungry himself, didn’t have to stop. Half the time, in fact, Gretchen was standing while eating. Partly, she was being careful with the fabulous Inno Sotto gowns we had borrowed for the shoot. And partly, she didn’t want to upset the photo setup.

Gretchen Barretto was, to put it categorically one more time, simply a pro.

gretchen4.jpgGRETCHEN’S TEARS. In any case, in Gretchen’s interview with us, her general mood was explanatory, bordering on the argumentative. It was her tone and language that kept shifting from sharp to musing to forgiving to angry again. In the next two hours, it would be that way.

Then toward the end, tears began to fall down her face. She wiped them away, but they fell again.

The tears came at the point where she began to recall how life was for her when she had little money for clothes and was working like mad to save. She recalled how her friend Nadia Montenegro and Anna Abiera treated her to steak dinners and lent her stuff to use for guest appearances because she really didn’t have much.

Gretchen would say now: “I appreciate all that. I remember all that. Our friendship was based on our liking and helping each other na walang kapalit. Hanggang ngayon, now when I can buy anything I want, I remember those times.

“Kaya never ako magmamatapobre, never ako magpapanggap na mayaman ako dati. Di importante yon sa akin. Ang buhay pabago-bago. I’m just happy I am where I am today, but I know where I came from.”

She added: “Kaya nga I don’t understand why someone can’t be happy for me now that I have these things. I am always happy for my friends. When Ruffa has this or that, I get excited for her: ‘Hey, girl, that’s cool, where’d you get that?!’

“Why should anyone mind if I have five Louis Vuittons and I bring Gucci, Balenciaga, Valentino, and Prada to a shoot? I was told to bring extra clothes, so I brought. I can’t help it if all my clothes are Balenciaga and Valentino!”

Then, breaking into a lighter mood, she said: “Of course, I’m exagd. You know, they tell me to bring 10, I bring 100! But I don’t mean anything by that, that’s just me!”

THE BITCH IN BALENCIAGA. Strange as it may sound to those who think that bringing a microwave is over-the-top behavior, I believe Gretchen when she says: “I don’t have inggit. I enjoy reading someone like Celine Lopez, who says, ‘I’d rather be the bitch in Balenciaga instead of the badly-dressed girl bitching about the bitch in Balenciaga,’ or something like that.

“Yeah, why not? If I can wear a Valentino, why not? And besides, I never comment on somebody’s outfit unless I’m asked. I don’t make lait. You like that, go ahead, as long as you’re happy, I’m happy!”

That was Thursday (Nov. 23), when she was ready to bring the fight to anyone.

The next morning, Friday (Nov. 24), Gretchen and I were on the phone. We talked from 8-10a.m, something we’d been doing every now and then. Her voice was calm, melodic, nice. She was sounding in control, content, and at peace with herself.

At one point, she actually said: “You can write this. I mean it… I’m so loving my life. I cannot complain. If I complain pa, baka sabihin ng Diyos, ‘Oy, sumusobra ka na. I gave you all these blessings na, umiiyak ka pa riyan.’ So really, I am so loving my life.’”

She added, her voice filling with laughter: “At kawawa ba yong maraming LV [Louis Vuitton]? I’d rather be the bitch in Valentino! I’ve decided Dawn cannot bring me down.”

“DAWN IS MY FRIEND.” All the same, Gretchen wanted to end with: “But I don’t want a quarrel with her. Dawn is my friend, kaya di ko alam why she said those things about me. But I don’t want to fight anybody. Ayoko lang na may tatapak sa akin because then I’ll fight back.

“But really, at the end of the day, I cannot complain. At the end of a shoot, I go home. I have Tony and Dominique, and they love me. They are my life! Like I went home late one time, and I feel guilty about it. I’m thinking, I’m back in showbiz, I have all these pictorials and shoots. Baka I’m not being a good mother or a good wife?

“So that night I went home, Tony was watching something on TV and Dominique was there doing her thing. They were quiet. Tahimik naman yong pamilya ko. When I arrived, ang dami kong kuwento! You know what…hala, sige na ako. Tuloy-tuloy na. Sabi ni Tony, ‘Dumating ka lang, umingay na ang bahay.’ Ayun, masaya kami, masaya na ang bahay, maingay na uli.”

Gretchen and I ended the conversation with neither of us certain about how much to write, or not to write, about the “prima donna” episode. She didn’t want to fight with anyone, she said. But she wanted to clear her name, she also said. 

I thought I put down the phone on a happy Gretchen.

gretchen5.jpgCRYING ON RADIO. That very same day, Friday (Nov. 24), in the afternoon, Gretchen was on a radio interview with Cristy Fermin. And she was crying!

I didn’t catch it myself, but from the little that I gathered, the trigger was Cristy—who is close to Gretchen’s estranged sisters Claudine and Marjorie—reminding Gretchen about the past. Reminding her that in one battle of long ago, she had only Marjorie on her side.

As the questions got closer and closer to home and family, Gretchen lost it. She was crying and babbling that she misses her sisters. I believe that Gretchen has a major emotional vacuum to fill where her sisters Marjorie and Claudine once were.

They were a pretty tight sister act, and when that unity broke, Gretchen has had to weigh her changing emotions all the time… But this is another story, for another day.

CALM AND COOL AGAIN. The next day, Saturday (Nov. 25), around 11 p.m., I was again on the phone with Gretchen, but for a very brief while. Ruffa had handed the phone to me, after speaking with Gretchen briefly herself.

I told Gretchen to come and make it to our small dinner party at Lucy Torres-Gomez’s house. I said we all wanted to see her gown. She laughed. I also said we would all wait for her and Tony, whose birthday was coming around by midnight.

Gretchen giggled, and in hushed tones said, “Ano ka? Paano kami makakatakas, nasa presidential table kami?” At the time, she and Tony were at a wedding reception at the Makati Shangri-la Hotel.

Well, they didn’t make it to the dinner, but I felt good for her. She sounded calm and cool again.

Like I said, that was Saturday (Nov. 25). It is now Tuesday (Nov. 28). I don’t know how Gretchen is feeling today, at this hour, wherever she is. I will not presume that the seismic shifts in emotion have ceased. I don’t really know.

For I have no doubt that Gretchen is a woman with a complex past and a complex present.

Meantime, I don’t mind saying I like Gretchen best when she’s happy and telling funny stories about herself. But whatever today’s seismic shift may be for her, I truly wish her well, at every turn.


Comment by therese

November 28, 2006 @ 7:29 pm

Oh Joan, reading your blog is like eating heavenly gourmet food. Mmmmmmm.

Comment by therese

November 28, 2006 @ 7:29 pm

Oh Jo-ann, reading your blog is like eating heavenly gourmet food. Mmmmmmm.

Comment by sara

November 29, 2006 @ 10:00 am

based on her statements,i still think gretchen is tacky to flaunt her material possessions. the way she’s blabbing right now, it’s very clear that she has no class and breeding. what is style without breeding and class?

Comment by Jennifer CAtudio Lu

November 29, 2006 @ 10:29 am

the first time i heard about this story,i was like “so what if she brought those stuff?for Christ sake!that’s all her things and she has all the rights to used it!if she wants that then let her be…as long as she doesn’t harm no one.”
maybe she gone from a simple gal to a fashionable one,that’s her style.if i know there are a lot of people envy her and that’s for sure.i admire her for being true she sometimes souded as “mayabang” but i know she just being her,gay and comfortably contented for what she gosh!!!i myself have a gucci watch and LV bag and i love wearing that and if someone would react on what i wear i would probably get mad “the hell with you!buy your own…bitch!
as for gretchen’s family,i think all of them not only greta has something to do with their fued,we all don’t know whats the real thing happened and how their family have falling out,we shouldn’t blame her(gretchen) for that.
she may have been done something in her past,that is past and every people in this world done something stupid once in her/his lifetime.what matter now is greta is an image of a good mother to dominique and a faithful partner to tony boy,isn’t it the most important?
i like dawn more than gretchen but am trully disappointed about her in this issue,i can’t imagine a beautiful,smart and good actress as her feel insecure about gretchen’s thing,she has the money and i think she knew one point and the other that having expensive things for them celebrity is just a why make a fuzz…?i really can’t understand what dawn want?! everybody in this country knew that gretchen is with tony boy,of course expect her to have stravagant lifestyle,i’ll be surprised if i see greatchen wearing no branded clothes,really!

Comment by sheila del rosario

November 29, 2006 @ 11:31 am

I like gretchen too. Marami lng di nakaintindi sa kanya. Thank you for writing this about gretchen. Sana magkabati na silang magkakapatid. Sana magkabati na sila ni Dawn. Im happy for you gretch. Love Toni and Dom always they are your true treasure.And most of all love GOD.

Comment by pia

November 29, 2006 @ 6:55 pm

Well,ganyan naman talaga ang karamihan sa ating mga pinoy,eh.Galit/inggit sa mga umaasenso at sa mga taong maligaya sa buhay.When we’re miserable we expect the people around to be miserable too.Ah,basta ang mahalaga masaya ka at wala kang inaapakang tao.

Comment by suzette

November 29, 2006 @ 10:34 pm

Dawn is like everyone of us,we are entitled to express ourselves.Even gretchen,she also has her own comments about anything,it’s just happen that it was Dawn who commented about her.Dawn was saying that bcoz she is not like that,its too bragging for her.Unfortunately to Greta naman,hindi niya akalain na isang Dawn ang magsasabi non.Well,there is a lesson for both of them.To Dawn, if she has something to say keep it to her self.To Greta,since you are really like that,I mean,since it’s just normal for you to bring your branded things,wear expensive dress and being an articulate should expect always comments from everyone,whether it’s good or bad….and it means that it can/may come from your friends…..

Comment by lily

November 30, 2006 @ 9:23 am

Thank you for writing this. An enlightening article. KUDOS!

Comment by Montanus Faro

November 30, 2006 @ 4:48 pm

greta has every right to buy what she needs.if i had the budget, why would i limit myself? she bought those things mainly because of their quality and (style).

greta isn’t alone in this world, every country has ‘em.

the rich and famous.

Comment by georgina of ca, u.s.a.

December 1, 2006 @ 2:25 am

the way i see it, if you have the money and can afford to buy expensive things, it’s okay and doesn’t mean you’re materialistic. being materialistic means someone who is a compulsive shopper without the money…someone who maxes out her credit cards. rule is if you don’t have the cash for things, then don’t buy it. if you can afford it, you have the right to spend it however you like. so yes, i give gretchen that. i guess the only thing that got to me was her yayas, alalays and bodyguards in tow. and defenitely the micowave made her look even more of a joke. seriously though. with all her yayas and bodyguards, she sure makes oprah winfrey look poor. really gretchen, you’re beautiful and seem talented and professional…you don’t need to be bringing people like that all over the place. yayas are for kids honey. i’m sure you can put all your stuff together yourself.

Comment by sharyn

December 1, 2006 @ 2:57 am

immature stuff! now, how old are these suppossedly called women? they need to start acting their age and yes, like mothers! too much non-sense, too much showing off and too much competition is not something to be proud of. and is it really true that she’s with someone who’s still married or her being the mistress? if so, that’s sad and i wouldn’t be surprised with someone’s life being so screwed…hello?!?! doesn’t that ring a bell?

Comment by lloyd

December 1, 2006 @ 7:11 am

so what if she has all those expensive things, she can very well afford it. as what oprah had said, stop feeling guilty about being rich. it’s not her fault na madaming poor and she’s one of the rich people, so live with it dawn. inggit ka lang!

Comment by LIANNE

December 1, 2006 @ 12:52 pm

i really admire how Joan scribble for words,so systematic and informative…that’s why i do buy Yes mag if it features celebrities i like. Not that i’m a big fan of them but u know as a commoner u want ideas on their lifestyles. Like what happen now to this two beautiful ladies (Dawn and Gretch) i really believe that they’ve got the face of a goddess. It’s true that it’s not a sin of being rich but ur attitude to the possessions u have. The character u want to project to others and it’s a sin if u judge others, for the Bible says “Judge not, if ye be not judged”. I know both of them profess to know God and the life of Jesus, if they really do i’m sure they have the Holy Scriptures. I want them to read the story of the rich young ruler who ask Jesus how to enter into the kingdom of God. I wish them harmony and happiness. God Bless!

Comment by candy05

December 1, 2006 @ 4:21 pm

to flora,i don’t think gretchen is “kabit” as all know tony boy is seperated with his wife a long time ago even before he is involve with gretchen it just happend that they (tony boy and his ex wife)didn’t do that in legal way coz his ex wife does not cooperate with the annulment,or maybe she doesn’t want to annul?the bottom line in their relatinoship is umuuwi si tony kay greta and the whole world know that they been together as partner and everyone know that they been seperate a long time ago and tony boy is with greta and they been faithful to each other taht they are commited to each other,so i don’t think may tinatapakan si gretchen with regard in her relationship with tony boy.

Comment by Alvin

December 1, 2006 @ 4:28 pm

You know, acting is a job just like everyone else’s job. YOu come to work you treat it like work. Hindi niyo napapansin pag talagang may mga K ang gumagawa ng pelicula wala kang makikitang ganitong klaseng write ups. Hindi minsan nagkaroon ng issue sina Vilma, Nora, Lorna, Cherry Pie etc ng ganitong klase, paano prefessional sila trabaho lang at comfortable sila sa kakayanan nila no need to be garapal. Kaya successful ang mga movies nila. Itong mga tao dito sa nasasabing movie, minsan na nga lang sila makuha sa pelicula akala mo kung sino na agad halos wala pang naabot ganon na agad. My gosh! Mayaman man sila, they are no higher than the rest of the rich and famous like Aga/Charlene, Vilma, Goma/Lucy, Lea Salonga, etc . . . Why not open they eyes and learn to be professional. Kaya iyan si Lea Salonga malayo rin ang naabot sa overseas dahil galing ng talent and walang kaartehan. Talaga nga naman ang original na may brains and talent tahimik dahil confident sa sarili, itong mga nag-aaway na ito hanggang doon lang, agaw sa publicity para hopefully mapansin ng tao. I’m glad it looks like from everything I’ve read in PI and here in Overseas mas matalino pa rin ang mamamayan natin na nakakakita ng kamalian ng mga ganyang tao

Comment by alissa

December 1, 2006 @ 5:53 pm

Uhmm Alvin…You have posted the saem paragraph in 6 different topics. Are you really that bored? As for this article, Kudos to the writer for making me see Gretchen in a different light. She reminds me of Kimora Lee-Simmons who is always the topic at dinner gatherings and a victim of bad publicity. For as long as Gretchen is happy and she doesnt step on anyones toes then we should just let her be. Live and let live. Dawn has a problem if she’s insecure. Why would she even gossip and speak about a friends belongings? That means she is a fair weathered friend. I’m so looking forward to the January issue of YES! I hope Gretchen overcomes these trials and she makes peace with her family now that it’s Christmas time.

Comment by elena

December 2, 2006 @ 7:33 am

I ALWAYS buy yes mag and not bec. of Gretchen’s on the cover.I should have appreciated more if you give a much better blog which didn’t obviously sided Gretchen.You should have written all the controversies and her stand as a partner of Tony Boy just like you did to Claudine.But of course with Claudine is a very different story.With so much respect to you,of course she’s your friend and she always defend you during that ugly fight with Claudine.No matter how many friends who wants to defend her, her family shuns her still.You should have waited for Dawn’s comment or should have not gotten yourself in this controversy.It’s just getting bigger and bigger.I’ll still buy your mag though and take note, not bec. of Gretchen.Matanda na sya.Panahon na ni Claudine ngayon.

Comment by lloyd

December 2, 2006 @ 9:43 am

to flora: we’re in d 20th century dear. y would it matter if c’s married or not? tony loves her and capable of giving her so much so deal with it. y can’t we just be happy for her? kung kay tony nga,di issue ung gretchen’s materialistic side, so bakit problem mo un. if u have d means, won’t u have all d branded things u can afford?

Comment by che

December 2, 2006 @ 11:22 pm

i disagree with elena,if you read this blog and understand it well, joan says she was about to get dawn side bout she(dawn) wants to keep her privacy bout the said issue,as a journalist you opt to a new issue to release,if joan will still wait for dawn’s answer regarding the matter,we would probably read this blog by next yr.
as i’ve read joan just tells how gretchen behave as a human being base on how gretchen get along with the people around her.joan didn’t exxage things bout gretchen,what she saw was the same thing she wrote in this article,never she did talk foul about dawn.if only dawn give her side joan will probably written about her too,but to our dismay she didn’t even bothered to share maybe because she’s affraid to be judge,ksi nga naman ano ang idadahilan nya at nagcomment sya ng ganun?that she is insecure and inggit?or bka maamin nya n d sya kontento s buhay nya at gamit nya,diba? ksi kung secure ka,you wont even care about others as long as happy ka,she’s guilty so she keep her mum.

Comment by laira

December 3, 2006 @ 4:19 am

this issue is getting too old and boring. can you guys (PEP) start changing stories now and move on to something better and more positive? this issue with gretchen and dawn is so immature. you’ld expect them to act like adults and as mothers. good friends don’t do this to each other. go do something better like helping the needy or something…both are obviously wealthy. quit the cat fighting!

Comment by Susan

December 3, 2006 @ 4:51 am

Laira…you are so true!! We need to start focusing on the positive and the true meaning of why we are on this earth to begin with. It’s clear to everyone what transfired between these 2 stars. Gretchen brought all her stuff and Dawn got pissed. Whatever the fans are writing are just opinions and each is entitled to their own opinion. I feel the moderator should do something with the bad words and nasty comments that are below the belt. Can’t you do something like what the Philippine Star does and ask for the sender to write their name, email address and what country they are from so that this site becomes more serious?? Do a Vanity Fair wherein REAL NAMES are published. The others don’t even talk sense and are fighting with each other. Miss Joan please do something about this please. Let’s make the topics and comments more intelligent and not just bashing artists integrity. Thanks.

Comment by Lenny

December 3, 2006 @ 8:07 am

To a lot of people I’ve spoken to and heard, I still see that people are not accepting any kind of excuse that Gretchen has–and that includes me. Work ethic, moral standards, and good breeding doesn’t ask for someone to bring their own microwave to work. I can understand make up, clothes, and shoes–considering her line of work is. But, everything else that she did, including the news I’ve read in the past especially her elevator encounter where she asked her guards to kick out a woman whom she didn’t even know owns the building that she’s in–I can see that Gretchen maybe pretty in the outside, but definitely nothing to offer inside. It’s like an empty glass.

Comment by Grace

December 3, 2006 @ 10:13 am

To a country like the Philippines that have more people begging in the streets and scraping for food day-in and day-out, all these talk about Louis Vuitton/Balenciaga body guards and yaya’s are just too much to even deal with. It only shows how materialistic our society has become and that is indeed very sad!!!!

Comment by sharon

December 3, 2006 @ 10:13 am

Lenny, everything you’ve read in the papers or comments of others on the thread is not really true, just a mere fabrication. About the elevator incident in Joan’s blog it says its not true, and it never happened. So there…

Comment by Lenny

December 3, 2006 @ 10:53 am

Whatever you said, still doesn’t clear anything to any of us here. Gretchen is still and empty glass. And you’ve said it right Grace!!! Good job on putting all the words out, you did a great job.

Comment by corinne

December 4, 2006 @ 8:56 am

it’s really sad that our people are so status-conscious…it’s sickening!in the us people are driving a bentley(which is like half a million dollar car)and nobody may have the biggest house in the block but people won’t inquire on how you were able to afford it.i agree with what grace said..these rich or acting..feeling rich people should ponder and think like bill gates.people are suffering back home and you don’t even have to go like a mile to see them.valentino,louis vuitton,balenciaga,prada and all these branded things won’t bring anyone to heaven.bill gates is the richest and yet the simplest too..he even said that he’s just giving each of his children $6million when he dies.why?cos he wants them to be like him..learn to to put something for themselves and reach out and help others.this is really an intelligent man cos he knows that when his time is up he won’t be able to bring his wealth with him but his soul.thatgretchen thing blah blah blah..she should be happier outside the biz.give it to the younger ones..she had her era and evrybody knows that the time moves forward not backward.eww!such a waste of time.

Comment by liza

December 4, 2006 @ 11:14 am

there are two separate issues here: first, gretchen as a consummate professional, and second, gretchen as a show off. she is both. i work in the industry and i actually salute that she brought her own microwave oven to the shoot rather than asking the company to do so. there are starts who would sulk and complain. not greta, it seems. she has standards but instead of bothering the preview people with her demands, she prepared for them in her own way. now, how can we complain about a professional? now, the second issue. that she is a show-off. yes, she is. and that is why we are continuously intrigued and fascinated by this woman. the thing about greta is she has no false humility. this is refreshing somehow. now, if greta were very humble about her stature, we would not find her that fascinating, would we? then, what would we be talking about in this forum? or by the water coolers?

Comment by Nay

December 4, 2006 @ 5:10 pm

Oo nga, bakit side lang ni Gretchen. I don’t think na yung tungkol sa Elevator na may nakasabay syang babae eh is just a myth. It was a real history. In fact, yung nakasabay nya mismo ang nagkwento sa management and staff ng taga RCBC. so, La Greta you should not denied that.

Comment by rosemarie

December 4, 2006 @ 7:35 pm

What Greta did is not really a big thing, thanks for posting this blog Ms. Joan M. Dawn’s reactions are also normal lalo na sa ating mga Pinoy. If she thinks like that it’s her personal opinion. What I can say about these eh sana wag na lng lagyan ng kulay ang mga ginagawa ni Greta, she has those expensive things, designer outfits, yaya’s, bodyguards, and even microwave yaikkks! wala ba kayong microwave? eh mura lang naman yun pati ba naman yun gagawing issue? Nakakatawa na nakakainis kasi nagpapakita lang na malala na talaga ang sakt na crab mentality ng mga Pinoy. Dapat nga eh maging masaya tayo kapag nakikita nating umaasenso at happy ang kapwa natin. LIke Ruffa, she also deserves the status that she has right now, at yan din eh binibigyan ng mga tao ng ibang kulay at patuloy na sinisiraan si Ruffa. Ano ba naman tayo mga Pinoy??? It’s a shame na very desperate ang mga taong ito na patuloy na naninira sa knlang kapwa rather than being happy with they got.

Comment by rose

December 4, 2006 @ 7:39 pm

get over this people! super inggit lang kasi kayo! we all have our own prerogatives, kung feel nya magmayabang nasa knila na yun. Pana-panahon lang ang swerte kaya let them flaunt what they have…pag kayo naman meron i-flaunt nyo rin para di na kayo mainggit hahahahah!

Comment by JEALOUSY

December 4, 2006 @ 7:44 pm

Life is short not to enjoy it. Those rich people or shall we say millionaires, ex. Bill Gates, kung feel nya na maging humble well that’s his own decision. Yung iba naman kasi tehy just enjoy what they have kasi nga naman magagamit mo pa ba mga mamahalin mong kagamitan if u are already dead??? Hello! I think we should enjoy everything while we are alive, you are right Corinne, we cannot bring our wealth sa hukay kaya habang buhay ka pa, ienjoy mo na.

Comment by che

December 5, 2006 @ 12:44 pm

very well said jealousy!!!live and let live!!!

Comment by kikay

December 5, 2006 @ 7:52 pm

i think tama si Jealousy, hindi ako agree sayo Corinne, you mean to say even you are rich, you will not use your expensive things to show people na very humble ka like Bill Gates. Hey you, can u bring that sa hukay??? Kya nga we have all these resources to enjoy, hindi para itago, sige ka pag namatay ka hindi mo nga madadala sa nitso mo yan eh di nagsisi ka at di ka man lang nakagamit ng mga ganyan kasi nga you prefer to be “humble” kuno.heheheheh! Live life to the fullest! yan ang dapat! at sa tingin ko naman Greta is just enjoying what she has now kasi nga di naman mayaman family nya at di nya nakalakihan ang pagiging rich, so if I were on her shoe I will also flaunt my designer things. Kasi baka mamaya eh magkahiwalay sila ni Tony Boy eh sayang naman at di sy anakagamit ng mga ganun heheheheh! Wala akong nakitang masama sa ginawa ni Gretch yun lang!!!

Comment by lolit

December 5, 2006 @ 8:18 pm

Bakit kaya ang daming nagpapaka-ipokrita sa panahon natin ngayon. You are accusing Gretchen of being materialistic ang gold-digging, pls tingnan nyo muna mga sarili nyo, wala lang kasi kayong ganyan kaya kayo naiinggit, i doubt it kung kayo ang naging katulad ni Gretchen eh di rin kayo gagamit ng mga mamahalin. Kakaumay kayo! You are so hypocrites guys! Let her live her own life as long as she’s not stepping on your toes…yung iba naman dyan nagpapakaSanta-Santita kuno, we are all sinners…bago kayo mambato sa ibang tao eh batuhin nyo muna sarili nyo. About Tony and Gretchen’s relationship, Gretch is not kabit dahil matagal nang hiwalay si Tony sa nauna nyang asawa, siguro yung mga taong ito ang nasa likod ng paninira ke Gretchen. Admit it guys!!! inggit kayo hahahhaha!

Comment by Kelly176

December 5, 2006 @ 8:24 pm

Very well said Lolit!!!!agree kmi sa sinabi mo, 100%.

Comment by liza

December 6, 2006 @ 2:43 am

the elevator story isn’t true. i had dinner with one of the yuchengcos at a party and she completely denies it. why would she lie?

Comment by Babes

December 6, 2006 @ 11:21 am

Hi Jo-Ann! I am so glad to find this website. I love the Yes Mags; and I bought some here in Houston, TX, but the Filipino stores here are far and between that I am not able to get updated. I enjoy the pics the most; especially the houses of the Filipino celebs that your mags feature.

Anyway, I think you are right about the unresolved issues between Gretchen and her sisters and her mom. I don’t know about you, but I see it in her face on pictorials or just about any picture I’ve seen on her. I like Gretchen–I think that she is a classy woman; but her heart is bleeding–she needs to address that emotional blockage she’s having–she is making herself so busy so she could forget the issues bothering her inside. I think that her status right now might be getting to her head and she’s having that pride talk her out of being humble towards her most important connection– her own family, the one that raised her and was with her when she was growing up.

If she can have brainstorming with her friends, what’s wrong about dropping by her mom’s house and let bygones be bygones. Her parents might not be here forever and she could regret not coming to terms with them after they are gone. Life is short. Fulfillment is not what we can afford luxuriously in life, but it’s in our relationship with God and our family that count the most.

I followed Gretchen’s rift with her family from the bits and pieces I could gather on the net. It’s about time that she taps that innermost pain she’s having and straighten things out with her family. Nobody is perfect and neither is her family.

More power to you Jo-Ann and thank you for allowing us little people here in the U.S to get involved with the news surrounding the rich and famous in your neck of the woods. *smile*

Comment by sara

December 6, 2006 @ 1:56 pm

Lolit, gretchen is and will always be a kabit for as long as tony is married to his wife. so don’t go around defending gretchen’s status. eventhough tony is separated from denise, that does not alter the fact that TONY IS STILL VERY MUCH MARRIED and that makes poor gretchen a mistress.

Comment by flora

December 6, 2006 @ 3:33 pm

one of the reasons why there are more prostitutes than professionals in our society is because of material things,and greta is such a role model…look how most comments say its ok to be kabit and or materialistic for as long as you can afford it??of course,she can afford it,all she has to do is spread her legs and open her mouth…but for the madlang people who worked their assess off,even if they could afford it,they are more practical…its human nature to spend money that you never really earned…

Comment by candy

December 6, 2006 @ 6:51 pm

to flora,whats with my english?who do you think you are??? i don’t care bout ur view and ippionion with regards this matter coz i dont really care,first and foremost,i believe kabit is someone who is very involve with somebody who is very much committed,and i dont think tony boy still is.second,are you that desperate for other peole who are pretentious as u you are for being so negative and envy like dawn,if really dawn is contented with her life she should be just gratefull for having a baby in her age and a good life as what she says so whats with the “inggit” all about?if others have then be happy for them or if you cant then maybe just keep it to your self and dreamed!
tony boy is rich and i dont think he’ll allow gretchen to look rubbish,di mo ba kayang intindihin yan!?of course they are partner whatever tony boy gave her is none of anybody’c business even you,FLORA! strive hard to have those thing kung inggit k din if not try ko get a rich husband kung may papatol sayo!?

Comment by candy

December 6, 2006 @ 7:01 pm

you know what FLORA?i pity you…how can you live your life with that attitude?magpakatotoo ka then maybe after that you’ll feel relieve,try mo lng.nobody says its ok to be kabit coz if you really freakin understand all those comments, there is “NO BODY” said that!what were tryin tyo say is gretchen has those thing then for any reason she has all the rights to used or even flaunt it as what you said and i dont think that can make her a lesser person,try to be mature and analyze have so much pain and anger in your heart,try to pray and let “HIM” heal you.

Comment by candy

December 6, 2006 @ 7:10 pm

to FLORA,you has the most immature and stupid comments i have ever read in this blog,so funny….siguro pangit ka!?kaya pangit din ang pananaw mo sa buhay or you are whore ksi whatever you do pra makasungkit ng mayaman kso with no avail.tsk…tsk…tsk…next time mag sprite ka iha!

Comment by candy

December 6, 2006 @ 7:15 pm

to flora,kya siguro naiinggit k kay greta ksi wla kang mabiktimang mayaman or you just depressed of what you look kya galit k kay gretchen ksi she remind you how pangit you and let live! dahil wlang gingawang masama sayo si Gretchen.end of story!

Comment by Joanne

December 6, 2006 @ 8:12 pm

wow! that’s a sharp one candy hahahaha! I think this “flora” is desperate in her life kaya she’s commenting on other people’s lives….nakikita sa knyang mga sinasabi kung anong klaseng tao sya….hey flora, if you are an educated person hindi dapat ganyan kakitid ang utak mo. wala tayong karapatan na paratangan ang mga taong ito..i believe flora has a personal anger with Gretchen kasi grabe sya kung makapagsabi nang ganun. It’s very clear and plain naman na matagal nang ngsasama si Tony at Gretchen, and Tony loved her to bits kya siguro naiinggit itong mga taong ito dahil ang isang katulad lang ni Gretchen ang minahal nang lubos ni Tony..inggit kayo day hahahaah!

Comment by candy

December 6, 2006 @ 10:14 pm

you guys(joanne and laura)are right!maybe FLORA has personal anger with gretchen as she hit below the belt as if she knows gretchen very well…whatever,get a life Flora this space is to entertain not to used as a meduim of destroying oneselve.
i dont also like gretchen but that doesn’t mean i can hit her below the belt without any reason.try to think of this,maybe she(greta) done good deeds that is why she’s bless.

Comment by gavin2006

December 6, 2006 @ 10:46 pm

thanks Jo-ann for posting this blog about the rift between Dawn and Gretchen. I could see na mukhang kinakawawa si Gretchen dito ng mga nagpo-post against her, they are using terrible words to put her down and even accusing her as a social climber or kabit. As far as I know, Gretchen is such a good friend (tanong nyo sa mga nakakasama nya, inside and outside showbiz)Yes, she has done some mistakes in the past but we are only human and she keeps saying that she’s not perfect, and nobody is. So, I think its too unfair na paratangan sya nang ganun. Dawn is also a nice woman and a good actress, we all know that. Yung sa nangyari sa kanilang dalawa di na dapat pinapalala pa, syempre Dawn is also not perfect, she thinks that Gretch is feeling primadonna because of “those” things…bakit wala bang Lv si Dawn? Can she not afford to buy those expensive things? Well. we cannot judge Dawn, better not to judge both of them..kasi nga diba nagkausap na naman sila about it at nagkayakapan pa nga. Itong mga tao lang na ito na nagpapalala ay yung mga nasa paligid, they use this incident para lalong sirain at parumihin si Gretchen Baretto. Pati personal life nya ay dinadawit, including her family. ou are right candy, ang taong mabait ay pinagpapala, kya Gretchen should enjoy her life at the moment. Never listen to those stupid comments of these detractors..wala kasi silang ganun, kaya naggagalaiti sila sa galit. Keep it up Gretch! We know na wala kang tinatapakang tao, you are only living ur life so chin up!

Comment by louise/cebu

December 7, 2006 @ 1:45 am

just be humble,dont talk about what u have coz there r still a lot of less fortunate people who r suffering.
well,everyone knows ur rich now and u have a humble beginnings as well.everyone loves u already for that.

Comment by flora

December 7, 2006 @ 6:37 am

to everyone’s reaction to what ive said all i can say is HA HA HA HA HA HA….youre all so lame….LOL

Comment by lloyd

December 7, 2006 @ 6:51 am

hi flora,r u a perfect person, or a clean-living one? think of mary magdalene, ok. they are right, u have plenty of angst in ur life. be positive baby!

Comment by gavin2006

December 7, 2006 @ 10:30 am

i think loka-loka itong flora na to, natawa pa eh hehheheheheh………

Comment by Dubai

December 7, 2006 @ 10:33 am

grabe naman tumira tong mga detractors ni miss baretto as if mga perfect silang tao…sa tingin ko eh sila itong mga di masaya sa life nila kaya ibang tao ang pinapakialaman…
I admired Gretchen and I also liked Dawn, they are both good actress and good people.

Comment by Mollie

December 7, 2006 @ 10:36 am

To u flora, you’re so hypocrite! You are an idiot and without breeding, as you can see how she puts words on here…..

Comment by che

December 7, 2006 @ 11:59 am

how come…FLORA,your so pathetic!!! get a life or better yet go to school pra naman lumawak ang isip mo ksi npakakitid eh.

Comment by marian sy

December 7, 2006 @ 12:09 pm

gretchen is pathetic, i bet a lot of people more rich & married, to name a few is cristina gonzales romualdez are laughing at her, her asal is so like from a squatter breed na biglang yumaman.. is she aware that she is just a kabit ?

Comment by liza

December 7, 2006 @ 12:14 pm

hey guys, don’t stoop to flora’s level! hehe. come on, let’s try to keep PEP’s boards civilized.

Comment by flora

December 7, 2006 @ 12:30 pm


Comment by che

December 7, 2006 @ 1:16 pm

you know i think what matters most is…tony boy and gertchen have a strong relationship.gretchen step in tony’s life when he seperated with his wife and i think people from high society knows about that clearly,so i dont think people from their society dare not to meddle in that issue.i believe tony boy knows what his doing when he get involve with gretchen,whether he is annuled or not if he is happy then let him be…the same with gretchen,as other says she didn’t harm no one so be happy and true to your self and i think thats what gretchen doin right all of us…don’t judge,count your blessing and be happy:D

Comment by alice

December 7, 2006 @ 10:09 pm

i also dont believe that Gretchen is just kabit as we all know na matagal nang hiwalay si Tony sa dati nyang asawa, atsaka gosh! ang laki na ni Dominique anoh, they live in the same roof so si Gretchen na ang me karapatan ngayon ke Tony and Tony loves Gretchen so much. at dun sa mga taong sobra ang inggit like flora ang masasabi ko din ay HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Comment by sara

December 8, 2006 @ 6:36 am

to alice: kailan pa nagkaroon ng rights ang mga kabit? gretchen is and will always be a mistress and an adulteress. kapal nyang i-flaunt what she has eh she didn’t work for it naman. c denise nga mum lang all these years. grabe na talaga ang mundo, ang mga kabit na ngayon ang aggressive instead of the wives.

Comment by sara

December 8, 2006 @ 6:37 am

hoy candy ayusin mo english at grammar mo noh! magtagalog ka na lang! duh!

Comment by ann

December 8, 2006 @ 7:16 am

Very entertaining naman tong thread na to :) —ang daming nag-aaway.

Comment by sara

December 8, 2006 @ 8:06 am


Comment by Kikay

December 8, 2006 @ 8:13 am

Hi people, stop fighting,’nonsense’. The truth is Tony and Gretchen really love one another,actually Tony wanted to marry Gretchen 8 years ago but the problem is, his ex wife doesn’t want to sign the annullment papers because of Imelda Cojuangco, you know how Tony mom dislike Gretch. Imelda, convince Danise not to cooperate with the annullment. Of course who is Danise to object Imelda. You get it, people?

Comment by kim

December 8, 2006 @ 9:31 am

sana magpakasal na kasi sila para wala ng problema….kaya lang bat ganun kung gusto talaga ng isang lalaki na makasama ang mahal habang buhay gagawin nya lahat para magkasama sila…

Comment by candy

December 8, 2006 @ 1:57 pm

you know what sara?!ur nonsense!dun ka sa squatter mang away wag dito and please bring flora with you…if i know iisa lng kyo!get a life,moron!

Comment by candy

December 8, 2006 @ 2:01 pm

to sarah,kung may problema ka sa english ko,problemahin mo nlng coz i don’t give a damn with such illiterate as you.this site is not for you.

Comment by candy

December 8, 2006 @ 2:09 pm

to all,i didn’t me to fight i was just stating my comments regarding this issue,flora and sara are separate issue they insulted me and i wont allow it.
whatever you says about dawn and gretchen has nothing to do with me im just here to express my thought regarding the said issue nothing more nothing less.
so for you sara and flora,get a knife and stab your self,you two are desperate.

Comment by che

December 8, 2006 @ 2:33 pm

pasensya n po kayo kay sara kalalabas lng ng mental di pa masyadong magaling eh,d po nya alam pinagsasabi nya,sowi….:D

Comment by che

December 8, 2006 @ 2:45 pm

nkakatawa k naman sara eh ang english mo ang mali mali minsan k nga lang mag english eh mali pa “what she has” what she have iha.hay….tao nga naman madaling nkakapuna ng kamalian ng iba eh sila nman tong puro mali.tigilan ang nonsense at away,kung ano ang opinyon ng iba opinyon nila un ang isuue dito eh ung gamit ni gretchen hindi ung buhay nya o nila ni tony boy,kung gusto mang gamitin ni gretchen un eh sino tayo para pigilan sya eh kaya nga nya binili un para magamit eh,bkit nasasaktan kba sara pag gingamit ni gretchen ung mga gamit nya,katawa ka!

Comment by candy

December 8, 2006 @ 7:36 pm


Comment by MJ

December 9, 2006 @ 1:20 am

ano ba tong mga taong to!?hindi ito lugar para mag away,kung anuman ang comment ng iba eh personal n opinyon nila yun wala tayong magagawa pero sana magstick tayo sa issue.pareho ko silang(dawn at gretchen)di gusto pero kung titimbangin mo ang nangyari mali si dawn ksi ang alam ko magkaibigan sila bakit kailangan magcomment ni dawn ng ganun sa lokod ni gretchen sana sinabi nalang nya ng harapan pra di sya mamisintrepret lumalabas tuloy na naiinggit sya o hindi sya masaya sa buhay nya at kailangan nya pang pumansin ng gamit ng kay gretchen naman,minsan madaldal sya talaga kahit ung ibang issue na sana hindi na nya sinasabi eh dinadamay nya pa ex.ung kay bong r. sana minsan eh tumahimik nalang sya para naman di lumabas na taklesa sya at dun sa mga gamit nya eh wala ni sinuman ang may pakialam kung ano ang gamit nya o kung kelan nya gustong gamitin dahil sa kanya un at kung puro branded ang gamit nya wala tayong pakialam dahil bigay yun ni tony boy at di ninakaw.doon naman sa issue kay tony boy at denise,siguro naman matagal ng close book yun at alam sa buong pinas na hiwalay n sila matagal kahit pa sabiihing di pa sila annul at kahit siguro si denise eh mahihiyang umapela dahil alam nya na wala ng pag asa sa kanila ni tony boy kaya nga sya tahimik eh pinapalaki lang ng sana tappos na itong issue na ito,magmove on na tayo.

Comment by alice

December 9, 2006 @ 6:23 am

may point ka sa sinabi mo MJ…..

Comment by JEDDAH

December 9, 2006 @ 6:25 am

wag na lng nating patulan itong si sara at flora kasi kakaawa naman…sobrang paghihinagpis nila sa life nila kya yung ibang tao ang pinapakialaman hehehehhe!!! Kawawa naman kayo mga ineng…..

Comment by to sara and flora

December 9, 2006 @ 6:29 am

sobra talaga ang inggit nyo ni gretchen hahaha! h ano ngayon kung di sya nagwowork? di naman nya kalangan eh mayaman ang partner nya..inggit lang kayo sobra! tsaka kahit si denise eh hindi na naghahabol dhil wala na talaga syang habol pa ke Tony dhil mtagal na silang hiwalay at si Gretchen talaga ang mahal na ni Tony…hirap ba nyong maintindihan yun???And they are blessed with daughter Dominique..kyo talaga mga walang magawa sa life nyo…mga moron heheheheh!

Comment by Jennifer

December 9, 2006 @ 6:32 am

These two idiots (sara and flora) here in this column are really sick. As u can see the way they put negative’s very plain and clear that they are miserable in their lives that’s why they can’t be happy with other people. WE should give them a helping hand….dalhin na natin sa mental ito hehehehe!

Comment by sara

December 9, 2006 @ 7:34 am

to che: omigod! you’re trying to correct my english eh wrong din naman!!!! hahahahaha!!!! darling, our topic is gretchen so isa lang xa. so if singular dapat IS, WAS, HAS, WAS, AM. you don’t say what she have cause that is A MAJOR BLUNDER. the correct way to say it is WHAT SHE HAS. unless you say “what you have”…dear, think before you post your comments ha because you’ll just end up getting embarrassed!!

Comment by sara

December 9, 2006 @ 8:14 am

to candy:

sweetheart, you are so funny!!!! and this site is for everyone who has an opinion (che, hinde who have ha, its WHO HAS okay). if you don’t like my opinion, tough sh!t!

to poster # 79

“it’s very plain and clear that they are miserable in their lives that’s why they can’t be happy with other people” don’t you mean “happy FOR OTHER people”. dear, i am happy for them, kaya lang, happy din kaya sila…hahahaha!!!!

Comment by flora

December 9, 2006 @ 8:43 am

hi sara,let’s stop this war of words with these people,theyre not in our league,theyre so so so beneath us…lets not go down to their level…let’s leave this blog for the third world peeps…lets go back to where we belong…ciao idiots…

Comment by che

December 9, 2006 @ 10:11 am

to sara,you are sooooooo stupid!you are referring to her “things” and its plural hija,you can used has but it differs on the sentence,coz if it one person it should be she,he,his,her but its grecthen stuff your talking on your comment,”has” is not a person.its referring to a thing(a single thing)plssss….you are soooo pathetic…and by the way “with other or for other” are both can used,plss…..get a life!
you and flora should leave this site as flora says coz you make this site scandalous by posting nasty comments.and pls flora,we are all from third world country(phil),pls….magisip k muna before posting your comment.preho kyong tanga ni sara na nagmamalinis at nagmamarunong!

Comment by Jean

December 9, 2006 @ 10:20 am

Di rin siguro gusto ni Tony Boy C. na ma-annul ang marriage nya sa wife nya kasi malaki ang fortune nya maghahati sila ng wife nya so malaking kabawasan din yon ke tony. ok na rin siguro ke gretch basta tony boy provides for dawn naman siguro na-intimidate sa kaartehan ni gretch, magkasama yan sila noon sa GMA as hosts di ba mga poor pa sila non.. ngayon na meron na sila siempre yong ginawa ni gretch nakaka intimidate talaga..baka di na masaya si gretch s personal na buhay nya kaya ganyan na lang sya ka affected sa mga tira sa at your age gretch, kung marami lang ako pera gaya mo gawa ako ng project or put up a business para busy ka at meron ka pang mabigyan ng work, cheap naman ang show business e sisirain lang pagkatao mo, si dawn naman tama yon wag ng mag comment, ang cheap kasing pag-usapan ang issue na yan

Comment by Jean

December 9, 2006 @ 10:26 am

syangapala kahit siguro super expensive mga damit ni gretch di ako nagagandahan..gaya nitong suot nya na stripe parang preso..atsaka yong mga clothes nya sa yes mag nong kasama nya si lucy torres di ako nagandahan sa clothes nya don, siguro gretch is just trying to be different and set a trend..pero di ko type..

Comment by Jean

December 9, 2006 @ 10:30 am

miss joan ipakita nyo kaya ang mansion ni gretch dito sa site baka mas marami ang ma-intimidate

Comment by MJ

December 9, 2006 @ 10:35 am

nakakatuwa naman tong site na to,pagwalang magawa masarap basahin tong mga to he he…sa pagbabasa ko sa mga comments eh napagtagni tagni ko na si sara at flora ay parang iisa kasi pareho sila ng sinasabi at mapanghusga at wala sa topic,nakaka turn off…babae ba kayo o bakla?kasi kung babae kayo siguro hindi ko kayo gugustuhing maging asawa o gf man lang ang papangit ng pananaw nyo sa buhay at napaka pakialamera at ipokrita nyo,mga inday eh ang lalayo ng mga comment nyo sa issue eh.nagtatanong tuloy ako sa sarili ko kung naintindihan nyo yung binasa nyong blog?walang masama magcomment pero sana hindi nkakasiras sa isang tao at may basehan,wala ni simuman dito sa atin ang nkakaalam ng sitwasyon nila tony at grechen bakit pati yun eh pinanghihimasukan natin,si tony ay iba at si gretchen ay iba,napakabait na tao ni tony boy, sa kumpanya namin di sya nagpapabaya sa mga empleyado kaya siguro umaasenso sya kaya sana spare na natin si tony boy kasi wala syang tinatapakang tao kahit ang dating nyang asawa ay kaibigan nya kaya sana ay wag na syang idamay at maging edukado tayo sa pag popost ng comment hindi puro kasiraan na walang basehan,yun lang tama ka flora na umalis sa site na to sma mo na si flora minsan kasi ang aangas nyo eh,pagbinabasa ko comment nyo nakakakulo ng dugo parang mga walang pinag aralan ang mga taong tulad nyo na kung ano anong kasiraan ang sinasabi,magpakatotoo tayo at walang dapat pag awayan wag ang mga nagcocomment ang awayin nyo kung galit kayo kela tony at gretchen,sa kanila kayo magpunta.

Comment by Jean

December 9, 2006 @ 10:40 am

I heard good things about claudine wala syang ire..ngayon na mga matured na silang magkapatid ( the Barreto sisters) me kanya kanya na silang mga disposisyon sa buhay, in reality lang yong mas mapera yon ang nag-aasta na laging tama..sana lang isa sa kanila magpakumbaba lalo kung sino ang nakasakit para magbati na silang ngayon na alam na natin ang style ni gretch sa shoots next time wala ng papansin sa mga expensive stuff nya..sana lang wag magkamali ng saksak baka sumabog yong microwave nya, time gretch limo na dapat ang service mo with matching mobile disco inside

Comment by Jean

December 9, 2006 @ 11:04 am

Di lang naman siguro si gretch ang ganyan sa showbiz, pati si kris aquino din no one time nanood ako shooting ni kris shake rattle en roll, pero isa lang yaya nya non, kaso lang every after take talagang halos maligo sya ng cologne, ata ng size ng cologne nya 2 liters ata yon…grabe hahaha..bigyan kaya sila ng reality show no..ipakita ang mga kaartehan nila kahit naiinis ang mga tao manonood pa rin, tyak madami commercial nyan..

Comment by flora

December 9, 2006 @ 1:03 pm

sorry to inform you ms.che but i dont belong here,it just so happen that my dad is assigned in this hell hole you call a country…duh…and im sorry to have even bothered with you…duh…bye…good riddance…

Comment by che

December 9, 2006 @ 1:42 pm

to flora,wow!you mean ur dad is “somebody”? and you mean your not Filipino?pero infairness galing mo mag tagalog ha…a big applause!and if your dad “really” is somebody,how can he have a daughter like you?tsk…tsk…tsk…she must’ve asshamed on you.pls,your alibi seems so must see a mental doctor darling.

Comment by che

December 9, 2006 @ 1:44 pm

to flora,as you answer the comments on this blog its just show how shallow you are,now i truly pity you.God bless…you need it.

Comment by sara

December 9, 2006 @ 1:46 pm

to che:

i am so liking this na talaga!!! pero MAS TANGA AT BOBA KA CHE TULAD NG IDOL MONG C GRETA NGA POKPOK!!!! baka pokpok at kabit ka rin cause you’re siding with greta!!! hahahaha

okay, i’m gonna correct your english din “hija”

1. have – acdng to webster’s means to hold or maintain as a POSSESION, privilege or entitlement. now we are talking about greta’s possesion okay. so if i were to say

What she has in her closet are Balenciagas, Bottegas and LVs.

2. with other vs for other

happy with others = means you’re happy to be with other people like your family and friends
happy for others = means you’re happy that this person has this and that and or successful.

Jennifer (poster # 80) said that i’m so miserable that i cannot be happy with others! jennifer, isa ka pa! pa english english ka mali naman! you should say “happy for others”. at dapat lang na magmalinis ako at magmarunong dahil i’m not a kabit and i speak and write VERY GOOD ENLGLISH!!!! lmao

Comment by sara

December 9, 2006 @ 2:05 pm


“to flora,wow!you mean ur dad is “somebody”? and you mean your not Filipino?pero in fairness galing mo mag tagalog ha…a big applause!and if your dad “really” is somebody,how can he have a daughter like you?tsk…tsk…tsk…HE MUST BE ASHAMED OF YOU. pls,your alibi IS SO LAME. YOU SHOULD SEE A PSYCHIATRIST darling…

Comment by sara

December 9, 2006 @ 2:11 pm

to candy:

to all,i didn’t me to fight i was just stating my comments regarding this issue,flora and sara are separate issue they insulted me and i wont allow it.= i do not understand this statement, patulong ka sa english mo dahil hinde ko ma gets.

whatever you says about dawn and gretchen has nothing to do with me im just here to express my thought regarding the said issue nothing more nothing less.

whatever you SAY about dawn and gretchen has nothing to do with me. im just here to express my THOUGHTS regarding the said issue. nothing more nothing less.

wrong ulit:
so TO you sara and flora,get a knife and stab yourSELVES,you two are desperate.

candy dear, dapat lang insultohin ka kasi pa post2x ka hinde ka naman marunong mag express ng thoughts mo clearly.

Comment by sara

December 9, 2006 @ 2:29 pm

to flora,as you answer the comments on this blog its just show how shallow you are,now i truly pity you.God bless…you need it.


to flora, your posts on this blog shows how shallow you are, i truly pity you. god bless…wag mong dagdagan ng you need it dahil out of context ka na!

Comment by sara

December 9, 2006 @ 2:35 pm

flora, grabe ka naman manlait…2nd world na po ang pinas acdng to ninang gloria!!!! yahoooo

Comment by 33

December 9, 2006 @ 3:17 pm

Kilala ko pamilya ni Gretchen, there was a time na umuwi yan sa Iloilo nag aral sa Assumption ang kapatid nya na si Claudine and Marjorie. Another sister had to also study there because the education and expense of living in Manila was too much. They had this car na palagi na lang sira dahil luma na. Kawawa nga, but then it was also at that time that si Gretchen was helping support their family. So in a way there is that goodness din sa pagkatao nya. But then what I find sad is the fact that ngayon na she is with someone who can afford to give her a luxurious life instead of channeling those energies to better causes it appears evident that she flaunts what she has. That is not wrong but it is insensitive, in a moral perspective where you see poverty around you why try to upstage others with your body guards and yayas, hitting the social scenes with Imeldific visions of high end labeled stuff etc.etc. etc. ? A true artist who is confident in her craft does not need all this. You deliver your talent to the masses ready to applaud or give you a thumbs down if you are mediocre in your acting. I guess along the way in her struggles to attain a financially stable life this woman has lost touch with who she was and what is the present reality in the country where she lives. Class and elegance is not defined by the things you have or you wear. It is in how you respond to situations that demand tact, diplomacy and overall sensitivity. There’s a difference between being frank and being brassy and boorish. Examples on her faux pas: 1. She wants to be a friend to Lani Mercado well, why hurt her with snide comments of a past with her husband. 2. Why talk about past indiscretions when the people concerned also have their own lives and have moved on? Of course this is just my opinion but those that have class need not explain themselves at all. If they make mistakes then admit it, apologize and leave it at that. Look at how her sister Marjorie handles issues like this. She knows where the bounderies are between what is public and private. Could it be possible that in making comments like she does Greta is simply trying to attract attention to herself. It appear that this is what she is doing. Acting like a self absorbed narcissistic atention seeking mentally unstable person. 3. She says she loves herself, well there is nothing wrong with that but in loving yourself also see others as an extension of you in the global sense that way you are mindful of what you do when you are around them. In the end Tony Boy is not so lucky after all. He is in love with a woman whose past would brand her as an adventuress, she will be seen as a social climber by his peers and behind his back there are those that sneer because for all his money he has a beautiful companion who still needs to work on reinventing herself to be a woman of class or substance. Every action has an adverse reaction. We all have to live with the mistakes we make, but it is in learning from them that we GROW

Comment by sara

December 9, 2006 @ 3:28 pm

oh ano?! san na kayo?!!! i bet natime out na kayo sa internet cafe!!!! which means you can’t afford dsl and worst of all, wala kayong PC!!! hahahaha!!!! ako dsl 24/7!!!! or maybe you’re greta’s maids and she’s calling you na to wipe her ass! hahaha!!! i so love this blogspot!!!!

Comment by flora

December 9, 2006 @ 3:36 pm

to blogger 99,i am speechless with what you’ve said,so aptly said…i applaud you…

Comment by che

December 9, 2006 @ 7:34 pm

to sara,now im thinking…eto ba job mo?ha ha ha…ang manira ng iba?how pathetic…if you have nothing to do with your life go back to elementary bka nakalimutan mong magtake ng GMRC.for your info im not gretchen’s fan we’re talking about the stuff she have not her personal life,pero ganun siguro ka kakitid and you can’t deal with the fact that she is up there and you are “down there”,by the way bout pc,i own one.katawa k nman mag isip n wlang pc ang iba eh sa pnahon ngaun…hellooooo……lumalabas talagang malabnaw ang utak mo.

Comment by candy

December 9, 2006 @ 7:36 pm

to sara…oyyy!!!dito ka na naman ha ha ha…parang eto na buhay mo ah….sayo din,God bless… need it badly,mukhang may sapi ka eh….

Comment by bella

December 9, 2006 @ 7:45 pm

wow socialites daw sila…kaatawa naman mga nagpapanggap na socialites eh baka mga feeling sosyal kayo, mga social climber hahahahha!

Comment by bella

December 9, 2006 @ 7:48 pm

to sara and flora (mga social climbers) don’t be too arrogant at anong ineexpect nyo sa mga Pinoy perfect English??? hindi tayo mga Kano kaya wag monmg maliitin ang iba kung nakakamali minsan sa grammar, feeling mo perfect ka..baka nga naman kaya ka lang nakakapagsalita ng correct english ay dahil pinanganak ka sa bansa ng mga Kano…yabang mo nah!!! eh ang English people marunong ba magtagalog??? E should be proud kasi ang Phils. ay isa sa mga bansa na pinakamahuhusay sa wikang English.

Comment by che

December 9, 2006 @ 7:49 pm

to sara,wow galing mong maglecture pero lola mali pa rin gumamit ka pa ng dictionary,mali po ang gamit mo ng word sa sentence mo,i bet nasa harap mo ang dictionary when you post your comment here,karerin ba!for me this is only for fun pero sayo parang buhay mo na to ah!magkano kaya salary mo s pninira ng ibang tao?masyado n kasing personal eh lalo na si gretchen na sa tingin ko eh di ka kilala,bka mas mabilis ang karma mo lola kesa sa friend mong si gretchen
to candy,kung ako sayo hayaan mo na sila ksi nag aaksaya ka lng ng time sa mga taong maiitim ang budhi and to sara i wish you well,hope you find happiness in spreading hatred,nga pla magbibigay daw sila gretchen at tony ng pamasko sa mga pasyente sa mental if i were you go back to your cell and there’s free consultation p daw.goodluck! sana gumaling ka kaagad:D

Comment by joanne G.

December 9, 2006 @ 7:50 pm

ang yayabang naman pala ng mga tao dito, nakakapag-Englishlang ehkala mo na mga kung sino..yakkk! wala namang mga modo!

Comment by JEALOUSY

December 9, 2006 @ 8:08 pm

ano ba yan ang aarte at ang-fe feeling sosyal naman ng mga taong ito dito (flora and sara) at ang hahangin pa matindi sa bakit nag-aaksaya kayo sa mga walang kwentang pakikipag-debate sa mga tao, I believed na binayaran kayo para sirain si Gretchen or maybe not only Gretchen, baka kayo din yung mga nagpopost ng negative comments sa other blogs…tsk! tsk! ganyan ba kayo pinalaki ng mga magulang nyo, mga asal hayop! kalanyo mga socialites na kayo…yaikkks! kadiri kayo!

Comment by JEALOUSY

December 9, 2006 @ 8:11 pm

to flora and sara….hope ur getting enough cash for the good job you’ve been doing here hehehehhe! otherwise, it’s a pity because you lost your moral values.


December 9, 2006 @ 8:12 pm

hey guys! get your own sets of designer things para di na kayo mainggit ke Miss Baretto hahahaha!

Comment by candy

December 9, 2006 @ 8:43 pm

Comment by sara

December 9, 2006 @ 2:29 pm

to flora,as you answer the comments on this blog its just show how shallow you are,now i truly pity you.God bless…you need it.


to flora, your posts on this blog shows how shallow you are, i truly pity you. god bless…wag mong dagdagan ng you need it dahil out of context ka na!
to sara
out of context!?i didn’t see that,bka di mo napansin ang…ngaun mo pansinin.ano feeling mo?tataas ang tingin ng mga tao syo dito?sa totoo lng your attitude can’t even compared sa isang hayop,msahol kpa sa kanila.

Comment by flora

December 9, 2006 @ 8:49 pm

to sara,mas matindi ka rin sakin he he…ksi ako naiintindihan ko naman ang english nila and i think tama naman.medyo tingin ko lng nagiging nonsense ka na,prang out of topic kana.lipat k nalang kaya ng ibang thread ksi ako out n arin dito he he…ayoko ng may kaaway

Comment by flora

December 9, 2006 @ 8:51 pm

to sara,hindi ko yta nabalitaan n second world country n ang pinas,buti ka pa alam mo?sino sino kayong nakakaalam?masyado ka nga perpekto ate hahahahahahahahahahahaahaha!

Comment by my comment

December 9, 2006 @ 9:01 pm

what i can say is, these arrogant bastards here na nagmamayabang that their English grammar is perfect have no brains….nakakapag-English nga kayo but from your point of views, mga wala kayong utak!!!

Comment by Gina baby

December 9, 2006 @ 9:04 pm

wow! ang ganda talaga ni gretchen kahit na di mag-make up no wonder lab na lab sya ni Tony boy. I think naiinggit nang husto si Dawn sa knya dahil wala syang mamahaling mga gamit..kung di sya insecure eh bakit nagdakdak sya nang ganun eh samantalang yung iba namang kasama nila sa shooting sina Angel,at Ruffa eh wala namang sinabi. Halatang nainggit lang si Dawn…

Comment by rodel69

December 9, 2006 @ 9:06 pm

Comment by sara

December 9, 2006 @ 2:29 pm

to flora,as you answer the comments on this blog its just show how shallow you are,now i truly pity you.God bless…you need it.


to flora, your posts on this blog shows how shallow you are, i truly pity you. god bless…wag mong dagdagan ng you need it dahil out of context ka na!

to sara,isa ka pa!maenglish ka eh mali mali ka nman tingnan mo nga kinorek mo eh tama naman ang gamit ng words,words differ on how to used it.masyado kang mayabang,grabeh!sa mga mabasang kong comments wala ni isa man ang nagjustify na tama si gretchen o tama ang maging kabit, lahat nagsasabi na let her use whatever stuff she has.ang labo mo inday.

Comment by rodel69

December 9, 2006 @ 9:21 pm

i am a professor,there was a lot of time that my english word were wrong not because hindi ko alam but oftentime i was too hurry to review it,i ended up chaging the words after i check i can’t blame if sometimes nagkakamali tayo ng sulat lalo na hindi naman tayo mga journalist or writer to be perfectionist sa mga sinusulat natin.and even american people ay mali mali rin at mas matindi pa,if you noticed sa ibang mga interview merong(),its because the wrong choose of word then the interviewer correct the word inside().

Comment by hon

December 9, 2006 @ 9:28 pm

sara,nandito ka na pala!sabi ko n nga ba may kaaway ka na naman mamaya nyan maban ka na naman.wala ka talagang kadala dala di ka pa rin nagbabago,lahat ng sinasalihan mong thread may kaaway ka hobby mo ba to?ang saya saya!!!

Comment by Mirriam

December 9, 2006 @ 9:35 pm

i agree with u rodel69, I’m living here in UK and with everyday mingling with English people I found out na even them cannot use their own language perfect…as in mali ang grammar nila. So to u Sara don’t be perfectionist, i think palagi mong dala yang dictionary mo pag nagpopost ka ng comment para bantayan ang mga taong nagkakamali ng English. Who are you para maging perfect sa English???

Comment by candy

December 9, 2006 @ 10:26 pm

to sara a.k.a. ^yaya candy^^,nakakaawa ka nman,nagpalit kpa ng users name bakit? ksi masyado k ng bantog sa site na to?wla kasing kumakampi sa kakitiran ng utak mo.for your info im not her(greta) fan,i just can’t see why people like you can’t let others happy?and one thing more,i understand puta,prosti,etc. are those who sell their body to earn money and gretchen as far as i know didn’t do such thing,siguro ikaw ksi binabayaran ka at binebenta mo ang kaluluwa mo para manira ng iba.

Comment by candy

December 9, 2006 @ 10:33 pm

to sara,there is still time to change and recollect your self,pray for guidance HE will enlighten you in no time.
if you think gretchen is bad as evil witch why not pray for her too,for you two need His guidance to accept the true meaning of happiness,forgiveness and contentment.ciao!

Comment by JEALOUSY

December 9, 2006 @ 11:41 pm

we don’t idolize Gretchen but we also cannot take that somebody who is not a Saint is throwing stone at her..i pity u sara…kawawa ka naman..ur mas masahol pa sa isang puta…i doubt it kung nakakatulog ka pa sa ginagawa mong yan.

Comment by JEALOUSY

December 9, 2006 @ 11:44 pm

i guess itong mga taong ito na naninira ke gretchen eh mga halang ang kaluluwa at one word to describe them “inggit” hehehehe! maghanap din kasi kayo ng kasing yaman ni Tony boy para makabili din kayo ng Louis Vuitton at nang hindi na kyo nangangarap dito sa site……..

Comment by alice

December 9, 2006 @ 11:45 pm

you are absolutely right blogger 124 hehehehehe! inggit kamo sila ke gretchen.

Comment by candy

December 10, 2006 @ 1:01 am

hi,good day to all!nabasa ko knina sa abante website na maghaharap si gretchen and dawn(sorry,i dont have pinoy tv)sa startalk,whatever the outcome hope they patch things up.i wish them well.
and to sara(who claim to have enternet unlimited connection 24/7),i want to hear from you how the things going between them on the interview.

Comment by candy

December 10, 2006 @ 1:31 am

i saw gretchen’s picture on the other website,you really cans ee how happy she is in her life sna lng wag sya paapekto sa intriga and that she’ll finally make peace to her family.
as for dawn,hope she’ll have a new project,probably sa movie and sna matuloy p din ang pagsasamahan nila ni grtechen,it would be movie of the year i think full of intriga he he…

Comment by alice

December 10, 2006 @ 1:37 am

goodluck to both of them as we know that they are both good actresses. Hope they can patch up their differences. Have a nice day to all the bloggers here!

Comment by Susan

December 10, 2006 @ 2:52 am

lovely article!!! great job to the editor and to gretchen for being professional. just one thing…can we please practice some sense in these blogs??? some are soooo babaw and use bad words. lets be intelligent people!!

Comment by Jean

December 10, 2006 @ 6:04 am

Pabayaan nyo na si gretchen kahit isang platoon pa ang bodyguards nya at least sariling pera ni tony ang pinapasuweldo sa kanila..alam nyo ba na even the past presidents they have bodyguards too, i dont know lang how many, pero I’ve seen Mrs. Imelda Marcos in Glorietta mall with a dozen of bodyguards..alam nyo ba na bayad yan ng government natin..imagine nyo magkano ginagastos ng taong bayad para lang sa proteksyon nila, i bet 24 hours yan ano….

Comment by jane

December 10, 2006 @ 6:11 am

pakialam naman natin kung sang dosena ang bodyguards ni greta eh hindi mind ur own businesses pipol!

Comment by jane

December 10, 2006 @ 6:12 am

pakialam naman natin kung sandsena ang bodyguards ni greta eh hndi naman tyo ang ngpapasweldo dun.mind ur own businesses pipol!

Comment by Jean

December 10, 2006 @ 6:14 am

correction : taong bayan pala
To Dawn : ngayon alam na ng taong bayan wala kang body guard dapat magkaroon ka na for your own safety na rin..I understand if Dawn doesn’t have all the stuff that Gretchen has, kasi simple living lang naman sya. Why would she wear expensive clothes e she always stay sa farm nila sa Davao..ang sarap ng buhay ni Dawn di ba away from the dirty air and dirty-minded ppl of Manila…

Comment by lady of Texas, US

December 10, 2006 @ 8:03 am

All I can say is…Gretchen is not primadonna she just being true to herself. For Dawn, I think she should not give comments to media like that, if she truly a friend to Gretchen if she didn’t like what Gretchen is acting she should confront Gretchen. I know Gretchen is matured enough to listen to her comment. Of what Dawn did, she just ruined their friendship.

Comment by candy

December 10, 2006 @ 11:24 am

again im not gretchen’s fan,but i do understand her,that’s her lifestyle now and she can affod to have such extravagant way of living.i would mind if she those thigns are stollen but those are tony’s gift to her,whatever stuff they bought thats their business hindi naman tayo ang nagagastusan eh.
as for dawn,maybe she does not want to sound rude ang kaso lng she express her thoughts on the wrong time,on the wrong place with the wrong people,malay b nman nya n malalaman pla ng madla,so next time better be careful alam nman nya n nas showbiz sya eh.pag may sinbi may intriga,sa tgal nya s showbiz don’t tell me n di nya pa alam yan?!

Comment by candy

December 10, 2006 @ 11:32 am

ako na ang magcocorrect ng englich ko bka mpansin n nman ni sara he he…
i mean,i would mind if those things are……

peace people…may the true meaning of this coming christmas will always be in our hearts especailly to sara,flora,gretchen and dawn.

Comment by candy

December 10, 2006 @ 1:42 pm

to the editor,sna this issue willl have its closure after what happened to them(greta and dawn)and if it posible maybe a blog for dawn’s side.we are expecting to see a positive outcome to their friendship.

Comment by jane

December 10, 2006 @ 7:12 pm

sana maging okey na silang dalawa… peace everybody!

Comment by Florie

December 10, 2006 @ 11:55 pm

alam nyo dpat d kyo nanghuhusga ng isang tao dhil d nyo alam ang totoo,npakabait n kpatid at anak ni gretchen,sino b ang sumuporta s pamilya nuong wla pang carrer si claudine diba si grtechen,kung nagkaproblema man sila ng fam nya di lng si gretchen ang may ksalanan pati n rin ang pamilya nya. kinuha ni tony si willie r. sa singko pra s isang game show n ikinasama ng loob ni dennis dhil si willie ang sinisisi ni dennis s pagkatsugi ng MTB,pero d sya pinakinggan ni tony dahil pra kay toni boy na sinang ayunan ni gretchen eh business ang lahat wlang personalan kung may away sila s knila un labas si tony at negosyo nya.nakiusap sila kay gretchen,gumwa ng paraan si gretchen pero wla p ring nangyari ang kagustuhan p rin ni tony ang nasunod.after what happen,lumabas n ang balita n galit sila kay gretchen n pinalyas sila ni gretchen s bhay n tinitirhan nila n pag aari nila tony at tony ang nagalit kya pinaalis nila sila dennis at marjorie siguro dhil sila n nga ang tumutulong eh sila pa ang kakagatin,ano naman ang magagawa ni grethcen kung gusto ni tony n kunin si willie sa kumpanya nya at paalisin ni tony ang taong nakikitira sa bahay nya.d naman gagawin ni tony un kung d nagsalita sila marjorie, pamilya at si dennis tungkol kay gretchen.prinoprotektahan lng ni tony boy ang karapatan nila ni gretcehn. at ung kay dennis,di b sila nhihiya n tirahin sila gretchen n nagpakain s pmilya nya nung mga time n di n sya active sa showbiz,at bilang padre de pamilya kaya ba ng hiya mo na di mo kyang bigyan ng tirahan ang pamilya mo at ganun b sya kawalang utang na loob para di maintindihan ang kagustuhan ni tony boy na ihire si willie? kay claudine,sino b nag nagtatanggol s kanya nung time n down na down say sa issue s knila ni rico yan s pagkamatay nito,diba si gretchen?at si tony boy pa ang nag alok s kanya n magbakasyon abroad pra makapagmuni muni,san n sila ngaun?un b naisip nila?ano b ngawa ni gretchen pra parusahan nila,ang magkaroon ng lahat ng bagay? at sa lahat,kung meron mang mga alalay si gretchen wag s kanya kyo magreklamo kundi kay tony boy dhil sya nag naghire at nagbabayad s mga un. at sa mother nila gretchen,ang ina ang dapat n maging tulay sa pagkakaintindihan ng mga anak pero bakit kumampi sya?dhil akala nya naagrabyado sila marjorie o nwlan ng bahay?bilang isang ina dapat hindi sya nagside at dapat say pa nga ang gumawa ng paraan pra maayos ang pamilya nila bilang ina at ilaw ng tahanan.kung di sila nging abusado eh di sana hanggang ngaun eh dun p rin sila nakatira. un lng po…share ko lng.

Comment by May

December 11, 2006 @ 5:20 am

alam mo florie, totoo lahat ng mga sinabi mo….mabait naman tlaga si gretchen at kahit nung mga panahong di pa sya sikat eh siya na ang tumutulong sa family nya….dun sa mga nagdya-judge ke Greta, ang masasabi ko lang ay sana alam nyo ang puno’t dulo ng lahat at ang katotohanan bago nyo paratangan si Gretchen…she might have done mistakes in the past but that cannot erase the good deeds she have done for her family. I should say, she is really lucky to have Tony Boy, the man who really loves her inspite of all the intrigues she had undergo. I wished her luck..sabi nga ang taong inaapi ay lalong pinagpapala.

Comment by Jean

December 11, 2006 @ 6:21 am

comment @florie : sa mga sinabi mo it just goes to show na walang desisyon si gretchen si tony boy ang laging nasusunod, kasi nga di sya legal na asawa, kung legal wife sana si gretchen meron din sya dapat karapatan sa mga business or decision ni tony boy. Desperado siguro si dennis na makapagtrabaho kaya nakapagsabi ng hinanakit. Kung matalino si tony boy dapat naging diplomatic ang approach nya kila dennis, kasi mas may pinag-aralan naman sya, o kaya binigyan nya rin ng part si dennis sa program na yon, as a family kung family ang turing nya sa family ni gretchen dapat magtulungan sila..kasi sa ginawang pagpalayas sa kanila di lang naman si dennis at marjorie ang apektado dyan pati mga walang malay na mga anak nila..wala na ngang hanapbuhay pinalayas pa paano na lang sila kaya siguro bilang isang ina, di maalis na kampihan ng nanay nila gretchen sila dennis at marjorie..kung tama si gretchen dapat kampiha sya ng magulang nya..pero sino ba naging kakampi ni gretch, bakit lahat ata ng member ng family nya galit sa kanya..

Comment by Jean

December 11, 2006 @ 6:36 am

ang pagdadala ng micrwave sa work ay talaga namang nakakatawa..kulang na lang magdala sya ng daybed nya refrigerator no..wala naman sigurong intention si dawn na sirain ang friendship nila ni gretch, natatawa lang siguro na naiinis sa mga dala at dami ng alalay ni gretchen.. kasi kung masama intention ni dawn dapat di na sya nakipag-usap at nakipag-ayos ke gretchen. We dont know what’s in Dawn’s heart kaya wag rin natin syang husgahan

Comment by hon

December 11, 2006 @ 11:02 am

to jean,sa tingin ko eh mali ka sinbi mo na wlang say si greta s desisyon ni tony noy kung aanalisahin mo eh nanghihinasok si dennis sa negosyo ni tony boy…ano ang karapatan nya na magdesisyon kung sino ang dapat at di dapt ng kunin ni tony sa estasyon nya at bkit si gretchen ang dapat sisishin?kung anuman ang suggestion ni gretchen sa negosyo ni tony boy si tony p rin ang may final say at wag mong sbihin n dhil d sila legal n mag asawa wla syang say s lahat,khit ako jane n legal n asawa hindi ako makikialam s negosyon ng asawa ko dhil sya ang nakakaalam ng kung ano ang mas makakabuti at kung may gusto man akong iinput eh nsa kanya p rin ang final say(and it happened many times,but i don’t have regret,our business is doing fine).nandito ako para suportahan ang asawa ko,siguro ganun din ang nsa loob ni gretchen.magaling n negosyante si tony boy sya ang mas may nkakaalam ng lahat hindi kung sinuman n wlang muwang sa negosyo nya.pra kay dennis,hindi b napaka wlang utang n loob nman ng ginwa nya,bakit nya isasama ung personal niyang problema kay willie sa paghire ni tony kay willie,business is business at kung papa iralin ang personal na motibo siguradong wlang kang mararating.
at ung kay dawn,siguro nga tama ang sabi nila “hindi ba alam ni dawn kung nasaang mundo sya?matgal n say s showbiz pero di pa nya alam yan,pag may sinbi may intriga.hindi nga siguro nya nais n makasakit ng iba pero ang punto dun kaibigan nya si gretchen bakit di nya sinbi dito ng personal kung may sama sya ng loob o may hindi sya nagustuhan,siguro alam nman nya n kay tony galing ang mga alalay at sya ng nagppasahod dun bkit di nya sabihan si tony n bawas bawasan ang alalay ni gretchen,pero kung titingnan mo wla ni sinuman ang may karapatang pagbawalan ang isang tao sa anumang bagay n gusto nya dahil kung magkakagayun eh magiging magulo ang mundo dahil s dami ng pakialamero,yan din siguro ang isang dahilan kung bakit di umaasenso ang Pilipino,mas gusto nilang pumuna ng iba kesa gawin ang nararapat para maging kpaki pakinabang ang buhay at bawat sandali.dito sa ibang bansa,kahit kapibahay namin eh di ko kilala,pero maayos ang lahat…walang tsismis…walang gulo…at kung anuman meron ang iba walang pakialam ang iba kung pano sya nakaron ng bagay n un,sna ganyan din sa atin s pinas.
ang importante eh di nman sinasaktan ni gretchen si dawn o sinuma,siguro ang dapat baguhin ni gretchen eh ung pagiging madaldal nya pero ung mga gamit nag alalay,i don’t think na msama un…tha’s her things…that’s her style,who are we to object?
about the microwave,its soooo cheap…what’s the issue about it?even pops admit she also bring her own microwave if she needed,kesa nga namn makaabala sa staff eh ams mabuti nang bring your own atleast wla silang masasabi n pasenyorita utos duon utos dito.
i like them both(GRETCHEN AND DAWN).kaya nsa eh wag na lumaki ang isuue n to at maging ok na sila at bumalik ang pagkakaibigan nila,sna din eh wla nang pakialamanan pra walang issue.

Comment by Jean

December 11, 2006 @ 11:22 am

to hon : nagsu-suggest lang naman siguro si dennis kasi sa maliit na industriya nila nakakatrabaho nila ang tao at alam siguro ni dennis ang kara talaga ni willie..we dont know willie personally pero they in show business lalo mga colleagues nila they know kung anong mga karakter meron ang mga katrabaho nila..look at what trouble willie is facing now, pati mga executives ng ABS CBN ngayon damay sa demanda dahil sa tragedy sa ultra..kung di ba naman bobo ang may concept ng kung sino ang unang nandon sila lang ang may chance manalo, e kung ginawa nila bumunot na lang sana ng corresponding no. ng ticket stubs para at least patas ang chance sa mga live viewers..grabe very pathetic na ang tv stations sa pinas para lang patunayan kung sino ang no. 1

Comment by hon

December 11, 2006 @ 12:37 pm

to jean,honestly your out of the issue,prang si dawn…daming hang-ups s buhay…kugn anuman ang desisyon ni tnoy boy s kumpanya nya wla ka na dun o si dennis,bakit meron din namng show si dennis nung time na ung s singko ah!hello!!! mag isip isip ka nga!and as you said they are in show business so dapat alam ni dennis yan.and pls sino b sya pra pakainggan ni tony aty sino sya para makialam?look at where tony is now,and how about dennis?utak ksi ang pinagagana ni tony s business hindi paa…

Comment by Jennifer C. Lu

December 11, 2006 @ 12:55 pm

alam nyo i like this site,ksi nppasaya ako s mga comments at pag aaway nyo kya lng minsan pangit n words n ang sinusulat nyo nevertherless,you people never fail to amused me daming lumalabas n issue eh.sana lang magkabati n sila(gretchen and dawn)talaga so people stop fighting na about this issuse.peace for all this coming christmas!!!

Comment by May

December 11, 2006 @ 9:01 pm

alam mo Jean, hindi nakakatawa ang mgdala ng microwave oven..ang isip mo ang nakakatawa, bobo ka kasi eh. sab nga ni greta me sinusunod syang diet kya klangang mgdala sya ng sarili nyang pagkain…at kung wala nga namang microwave sa studio eh d namroblema nang husto si greta kung san nya iinitin ang mga soup na dala nya..mag-isip ka nga! ang babaw ng kukute mo eh..buti pa si Gretchen nakapag-isip ng ganun, she’s very professional!

Comment by hay naku!

December 11, 2006 @ 9:05 pm

naku wag na nga nating sagutin itong bobong Jean na ito kasi di makaintindi eh, nasa pwet siguro ang utak nito, di yan makakaintindi kahit anong paliwanag kya wag na lang nating patulan..tapos!!

Comment by Jean

December 11, 2006 @ 10:12 pm

to hon, may & naku, mag comment na lang kayo sa issue wag sa akin..kasi tayo me kanya kanyang opinyon based on our values..siguro kayong 3 like most of all filipinos u value easy money and not hardwork..kaya u idolized gretchen kasi gusto nyo rin sumandal na lang sa pera at wag ng mag work very hard to earn it..nasaan na ba ang values nating mga pinoy..puro pera na lang ba ang importante over moral..sige gayahin nyo yong idol nyo mag-asawa kayo ng kalbo kahit matanda na basta me pera..magreflect nga kayo

Comment by hon

December 11, 2006 @ 10:23 pm

how can u be so sure that there’s no love between tony boy and gretchen?your values is so poor… dear!i believe wlang tinatapakang tao si grtechen when she step in tony’s life and pls…napakapangit ba ni tony boy not to be loved,hindi lng pera ang dhilan kung bkit napapamahal tayo sa isang tao,i could be security of his love to you,being understanding,caring,respectful,etc. ska they been together for 15yrs now,tony boy was good looking back then,so pano mo sasabihin pera lng ang habol ni greta?
at ikaw n rin ang may sabi na sa isyu tayo magcomment eh ang isyu ung mga gamit ni greta so bakit napunta ka sa pagsasama nila tony at greta,are you in drugs while posting ur comments?malabnaw n utak mo tanga ka pa!

Comment by hon

December 11, 2006 @ 10:28 pm

and for your info im married with equally handsome and successful guy,not like you…totoong kabit in every aspect of the word.
at kug maaari paki tanong nag sa tatay at nanay mo kung ano ang katangian n gusto nilang mapangasawa mo,hindi bat mabait,hindi nananakit,faithful at higit sa lahat eh kaya kang buhayin at mabigyan ng magandang buhay?
so sino ka para husgahan ang pag sasama nila tony at gretchen,lola!mag isip isip ka…dahil nkikita lng kug ganun kakitid nag utak mo at kung anong totoong values meron ka.maganalisa ka ng mga bagay bagay bgo ka magreact.wag kang magpakamalinis dhil mas mdumi ka kesa s sinumang nasa paligid mo at nkikita yan sa pag uugali mo.

Comment by ery

December 11, 2006 @ 11:26 pm

wow, ganda mong mag-explain HON, bravo!!!

Comment by hon

December 12, 2006 @ 12:23 am

tanx ery! :D

Comment by hay naku!

December 12, 2006 @ 12:41 am

salamat sa paliwanag hon! mahirap na kasing mag-eexplain ngayon lalo na pag ang mga tao eh merong makikitid na utak at very paranoid pano kasi ang inggit eh nakatanim na sa utak kya di na mababago ang kanilang pag-iisip, at saka ang lakas sabihin na nawala na values natin eh sya kaya nasan ang values??eh panay paninira ang if kilala niya personally si gretchen at tony boy…

Comment by kim

December 12, 2006 @ 12:15 pm

in my opinion i think ang mga taong to na pumupuri kay gretchen is mga taong bayaran…and sarili nyang kapatid at pamangkin pinalayas nya sa bahay…whew!!!kahit na malaking away di naman kayang palayasin pag maganda ang puso ng isang tao…ni sariling ina di nya makasundo….anong klaseng anak sya…

Comment by la lang

December 12, 2006 @ 4:45 pm

alam mo kim,wla ka nung nangyri ang anumang gulo sa pamilya nila pra masabi mong si gretchen lng ang may ksalanan,snbi na ni grtechen na d nya pinalayas sila marj sila nag mismong umalis dati nga meron silang gulo.whew!!!at mismong si marj din ang nagsabi n di sila pinalayas kundi sial ang kusang umalis dhil n rin s sitwasyon,whew!!! symepre galit din sila tony at gretcehn so bakit nila sila pipigilan…whewww!!!magbasa k nga ulit ng mga writes-up!
and whew i mean kim,ang isyu po eh gamit ni gretchen at pakikialam ni dawn,para kayang million yrs n yang pagpapalayas…whew!

Comment by Jean

December 13, 2006 @ 1:06 am

to hon : maganda sana ang explain mo kaso kulang pa rin sa substance..atsaka im not judging gretchen as a person, im judging yong mga gawa nya..and u dont need to use the word tanga just bec, magkasalungat tayo ng opinion, u need to respect other ppl’s opinion, pag gumagamit ka pa ng word na “tanga”, its very inappropriate nahahalata tuloy kung saan ka nanggaling, kulang ka sa breeding gaya ng idol mong si gretchen, magpapasko na rin naman sana bilhan mo sarili mo ng Book of Etiquette, kung wala sa borders, meron nyan for sure sa

Comment by Jean

December 13, 2006 @ 1:12 am

to hon : for your info i am not a kabit, i am happily married..and i’ve been offered twice by rich married men to have relationship with them pero i never want to be a homewrecker, kahit ano pang pagtatanggol nyo kay gretch u cannot deny the fact that she’s a bad example sa mga young ppl. sa phils., habang gino glorify nyo sya, at nagmamalaki sya sa tv, parang tinuturo nyo na rin sa mga kabataan na its ok to have children out of wedlock, and its ok to live with a guy without marriage, basta may pera at nasusunod ang luho..atsaka tama ba yong magco comment sya about her affair with bong, di na ba nirerespeto feelings ng anak nya ng mga anak nila bong at lani, me mga isip na yong mga bata and it will haunt them..maraming nadadamay na walang malay sa kalandian nya..

Comment by la lang

December 13, 2006 @ 9:15 am

to jean,prang you are always on the wrong track,the issue here is gretchen’s stuff,yun ay kung mkakaintindi ka ng nabasa mong blog ni sa taas,dun k sa ibang thread magbungnga bka may pumatol sa isyu mo.and for my personal opinion,we are living in a real world not a fantasy where you can choose what is only good things you would want to happend in your life,nobody teaches anybody who they want to become to,thats personal choice i dont think ganun k katanga to fallow if you know its not appropriate to do so.pero kung ako man eh wlang masama kung papatol ako s taong mayaman as long as wala akong nasisirang pamilya(lani and bong are still very much married and tony is long been separated,so whose homewrecker!!!?)ang if the guy is rich as long as mahal ko,why not!?
and hon,you are the one who needed guidance,dont only read the BOOK OF ETIQUETTE,pati n rin ung book on how to deal with your insecurities and Book of finding oneseleves,pran namn magpakatotoo k at tanggapin ang mundo bilang mundo hindi mars(get it),peace….:D

Comment by la lang

December 13, 2006 @ 9:20 am

to hon,sorry po hindi po para sayo ung comment ko sa taas kundi kay JEAN,he he he…sowi po tao lng nagkakamali…
TO JEAN ,you are the one who needed guidance,dont only read the BOOK OF ETIQUETTE,pati n rin ung book on how to deal with your insecurities and Book of finding oneseleves,pra nnamn magpakatotoo k at tanggapin ang mundo bilang mundo hindi mars(get it),peace….:D

Comment by hon

December 13, 2006 @ 9:32 am

to la lng,its ok i understand peace bro…
to jean,lam mo ang laki talaga ng problema mo.matanong nga kita what did gretchen does to you at grabeh mo sya alipustahin?so where is the breegding there?dont tell me mas malinis k s sinumang nandito,baka nman naiisip mo n perfect ka?well…you should be declared saint!
pls lng jean tama si la lang,wla pang nasirang relasyon o pamilya si gretchen so anong pangit dun na magagya ng mga tao…ang makakuha ng mayamang makakasama?ok ka lng mag-isip ka nga!kung di ka tanga ano ka, istupida?

Comment by hon

December 13, 2006 @ 11:48 am

yeah,your right!we are all entittle to our own what gretchen said,she is happy unmaried and i think she is…and she really is. ur right she has dominique and i bet she have tony boy too,and she have the best of everything that life has to offer i think thats more than enough.
and what do you think the word normal family means?for me … a parents who are there everytime i goes home from tiring day living in one happy and peaceful house which is full of love and affection,and i know domique enjoy such life.
is it gretchen’s fault being involve to tony boy,a millionare separated guy from his wife denise yabut?
think about this…they been long separated(tony and denise),tony boy will surely find a lady to share his happiness and life with someone he loves at nakataon n si grtechen and napili nya at nagustuhan sya ni anong masama dun!?kung hindi si gretchen ang nagustuhan nya maaaring ibang babae;it could be ikaw,ako,siya…kung magkkaganun man kasalanan b ng babae un?i dont think so!
tony boy deserve to be happy after a fail marriage,if he chooses gretchen to live his life with who are we to object?

Comment by hon

December 13, 2006 @ 11:57 am

still on JEM,whatever happend sa baretto fam its their business,ngakataon lng n celebrity sila kya lumalaki ang isyu,di ntin alam whats the real thing happened.both parties want to be this way,hindi mo b kayang ibigay ang karapatan nila?they still family whatever it takes,time will caome magkakayos din sila.di ntin sila pareho masisisi,tao lng tyo minsan may di pagkakaunawaan even s afamily natin,dont tell me hindi nangyri sayo o kaninoman ang pagkakaroon ng di pag uunawaan sa loob ng pamilya?this is life hindi animation.

Comment by sayesako

December 13, 2006 @ 1:14 pm

maraming bodyguards si gretchen for toni to make sure na di sya ma-pendeho, how can a decent woman tell the public that she had an affair with bong revilla who’s very much married that time, to no other than lani mercado, again, we are all sinnes, yes, but it could have been better keeping it to herself and leave it behind her if as she claims, she is happily unmarried to mr. cojuangco, because bragging about it is like killing lani over and over, and disrespecting toni boy as well, as for mr. cojuangco, based on my experienced as a divorced woman, nobody can stop you from breaking out of a marriage, not even your own children, easy way out nya yon para di sia mapakasal ke gretchen, if he really wants to with all the influence and money on his possession, matagal na syang annulled but he opted not to be because it’s very convenient for him and so as not to spread his wealth, dominique sure me mana but gretchen, you are right buy all the most expensive things toni could afford to give u, bec. that is all that he can, at the end of it all, you still will not have his name, make peace with your family for money cannot buy it.

Comment by sayesako

December 13, 2006 @ 1:17 pm

Joanne, i have always admired you for being true and fair, but with this one, i felt na medyo dehado si Dawn, I’m no fan of both, observer lang, hope you will always be the fair, tough, true lady i’ve always looked up to

Comment by sayesako

December 13, 2006 @ 1:22 pm

bakit nagagalit ang ibang forumers sa opinion ng iba? i dont get it, this is a free forum, walang personalan, di namam ito palengke, hay, dapat talaga ma uso ulit yong kanta ng asin “Cotabato” ba yon, konting respeto mga kapatid, maski sa opinion lang, wala ng martial law, we’re free to express our my minds without being judged, salamat po

Comment by la lang

December 13, 2006 @ 2:47 pm

well,totoo namng wlang masama magcomment ksi opinyon mo un eh.pero iba ang opinyon sa panghuhusga.kung nanghuhusga ka meron din namang taong mas pinipili ang opinyon eh magtanggol ng iba o ng sarili.sna nga lng s pagsasabi ntin ng opinyon eh hindi paninira ksi kung magkagayun man panghuhugas ang tawag dun.

Comment by florie

December 13, 2006 @ 3:58 pm

wla akong masabi sa pagiging mapanghusga at pagkaipokrita ng iba,minsan mas marunong p sila s damdamin ng tao n nsa sitwasyon.lagi nlng iba ang isyung lumalabas sa blog na ito,remember its about gretchen’s expensive things ang isyu dito hindi kung anupaman.
pero sige patulan n natin,ang masasabi ko nman s marriage isyu na yan eh,mahal ni tony boy si gretchen at sa tingin ko khit sino man ang nasa relasyon eh ksal ang nais pero nga ksi hindi pa annul si tony kaya d nya maibgigay kay gretchen un,wla nmang magagwa si tony boy kung d magagrant ung anullment remember amy perez and brix they are seperated a long time ago and even brix has his own family now but then annulment is not yet granteed,khit pa sabihing mayaman k kung d nkikipag cooperate ang both parties walang annulment n about s yaman,i dont think the reason why tony boy cant marry gretchen ksi nattakot syang ispread ang yaman nya,haven’t you heard about pre-nuptial agreement?eh sa totoo lng ang dmi ng ari arian ni gretchen n nsa pngalan nya even if d sila ksal she has more than enough at kung magkhiwlay man sila whatever in her name stays in her name. people who went through annulment and divorce must know about that.

Comment by jade

December 13, 2006 @ 7:33 pm

hay naku basta ako tama lang dalahin nia ang gus2 niang dalhin no! naiingit lang kau!

Comment by jade

December 13, 2006 @ 7:41 pm

saka para sakin mas mabait c gretchen! idol ko pa naman dati c dawn kaya lang mas maganda ugali ni gretchen nakikita ko na she has a big heart! kaya wala kaung paki kung ano ang gu2 niang gawin sa buhay nia! tama lang cia ineenjoy lang nia ang life nia…maigsi lang ang buhay. at isa pa cia lang ang may ganun kaganda sa buong mundo!!! kaya meron ciang tonyboy c. no labyu always gretch…wag mo clang intindihin mas pagpapalain ka ni lord! at walang mali sa mga ginagawa mo!ingat bisous………

Comment by florie

December 14, 2006 @ 1:28 am

Jem,you really are something…well,good to hear with what happend to you and your fam,people are different in all the way.whatever you say girl…she(gretchen) is always be a diva…she just bless being choosen by tony your hearts out people!

Comment by hon

December 14, 2006 @ 2:09 am

i think this blog comment is getting nonsense,boring and boring…all have the same ngitngit and everything!
i have said my piece,so i just live it like that.people who have so much hatred in their heart ay nakikita ang inggit sa katawan who has a lot of negative thoughts in their mind.whatever you said peole…gretchen is and always be the most beautiful face in the industry,she has everything a girl can ask for…and remember this she is up there while you people who criticize her is just there…down there!
Gretchen we admire you for being true person and beautiful inside and out,there is a lot of us praying for your happiness no matter what ugly people say(ha ha ha),we wish you well!God bless you!

Comment by jojit

December 14, 2006 @ 3:41 am

i think nothing to explain now, i guess naipaliwanag na lahat..paulit-ulit na lng kasi eh di naman nakakaintindi ang iba so i just wanna say “Mabuhay ka Gretchen! sana magpakatotoo na lng mga tao dito at di ipokrita!”

Comment by Bea

December 14, 2006 @ 3:45 am

tama ka jojit..tama na ang mga paliwanag hahahahah..nagiging redundant na lang eh. i still admire you Greta for being a genuine person at we know straight from ur heart na mabuti kang tao, mabuting kaibigan at higit sa laaht ay mabuting kapatid at anak…pasasaan ba’y matatapos din itong pagsubok sa life mo, the good thing is u have somebody (tony Boy) who really loves and stands by u through te test of time, and ur lucky enough to have a very understanding daughter like dominique…just be happy, count the blessings and just ignore ur detractors kasi wala silang mabuting maitutulong sayo..ipagpray na lang natin sila.

Comment by Monique

December 14, 2006 @ 3:47 am

Tama, let us pray na lang for those who are so jealous and pakialamero sa buhay nang me buhay. For sure their life is so miserable……….

Comment by xray

December 14, 2006 @ 5:38 am

It would be nice if wealthy and influential personalities like them will devote more time to charity instead of these petty, worldly nonsense. A big majority of the entire Philippine population is below povertly line and a big bulk come from Manila, so they don’t need to look so far. Hollywood A-listers like Madonna, Brad Pitt, Angelina, George Clooney are very socially involved in the plight of the less fortunate in their country. But our very own celebrities on the other hand would rather spend their time and a lot of extra cash for material things and physical enhancements! Sad….so very sad…

Comment by hon

December 14, 2006 @ 8:51 am

go go go gretchen…madami kaming sumusopurta sayo,mas ikaw ang nkakaalam kung sino ka at alam nming masya,no one put a good lady down!our prayers are yours!

Comment by candy

December 14, 2006 @ 12:00 pm

yeah!your right hon,grtehcen you shouldn’t mind them(your detractors)they can say and do all the things to ruin you but they can deny the fact that your bless and thats the reason why they hated you.stay true to your self and be humble,there is a lot things come your way.God bless.

Comment by candy

December 14, 2006 @ 6:54 pm

yeah!your right hon,grtehcen you shouldn’t mind them(your detractors)they can say and do all the things to ruin you but they can’t deny the fact that your bless and thats the reason why they hated you.stay true to your self and be humble,there’s still a lot of things that come your way.God bless.

Comment by TEWUP

December 16, 2006 @ 3:44 am



Comment by swaymaiway

December 16, 2006 @ 3:01 pm

Thank you Jo-an for featuring this side of the story. I’ve always love your way of writing especially about Gretchen or her siblings. I JUST LOOOOVEEE THEM especially Gretchen. I love her despite all the negative things people would comment about her. I love her because she has the class, the style and the beauty which i find so regal and above all, she is damn smart and witty! It is so sad that most people (pinoy pa naman) would say ill things about Gretchen. …as if they are perfect!

Comment by Monique

December 16, 2006 @ 6:14 pm

we love you gretchen!!! kahit ano pa sabihin nilang paninira..basta happy ka sa life mo ngayon yan ang importante at ur helping other people also…….

Comment by candy

December 17, 2006 @ 2:35 am

whatever some people say,Grtechen… you are truly a beautiful and true person in a world of lie,showbizness.keep it up and stay pretty!

Comment by jiji

December 17, 2006 @ 6:09 pm

lahat naman tyo mamamatay eh, una-unahan lang yan JEM, malay mo mauna ka pa ke gretchen sige ka hahahahahha! Be happy with our own lives! Mabuhay ka Greta!!

Comment by candy

December 17, 2006 @ 11:03 pm

jiji,natawa nman ako s sinbi mo ha ha ha…well said!

Comment by candy

December 18, 2006 @ 11:13 pm

hindi mo b alam n naipasa n ang bill ni Sen.Revilla na mgagamit ang pangalan ng ama ng bata kung talagang sya ang biological parent at kung pipirma sya s birth certificate ng bata,siguro before you talk make some research ksi nagmumukha kang paranoid pra lng makasira ng tao,and that’s what pathetic really is.

mamamatay syang barretto ksi barretto nman talaga sya eh ikaw ba pag namatay ka eh hindi mo n rin name ung maiden name mo,kasama un diba!?

Comment by jiji

December 19, 2006 @ 1:57 am

ay naku JEM ,aminin mo na lang kasi na naiinggit ka ke Gretchen, kasi si Gretchen kahit di pa kasal eh buhay reyna na, eh ikaw kawawa ka naman siguro dahil kasal ka na nga eh mahirap ka pa rin…mahirap pa ata sa daga, kya siguro sobra na lng ang galit mo ke Greta kahit wala namang ginagawang masama sa iyo..pinipersonal mo na, yaan mo I will ask Greta na bigyan ka ng regalo sa Pasko para naman kahit papano sumaya ka heheheheh! Merry Christmas to u!!!

Comment by Jonah C.

December 19, 2006 @ 2:01 am

Ay ano ba yan!!! Magpapasko na nga eh hindi pa rin tumitigil itong mga taong ito sa paninira sa knilang kapwa, sana ipag-pray na lng natin ang mga taong kinaiinisan natin or kagalit instead of making negative comments here….I bet this JEM is not happy with her life kasi masama ang kanyang mga sinasabi..sabi nga eh nakikita sa mga pananalita kung masaya ka or hindi sa life mo. Peace be with you JEM!

Comment by candy

December 20, 2006 @ 2:23 pm

to JEM,ikaw ang pinakatanga at gagang maledukada n naka encounter ko s forum nato,tonto…istupida…moron!
wag-isip ka muna before u post,your too shallow!
next time be matured enough to talk about something or somebody.
magdasal ka din to enlighten u,maligayang pasko sayo…sna makatanggap k ng gift this Christmas pra di ka nanggagalaiti s mga taong meron.

Comment by kurdapya

December 21, 2006 @ 9:18 pm

the way he writes his comments mukha ngang walang pinag-aralan itong JEM na ito. wag na lng kasi nating patulan kasi halata namang non-sense ang mga pinagsasabi nya….Merry Christmas to all!

Comment by lisa

December 21, 2006 @ 11:55 pm

stop talking nonesense whoever you are!by the way tanong ko lng bkit kya d sumipot si dawn sa presscon ng pantene eh dba endorser sya dpat nandun sya,angel has a valid reason why she can’t make it to the presscon,i wonder why dawn is not around?maybe nahihya sya s staff ng shoot at s mga nkasama nya ksi it was really her who is hard to work with and the one who is realy primadonna,and maybe…she is guilty by talking nonesense about other people around her so wla syang mukhang maiharap s knila to think na gretchen already said she’s willing na makipagbati.isn’t it so unprofessional for dawn not to show up?and where is the “breeding and humility” the people often describe dawn?hindi ba maliwanag n nagmamataas sya at wlang respeto not only with the people who get her in the shoot as well as the people she’s working with during the shoot?its her responsibility to promote the product and attend the pressconference to lunch pantene.hay…you see people,marriage cannot change ones attitude and character its only in the mind.gretchen atleast still is kind hearted and sensitive for others feeling and such a professional.a beatiful lady inside and out!

Comment by hon

December 21, 2006 @ 11:57 pm

sorry JEM,pero tong space n to eh pangtao hindi pang allien,getz mo!?
to lisa,yeah!bakit nga kya?well…maybe your right?or maybe…wla syang maisuot n balenciaga? jowk jowk jowk!

Comment by lisa

December 22, 2006 @ 3:58 pm

i dont think being in the preescon would make u KSP,thats your one of your responsibility once you accept the offer and if she(dawn)really dont need to goes bask to showbiz what is she doing now?yeah!your right JEM,she has a son to look after too,if they(her family) come first to her why accept the shoot,to think that his son if often got sick,are you thinking JEM?sa totoo your too boba! tsk tsk tsk…may nabaliw na sa kapupuri ng sarili,if your really happy with ur life JEM,why are you here shouting out your anger with someone who dont even know you,is that what you called pathetic!?
atleast gretcehn is gretchen kung hindi ba naman magaaksaya k bang magdadadada sa taong wlang paki sayo.

sbagay mas boba ako sayo ksi pinapatulan kita,pero sinasagot lng kita pra magkalaman naman ang empty mong utak,wake up girl!

Comment by monet

December 22, 2006 @ 9:53 pm

okay JEM you got a ur own family, i should say you are lucky enough but why you are making a big noise here and ruining Greta’s name. Does she know u? I think u have a personal anger otherwise u will not waste ur time answering the or two comments are enough to state ur opinion but like this I am no more convinced…….if happy ka sa life mo, then live with it! tantanan mo yung ibang taong me sariling buhay. Pag panay pa rin ang paninira mo I will believe na u are not really happy with ur life..and u said u have a daughter, sana naman ipag-pray mo na one day hindi yan maging kabit or maging worse pa, maging pokpok! I think we should pray for other people especially yung mga nangangailangan ng pgbabago sa buhay.I’m not Greta’s fan but wala akong makitang masama sa ginawa nya, siguro ganun lang sya.. kung anuman ang ginagawa nya sa life nya, buhay nya yan! wala tayong pakialam…tanong ko lang sayo JEm bakit sobrang galit mo ke Gretchen??? Hmmmnnn…nakapagtataka???

Comment by Luisa May

December 22, 2006 @ 9:57 pm

di ba napapansin ng JEM na to na nakakainis na sya sa panay ang ka-ko-comment dito nakakasawa na ang walang tigil nya na kadadakdak dito..wala na sigurong magawa sa layf nya hay!!! Mukhang ng-issa lang sya dito siguro binabayaran ito heheheheh! pwede ba JEM hindi ka na nakakatuwa ha, ang dapat sayo binabatukan bakla ka ahahahhahah!

Comment by haba-haba

December 22, 2006 @ 10:02 pm


Comment by lisa

December 22, 2006 @ 11:34 pm

lam mo JEM,i think magkakambal kyo ninaa flora o ung sara…o bka iisa lang kyo ksi pareho kyong magagaling ha ha ha…na kahit tagalog eh mali!
well JEM,na pinagpala,edukada,masaya sa pamilya,perpekto at LEGAL WIFE eh natatawa ako sayo,are you here to convinced us that you are really happy with your life o mas kinukumbinsi mo ang sarili mo n ganun ka at kung anu k man ma at pa!
and pls pathetic means,kahabag-habag,kaawaawa etc, i and i think all the people here in this site will agree n ur PATHETIC.
kung ako syo JEM,mag aral k ulit balikan mo ang prep pra mas magkalaman ang utak mo at tapusin mo lhat pra di ka kulang kulang ha ha ha!

Comment by florie

December 22, 2006 @ 11:39 pm

ha ha ha…grabeh to si JEM,masyado kming natuwa sayo galing mo magpatawa!lam mo kinbag kmi sa mga comment mo.
sino ka pra ikumpara ang sarili mo kay gretchen?nakaharap k nba s salamin?wag n ung ugali eh ksi given n ganyan ka,laki siguro ng problema mo o desperada ka!
sna lng next time n magcomment ka make sure to take ur medication,nkakapraning mga comments mo eh.
galing kba rehab o correctional?nagtatanong lng po,peace:D

Comment by che

December 23, 2006 @ 2:04 am

guys!wag nyo n ksi pansinin si JEM,obvious nman n papansin sya wla namng naniniwala s kanya let her do what she wants kung un ang ikasaya nya.
by the way ganda ni gretchen s new movie effective ung pagganap nya,at eto pa madami ang pumuri at kung gusto nyong mkita ang ganda nya s big screen manood kyo,galing!

Comment by lisa

December 23, 2006 @ 2:09 am

to JEM,ha ha ha…nkakatawa ka talaga…feeling n feeling ka!whatever you say gorilla!
look at the comments and count how many people firing you,are you that desperate to react as if this is your life?
ha ha ha…more dosage on your medication darling.

Comment by candy

December 23, 2006 @ 2:17 am

this JEM,remind me of flora and sara…
pero JEm is worst prang matindi ang tama ha ha ha…parang laging wla s sarili,galit ngalit kay grtechen then now galit n galit s mga nagcocomment,ano ba yan!?lakas amats ntin pre ah!
ha ha ha…
musta s loob?siguro tma sbi nila inumin mo ung gamot mo befopre k magpost ng comment,pointless lagi eh.

Comment by pit

December 23, 2006 @ 5:07 am

who is gretchen?never heard of her…cheers!

Comment by Style

December 23, 2006 @ 3:38 pm

this is an interesting place! parang mga warfreak yata and mga people dito. care to hear my piece on this gretchen-dawn issue? …………… Gretchen is a beautiful woman, so is Dawn. Obviously, they’re both rich(or their men are rich). I respect Dawn for being humble despite her status and I think she can afford to buy the things that Gretchen seems to flaunt, yet she’s sensetive enough not be vulgar about it. And I salute her even more for keeping quiet despite negative comments about her. I think they should settle it between them in the first place. Gretchen’s eccentricities about fashion is not a sin (although its amusing). She’s VAIN, anybody who’s got brains can see that. She can afford to be vain coz she’s beautiful. But it’s her life…let her live her life the way she wants. But she must prepare herself for criticisms. Its to be expected. She’s in showbizness. She should expect it. Why react the way she did?(for Publicity?)She should just shrug her shoulders and say “So what?”. Anyway its TRUE, isn’t it? And why point a finger at Dawn as the snitch who leaked it to the press? Anybody could have done it. Granted Dawn, has said some things that she should apologised to Gretchen about(bcoz their friends not bcoz its not true). But it doesn’t mean she’s the one who did it. As I’ve said it could be anybody, it could be Gretchen herself. And why not? For Publicity. They say good or bad publicity is still publicity. So there!!!!

Comment by Glen

December 23, 2006 @ 6:39 pm

Miss Jo Ann, from the day i’ve read your articles,i’ve high relief from heaven. you’re a jewel in the journalism and entertainment write-ups industry.kudos and god bless.

The buzz about La Greta and Dawn is a simple story fabricated and circulated by press people.The big deal is people got to get the hook and the bait two at a time. It caused a stir and got A rating in news pan. It was and still is being sensationalized to keep the buzz going and their respective movies (if Dawn is gotta get one)rating.

Hayyy!!!Just love La Greta. No more no less.

Comment by candy

December 24, 2006 @ 1:28 am

my gosh JEM…here you go again…you really make a good commediane maykapalit n pla si matutina.well,if you thing gretchen is someone who is nothing rather than “kabit” so what is has something to do with you?if your happy for saying that then…be it! kung dyan k masaya…
kya siguro bless si gretchen becoz she’s a good hearted person.
sabi nga u can put a good man down.
at ikaw JEM,anuman sbihin mo ganyan k LNG at magiging ganyan lng habangbuhay but gretchen is and always be gretchen…beautiful and bless.
manigas ka sa inggit!

Comment by candy

December 24, 2006 @ 1:32 am

my gosh JEM…here you go again…you really make a good commediene maykapalit n pla si matutina.well,if you think gretchen is someone who is nothing rather than “kabit” so what it has something to do with you?if your happy for saying that then…be it! kung dyan k masaya…
kya siguro bless si gretchen becoz she’s a good hearted person.
sabi nga u can put a good man down.
at ikaw JEM,anuman sbihin mo ganyan k LNG at magiging ganyan lng habangbuhay but gretchen is and always be gretchen…beautiful and bless.
manigas ka sa inggit!

Comment by lisa

December 24, 2006 @ 2:03 am

hay JEM…nagtataka lng ako bkit kya ang init ng dugo mo kay gretchen?job mo to ang manira at manghusga ng iba?
kung ano man ang gusto mong sbihin s kanya,problema mo n un.kung anuman ang gawin niya wlang sinuman ang may karapatang magsabi s kanya kung ano ang guto nya o hindi at kung masakit pra sayo un…manigas ka!
pra nmang may time p syang isipin ka?
and tama ka candy whatever those people say bad things about her she will always be beautiful,loved and bless…

Comment by rodel

December 24, 2006 @ 2:15 am

pra po kay JEM,nagtataka rin ako sayo jem ksi bkit nga kya puro personal ang tira mo eh ang layo ng mga comment mo sa blog entry n to eh ang isyu tungkol po s mga gamit ni gretchen na pinansin ng iba eh ung s knila ni sir tony boy eh prang nung unang panahon p un eh ilang taon nba silng magksama?eh wla naman tayong naririnig n angal mula knino man ksi matgal n pong hiwalay sila sir tony at mam denise.
kung anuman ang opinyon mo sa kanila eh opinyon mo un pero wag mong alsin sa iba n magcomment s mga sinsabi mo ksi ung iba eh mga fans ng tinitira mo,s ganang akion eh wla nmang ginagawang masama si gretchen kanino kya nkakapagtaka ng kugn bakit ganun nlng ang mga sinsabi mo na kung tutuusin eh di n kpani paniwala puro personal ang tira mo kay gretchen at s mga nagcocomment dito,sa totoo lng.

Comment by rodel

December 24, 2006 @ 2:27 am

to JEM
Comment by JEM

HAAAAY Lisa…Grabe saludo ako sa iyo…Galing mong gumawa ng sarili mong language!!! “look at the comments and count how many people firing you,are you that desperate to react as if this is your life? ano to…? di ko ma-gets!!!Then back to Grectchen wonna bet …kng hindi man pinakamahina

nagtataka rin ako kasi i don’t see anything wrong with what lisa say,would you mind to explain?

sana din lang we make our comments civilized and sensible enough to read.stop fighting!some are being so rude and stop comparing yourselves to them(gretchen and dawn) they are not you.lahat tyo may karapatan kung ano man ang gusto nating gawin sa buhay at siguro naman karapatan din ni gretchen na gawin o dalhin ang anuman na gusto nya na pag-aari nya.kung masaya sya eh di masaya sya!sya naman ang nakakaalam nun kung totoo o hindi sino ba tayo pra kontrahin yun?sna maging masaya nalng tayo para sa ibang tao tutal naman wala syang ginagawang masaya kanino man o kahit sayo JEM.peace po!

Comment by haba-haba

December 24, 2006 @ 6:34 am

eh me sira nga ata ito sa ulo na JJEM na to..wala daw syang galit ke Gretchen, gaagwinmo pa kaming gago na kagaya mo? eh kitang-kita na nga sa mga sinasabi mo na galit na galit ka..hoy!! imbes na mainis ako sayo natatawa na lang ako kasi parang ang utak mo nasa puwet hahahah!

Comment by Levy

December 24, 2006 @ 6:42 am

Hay naku, Pinoy nga naman kapag nainggit…lahat ng masasama masasabi sa kapwa, kulang nalang makipagpatayan dito sa kapopost heheheheh…one good example ay itong si JEM, hanep sa kasasagot bwahahahahaha! Galing mo tol! kaya tuloy tinitira ka na ng mga tao dito di mo ba napapansin kasi agaw-eksena at atensyon ka eh…well, sana nga panghabambuhay kang married eh baka naman wala kang kamalay-malay me kalaguyo na asawa mo hahahahahah..wag ka papakasiguro Inday at yang anak mo kawawa naman yan pag naging kabit o naging pokpok, wala man syang panggayahan pero kung yun naman ang magiging kapalaran nya eh wala kang magagawa hahahahha! siguro aatakehin ka sa galit pag gnun ang ngyari, kaya kung ako sayo tumigil ka na sa kabibira ke Gretchen matakot ka sa karma Inday hahahahahhaha!
Ganda-ganda nga pla ni Gretchen sa pelikula nya, kahit walang make-up sobrang ganda pa rin…….hmmnnnn..i’m just wondering ano kaya itsuira nitong JEM na to….mukha kaya itong impakto??? bwahahahahahha…nagtatanong lang po! Merry Christmas sa lahat!

Comment by chikay

December 24, 2006 @ 12:32 pm

Hayaan mo JEM ma approved din annulment ni tonyboy
pakakasalan din nya si gretchen para tumigil ka na sa panghuhusga sa kanya. For sure iyon naman talaga plano nya eh! Maghintay hintay ka lang malapit na.

Comment by kikay

December 25, 2006 @ 12:20 am

bat kya hindi ikaw JEM(na nagsasabi lng ng kanyang IONION,sibuyas po ba ibig sabihin nito o ano?ha ha ha!) ang magbalik loob…and to all the people in this site,i would want to suggest n bat d nlng pbayaan tong si JEM alam nman nating lahat n wlang kwenta tong isang to so why waste your time…sabagay masya ha ha ha…
Merry Christmas nga pla s lahat may the true meaning of Christmas be with us all and pls stop talking shit about Gretchen,if you think she is what she is…is none of your business!
as we all know masaya at bless sya this Christmas.Gretchen, we wish you all the happiness and good health in life.

Comment by lisa

December 25, 2006 @ 1:17 am

to you JEM(again!)nkakaloka ka!kung anuman ang kinclaim mo tungkol kay greta pwede ba basahin mo ang lahat ng comments sa taas pra msagot yang mga pinag ngangalngal mo!prang sobra naman kung ipost pa ulit ung mga un,masyado k ng nonesense!
at kung sisabi mo n di k naniniwala n masaya sya di hindi,who cares? at kung ganun naman kaganda ang namomroblema at d masaya s buhay aba eh sna ako din ganun ang itsura pag d masaya!common sense naman lola…
well,merry Christmas nlng s lahat may we have all the happiness and love we deserve this Christmas most especially kay JEM,you needed most of everything lalong lalo n ang pang unawa at naway mahanap mo ang sarili mo dahil nakikita s mga comments mo ang laki ng kulang s buhay mo,wish u well…i mean it:D

Comment by hon

December 25, 2006 @ 1:43 am

hello people!!!masaya talaga s thread n to pero nkakainis din minsan kasi ung iba paulit ulit nlng wala nbang iba?sbi nga ni lisa nasagot n ung mga un ng ilang beses sobra nga naman kung ipopost pa ulit(got it JEM?).hhayyyy……….sbagay pandagdag din ng comments at malamang maisipan ni na si grethcen ulit ang ifeature s next blog nya dahil s sobrang dami ng comment o dba bongga!
as i’ve said s mga naunang mga comments ko hindi ako fan ni greta but i must admit she’s really pretty, pero wla akong nakikitang masama s mga gingawa nya lalong lalo n s mga expensive things nya and about s pamilya at personal n buhay nya,who knows the real score?
sabagay greta is greta! kung hindi ba eh pag aksayahan b ng ibang tao na pansinin lahat ng kinikilos nya?now, thats what u called “sikat”!

Comment by Ching

December 25, 2006 @ 5:17 am

Wala kaming pakialam sa life mo JEM, who the hell are you?? hindi kami interesado kung legal wife ka or ano ka man….si Gretchen ang gusto namin at hindi ang katulad mo na ngpaansin dito hahahahha! Kulang ka talaga sa pansin..hala sige pa banat pa uli…….ang saya- saya!! Basta ako bilib ke Gretchen!!! Si dawn? hmmnnn maganda naman sya in fairness..sayang nga lang at di naman mayamna ang asawa nya tuloy kailangan pa nyang mag-artista para me pera sya…

Comment by kurdapya

December 25, 2006 @ 8:48 am

nkktawa ka tlaga JEM………ikaw siguro si Denise Yabut kasi galit na galit ka kay Gretchen hahahahhahaah!

Comment by malulay

December 25, 2006 @ 8:51 am

naku itong si JEm i doubt it na legal wife sya,sobra sama ng loob nya kaya dito binubuhos sa pagpopost, inoras-oras na wala talagang magawa sa buhay nya, sya lang nakita ko dito sa mga bloggers na panay ang kapopost paulit-ulit parang sirang plaka. tsaka walang sense mga sinasabi nya…pwede ba bruha kung sino ka man, bantayan mo na lang asawa mo at baka me kabit din at ang anak mo dahil baka makarma ka hahahahaha! paulit-ulit eh kakulit eh! nakakatawa ka ineng! kawawa ka naman paskong-pasko eh puro hinanakit nasa loob mo bakit kaya??? why ineng??? sabihin mo sa amin kawawa ka anman…papansin ka eh…

Comment by Jonelle

December 25, 2006 @ 8:54 am

Merry Chritmas po sa lahat!! ang masasabi ko po dito eh ay ng napanood ko si Gretchen B. sa bago nynag movie..grabeee ang ganda pa rin nya at walang kupas…ang galing nya ring umarte!!

Comment by maita

December 25, 2006 @ 8:55 am

galing galing talaga ni Gretchen hanggang ngaoyn wala pa ring kupas..we love u Gretchen!!!

Comment by mark angelo

December 25, 2006 @ 8:56 am

to all the pipol here..merry xmas!!! ang saya- saya pala dito first time ko makabasa ng mga comments sa PEP…kakatuwang basahin!! Gretchen is still a beauty icon for me..wala pa ring kpas ang ganda…mas magandang di hamak ke Dawn Z.

Comment by Ching

December 25, 2006 @ 8:57 am

sino kaya ang idiot dito?? hulaan natin guys hahahahaha……alam nyo kung sino hahahahah……….big letter JEM

Comment by sonia567D

December 25, 2006 @ 9:00 am

sa pagkakaalam ko matagal na dapat pinakasalan ni sir Tony si maam gretchen kaya lang eh ayaw makipag-cooperate ni maam denisesa annulment kya hanggang ngayon eh naka-hang pa rin…pero lab na lab ni sir tony si mam gretchen, kitang-kita naman eh..teka, paulit-ulit na lng itong posts dito ah..heheheheheheh!

Comment by melissa

December 26, 2006 @ 5:35 am

ke kabit man si Gretchen or ano pa man eh bakit naggagalaiti ka sa galit ha JEM? Nakakatawa ka sa totoo lang…….alam mo ktang-kita sa pananalita mo ang sama ng ugali mo, aanhin naman ang isang legal wife na kagaya mo kung walang respeto sa ibang tao, ang sama ng ugali mo at panay paninira yan ba ang ugaling nakalakihan mo? If you don’t like Gretchen and you think that she’s immoral okay fine that’s ur opinion kaso nga lang paulit-ulit na ang sinasabi mo as in bawat magpost dito na gusto si Gretchen eh sinasagot mo naman ng paninira, ngayon sino kaya dito ang binabayaran para manira ng tao?? Very consistent ka sa paninira kaya no doubt na ikaw ay binayaran para siraan si Gretchen, ke totoo man ang mga sinasabi mo ano naman ang pakialam mo ke Gretchen? kaano-ano ka ba nya? wala kang magagawa kung karamihan sa mga tao dito eh pnagtatanggol si Getchen eh sa wala kasi kaming nakikitang masamang ugali na pinakita nya….ikaw ang kitang-kitang sobrang sama dahil sa mga paninirang-puri mo..pagmalaki ba namang legal wife ka eh hindi ka naman karespe-respeto wag na lang pweee!

Comment by ching

December 26, 2006 @ 5:37 am

tama ka dyan melissa heheheh! well said! bravo!

Comment by Mr. Gwapito

December 26, 2006 @ 5:39 am

tumigil ka na kasi JEM, kakasuka ang ugali mo ang hilig mo palang manlait ng ibang tao at mag-judge..para bang sinasabi mo na perpekto ka eh kakasuka nga mga sinasabi mo, di ka ba kinikilabutan sa mga paninira mo? Sige ka,one day baka bumalik sayo mga sinasabi mo.

Comment by Maita

December 26, 2006 @ 5:41 am

ah basta ke Gretchen pa rin kami….gusto namin yan!!! Getchen kami!! ganda-ganda kasi at sobrang bait pa! di kagaya ng ibang tao dyan na epokrita at nagpapakabanal yun pala eh demonyo!

Comment by lloyd

December 26, 2006 @ 6:53 am

you know jem, ur one bitter, unhappy person based on reading what u posted. y do u care if gretchen is married or not; it’s none of anybody’s’s grtechen’s life and she’s happy with what she has, so why r u bothered by it? besides, what started this blog was her acting “primadonna per dawn”, NOT gretchen’s personal life. please stop, be an open-minded person and think of what d real issues were, to begin with. PEACE!

Comment by OMG

December 26, 2006 @ 10:09 am

okay, jem maybe ksp…but i’m really alarmed by the posts of several people here. cause the general consensus here is it’s OKAY to be a KABIT…so where is this country going to…i think we have become too engrossed with making so much money so we can buy beautiful things that we have forgotten our core values as a filipino and a catholic…i hope you people have no kids otherwise you’re just like saying, honey, it’s okay to be somebody’s mistress as long as you’re dressed in signature clothes. as for being filipinos, let us respect each other’s views and opinions and not trade insults…as for greta, yes she is beautiful but we should be discreet and sensitive in flaunting what we have cause our country is striving and a lot of people are starving. as for jem, i think you’re already a superstar in this blog, peace to you ma’am!

Comment by kitkat

December 26, 2006 @ 10:23 am

Hi! I got curious about what you posted jem. Can you elaborate more about those details that happened during assunta’s wedding. Particularly the backing out of tony as secondary sponsor. And I’m also wondering why tony allows his live-in partner to show disrespect to his philanthropist mother. His mother is very much respected in high society and it’s very degrading for the cojuangco family to always be dragged in cheap controversies. I think gretchen should be careful with anything that comes out of her mouth she has a big responsibility of not putting shame on the family of the man who has clothed her.

Comment by to kitkat

December 26, 2006 @ 12:07 pm

yan ang napapala ni tonyboy…pinulot kasi ang walang breeding na gretchen barretto.

Comment by hon

December 26, 2006 @ 1:30 pm

i think tony boy is smart enough to know whats his into..wether business or personal life.she chooses gretchen becoz of some reason,maybe for you gretchen is bad but for the people who really knew her and for tony boy maybe she’s the best.i dont think also n pangkama lng ni tony boy si grethcen, coz i cant see the point of introducing gretchen to all his associate as his partner and he even brought greta along when he have business to attend abroad.gretchen is just true person,at least wla kang maririnig s kanyang manira o mang away ng iba.di tulad ng iba ang daming napapnsin at pakialamera s buahy ng iba,ksi kung masaya ka at kuntento i dont think u apend time pra mamansin ng iba tulad ng ginwa ni dawn.

Comment by kikay

December 26, 2006 @ 1:49 pm

is there anybody in this site who said its ok to be kabit?oh my gosh……di ko nbsa un ah o di lnag ako marunong umintindi?
well,you think kabit si greta be it…pero para s akin hindi ksi lahat naman tayo eh nkakaalam na matagal ng hiwlay(susko!ulit n nman)sila tony at denise even before gretchen kung hindi si gretchen ung babaeng npili ni tony boy eh ganyan din kaya ang reaksyon nyo?nagkataon lng n si gretchen sya,mganda,taklesa at totoong tao at kina iinggitan.khit p sbihin na ang mga tao ay naghihrap s pinas kung ung pera n gingastos nila eh galing s kanila at di sa mga tao i dont think gretchen should be guilty spending it,come to think of it tony boy give gretchen everything she want and everything he can so anong problema?eh hindi nman nakaw un pera at pinagtrabahuan din ni tony boy so fair lng!its not tony boy’s fault kung mayaman sya at kaya ngang bigyan ng lahat ng bagay si gretchen eh di magwork din tayo at magsikap to have a good life bat sinisisi nyo kela grtehcen and tony kung may pera silang nilulustay?ano ba?!

Comment by kitkat

December 26, 2006 @ 1:49 pm

How can tony allow these things to happen to him? He is educated, belongs to a respectable family and a self made businessman and yet he allows his live-in partner to talk about her past with a very much married man. The words uttered were “pinaligaya ko si bong”. What kind of a lady will utter such remarks? You are very much involved with a man who has given you everything and that’s how you gonna repay him. Did she ever thought about what his friends would say behind his back. It only shows that no matter how rich tony is he can’t buy her decency. I hope tony’s friends would be able to talk some sense to him,it seems he lost it already. With regards to her things, there’s a big difference between flaunting and excessive flaunting. You may flaunt your things why not if that pleases you but you can do it in a discreet way. It would be better if she would just be involved in charitable works to make up for whatever bad image she has. Instead of flaunting her things just to show people that she’s ultra rich why not try what real rich people do, that is helping the needy and living a low profile life. That is the true essense of being an icon if that’s what she wants to achieve.

Comment by JEM tanga

December 26, 2006 @ 2:10 pm

nkatawa ka JEM bakla!anong hindi mo inaatake ang ibang tao sa site n to eh puro mura ang laman ng comments mo at lahat ng tao dito eh lahat pinpansin mo.ngaun ako nagtataka anong meron s utak mo at prang galit n galit s mga taong gusto si grtehcen. kung ayaw mo s kanya eh d ayaw mo wla nman silang paki sayo eh,ang kaso lahat ng lng ng mga pangit n salita at batikos eh sinabi mo na at pls lang bakla wag ka magmalainis at bka subukan k ni LORD at sobra ngang puri mo sa sarili mo at pamilya mo ano ka ba perpekto?magpakatotoo ka baka sumaya kang totoo.siguro pangit kang bakla kya ganyan ang ugali mo at walang taong nagmamahal syo,pero pustahan sasagutin mo tong entry ko then sasabihin mo na masaya ako,legal na asawa,close s byena bla bla bla…..hay JEM…wala nbang iba?

Comment by kikay

December 26, 2006 @ 2:18 pm

how do people know n hindi active si grethcen and tony boy sa mga charity work for ur info tony boy has his own charitable intstitution and greta is helping him and i dont hink kailangan p nilang ipagsigawa o ipaalam yan only those who involve knows about it at ung mga taong tinutulungan nila.
abouts greta’s thing,she has LV and balenciaga and etc eh kung un lng ang maleta nyang magagmit eh at un ang tatak ng damit nya so anong mgagawa natin?alangan nmang hindi nya gamitin o dalhin un at bumili p sya ng mumurahin just to please the people who will see what things she have,ano ba yan!
ang piont dun si gretchen eh wlang tinatapakang ibang tao,kung may mga gamit syang ganun klrapatan nyag gamitn un,nagkataon lng n lagi syang pinapansin.

Comment by kitkat

December 26, 2006 @ 2:32 pm

The reason why people are always on the look out for what she does is because she does things exageratedly. she doesn’t need to please people but what she’s doing is not the norm in high society and that makes her like a spoof.For me what she did was truly a sign of insecurity.Maybe she has some problems she can’t address that’s causing her to act this way.

Comment by kikay

December 26, 2006 @ 2:58 pm

i didn’t see anything she does exxag,she wore those things its because kailangan s shoot and she even brought some to share.everybody knows gretchen is with someone who is filty rich so what’s the fuzz?peole from high society doesn’t seem to mind her stuff they all have those, nagkataon lng n di sila celebrity pra mapansin ng mga tao, im sure for them having those expensive things are just norm.

Comment by kikay

December 26, 2006 @ 3:01 pm

why waste time pra mamansin ng gamit ng iba,im sure those people from high society wont spend time na pansinin p ang gamit ng iba for them their time is gold,that’s nonesense.
live and let live!

Comment by lito

December 26, 2006 @ 3:24 pm

ano ba JEM!!!
san ang utak mo inday and sbi dito pra s comment tong space na to para sa blog entry ni ms.joann at kung nkakaintindi ka ng nbsa mo ang layo ng mga pinopost mo,tanong ko lng marunong k bang magbasa o nkakaintindi ka ba ng english?dun ka sa ibang thread magkalat wag dito.
and comment eh malayo sa panghuhusga,mangmamata,panglalait at pang aalipusta.
JEM tanong ko ulit,nagtake k ba ng GMRC ng elementary ka o hindi ka nag-aral?lumalabas ang pagka maledukada mo,inday magluto k n nga lang at tama sila maghiwa ka nlng ng IONION mo,ano nga ba yang ionion n yan sibuyas ba?ha ha ha…inday JEM,wag mo ksing papakialaman ang pc ng amo mo yan tuloy nadudulas ka.

Comment by Jennifer Catudio Lu

December 26, 2006 @ 4:06 pm

hi to all!
i just want to share a story about gretchen.
i dont personally like her but i must admit maganda sya,i dont also hate her.
you see,my son’s yaya before(we are living abroad now)knows one of gretchen’s maid(yaya,servant helper ect).the maid said grethcen treat them nice,she always smile at them and even ask something in polite their surprise grecthen even talks to them as if they were i think gretchen is also nice she is just misunderstood,maybe she’s taklesa pero she really have a good can measure once character on how she/he treats people regardless his/her status in life.

pls spare me with your bad mouthed words,i don’t want to fight.thanks.

Comment by kitkat

December 26, 2006 @ 5:44 pm

If you are an avid reader of lifestyle magazines you will see how the filthy rich carry themselves, it is with grace and humility. Please observe the likes of the Zobels and their respective wives they are simple and yet very elegant, the way a true wealthy person should act. People from high society will never pay attention to what she has not because they already have much of it but because they will never stoop down to her level. They know were they stand in this society and is very secure of themselves.

Comment by kitkat

December 26, 2006 @ 7:20 pm

What about cristina gonzales? She married a Romualdez and is now living in forbes park butI have never learned anything linking her to this kind of controversy. Not to mention she is painstakingly beautiful. She has all the right to her husband’s riches but she still opted to do business. I guess if you are a real wife you don’t have hang-ups and emotional baggages and not hungry for attention. What about Ayen Laurel she was previously married to a prince but remained simple.I bet you the prince is far better off than tony. Dayanara Torres married Marc anthony a very rich singer and when they got divorced she was entitled to $300,000 spousal support and still remained very humble.

Comment by lisa

December 26, 2006 @ 9:04 pm

correction!dayanara get $3,500 monthly for alimony.
gretchen is way famous than cristina and even if not they are two different person why compare?and so the other people mentioned above.
gretchen is just totoo and hindi plastic sometimes or often times she’s taklesa atleast she doesn’t harm no one,so why bothered?

Comment by Maita

December 26, 2006 @ 9:05 pm

so much for these issues nakakaumay na, paulit-ulit…wag na lng kasi kayong makialam sa buhay ng ibang tao dahil hindi naman kyo pineperwisyo ni pgkakalam ko napakabait na tao ni Gretchen, she may not be a perpect example but she didn’t do anything bad to harm you people…bakit kasi nangingisay kayo sa galit?? apektado ba kyo?? kayo ba si dawn na nainggit sa knya?? so what’s the fuss? at itong si JEM eh parang malapit ng mamatay sa sobrang panggagalaiti sa galit dito..hay buhay!! pinapakita nyo lang na di kyo masaya s alife nyo kasi nakikialam kyo sa buhay ng ibang tao. Crab mentality nga naman…….at feeling pa nila eh perpekto sila. Ang point ng sinasabi ko dito eh bago kyo mamansin ng uling ng ibang tao eh look at urselves muna, eh baka mas masahol pa kyo jan!! Get it?? baka naman paranoid na kyo..mga makikitid ang mga utak!

Comment by jiji

December 26, 2006 @ 9:08 pm

to u kitkat! are u a member of a high society at alam na alam mo how they carry themselves..? ilusyonada!!! mga tao talaga .hypocrite but then u can see that they are idiots the way they express their comments and opinions, one-sided, they cannot easily understand teh things..kung ano ang pagkakalam nila eh yun lang, in short makikitid ang mga utak!!!

Comment by lisa

December 26, 2006 @ 9:09 pm

and how can you say those people are simple?what is simple means to you?they all wore expensive clothes, they got luxury car,they have bodyguard and yayas too,they attend high class party,they dine in a five star restaurant… so what is simple there?they have, so expect them to be like just didn’t noticed that because they are not that famous to pay attention to.


December 26, 2006 @ 9:10 pm

they are all jealous! they are miserable! they have nothing…mga ilusyunado at ngpapakaperfekto.sino ang mga taong ito?? u know who they are…

Comment by kikay

December 26, 2006 @ 9:11 pm

yeah!your right lisa…do i have to say more?!

Comment by Gretchen is truly blessed

December 26, 2006 @ 9:13 pm

Gretchen is lucky..she’s truly blessed..i just prayed that she will bury the hatchet with her family very soon,,,i know she loves her family very I know Gretchen, she’s a genuine person..hindi ipokrita, totoong tao at very generous..

Comment by lovely

December 26, 2006 @ 9:18 pm

i like gretchen because she is a genuine person, she’s very generous and even she has everything now, she remained to be humble..those who are accusing Gretchen as primadonna are those who don’t even know her and not even meet her pesonally, wala silang alam and yet they are judging her..

Comment by hon

December 26, 2006 @ 9:20 pm

oo nga tong mga to paulit ulit nlng…wala nbang ibang isyu ke greta?parang npakamsa nman nya kung kutyain nyo,sa pag kakaalam ko wla pa syang inaway o may sinbihan ng masama,she’s a friend in showbizness.siguro nman may nagwa din syang maganda ksi kug hindi san wal syang mga kaibigan at pamilya(tony and dom)n dadamay sa kanya, so maaring ung mga taong to eh may galit n personal kay gretchen and they are annoyed because she(gretchen) still is happily unmarried,rich and beautiful despite of what they’re claiming her to be.

Comment by JEM ako ito!

December 26, 2006 @ 11:38 pm

sige na mga pipol inaamin ko na di ako masaya sa life ko kya ang napagbalingan ko ay si gretchen baretto hahahaha! sa totoo lang me dperensya ang aking pg-iisip kya pwede ba intindihin nyo na lang ako..kayo kasi ang nakakaintindi ako kasi tanga at bobo at me sira pa sa tuktok kya pls lang parang awa nyo na, hayaan nyo na akong mag-post kasi wala talaga akong magawa sa buhay ko huhuhuhu! I“m so desperate na talaga pramis!!!

Comment by ito ang aking konsensya

December 26, 2006 @ 11:41 pm

pwede ba..ginugulo na ako ng aking kunsensya, nasisiraan na ako ng bait kasi naiinggit ako ke Greta dahil sya kahit hindi pa kasal living rich na samantalagang ako eh kasal nga pero wala naman kaming pera, tuloy nag-iilusyon na lng ako ngayon at klangang siraan ko nang siraan si Gretchen para makaganti ako kasi ang asawa ko eh d ako lab dahil ampangit at ambaho ko raw at msama pa ang ugali ko, meron na syang kalaguyo ngayon grrrrrrr!!!

Comment by Ching

December 26, 2006 @ 11:44 pm

alam mo JEm its very easy to pretend here na legal wife ka or mayaman ka or kahit na anu pamang kasinungalingan,pero yun pala kabaligtaran..kya walang naniniwala sayo dito, pero ok lang na magpost ka at least napapasaya at napapatawa mo kami sa mga pinagsasabi mo…very exciting nga kasi magaling kang magkwento dito eh salamat ha…..hehehehehhe!

Comment by donatella

December 26, 2006 @ 11:46 pm

give love on christmas day! give love to JEM! she needs it, she needs it desperately! :-)

Comment by kikay

December 27, 2006 @ 12:16 am

ano b yan JEM,nagkakalat k dito.
ikaw ang namemersonal kay gretchen to think n di k nya kilala.
pero infairness masyado akong natuwa sayo kanina p ako tawa ng tawa sa kalokohan mo.

Comment by hon

December 27, 2006 @ 12:21 am

alam nyo siguro mdaming malulungkot pagnawala si JEM,ang saya dito eh pandagdag kulay si JEM ha ha ha ha…kaso nga lng itim sya.
JEM lakas ng humor mo at paninindigan khit alam nman ng lahat ang totoo eh talagang pinagpipilitan mo,iba ka!
har har har!!!

Comment by donatella

December 27, 2006 @ 12:46 am

pls wag kang tumigil sa pagpopost JEM kasi lab ka na namin napapatawa mo kami eh hahahahahahahahaha!

Comment by Laura

December 27, 2006 @ 12:49 am

hello everyone! ang layo na ng inabot ng mga posts dito heheheeheh! nagulat naman ako nakaabot na ng 300, iba talaga pag sikat pinag-uusapan heheehh! Basta ang masasabi ko lang ay sana magtuloy-tuloy pa ang biyayang dumarating ke Gretchen at to u JEM, wag kang mainip darating din ang time na ikakasal sila Gretchen at tony..baka imbitado ka pa heheheeh!

Comment by rodel

December 27, 2006 @ 12:51 am

ha ha ha…ang saya saya dito!nwala ang antok ko.
ganda ni gretchen sa movie nya at infairness magaling din sya ha effective ang pagganap niya at ang aliwalas ng mukha s screen.

Comment by lisa

December 27, 2006 @ 12:56 am

to JEM,if you claim na idiot kmi aba eh wla ng matino sa pinas!and diba ang pumatol s idiot eh mas idiot pa so ano ka don?
may kabit bang hiwalay ang partner sa asawa?ano ba un!san ang punto mo dun?!
di k lng mbabaw JEM sobrang wla ka pang utak,tama lng iwan mo tong site nto ksi sobra k ng wlang kwentang magpost pero tma sila nkaklungkot ksi wla n ang clown na palamura at msama ang bibig,bye….pakidla n rin lahat ng msamang gawi at ugali sa pag-alis mo.

Comment by kikay

December 27, 2006 @ 1:01 am

ngee!si JEM nagpaalam pa…ano b un!
lakas nman ng loob i JEM sbihing mga loka loka ang nagpopost dito eh sa dmi ng ksagutan nya ibig sbihin sya lng ang matinong pinagpala?aba!bilib din ako sa tigas ng mukha mo JEM!
khit ano pang sabihin mo JEM,gretchen is always a diva… a loving and responsible mom to dominique and a faithful partner to tony boy,kya kuing ako syo manigas k s inggit!

Comment by hon

December 27, 2006 @ 1:17 am

naku JEM napakaplastik mo tlaga kung talagang masaya ka s site na eto eh bat aalis ka?ksi ang alam ko s masaya o nag eenjoy eh nagiistay to have more kmo ayaw mo lng aminin n makitid ang utak mo at d mo kayang sakyan ang malawak n pang unawa namin kya ka aalis.
ipokrita ka na ilusyunada k pa!gumising k nga ng di ka nananaginip ng gising wla sa mars nandito ka s earth inday.

Comment by Ching

December 27, 2006 @ 1:38 am

naku wag kayong basta maniwala kay JEM na aalis na sya, magpapalit lang ng ibang name yan heheheeh! bantayan nyo tama ang cnabi ko…para kunwari meron pa syang ibang kakampi na mapurol ang utak. >Goodluck sa pagbabagong anyo mo JEM hahahahah! bsta andito lang kami……

Comment by kitkat

December 27, 2006 @ 9:12 am

Am I a member of high society? Does it look like i came from the slum area to you ms. jiji? i posted on this blog to share my thoughts and insights on this matter and I never attacked anyone on a personal level. Sadly,you branded me as an “ilusyonada” but I will not engage in a catfight with you. I know where your coming from, the truth always hurts. It is so shameful for me to attack you on a personal level because this is not what this blog is all about and besides how can I talk about breeding and good taste if myself don’t have one. Sadly, tony can’t buy that for your so called idol.

Comment by chocolate

December 27, 2006 @ 10:43 am

haay! sobra namang sikat ni greta. mas lalo pa syang
sumikat dahil sa blog na ito. Alam mo naman mga
Pilipino mahal nila ang mga underdog. The more na
nilalait si greta the more na dadami mga fans nya.
Hala! sige manood na kayo ng pelikula nya.

Comment by star

December 27, 2006 @ 11:15 am

Mas lalo lang sisikat si greta
dahil sa panlalait nila. Baka maging top
grosser pa pelikula nya.Salamat sa nyong

Comment by shey

December 27, 2006 @ 12:06 pm

More of Gretchen Barretto Ms.Joan Plsss…Sana sa
susunod i feature mo Gretchen at home with Tonyboy
and Dom at paki feature din mansion nya.Di naman
siguro sila tatagal 15 yrs kung di nila mahal isat-
isa.At saka Tonyboy is an intelligent man di sya
mag-aaksaya ng maraming taon sa isang babae kung
di nya ito mahal. At di rin nya ito ipakilala bilang
partner kung di sya seryoso dito.More power to your
mags palagi ko itong inaabangan dito sa new york
fil-am store. Ayoko pong makipag away mahal ko po
kayong lahat. Thank you po.

Comment by che

December 27, 2006 @ 1:51 pm

sad to say many people are into distructing once lives,kung d tayo masaya sa ibang tao then maybe keep it to your self,i dont think peole with breeding would even meddle in others bussiness,who are we to talk about breeding?its not us ourselves have to say we have breeding or what kasi its the people around us who will see that.i got this on the other thread,it says that threre is only 3 kinds of level ng tao (1)greatest people talks about idea (2)ordinary people talks about things and stuff (3) and ang pinakamababa talks about other people,san ka kaya dito KITKAT?

Comment by i am for kitkat

December 27, 2006 @ 2:31 pm

ikaw che, i’m gonna throw your question right back at ya. where would you classify yourself? the problem with you che is you attack anybody who makes lait your IDOL…if they think greta is a slut, fine so be it…you can go ahead and post your opinions but you do not attack the person who made the post kasi we all have different opinions..boring naman cguro if we all think the same dba..personally i don’t like gretchen…but i adore kc concepcion, now if you don’t like kc and if you wanna rant about her, that’s your options…i will defend her but i will not attack you personally..cguro nga wala kang breeding..

Comment by che

December 27, 2006 @ 2:36 pm

if you read my comments and trully understand it,i never said any single bad word to her,did i?and if there is any then maybe you could tell me coz im clueless!
if you read her post obove,you can tell who hitted who i was just asking her how can she talk that way,yeah!people have the right to express her opionion but who are u to say who has breeding or not,even you whoever you are,then now tell me who has a breeding? i dont say i have coz people can tell.

Comment by che

December 27, 2006 @ 2:41 pm

and for your satisfaction i can rank my self in between 1&2 becoz never did i talk about others life.i may say a comment or two but i asure u i wont fabricate story to justify my claim or blaming them for being who they are,nobody knows exactly how people live only the person it self.

Comment by i am for kitkat

December 27, 2006 @ 3:56 pm

huh? sorry, i don’t get your point..explain in tagalog please..

Comment by hoy lisa!

December 27, 2006 @ 4:01 pm

oo nga’t mas sikat c greta kaysa kay kring-kring…sa mga ginagawa’t kinakalat ni greta, natural mas sikat xa…pero please lang ha…they’re both the same…trophy wives who used to be ST queens…ooops, correction, gretchen is not a wife….she’s just a plain kabit! kawawa anak nya dahil isa lang bastarda…

Comment by che

December 27, 2006 @ 4:07 pm

go get your dictionary kung d ka nakakaintindi ng english.
oooppppsss…pansin ko lng another flora,sara o JEM?
yeah!d ka nga umalis nagpalit k lng ng name tama si Ching.

Comment by lisa

December 27, 2006 @ 4:12 pm

to whoever hoy lisa,what is kring kring has to do with the isyu?ang layo huh!if you read my post i just answer the difference and isa pa dominique used Conjungco for your info,legitimate o hindi ang anak as long as pinangatwanan ng biological father at pumirma ng bc both are equal sa rights.

Comment by i'am for che

December 27, 2006 @ 4:33 pm

hindi ko nakita o nabasang inalipusta ni che si kitkat so anong problema?ang tanong na yun ay maganda kung tutuusin sa lahat para malaman natin kung saan tayo nakalugar,madaling manghusga ng iba nang di tinitingnan ang sarili.madaling magsabing magaling ako may pinag aralan pero hindi tayo ang mkakapagsabi niyan kundi ibang tao at tama si che dahil ang iba ang nakikita kung ano ka at kung ano ang ugali mo,kung ayaw mong husgahan wag kang manghusga ng iba.isang bagay na makikita natin sa bibliya.
walang perpektong tao pero hindi rin naman magandang ibigay n dahilan na tao lng tyo na nagkakamali ang mahalaga eh kung paano natin nabago o paano tayo nakaahon sa ating pagkakamali.
saganang akin,si gretchen ay taklesa madaldal o live-in partner ni tony boy pero hindi sapat iyon pra alipuistahin natin,hindi sya nang agaw ng asawa ng may asawa o nanira o nangwasak ng pamilya,wla syang inalipusta o hinusgahan at pinakialamang gamit ng iba.
at ang mas importante ay isa siyang responsableng ina,mapagmahal at faithful na partner kay tony boy at mabuting kaibigan hindi ba iyan ang mas importante?
kung siya man ay may hindi pagkakunawaan sa pamilya niya,sino tayo para makialam at piliting magbati sila?pareho silang nasaktan at kung hindi pa naghihilom ang sugat sino ka,ako at siya na dapat magsabi kung ano ang dapat nilang gawin,maging responsable sana tayo s mga salitang lumalabas s atin at isipin nating may mga taong mas higit na nakakaalam ng mga bagay kesa sa atin n tumutingin lng at nanghuhusga.
kung pinili man ni tony boy si gretchen at kung sa tingin mo ay wla siyang breeding,ano ang iyong problema?nasasaktan kaba sa mga nangyayari?o tinatarakan ang iyong dibdib pag nalaman mong mayroong mamahaling gamit si gretchen?may pera si tony boy at kung anuman ang ibigay nya sa kapartner nya wla n tyo dun,dpat siguro tayong magtaka kung sa yaman ni tony boy eh mga mumurahing bagay ang binibigay nya kay gretchen.isang matagumpay na negosyante si tony boy aanhin nya ang yaman kung wla siyang kapareha pra ishare ang blessing na meron sya,maaring isa si gretchen sa nagpapasaya sa kanyang nakakapressure na negosyo,masisisi ba natin sya kung un ang kanyang napili.sna nalng maging masaya tayo s mga taong masaya at kung kung hindi man sila masaya wla n rin tayong karapatang panghimasukan pa eto.

Comment by Ching

December 27, 2006 @ 8:38 pm

i agree with what u said “i am for che”. ang mga tao kasi dito na naninira ke Gretche eh parng feeling nila perpekto sila, apektado sila masyado kung masaya si Gretchen??? sino kaya ang mga ito?? wala na tayong pakialam sa buhay ng iba, kung nakikta nating msaya sila sana happy din tyo for them….

Comment by kitkat

December 27, 2006 @ 9:03 pm

I know that you are insinuating ms. che that I belong to the pinakamababang uri ng tao who talks about other people but if you can really understand this blog it is obviously about your idol so it is just proper for all of us here to make comments about her and not about another person. isn’t insane if i make comments about other people or myself other than her. This blog is not about me or any of you, so how would you expect my comments to be?

Comment by hon

December 28, 2006 @ 10:42 am

ano ba naman ang kayo…sana marealize nyo na na ang babaeng gaya namin ni gretchen ay pangkama lang….well pangkama lang talaga kami hindi pwedeng pakasalan kasi as gusto namin maging kabit forever…

Comment by hon2

December 28, 2006 @ 11:03 am

oo nga! sana maintindihan nyo na ayaw namin ang bansag na LEGAL WIFE cause we want just to be a kabit…kasi mas love ang mga kabit tapos lahat ng luho namin nabibigay…alam nyo ba, may mansion ako, may jaguar, ang mga damit ko chanel, dior, stella mccartney, etc…mga shoes ko balenciaga, manolo, jimmy choo and my bags are LV, fendi, bottega, celestina, etc….

Comment by Trish NYC

December 28, 2006 @ 11:29 am

What’s wrong with Gretchen Barretto? If my memory serves me right, she had a bitter feud with some members of the Loyzaga family when she was still dating ex basketball star Joey Loyzaga years ago.

Then her infamous feud with Cojuangcos…then with Lani Mercado?…then with her own siblings…and now Dawn Zulueta???

Comment by Girlie Boy

December 28, 2006 @ 2:38 pm

Yes, people. We all know that Gretchen is loaded (thanks to Tonyboy) and can very well afford all those signature goodies. Yes, it’s a free world hence she’s free to show off her high-end collection. But with this freedom, Greta, you also open yourself to other people expressing their opinions freely. People will either envy or admire you… or neither. I belong to the neither category. It’s good that you’re blessed, but I think you can be a bit too much. You are living proof that money can’t buy breeding nor good taste. Good taste, by the way, isn’t just about being able to pick the best designs. Good taste also means having a good sense of proportion and not having the need to show off. Look at the old rich families like the Ayalas — even when they attend prestigious events like the Tatler Ball, they are discreet in their fashions and jewelry (but which are still obviously high-end). There is no wanting on their part to display everything including the kitchen sink (or the microwave) to the public. You, Greta, obviously have a long way to go before you learn the meaning of the word “CLASS”.

Comment by hon

December 28, 2006 @ 2:53 pm

ang jologs ng iba!some used other name to ruin others integrity.
whatever you say gretchen is a good girl that is why she is bless and she’s right when she say she didn’t fault anyone for what they are,as long as she didn’t harm anybody she wont be bothered,she’s so loving her life.

Comment by hon

December 28, 2006 @ 3:02 pm

nakakapagtaka si “i’am for che” barely used english word at her/his first comment and dont even used nasty words…then all of sudden a stink loaded shit mouth talk disgusting things using her/his name,isn’t too obvious?
people can talk whatever they like,for my own opionion gretchen is an icon and surely people from the industry knows that,i like her being professional wiht an easy to work with attitude no wonder people from ads and pictorial staff love her.

Comment by candy

December 28, 2006 @ 3:26 pm

elo to ol!i bot a copy of yes mag knina lng,its cover is wlang iba kundi and inyong favorite c ms.greta
ganda nya dun grabehhh…
and dis tym she open her “whole haus” complete with her infamous microwave,shoe,bags,signature clothes and bling bling,malamang sasabog n nman s inggit o galit ung ibang anti gretchen ha ha ha…
one thing i noticed is she is just like a kid napakababaw ng kaligayahan,napakamasayhin at may sunny disposition s buhay,how i wish i could be like her when it comes with dealing problems and isyu in life.

Comment by liza

December 28, 2006 @ 3:39 pm

face it people, we may love her, hate her, but we are all interested in her. Joann is accurate. every dinner conversation includes greta or kris. since kris has been very quiet, we’re now all obsessed with greta. imagine that! 340 comments on one blog, including this one. i am excited to buy that yes!

Comment by i am for kitkat

December 28, 2006 @ 3:39 pm

if i read it right it was dawn who satarted d isyu,if she didn’t open her mouth or kung d sya nainggit there is no isyu!nagleak ang isyu sa isang broadsheet,it was a blind item pointing to grethen being the primadonna daw,gretchen just answer to clear her name being involve sa primadonna isyu it ws clearly inggit kya nila tinitira si gretchen.

Comment by i am for kitkat

December 28, 2006 @ 3:44 pm

i dont see anything wrong with that(washing hair by yayas),to tell you the truth i once live abroad and going to salon to wash their hair is just normal,sometimes people realy dont wash their hair at home and opted to go to salon nearby to wash it,to think they are just from a normal family what more gretchen?

Comment by Norland Park

December 28, 2006 @ 3:54 pm

I think the hair-washing thingie sounds pathetic only when coming from that trying-hard Greta. You know, sometimes it’s not what one says, but how one says it. Unfortunately, with the way Greta expresses herself, she comes across as arrogant, crass and over-the-top.

Sure, Greta’s had it rough from her detractors. But so did the likes of “sullied women” like Camilla Parker-Bowles, Mette-Marit Hoiby, and local women like Nanette Medved and Vernie Verga (who both married old-rich guys). But all the aforementioned examples chose to remain low-key and opted not to flaunt their good fortune, hence their getting accepted into polite society was made easier. Also, the same women had the wisdom to keep their mouths shut.

I’d love to staple Greta’s mouth shut but I don’t want to soil my clothes with her NOKD blood.

NOKD: Not Our Kind, Darling.

Comment by i am for kitkat

December 28, 2006 @ 3:59 pm

wow!you must be something?!just wondering why waste your precious time thinking how she live?
gretchen is celebrity its her prerogative if she still want to be in the limelight,those people you mentioned choose to stay home so i don’t think there is comparison sa knila.

Comment by Norland Park

December 28, 2006 @ 4:07 pm

Right. There is no comparison. She’ll always be trash. And I don’t think I’m wasting my time giving my opinion of Greta — it’s one of my favorite blood sports.

Comment by i am for kitkat

December 28, 2006 @ 5:05 pm

now im thinking if not gretchen is involve would this issue be as famous as this?
its just clearly show how interested we are when it is about gretchen,kung ibang artista kya may mag aksaya pa kaya ng time to post their comment.
she is really sikat and kainggit-inggit!

Comment by i am for kitkat

December 28, 2006 @ 5:09 pm

trash? i dont think you would even give a damn with a “trash” ksi ang pag kakaalam ko sa trash eh di n pinpansin at pinag aaksayahan ng time,well….admit it grecthen is “somebody” that is why people are always on the look on what she have,what she wear or what she does.

Comment by Norland Park

December 28, 2006 @ 5:18 pm

Oh for the love of everything that’s holy, i am for kitkat, everyone here — including yours truly — is entitled to their own opinion. Take a chill pill, will you? And go pick up your fee from Greta, since you must be on her payroll. Au revoir!

Comment by lea

December 28, 2006 @ 9:48 pm

Ye have heard that it was said, Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy:
but I say unto you, love your enemies, and pray for them that persecute you;

Comment by Jean

December 28, 2006 @ 11:08 pm

malaki siguro ang binayad ni gretchen sa page ni miss joann, super talaga na nito at ang mga nagpo post parang mga broken record, sana bumalik si JEM at magspill ng mga news about gretchen na hindi naprint or naexposed sa media..we need to hear something new..ok

Comment by lea

December 29, 2006 @ 12:10 am

i like how it was written on the first page of the yes mag of gretchen’s interview,it goes like this;

“trough the years the public has reacted to gretchen barretto in only two ways-either they love her or hate her.But even those who hate her remain glued to her every move,keeping track of news about her and asking for more.Admit it,the lady is fascinating.
But whatever the hate-Greta crowd thinks of her doesn’t matter one bit to la Greta.Her many years in showbiz have taught her one thing:you can’t please everybody.AND SHE DOESN’T EVEN TRY!
so there it goes,maybe it answers all your hinanakit,whatever you say she will be forever that way and she’s so loving her life.ciao!

Comment by lea B.

December 29, 2006 @ 12:20 am

oppsss…sori may lea na pla d ko ksi binasa ung nsa taas,post #349,i didn’t mean to use the name its just my real name but now i post as lea B.mine is post #351,ciao!

Comment by Mary ann

December 29, 2006 @ 3:48 am

admit it guys! those who hate Gretchen are those who are so jealous and envious of what she got….Wow! Gretchen is really a “somebody”, otherwise these “hungry angry wolves” will not waste their times posting their comments here heheheh! I’m so into u talaga Greta, I knew you eversince, you are a very down to earth person, at di lang alam ng mga taong ito na nagagalit sayo, they don’t even know you..we love you Gretchen!!! I hope u won’t go changin!! Stay as sweet as you are, and hnid ipokritang gaya ng mga taong ´naninira sayo dito…Happy New Year!!

Comment by kurdapya

December 29, 2006 @ 3:53 am

basta kahit ano pang gawing paninira nila ke Gretchen, we still admire her…totoong tao kasi sya eh. Yung iba dyan sobrang kaplastikan, pakitang-tao lang pla, at least si Gretchen hndi man sya perpekto (nobody’s perfect as we know)ina-admit naman nya pati mga nagawa nyang pgkakamali…sabihin na nating “prodigal son”, di nga ba love ni Jesus ang prodigal son, bsata nagbalik-loob lng s knya heheheehh..mahalin na lng kasi natin kpwa natin at yung mga taong makasalanan sa paningin natin eh ipgdasal natin diba…yan ang magandang ugali hndi yung pinapatay natin sa paninira sila.

Comment by jiji

December 29, 2006 @ 3:55 am

yes! we still like and love Gretchen because she’s a genuine person..shes blessed and lucky! At sa mga detractors nya..mamatay kayo sa inggit hahahahaha!

Comment by galpal

December 29, 2006 @ 8:04 am

geez, sabi ni lani “i hope gretchen will be blessed with a beatiful marriage” kakahiya to the max!!!!

Comment by Hero

December 29, 2006 @ 10:38 am

good going Norland Park!

Comment by galpal

December 29, 2006 @ 12:33 pm

bakit kaya kay gretchen lang galit na galit si lani samantalang ang daming nadikit na name kay bong even yung pag amin nila rufa mae at bong na may love sa kanila before,and how about the other girl na nagig isyu kay bong?and bakit kaya si bong eh di makuntento kay lani?
opppsss!sori!wrong topic!
eto nalang,si lani kasal nga kaso ang asawa eh lagi namang may babae,di dun nalang ako sa di pa kasal pero maayos ang pagsasama at walang nangangaliwa.

Comment by luisa

December 29, 2006 @ 3:03 pm

napansin ko lang sa mga galit kay gretchen,masyadong personal ang mga tira nila at madalas ay puro kathang isip ang sinasabi sabagay madali nga namang sabihing ganto ganyan kahit walang batayan eh sino nga naman ang nakakaalam ng totoo kundi ung mga taong naninira lang buti sna eh kung pinaniniwalaan ng mga tao,hindi naman siguro ganun katangan ang mga tao para maniwala sa isang bagay na walang basehan at katotohanan.

Comment by luisa

December 29, 2006 @ 3:10 pm

at ito pa ang napansin ko,mostly ang mga taong galit kay gretchen sa blogspot na eto eh puro kung sino,magaling manglait pati ang english ng iba na kung tutuusin ay tama naman,para bang ang tataas nila(mataas nga ba?)mga feeling magagaling at mga class at sila din ang mga nagpopost ng karamihang puro magagspang na salita at namumutakti ng mura,mas lalo yatang napaghahalataan kung san sila galing.kalimitan pa ipinapamukha nila na binabayaran ang mga taong nagtatanggol kay gretchen,isang bagay na nakakaawa sa mga taong tong masyadong magagaling at walang bahid dungis,kung ayaw mong mahusgahan wag kang manghusga ng iba!at kung nagpapabayad man sila hindi ba mas pangit ang bayaran ka para manira ng iba hindi lang dahil nagpapabayad ka sa maling gawi kundi nagkakasala ka lang sa panghuhusga ng isang bagay na wala kang karapatang manghusga.para po sa lahat magandang araw,hindi ko po idolo si gretchen at hindi rin po ako galit sa kanya pero wala akong pakialam ano man ang gawin nya eto lang po ang napansin ko sa mga comments dito,magandang araw sa lahat!

Comment by candy

December 29, 2006 @ 8:41 pm

i read gretcehn’s answered with the new controversy by snubbing bong.once again pinabilib nya ako,she admit she done wrong and admitting once mistake is hard to do,she just prove how true she is even if she knows people will once again throw stone to her.
nagkasala man sya ang mahalaga ay pinagsisihan niya ito natuto syang humingi ng tawad sa taong nasaktan nya.i think she deserve forgiveness,oppsss!that’s just my opinion.

Comment by PEACE

December 29, 2006 @ 10:15 pm

I know Bong to be babaero as well as Tony Boy also.For Lani wishing Gretchen to be blessed with marriage di dapat ikagalit dahil for sure wish rin yun ni Greta!I think Lani never said something bad against Gretchen nor Dawn saying bad things about Greta as well.I just realize that it’s always Greta ang nagpapa-interview na tumitira sa mga maybahay nina Bong Revilla and Anton Lagdameo.Siguro it’s about time that Greta not to say anything bad to the people around her kasi blessed na siya sa material things kaya sana mawala na ang insecurities niya sa buhay.

Comment by lisa

December 29, 2006 @ 10:36 pm

bilib ako kay gretchen sa pag amin nya na may kasalanan sya sa ibang tao kahit na alam nyang magiging isang malaking isyu iyon s kanya at hindi ito isang magandang isyu pero hindi pa rin iyon nagin hadlang sa pagpapakita nya ng sensiridad sa mga taong nagawan nya ng pagkakamali,wala akong nakikitang masamang sinabi ni gretcehn kay lani o maging kay dawn naging totoo lang sya sa kanyang sarili at nararamdaman,sa aking pananaw walang masama sa mga interview nya dahil sinasagot nya lng ang mga naninira sa kanya which often stab her behind her back,but this time mas lalo akong humanga sa kanya,its true accepting your fault is hard to do more often people try to hide it or magdedeny by gretcehn is diffrent,i salute her for that.

Comment by PEACE

December 30, 2006 @ 12:47 am

Hi Lisa.. Okay that’s ur own point of view but we human especially us adult should always be responsible for all the words we say.We can’t just say something bad and then we ask sorry.Lani has minor kids to begin with and so she should have been responsible enough to be sensitive to her words.Di ba nag-usap na sila ni Dawn at pinuntahan pa siya no Dawn ang yet patuloy pa rin siya sa pagsasalita against Dawn which in fact Dawn kept her silence for the longest time and never did Dawn say something bad about Greta in all her interviews.As what our parents advice us that if you don’t have good things to say so u better shut up!Greta is baeutiful outside and I hope she can also be beautiful inside like Lani and Dawn.

Comment by grace

December 30, 2006 @ 1:28 am

My GOSH pala talaga ng mga tao dito…First time kong mag comment dito na introduce lang ng ka chat ko.I always buy YES magazines but for how many years grabe na dismaya ako sa YES magazine January 2007 issue kasi parang nawalan ng credibilidad or let say nawala ang lahat ng appreciation ko kay Greta.I used to like her but the way she look at herself grabe talaga taas ng lipad niya.And to you Ms Joan, we are disappointed kasi obvious ang pagiging suporta mo kay greta.Ngayon lang ako naniniwala na pwede ka talagang bayaran.

Comment by lisa

December 30, 2006 @ 1:52 am

well,maybe iba tayo ng pakakaintindi PEACE,pero if thats your interpretation i respect that.i both like gretchen and dawn but i do understand gretchen.wish them well.

and for grace,whoah!your comment is something!

Comment by jilian

December 30, 2006 @ 1:57 am

pwede hinay-hinay ka ng pananalita mo grae, as if me batayan ka sa mga sinabi mo, bakit nakita mo ba na binayaran si Joann Maglipon to write this blog? Galing talaga gumawa ng istorya ng mga taong mga walang bait sa sarili..ang galing mag-judge, yan ang mga walang good values..napaghahalataan….

Comment by myrna237jp

December 30, 2006 @ 1:59 am

i salute u Gretchen for being true to urself! sa showbiz bihira na ang ganyan…God Bless u!! at sa mga detractors mo, isa lang ang masasabi ko, kawawa naman kyo, malala na ang sakit nyng crab mentality at inggit sa katawan…poor pipol!!!

Comment by kurdapya

December 30, 2006 @ 2:00 am

mamatay kayo sa inggit ke Gretchen hahahahahahahhahah!

Comment by florie

December 30, 2006 @ 2:05 am

eh wla naman talagang dpat sabihin si dawn ksi sya ang may unang nasabi pinagtanggol lng ni gretchen ang sarili nya,traydor ksi di dawn kya ganun!hindi ko pa makaklimutan ang ginawa nya sa idol kong si sharon inahas nya si richard…eh diba nga nung nagguest sya s show ni sharon eh tinanong p sya ni mega kung pinagsabay sila ni richard ksi sa isip ni mega si dawn ang nang ahas sa kanya pero ksi mabait ang idol ko ay pinatwad sya eh dba tagal nilang d nagbatian at di rin sya nakapag guest sa show ni sharon after the incident.
si dawn ang social climber,kla nya ski gaun p din kayaman ang mga lagdameo kya nya pinatos,eh di daawn amhilig s macho noh! kya ngaun eh nabbaliw sya sa inggit kay gretchen ksi si gretchen meron lahat at sya na feeling mayaman eh hanggang bukid lng ang byuti kya pinapipilitang bumalik sa pag aartista na isinusuka nya pero nandyan p rin at kunwari mahal ang showbiz,plastic!!!!!
look meron bang nagtanggol sa kanya sa industriya?meron ba ni isang nagside s kanya?kay gretcehn madami,si angel,pops(na sinbing even sya minsan nagdadala ng microwave)si direk joey reyes at lahat ng nkawork nya s mga shoot sinasabi n pro sya eh kay dawn may nagaksaya b ng tym n idepend sya?HELLO!kilala kya sya s showbiz n mapangmataas at istariray,tanogn nlgn kyo sa staff ng naging show nya,o kya sa staff ng channel 7 na lng kugn di kayo naniniwla.even ung mga helper nya s bahya kung sigaw sigawan nya ganun nlng then sbihin nya di sya apektado s fued nila ni gretchen eh ung nbsa nya ung yes jan isyu eh halos magsitakbuhan mga helper nila s atakot ksi galit n galit say.PLASTIK!!!!!!!

Comment by grace

December 30, 2006 @ 2:10 am

Hey Jilian swerte ka hindi ako pumapatol sa low IQ….God why react that way ?

Comment by florie

December 30, 2006 @ 2:12 am

at bakit di nagpapa interview si dawn pra sagutin ang mga sinabi ni grtehen,not becoz may breeding sya but becoz wla syang masasabi ksi totoo lahat ng mga sinabi ni gretchen.
hinding hindi ko mkakalimutan si dawn,one tym nagdinner sya with her fam i think kuya nya ung isang lalaking kahawig nya nung nagcr sya may naksalubong syang 2 babae,gusto sna syang batiin ksi nga celebrity sya then tiningnan nya b namn ng masama ung dalwang babae na pra bang “leche wla akong time sa inyo” eh pwede nman nyang ngitian man lng at kung ayaw nya mag paauthograph eh pwede nman syang magbeg off in a good way hindi ung kla mo kakain ng tao,sad to say n ung isang babae dun eh ako,so pano ka matutuwa s isang taong mapag mataas?she own it to us,their public kung wlang fans wala silang carrer.

Comment by PEACE

December 30, 2006 @ 2:14 am

Si Gretchen ba ang nanalo ng best actress?

Comment by florie

December 30, 2006 @ 2:23 am

allam mo GRACE,ikaw hindi lang mababa ang IQ mo kundi wla talaga!mantakin mo bang sabihing nabayran si!
isipin mo nga she been in this business for long time ago,she didn’t gain her credibility overnight,if you you read the article right jo-ann didn’t say anything bad about dawn,she even ask dawns side and if you noticed may nkainset n side of explanation ni dawn sa last part ng interview kay gretchen wla syang dinagdag o binwas its all gretchen’s story bat si ang sinisisi mo?
if dawn is generous enough people would probably know her side,sad to say she doesn’t want to talk becoz she is guilty,ano nga nga nman reason nya na naiinggit sya at di say masaya ksi may mga ganung bagay si gretchen?hay naku!!!!madami talagang nagmamarunogn at nagmamataas…nsan kaya ang IQ nila!? has the crdibility na iniingatan,i dont think she would accept ur claim na nababayran sya,masyadong matindi ang paratang mo GRACE.

Comment by PEACE

December 30, 2006 @ 2:28 am

anyone knows who won the best actress?

Comment by jilian

December 30, 2006 @ 4:31 am

sino kaya ang walang IQ ha grace????? sino??? hahahahhahahaha……

Comment by Monette

December 30, 2006 @ 4:37 am

we have so many things to say about Gretchen, andyan ang bads and goods but one good thing i knew about her, she’s a genuine person……u cannot easily find such a person in showbiz this time. i think that’s why she’s so blessed in her life, time will come, magiging happy endng din ang relasyon nila ni Tony, happy na nga sila ngayon diba? kaya sa mga naninira sa kanya, wait lang kyo mga pare, pag kinasal si Gretch at Tony eh baka magisay kayo sa galit hehehhehe..pabayaan na lang kasi natin ang tao na masaya, wala naman syang inaapakang ibang tao, we should be happy for her, those people are so jealous about her things… d maghanap dn kyo ng Fafa na mayaman hehhehehehe…

Comment by che

December 30, 2006 @ 8:55 am

“I have to take the hurt,” Gretchen repeats. “I’ve done more harm to her—how can I complain about the hurt? I was her husband’s mistress. It’s the truth. I will spend my life saying sorry to her for that.”
grabe na toh! greta should bear in mind that she has a teenage daughter and that the kid will be marred for life with her statements. imagine hearing your ‘already mistress” mother admit that she used to be “someone else’s” mistress in the past is way too much! when will greta realize that her actions might backfire…i will not be surprised if dominique will turn out like her mother; shallow, mercenary, trashy, no delicadeza, oh gosh, i’m running out of words to describe her now.

Comment by liby

December 30, 2006 @ 5:55 pm

sinabi ni Gretchen yan para malaman ng mga tao na she did mistakes in the past na she feels sorry about it, it’s not because gusto nyang ipagmalaki yung gnawa niyang kasalanan, and I think Dominique is intelligent enough para maintindihan ang mga sinabi ng mother nya, mga walang utak lang ang di makakaintindi nyan, gaya ng mga detractors nya na mga makikitid ang utak!!

Comment by TO U CHE

December 30, 2006 @ 5:57 pm

where’s ur breeding my dear? how could u said like that about Dominique, as if you know her? ke bata-bata pa ng tao eh pinapalagay nyo na magiging masamang tao pagdating ng araw. Instead of praying for them eh hinuhusgahan nyo agad, nasan ang mga values nyo?? Kayo ang mga masasama ang ugali…..

Comment by che orig

December 30, 2006 @ 11:21 pm

ooppsss…may gumamit pla ng name ko!im d orig che(im for gretcehn),for me tama sila ang tanggapin ang mali mo ay napakahiram gawin,i dont think grtechen said that pra tularan sya,she said that barely because she done something wrong and she’s asking for forgiveness,kugn ang mga tao ay tulad ni gretcehn na marunong humingi ng tawad at marunong umamin ng kamalian siguro napaka peaceful ng lahat,i wish i can be like her somehow,i really admire her more.gretchen we wish u ol d happiness in life,mabuhay ka!

Comment by Celine

December 31, 2006 @ 1:10 am

KSP ba si Gretchen? IMO, She’s such a troublemaker. Bakit ang dami niyang kaaway. As the saying goes, You can take the girl out from the ghetto but you can never take the ghetto out of the girl.

Comment by che orig

December 31, 2006 @ 1:18 am

i dont think nang aaway si gretchen,lahat naman siguro ng tao nagdaan s pagkakaroon ng kasamaan ng loob diba?nagkataon l;ng celebrity si gretchen,at least marunong syang humingi ng tawad kung alam nyang mali ang nagawa nya,di ba un nman ang importante?
and marami ang inggit kay gretchen kya madami ang galit so sila ang nang aaway kay gretchen!

Comment by Arielle

December 31, 2006 @ 7:51 am

Napansin din pala ni post 384 na iisang grupo ang sumasagot sa mga nagcocomment ng nega kay Greta.Simula kay Sara, Flora and Jem,tipong sila sila lang ang sumasagot at parang nakikipagpatayan pa.May gumamit pa nga sa name ni Jem para istop sya.Guys, we’re all entitled to our own opinions so wlang personalan.Sigurado may sasagot kay post 384 at sa akin din.Okey I’ll not say anything coz paulit ulit na ito.May bago pala, after Dawn (na ayaw pumatol sa kanya) si Lani naman.Susunod siguro si Charlene na.Kung talagang gusto nyang mag sorry kay Lani,pwede namang mag usap silang dalawa kesa naman ipress release pa.Legal wife and a mistress even if she’s an ex can never be friends, grabe.Give a little respect to Tony Boy, or to the Cojuangcos esp. to his mother.And tumitino ang babae kung pinapakasalan, look at Kris Aquino.So like Lani said, I also hope Tony Boy will marry her soon so that she will stop for being conceited.

Comment by hon

December 31, 2006 @ 12:23 pm

hindi kya ung mga naninira at tumitira kay gretchen ang iisa lang?pare preho ang claim nyo s kanya,and hindi nyo b naisip n ung ibang tao na ngadedpend kay gretchen maybe living abroad tulad ko,kya ang post nmin eh late night its becoz am dito and pm dyan?

Comment by MJ

December 31, 2006 @ 3:49 pm

hi! happy new year to all!
i like gretchen more now,pinakita nya lng na mabuti syang tao by accpeting her mistake w/c is hard to do,most people would deny or let other people expeculate things from what really happened between her and bong.hoPe this time everything goes right with her and her family.

Comment by Benny D.

December 31, 2006 @ 4:24 pm

tama ka dyan hon, I’m also living abroad at nakikitsika lang about Pinas thru Yes. Online na ngayon ay PEp na, i just wanna say my opinions here..I think Gretchen did nothing wrong kung boka man sya sa pgsasabi ng mga saloobin nya..she’s not hypocrite, mas gugustuhin ko pa sya kesa dun sa mga nanahimik yun pala nakatago ang kulo. At least we know that Gretchen is like that, and I heard a lot about her being so generous with other people. Bakit kya palagi na lng mali ang tintingnan natin, dba mas mganda kung sabihihn dn natin ang mga mgagandang nagawa nya sa ibang tao? I liked Gretchen, I liked her beauty too! I saw her latest movie and she’s really beautiful sa screen at though she’s not a very good actress ay maganda ang acting nya sa movie, natural na natural ang dating. I wish her all the best in the coming year..sana matuloy-tuloy ang biyayang dumating sa knya as I know that she’s a good person!

Comment by Benny D.

December 31, 2006 @ 4:27 pm

at sa mga naninira ke Gretchen, sana naman mamuhay na lng kyo ng maayos at wag makialam sa buhay ng ibang tao para kyo umasenso din…wala tyong karapatan manghusga nang kapwa, hindi tayo ang Pnginoon! Siguro kung walang inggitan masaya sana at aasenso ang Pinas!

Comment by mimi

December 31, 2006 @ 4:30 pm

ano ba yan! ang dami naman atang mga inggitera na ngayon pati ba naman si Grechen B. eh tinitira hahahahha! pakialam naman natin sa life nya, kung san sya masaya dun sya diba? di naman nya tayo pinapakialaman sa mga buhay natin hahahahah! kakatawa naman itong mga tao na ito, napagahahalataan na mga desperado sa buhay nila kaya puro paninira na lang ang ginagawa, magbago na po tayo pleaseee..New Year na ilang oras na lang heheheheh! Happy New Year to all!!!

Comment by where r u??

December 31, 2006 @ 4:34 pm

nasan na si JEm? nawala na ba nang tuluyan? hay! salamat naman at umalis na rin kasi nakakasawa na yun iisang tao panay ang comment dito, very redundant na ang mga sinasabi, nakakainis lang diba..Happy New Year sa lahat!!!

Comment by candy

January 1, 2007 @ 2:03 am

happy new year!im living abroad too,taiwan in particular.i have my own pc so i can post anytime i wanted especially sa gabi pag di makatulog so its imposible na iisa lng ang nagtatanggol kay gretcehn,she’s not my idol but i dont see anything wrong with what she’s doing aside from the fact na napakatotoo nya eh marunong syang tumanggap ng pagkakamali super saludo ako sa kanya,happy new year ulit!

Comment by suzy

January 1, 2007 @ 8:52 am

Happy New Year everyone! I liked Gretchen Baretto kahit noong nasa GMA Supershow pa sya, she’s kind-hearted at marunong ngumiti sa mga fans nya…sana ay magtuloy-tuloy ang mga biyayang dumarating sa knya dahil mabuti syang tao.

Comment by ano ba yan

January 1, 2007 @ 12:38 pm

paano naman maaayos ni gretchen buhay nya e sarili nga nyang pamilya di nya maayos? nakakalungkot lang tingnan kasi kabit na nga sya, meron pa sya anak na nadamay sa gulo. Tapos kung gastusin pera eh.. kanya ba yan? Digger.

Comment by TSEE!

January 1, 2007 @ 5:49 pm

ano namang pakialam mo? pera mo ba yung gingastos nya? hahah patawa ka, bakit ka nagrereact ng gnyan, kailangan pa bang sabihin na syempre partner sya ni Tony kya binibigay sa knya ang lahat ng knyang pangangailangan. At sa problema nya sa pamilya, wala tyong alam sa pinag-ugatan nun kya manahimik ka na lng ano ba yan!

Comment by livin la vida loca

January 1, 2007 @ 5:50 pm

baka gusto ni ano ba yan na sya ang bgyan ni Tony Boy ng pera hahahahah!

Comment by suzy

January 1, 2007 @ 5:51 pm

inggit lang mga yan!!!

Comment by hon

January 1, 2007 @ 7:22 pm

ha ha ha…patawa nman eh ano naman kung di nya pera ugn ginagastos nya eh sa prtner nman nya un!ano ba yan!jologs huh!
tama si gretcehn at least wla syang tintapakan at di nya ninakaw kung anuman ang meron sya,un lang!

Comment by hon

January 1, 2007 @ 7:25 pm

ano ba yan!magtaka ka kung ang gumagastos kay gretchen eh asawa mo o asawa ni dawn!
ano nga ba yan!

Comment by mac

January 2, 2007 @ 1:47 am

sana lang, maisipan ni greta na i-share sa mahihirap ung kayamanan ni tony boy like mag charity work or mag paaral ng mga deserving na bata hindi lang ung puro sarili nya ang pinagkakagastusan niya. ibalik nya sa Diyos ang swerteng tinatamasa nya ngayon sa pamamagitan ng pagtulong sa iba at hindi lang puro sarili niya ang iniintindi nya. i’m not a fan of judy ann santos pero natutuwa ako dahil madalas siyang mag fund raising para sa mga mahihirap. sana ganoon din si gretchen.

Comment by al

January 2, 2007 @ 2:15 am

you can never buy elegance… i pity gretchen barretto. she shold know that there are lots of Filipino people suffering from poverty. Showing off her “possessions given by tony boy” is a no-no. Why can’t she be like tony? Tony is simple. I guess tony in his right mind would not marry anyone like her. Unless, tony is influenced…i hope not. Dawn and Gretchen…they are thesame. They should not be fighting…The more classy people look down on them. Now, you can clearly see the difference between “class and elegance” and a no-brainer. I pity tony boy…bodyguards? what? she needs bodyguards… henry sy does not even have bodyguards… come on! come on! she just wasnt to tell everybody that she’s different…PITY HER…sHES NOT EVEN BEAUTIFUL.SHE LOOKS OLD…SO DON’T BOAST ANYTHING…MAGDASAL NA LANG SYA. MAKAKATULONG PA SYA.

Comment by AL

January 2, 2007 @ 2:27 am


Comment by comment to liby's post

January 2, 2007 @ 6:09 am

you said dominique is intellegent enough to understand her mom’s situation….is there ever a person intellegent enough to understand that your mom is living in sin, has no scruples and is a big-time mistress? geez…talk about values dude!!!! just a thought, i wonder if greta goes to church? if she does, how can she face God? the woman has no values, morals and scruples. there’s only one place for you greta dear and Satan’s giving you a 1 way ticket to hell….

Comment by TSEE ka rin

January 2, 2007 @ 7:40 am

i think ang point ni ano ba yan is wag i-flaunt masyado ang nga bagay o gamit na di bili ng sarili mong pera…kasi nga greta is such a braggart…oo nga’t hinde natin or namin pera ang ginamit nya pero she should think na ang pamilya ni tony miembro ng alta sociedad…sila nga nga may LEGAL RIGHT to spend tonyboy’s money hindi nagyabang c greta pa na palamunin lang ni greta…

Comment by TSEE ka rin

January 2, 2007 @ 7:41 am

ooops. sorry i meant c greta palamunin ni tonyboy….

Comment by liza

January 2, 2007 @ 11:02 am

Al,straight men who belong to high society, as you make yourself appear, do not normally post feedback in gossip websites. You are so not the demographic. Greta does have a hold on Tony. She has Dominique.

Comment by Tessa

January 2, 2007 @ 11:36 am

I find it very REPULSIVE and CLASSLESS to flaunt and brag about expensive things in a third world country like the Philippines wherein MAJORITY of the people can’t even afford 3 square meals a day.

If you’re TRULY rich then you have nothing to prove.

Comment by MJ

January 2, 2007 @ 1:22 pm

if you read some previous yes mag there are a lot of celebrity show’s their properties,may it be house or personal stuff.So,whats make gretchen diffrent from them?is it beocz she’s with tony boy and their not married?come on!nobody react when lucy,cherrie gil and others show their stuff in the said mag but why when its gretchen people starting to talk?
its very obvious that people cant be happy para sa iba.gretchen and tony boy are very active in charitable works coz tony boy himself supported charitable institution and even have his own, of course gretchen also aware about that and even lend her hands to help her partner,siguro naman di na kailangan ipagsabi un kung tumutulong ka,and i bet pagnalaman ng tao n tumutulong si gretchen sasabihin na naman ng iba na pakitang tao lang,ano ba yan!walang paglagyan!
tama si gretchen people talks but she shouldn’t change her lifestyle becoz of them.she’s happy with what she have so bakit paapekto?i also dont think gretcehn want to prove something thats why she’s into buying branded things,when your lifestyle change your taste changes too,rich people wore and used expensive i guess she is just bless.
sabi nga nya she so loving her life.

Comment by liza

January 2, 2007 @ 1:43 pm

Panalo ka MJ.

Comment by Al ka dyan!

January 2, 2007 @ 1:57 pm

i wonder if Al really comes from high society,it doesn’t show!
im just asking inggit ka ba kay gretchen or may pagnanasa k?pero s comment mo,you sounded like bakla to me or babaeng may malaking galit kay gretchen or isa ks sa mga naninira kay gretchen at nagpalit ka lng ng user name?its pretty obvious dear!

Comment by gra

January 2, 2007 @ 3:59 pm

jo-ann, your such a true-blooded journalist! reading your blog is like heaven, i always support YES because of the write-ups, am so glad, i can read your blogs thru the net its like personally interracting with you! la greta deserves the kind of life she lives, so as dawn.. but i simply admire dawn’s silence, she can never go wrong with it..

kudos to you ms. maglipon! wonderful blog!

Comment by liza

January 2, 2007 @ 4:44 pm

al, real “classy and elegant” folk don’t look down on people unless your definition of classy and elegant is people with money and who are stylish…and how do you know henry sy has not bodyguards? did it ever occur to you that they are just very discreet and that is why you do not see them?

Comment by mac

January 2, 2007 @ 11:07 pm

i hope gretchen can be discreet and not flaunt her things. while it is true that being rich is not a crime – like what she keeps on saying in her interview in YES mag, Jan 2007 issue – i still believe that vanity is a sin. if you read her interview in YES mag, all she talks about is her richness and that inggit ung mga iba sa kanya kaya nagkakaissues. pero sometimes, it’s NOT about inggit, napupuna siya ng mga tao dahil minsan, sobra na ung pagbbrag niya sa kayamanan na natatamasa niya. sa Pilipineas na sobrang daming naghihirap at hindi nakakakain ng 3 beses isang araw, walang lugar para ipakita at ipamukha mo sa mga tao ang kayamanan mo.

from what i’ve gathered, when they shot the Pantene commercial, they were told to bring 2 clothes – a white one and a cream one. however, gretchen brought so many pieces of luggage containing clothes, shoes and make up when she knows she won’t be able to use everything she brought. ano ba naman ung magdala sya ng kahit 5 to 10 clothes para at least may pagpilian hindi naman kaylangan magdala ng 30 na damit or more para lang sa isang commercial shoot na 2 lang naman na damit ang kaylangan, medyo sumobra naman ata sya at lumabas tuloy na she’s bragging her stuff. sabi nga nung ibang staff na nasa shoot, halos wala ng malakaran sa set sa sobrang daming gamit na dala ni greta, diba OA naman un.

also, i read in a magazine na may 2 tao na taga-shampoo pa sya everyday at pag naglilinis ung mga maids nya ng mga gamit nya ay pinapag-gloves pa muna niya. ganito ba talaga pag mayaman na ang isang tao? grabe naman ung treatment niya sa mga maids nya, feeling nya ba madumi sila kaya pinapag-gloves pa niya?

with respect to the bodyguards. ok lang naman kung meron siyang bodyguard wag lang too much kasi parang OA na. kung si Luli Arroyo nga na anak ng presidente hindi nagbobodyguard – kaya hindi siya nakilala nung custom officer na sumigaw sa kanya a few months ago – si gretchen pa na hindi naman anak ng presidente. sabi nga nila, lahat ng sobra ay hindi tama at maganda.

sana lang huwag siya magmayabang kung ano ang meron siya dahil lahat ng material things ay temporary lang, kapag binawi ito ng Diyos sa kanya, saan sya pupulutin? it’s better na maging tahimik lang siya tungkol sa kayamanan ni tony dahil hindi naman talaga sa kanya ung kayamanan na yon, binibigay lang sa kanya kaya hindi dapat ipagmayabang.

Comment by Jena

January 3, 2007 @ 12:03 am

This is an old story mac, but you’re right on your comment. It’s not the envy but it’s the fact that these so called rich women are flaunting their money, fame and fortune in a country that is considered third world because there’s too many people starving. Where is class, taste, and good judgement on Gretchen side. But, what is a Gretchen anyway? She still couldn’t leave Lani and Bong alone, obviously still feeling very sour about not being able to find herself a good, single and rich man to marry her. If you read her articles, there’s no need to even care for what she says coz it’s obviously from a woman who’s very unhappy with her own life. She thinks just because of the controversy she builds into her she’s making a great come back. Well, her movie showed that not too many people cares for her work. So, there Greta! Congratulations for becoming the reigning queen of insensitivity to your own fellow Pilipino folks, you and your friend Ruffa are surely the classic money face, but no brains and no heart.

Comment by kudos

January 3, 2007 @ 6:49 am

kudos to mac and jena for hitting the nail right on the spot…tessa is right, greta has nothing to prove cause she’s already rich…

to MJ, how dare you compare greta to the likes of cherie gil and lucy…both women are REFINED, GENTEEL, HIGH CLASS, WITH GOOD BREEDING AND EDUCATION(not sure bout cherie’s education attainment though but lucy is a UP grad!) and most of all they all know the meaning of humility! remember, the higher you fly, the harder you fall….

Comment by MJ

January 3, 2007 @ 12:51 pm

to kudos,cant you understand what i’ve wrote?i dont remember comparing the person,whatever it is i dont see the need to explain.pls read it again.
if my memory serves me right,maid used gloves to clean and fix gretcehn’s expensive things not for washing her hair.
come to think of it,if dawn and the media didn’t talk about her stuff i dont think people will know about it, as gretchen say some of her branded clothes and shoes are aged 10 years or more pero ngayon lang nalaman ng mga tao,then now lalong nyang ipinakita para mas lalo kayong mainis!

Comment by kudos

January 3, 2007 @ 1:01 pm

lucy and cherie DO NOT BRAG about their stuff. because they do not feel the need to. but i understand greta, she’s acting like that cause she wasn’t born with it (unlike lucy and cherie) and she’s doesn’t have any hold on tonyboy…and i’m not inis…greta should be afraid though, cause God will punish all the kabits and the vain people in this world…

Comment by candy

January 3, 2007 @ 1:10 pm

i didn’t see wrong about gretchen’s stuff.
people who have money would probably treat themselves special and having branded stuff is one.
if i have the money by all means i’ll do the same,unfortunately i can only afford 3 kinds but given the chance i’ll probably buy husband also feel proud na bigyan ako ng mga ganung see my point?kung afford naman bakit hindi and para kay tony boy just like my husband seeing me wearing a good stuff make them proud too.what more tony boy?mas nakapagtataka kung si gretchen who is with a rich guy wearing no-no brand then people will say naman “ano ba yan!she’s with a rich guy and she just wearing ukay-ukay!” something like that diba?

Comment by MJ

January 3, 2007 @ 1:16 pm

i dont think i will used God’s name to proven my claim.HE does know everything so let HIM do what HE has to do in HIS time.
people can’t talk about how mababaw one person is but believe me there is a lot about her(gretchen) that people dont know.
and one more thing kung di kaya si gretchen siya people will talked?
the point is she’s “something”…someone fascinating enough to waste our time giving our coments.

Comment by bian

January 3, 2007 @ 1:34 pm

anuman ang sabihin ng tao,walang tinatapakan o sinasaktan si gretchen kaya madami pa rin ang naniniwala sa kanya.
God bless you gretchen at sana malampasan mo itong munting pagsubok sa buhay mo ng may ngiti at lalong pagpapahalaga sa anumang bagay na meron ka lalo na ang sa iyong pamilya at naway tuluyang magkaayos kayo ng iyong mga kapatid.

Comment by hon

January 3, 2007 @ 4:38 pm

yeah!ur right people… gretchen didn’t harm no one so why must she bothered?
in this life what important is you’re happy coz you cant’ buy happiness and if that’s what make gretchen happy then let her be,sabi nga nya wala syang tinatapakang tao o ninanankaw.she doesn’t need to please everybody if they accept her or not thats not her business.
its just show how effective she is to afffect others life.

Comment by Jean

January 3, 2007 @ 10:47 pm

miss joann super old na tong blog mo, inaamag na pati mga tao rin me amag na rin, hehehe..wala na bang bago

Comment by mac

January 3, 2007 @ 11:30 pm

i have nothing against gretchen buying all those branded stuff what i don’t like is the fact that she’s BRAGGING about all the things that she has. and it’s quite obvious that she’s flaunting her material things by her actions and answers to interviews – just read her interview in YES mag, jan 2007 issue and you’ll really feel na may ere talaga siya. marami namang mayaman na simple lang and hindi loud about their status in life like sila mikee cojuangco na tunay at legal na cojuangco pero kita nyo naman, simple lang mamuhay kahit na celebrity pa siya katulad ni gretchen. so hindi excuse na dahil celebrity si gretchen kaya sya napagiinitan sa kayaman “niya.” siguro ay talagang sumusobra sya sa pagmamayabang kaya siya nagkakaissue. kasi bakit si mikee naman na super yaman din at totoong cojuangco wala nman issues ng kayabangan diba. si gretchen kasi halos ipangalandakan na nya sa buong Pilipinas na napakayaman niya. mas matatahimik ang buhay niya kung maging discreet lang siya in living her life. everyone knows nanaman na mayaman si tony, hindi na kaylangan ipangalandakan ni gretchen kung gaano kayaman ang live in partner niya para hangaan siya ng tao. kung napabuti ang buhay niya ngayon, good for her pero there’s no need to tell and show the whole philippines kung gaano siya kayaman.

Comment by hon

January 4, 2007 @ 12:39 am

if you think this blogspot is too old and the people are just the same,then live it!actually your one of the inaamag na nagcocomment dito jane,as you said inaamag na then why are you soooo interested to answer back?
people who have something tend to brag,if gretchen wants it then let her hindi ka naman yata nya sinasaktan bat parang apektado ka?
ang tao may kanya kanyang ugali if aganun sya then dun sya masaya,sino ka at ako para pakialaman at panghimasukan sya sa ginagawa nya,eh kung tony boy nga na gumagastos para sa kanya eh hindi apektado ikaw pa?

Comment by wala akong paki!

January 4, 2007 @ 1:13 am

tama ka jan hon…bakit kasi parang napaka-big deal ito sa mga taong ito, inggit lang talaga kayo, ang tao iba-iba ng ugali, merong tahimik at meron namang very loud…wala na tayong pakialam dun as long as d tyo naaapektuhan..upps! apektado nga pla kayo heheeh..kya nga kayo sobrang naggagalaiti sa galit eh heheheheh…..hay naku! bsta ako msaya kaya wala akong pakialam kahit anong gawin ni Gretchen sa life nya..buhay nya yun heheeh!

Comment by TSEE!

January 4, 2007 @ 1:16 am

ang dami nyo namang sinasabi tungkol ke Greta! wala na kasi kaoyngpakialam kahit mag-tumbling pa sya..naku mga inggit kayo!!!!

Comment by BOBO!

January 4, 2007 @ 1:27 am

i don’t understand why these people are barking über Gretchen’s belongings..pera nyo ba yang ginagasta nya? at pls lang wag nyo syang i-compare ke Henry Sy dahil hndi naman yun can we know if they are wearing expensive things eh hndi naman cla iniinterview, si Gretchen kasi tinatanong , natural na sumagot syempre gsto nya rin na pag-uusapan sya artista nga naman yung tao, it’s not really a big deal, my goodness! napaka-kikitid naman ng mga utak nyo? nsan brain nyo nasa puwet???

Comment by jenn

January 4, 2007 @ 1:29 am

Gretchen you are so blessed talaga and it’s very obvious kasi maraming tao ang naiinggit sa kapalaran mo….go go girl!

Comment by mylene

January 4, 2007 @ 1:51 am

live ur own lives guys!

Comment by al

January 4, 2007 @ 2:10 am

once and for all, well just wish everybody happiness and peace…

Comment by mac

January 4, 2007 @ 2:31 am

please don’t think that just because i don’t like what gretchen does, i am already envious of her. im sorry, but i really don’t envy her. i love my life and status as much as gretchen loves her own life and status. as i said, if she has a very convenient life, then good for her because God gave that to her. however, i believe that God wants us to be HUMBLE in each an every way. i also believe that in a country like ours where people die of hunger everyday and millions suffer from poverty, there is no room for flaunting or showing off all your richness and assets, no need to tell the whole country that you’re filthy rich. i don’t intend to argue or fight with anyone here. what im stating are merely my observations and comments on gretchen’s answers to all her interviews. after all, that’s what forums are all about, to “leave a comment” and that doesn’t necessarily mean na pakilamera ka or inggitera ka if you make a comment. it’s just a comment, plain and simple. everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion about this issue on gretchen so sana wag makikipag-away ang mga napopost dito.

Comment by al

January 4, 2007 @ 2:34 am

i just like to put emphasis…we should only boast of material things we have if it come from legal means… think about it…think about it…that’s why Filipinos hardly ever reach true meaning of success…they love to idolize people who are rich and famous because of illegal means…

Comment by mylene

January 4, 2007 @ 6:01 am

I’m not idolizing Gretchen, what I wanna try to say here is we should not immediately judge one’s person lalo na’t we don’t know them personally, yung iba kasi dito eh puro paninira lang at talagang below the belt ang sinasabi nila, we all kow that Gretchen did many mistakes in the past like us also, at kung sa tingin ng iba ay mayabang sya or she’s flaunting what she has eh kanya-kanyang opinyon lang yan, but we should be matured enough sana sa mga binibitawan nating pahayag dito, kasi para bang perosnalang tira na eh..I’m not a fan of Gretchen but eventhough I respect her, wala akong nakitang msamang ginawa nya para kamuhian sya, think about it people bago tayo mag-judge ng isang tao. Do not do unto others what you dont want to do unto u. Peace! 2007 na sana naman ipagpray na lang natin yung ibang taong knaiinisan natin or yng sa tingin natin ay mali ang mga ginagawa. They need prayer, hindi paninira!

Comment by Cass

January 4, 2007 @ 6:05 am

you are right mylene, kung lahat sana ng tao ay me mabubuting loob eh di wala sanang away diba? sana yung comments na lng dito eh kung di man neutral eh hndi naman below the belt ang tira, hindi ko rin gusto si Gretchen pero I found her very beautiful at mabait naman, I saw her once personally at mabait naman sya sa mga fans nya.

Comment by candy

January 4, 2007 @ 1:57 pm

your right mac,we are all entitle to our own opionion but what you post is contrary on what you want to imply.
given that mostly Filipino suffer from poverty and as you says there’s no room for flaunting or whatsoever.
tony boy who is responsible of greta’s extravagant life, work for it(the money they’re spending),they didn’t get it from illegal way.if people are poor and cant afford the life they(grtechen and tony) have so what it is something to do with them?that’s not their fault,blame it to the governmment and the corrupt politician not to gretchen.
and one thing more ,someone says gretchen got her asset in illegal way,kindly explain it coz it didn’t come to my attention that she stole something from anyone,so what is illegal your reffering to?

Comment by Cass

January 4, 2007 @ 6:20 pm

ano namang illegal ang ginawa ni Gretchen? grabe ha…sa pgkakaalam ko marami ring tinutulungan si Gretchen at ang perang ginagasta naman nya ay mula ke Tony na partner nya at pinagtrabahuan naman yun, hindi illegal. Ano ba yan..bakit napunta na dun ang topic hehehe..ang layo naman na ng narating nitong blog na ito. Basta what I know is walang masamang ginagawa si Gretchen, napapansin lang sya masyado ng mga tao ngaoyn kasi very visible na sya sa Tv dhil sa pgbabalik-artista nya. Sa totoo lng wala namang msama dun dahil hilig nya tlaga ang pg-aartista at mabenta si Gretch ha, marami pa ring taong sumusuporta sa knya sa industriya..tsaka sayang ang byuti nya..gustong-gusto ko pa naman mukha nya. gusto ko parating nakikita sya sa Tv o khit sa magazines and newspapers.

Comment by barbie

January 5, 2007 @ 6:26 pm

to all Gretchen Barretto fans,
i pity all of you. masama ugali nyan no. yung driver ng friend ko, fan dati ni Gretchen. sinundo ni gretchen yung anak niyang pangit sa british school niya at andun driver nung friend ko. nung nakita si greta, ayun. humingi ng autograph. ang kaawa-awang driver lumapit kay greta, ang sabi sa kanya ni greta “what right do you have to ask for my autograph? you’re just a driver! get out of my way!”
o diba? taray ng lola niyo? yan ba ang pinagmamalaki niyong greta? sama ng ugali. kung hindi part ng mga elite sa society ang family niyo, as in, kung hindi kayo mayaman e wag niyo na balakin humingi ng autograpg ni greta in public places na walang media kasi i-isanabin lang kayo nun!

Comment by Jessa

January 5, 2007 @ 9:55 pm

It’s obvious that Gretchen is showing off too much. She bragging the wealth that isn’t hers in the first place. It’s not surprising that she is friends with Ruffa na isa ring mukhang pera.

Comment by hon

January 5, 2007 @ 10:25 pm

to you barbie,we’re not that stupid pra maniwala syo,i senn her twice already and never did she do that to me,siguro kung ginwa nya sakin un,sa amin ng mga kasama ko maybe maniwala pa ako sayo!
gawa ka pa ng mas kapani paniwalang paninira,your not effective!
mas masama nman siguro kung nagshoshow off ka ng wla ka namngh ipapakita at di sayo ung pinapakita mo.haayyy….people…and please sinong tao ang ayaw sa pera?as long as wala kang ginagawang masama at illegal at di ka nang aagrayado ng tao, thats fine!

Comment by jiminie

January 6, 2007 @ 4:56 pm

mga ipokrita lang ang yaw kuno sa pera hahahahah! these people are obviously envy and jealous..year 2007 na magbago na po tayong lahat heheheheh!

Comment by jojit

January 6, 2007 @ 5:01 pm

i never had experience such as what you’re claiming barbie! i met gretchen many many times, i’m just an ordinary person but she never denied me when i tried to ask for her autograph..I liked her in many ways, aside from her beautiful face and being humble (far from what you’re saying that she’s mayabang)…i think she deserves everything good in this world kasi mabait syang tao…if you only get to know her..masasabi nyo na mali ang intrigang yan! Peace people!

Comment by clarissa

January 6, 2007 @ 5:02 pm

i feel for gretchen! she’s a wonderful woman with a good heart.

Comment by Anding

January 7, 2007 @ 12:20 am

tama ka dyan sharmane hehehe..pero hinay hinay lang baka maHB ka, hahaha..malas ata ang 2006 ke gretch puro bad publicity sya, sana lang kasi maging smart sya sa pagsasagot halata tuloy n walang aral e..

Comment by Anding

January 7, 2007 @ 12:26 am

atsaka di ba si tony boy na ang me-ari ng ch.5 bakit walang sariling show si gretchen doon, proof ba yan na walang bilib si tony na me talent sya..?nagtatanong lang po :-)

Comment by clarissa

January 7, 2007 @ 1:27 am

Basta ako naniniwala na mabuting tao si Gretchen as I knew her……

Comment by JInky

January 7, 2007 @ 1:28 am

let them say what they wanna say, for me Gretchen is nice inside and out.

Comment by Arielle

January 7, 2007 @ 5:41 am

YES Magazine, January issue is so disgusting.Para namang bumaba ang kalidad ng yes,dahil walang pinagkaiba sa isang gossip mag.Just when I thought I got a mag which is worth reading bigla namang naging parang pipitsuging tsismis magazine.Sana lang makabawi bawi sa Feb. issue.And I can’t get the real score sa kanilang dalawa coz noon sabi nya they already made up and ngayon naman pinalala nya sa pamamagitan ng yes mag.Grabe!Kaya pala di sya kinampihan ni Claudine noon sa awayan nilang pamilya dahil magulo sya.Girl make up your mind.Maganda ka pa naman.At wala ka naman yatang kaaway dahil walang gustong magstoop down sa level mo.Where’s Dawn, where’s Lani?Show to the world that you’re worth to be a Cojuangco someday.To yes mag,I’m really interested to see the stuff of Kris Aquino.Sana makulitan din sa inyo para ipakita nya yung kanyang mga pinaghirapang signature things, make ups and everything.Yes, it’s a dare…..kung mapaoo nyo sya. PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Comment by hon

January 7, 2007 @ 10:35 am

ha ha if naman papatol s dare mo si,wake and stop dreaming!
whatever grtechen says lagi kayong may kontra even if hindi nman sya nagreact s sinbi ni lani,knowing gretchen na very open at vocal s feelings nya she should have say what she really felt to lani if that is true,sabagay may lumabas lng n isyu ofcourse gagawa at gagawa ng isyu ang iba at ang iba namang galit kay gretchen syempre papatyulan ksi chance n nila un n siraan si gretcehn.

Comment by hon

January 7, 2007 @ 10:42 am

about lani and dawn,you people should know them well before praising them,im from cavite,want to know why lani never won her candidacy few years ago?well…do some research,i dont think im in the positon to tell you why we didn’t vote her.
as for dawn,its really obvious that she was the one who have hang-ups in life,kung wla ba naman mag aksaya ka bang pansinin ang gamit ng iba…hello!even me wla man ako ng ibang bagay im pretty contented for what i have,why im bothered if someone have this and that,pwede ba mag isip isip nga kayo!
i believe gretchen on what she says in the interview,how can she drop name that involve in that incident if not true?aba eh maakusahan namn syang sinungaling ng mga taong nandun nung time ng confrontation nila.but till now,those people didn’t say gretchen was lying.those people ar just trying to protect themselves,they dotn want o get involve.

Comment by bian

January 7, 2007 @ 5:55 pm

ha ha ha…arielle,i wonder if you really kris fans,dont you know that kris is the endorser of san san cosmetics,how can you expect her to show her make-ups and stuff,she endorse bench,a brand of bag etc. bka gusto mo syang makasuhan?di mo ba alam n nauna nang naifeature ang unit ni kris sa yes mag many years ago?
ano ka ba!
kung disappointed ka sa yes mag,wla n si dun naging fair lng sya coz gretchen is hot now so syempre sya ang ifefeature nya, eh si dawn ayaw magpainterview alangan nmang pilitin nya.
lam mo arielle your too pointless,sometimes think first before you get involve ksi minsan di mo alam ang layo n ng topic mo,out of this world ba!

Comment by melanie

January 7, 2007 @ 10:14 pm

i think hon said it all..i have no more to add. ang mga di nakakaintindi ay bahala na kyo hehehehe…..

Comment by melanie

January 7, 2007 @ 10:15 pm

these detractors are only repeating and repeating..puro paninira lang, thanks to those who defend Gretchen, I liked this lady! She’s a genuine person!

Comment by zanjoely

January 8, 2007 @ 1:05 am

to sharmane na fake: at kung di mo type si greta huwag kang magbasa dhang!!! huwag kang bumili!! bumili ka ng time at newsweek bobo! pati buhay ni tonyboy at gretchen inuusisa mo. si dawn mataba at laos! pati ang asaw niya nagtitinda lang ng saging sa probinsya! kay tony boy na ako at least makati!!!

Comment by sugar

January 8, 2007 @ 2:54 am

sinali pa si ruffa dito nitong sharmane na ito eh si gretchen ang pinag-uusapan dito noh! don’t compare ruffa to dawn dahil ang layo nila noh, si ruffa eh ang layo na ng narating at mas gusto ko rin si gretchen dhil totoong tao at hndi plastik gaya ng idol nyo na si dawn na me sira din ang tuktok nyan noon! ang sabi nga eh yung mahinhindutin!

Comment by liza

January 8, 2007 @ 4:57 am

amazing…the feedback on this blog just keeps getting longer and more interesting…let’s see. this blog will be two months old na. hey, joann, give us a new story…but i bet it’ll be hard to top this in terms of feedback

Comment by chuva

January 9, 2007 @ 12:38 am

hay nkau sharmane manahimik ka na lang,wala kang kwentang magcomment!
siguro ang alki ng problema mo?parang alam na alam mo ang nasa isip ni tony boy,ano ka konsensya nya?mag isip isip ka nga,di ka ba nahihiya sa mga pinagsasabih mo puro pointless ang mga tira,hija dun ka sa squatter mahanap ng kaaway,dun madami kang kalahi!
pangit na bakla ka siguro at masama ang dila mo sa mga magaganda at sikat,o baka namang pag nakikita mo sila ruffa at gretchen na sabi mo dati lang hubadera eh mga mayayaman,maganda at sikat at ikaw hindi ka na nga legal na babae eh pangit pa!

Comment by chuva

January 9, 2007 @ 12:48 am

at di mo ba alam na sila lorna,vilma,la oro,amy austria,alma m at marmai pang iba nagdaan sa pagpapakita ng laman?
nagkataon lng na gretchen top them all sa ganda at naging sikat lalo nung nag ST sya,at pls lang hindi sya nagbold o nagtopless sa anumang project meron p rin syang itinago noh!
at least si gretchen inamin nya ung ksalanan nya kay lani at humingi sya ng tawad,sabihin mo nga sakin sinong tao na kakilala mo ang gumawa ng ganun?ang humingi ng tawad sa taong nagawan nya ng mali?pwede ba sharmane! ikaw nag mag-isip isip,ikaw ang tanga!

Comment by zanjoely

January 9, 2007 @ 12:58 am

Hoy sharmane hindi ako papatol sa marumi mong bibig! Si dawn losyang, mataba, laos, plastic, inggitera pa! Kung hindi pa siya pinatulan ni gretchen sa palengke ng mga saging siya pupulutin no!! Pasalamat siya pinatulan siya ni Gretchen! Sikat ang asawa ni Dawn laos sa davao???? Saan ba ang davao iha? muta lang sa laki ng mundo!! Hindi na sila mayaman no! Ang asawa niya dati ubod ng yaman pero ngayon hindi na…kaya work to death si laos na dawn!!! At si Ruffa maraming bestfriend iha…hindi lang si gretchen! pati si donita rose na halos magmadre na bestfriend din ni ruffa! kaya tigilan ang ka chipan! 2007 na sharmane magbagong buhay ka na! kung ako asshole ikaw wala sa kalingkingan ng ganda ni gretchen ano! pokpok!!

Comment by sugar

January 9, 2007 @ 1:20 am

hahahaha! kakatawa naman ang bakbakan dito, sige lang libre naman ang post dito hehehehe! Basta ako ke Gretchen pa rin, di matatawaran ang ganda, panong di maiinlove si Tony boy diba? Eh kung d mahal yan ni Tony si Gretchen eh d sana walang mga mamahaling gamit yan, kya nga binubusog ni Tony eh dahil love na love nya..hay naku! marami lang ang inggit sa narating ng mgkaibigang ruffa at Gretchen.

Comment by kikay

January 9, 2007 @ 1:26 am

kaya nga ako ng-eenjoy nang husto if si Gretchen at Ruffa ang topic kasi pinag-uusapan tlaga, it means na klik talaga sila sa mga tao at syempre lalo lang dumadami ang nang-iintriga at naninira, ganun naman kasi ang Pinoy na di umaasenso, hinahatak pababa yung mga blessed. Kahit pa sabihing sa hirapngmula ang mga taong ito ay karapatan din nilang hanapin ang kanilang magandang kapalaran anoh, at si Ruffa at Gretch ay deserving sa life nila ngayon. Si Ruffa ay beauty and Gretchen ay mabait ding tao malayong-malayo sa mga sinasabi nila na mayabang sya at d maganda ang ugali..hindi nyo pa kasi nakakausap at nakkta sa personal kya panay ang tira nyo. I just wished na mgtuloy-tuloy pa ang blessings nila na natatanggap dahil marami silang tinutulungan at saka bibihira na lng ang mga totoong ta sa showbis..karamihan ay mga plastik like Dawn. for sure mgwawala ang mga fans ni Daw n sa sinabi ko hahahahah!

Comment by SORRY

January 9, 2007 @ 1:31 am

totoo lang naman ang sinabi mo kikay na plastik si dawn, tsaka di totoong mayaman si anton lagdameo. ang family nila ang mayaman noon pero ngayon asan na?? kya nga ng-aartista uli si dawn eh kesehodang sakitin ang anak nya. Tsaka inggit na inggit sya ke Gretchen dahil sya di maibili ng asawa nya ng mamahaling gamit, ngkamali sya ng pakasalan si Anton, napeke sya hahahah! kala nya siguro mayaman. Susko kala mo kung sinong disente at me breeding daw kuno, ang sabihin nyo plastik lng talaga..ang d nyo alam depressed sa buhay nya..nung lumabas yng Marie Claire pineke talaga na halata yng body nya kas nakita ko pa lng sya a month ago eh mataba pa rin pero sa magazine eh sexy na susko malaki talaga nagagawa ng computer heheheeh! Si Gretchen eh hanggang ngaoyn eh maganda pa rin, parang mas gumanda nga kesa dati. Si Dawn losyang na……..

Comment by Tra la la

January 9, 2007 @ 5:27 am

Ha Ha HA kakatawa naman dito.Pagsabihan nyo idol nyong si Gretchen pilitin nyang magpakasal sila ni Tony Boy.Remember Fabian Ver?Namatay sya kasama ang mistress at mga anak nya pero yung bangkay nya umuwi sa legal wife nya.Wala nagawa mistress nya ha ha ha.Pag mamatay si Tony Boy,babalik sya sa asawa nya at magwawala na naman idol nyo, 20 years older pa naman sya.At dun sa case nila ni Lani,di sila pwedeng maging friends.Kelan ka ba nakakita ng wife at mistress na naging friends.Kung ako si Lani,gosh,di ko kakaibiganin ang isang taong namblow job at nakishare sa asawa ko.Pinagtatawanan sya ng buong bayan,mapatambay,mapatsimay at mapamember ng elite.Bwa ha ha ha ha.Mga bakla, may trabaho na naman kayo magagalit na amo nyo at di nyo mastop ang mga taong magcomment dito.Di nyo ba naaalala yung botohan kung sino ang mas pinaniniwalaan?Kung sino ang mas maraming may gustong kamukha….si Dawn pa rin.Kaya kahit ano gawin nyo, mas marami pa ring di naniniwala sa idol nyo.In fairness… maganda sya kaya lang kahit mga kapatid nya pinagtatawanan sya.Ha ha ha ha!Pati nanay at tatay nya ha ha ha!

Comment by Kikay

January 9, 2007 @ 7:45 am

Hay naku pinoy gising! oo nga maganda si Gretchen at Ruffa ubod naman ng yabang, tingnan nyo ha, yung isda sa bunganga talaga nahuhuli. Ruffa huli naman sa kayabangan, sukat ba naman sabihin na maynakita na silang bahay sa madrid, tapos sabihin excited nya sa na makalipat sa barcelona. Day Ruffa, mali ka naman mag kaiba ang madrid at barcelona. Although parehong malaking city ng spain ang madrid at barcelona. Mag isiap ka muna bago ibuka ang bunganga mo ha, kasi dyan nahuli ang kasinunglaingan mo. Mbuti pa siguro si Gretchen kasi nagyayabang pero may ebedensya, pero ikaw ruffa halatang nagyayabang lang talaga. Basta ako beauty fades, character and atittudes reamins.

Comment by Kikay

January 9, 2007 @ 7:46 am

Hay naku pinoy gising! oo nga maganda si Gretchen at Ruffa ubod naman ng yabang, tingnan nyo ha, yung isda sa bunganga talaga nahuhuli. Ruffa huli naman sa kayabangan, sukat ba naman sabihin na maynakita na silang bahay sa madrid, tapos sabihin excited nya sa na makalipat sa barcelona. Day Ruffa, mali ka naman mag kaiba ang madrid at barcelona. Although parehong malaking city ng spain ang madrid at barcelona. Mag isip ka muna bago ibuka ang bunganga mo ha, kasi dyan nahuli ang kasinunglaingan mo. Mbuti pa siguro si Gretchen kasi nagyayabang pero may ebedensya, pero ikaw ruffa halatang nagyayabang lang talaga. Basta ako beauty fades, character and atittudes reamins.

Comment by Kikay

January 9, 2007 @ 7:48 am

hooppps… mali spelling. Atittudes remains.

Comment by chuva

January 9, 2007 @ 3:24 pm

hay mga tao nga naman,may amasabi lang masama eh kung anu ano ang paninira.eto nlang ang tanong,anong problema nyo kung magyabang sial ruffa at dawn,mamamatay ba kayo?nasasaktan ba kyo?pera nyo ba gingamit?
hello! kayo ang mga bayaran,kahit mga dignidad nyo isinasalalay nyo kahit makatapak n kayo ng ibang tao,kung sa tingin nyo opinyon nyo yan,pwes opinyon nyo pero wag nyong asahan na maniniwala ang mga tao sa mga pinagsasabi nyo

Comment by chuva

January 9, 2007 @ 3:25 pm

at ikaw kikay,dapat iba ang ginamity mong name,bakit wla k n abang maisip n user’s name kay pati ung mga name ng fans ni grtchen eh ginagamit mo,if i know iisa lng kyong naninira,pare pareho at paulit ulit…
mga tanga!halatang halata!

Comment by hon

January 9, 2007 @ 3:40 pm

hay naku!ano ba yan! nawawalan n ng kwenta tong blogspot n to dahil s mga nonesense at walnag batayan na paninira basta may masabi lang kahit wlang katotohanan eh sige pa rin.
ano nga kaya ang mga problema ng mga to kay gretchen,bakit ba galit n galit kayo sakanya,kilalanin nyo muna sya bago nyo sya husgahan.
can’t yopu see,grtcehn is happy and she moving on after the issue pero kayong mga naninira at galit sa kanya eh masyado p ring apektado,masyado yata kayong apektado sa present ni grtchen,eh di wag kayong magbasa ng tungkol sa kanya o kay ruffa(kasi ako ayaw ko kay ruffa kaya di ako nagbabasa tungkol sa kanya,paki ko!)
eh kayo ayaw nyo s knila pero interesado kayo kung ano ang nagyayri at mga kinikilos nila,so sino ang mga tanga!?

Comment by kikay

January 9, 2007 @ 4:26 pm

that’s right hon! pls. lang wag nyo gamitin user’s name ko dito..ako ang nauna sa name na ito, mg.isip ka ng ibang pangalan bakla. Ke gretchen ako khit ano pang tira ang gawin nyo, once and for all before i leave this blog (kasi lumang isyu na ito eh)kahit pa anong pagtumbling ang gawin nyo, gretchen is happy with her life being with Tony Boy and daughter Dominoque, ke aksal man sya o hindi, Tony loves her so much! ganda-ganda nya lalo eh dhil in-love! si dawn losyang na tumigil na sya dhil d nya matatalo beauty ni Greta, at yng pekeng Marie Claire body nya hellooo! pineke ng computer! ang taba nya kitang-kita bilbil lakas ng loob!

Comment by Rose

January 9, 2007 @ 4:29 pm

Hahahaha! I saw Dawn nga at she’s not yet sexy far from the pictures I saw in the mag. I think she needs to lose more weight bago sya mg-appear sa Marie Claire. And for La Greta, stay happy and healthy!! Ignore the detractors! Cheers!

Comment by candy

January 9, 2007 @ 10:03 pm

i also like gretchen no matter what,i dont really idolize her but i like her guts and beauty and her sense of fashion,kya siguro madami ang inggit.but then again these site is open for everyone gusto man si gretchen o hindi.
para sa lahat peace people…
and to you gretchen may your tribe increase(maganda,mabait at totoong tao).

Comment by Kikay

January 10, 2007 @ 7:25 am

Mag surf kayo sa google, type nyo lang ang name ni Ruffa dami kayong mabasa doon, pati hubad na pics, mayroon totoo naman na bugaw nanay nya, pati kay erap at chavit na bugaw yan dati ng nanay nya. Ok pa si gretchen dahil nagsasabi ng totoo at talagang maganda kay sa kanya. Diba kung hindi na huli ni anabelle almost 1 month narin ang relasyon nya noon kay bong revilla noon. surf nyo na rin si gretchen may story doon na kasali si ruffa mabasa nyo yun lahat ang dami. Mabuhay ang pinoy na di naniwala sa mga kayabangan.

Comment by ging

January 10, 2007 @ 1:51 pm

Akal ko para kay Gretchen ang blog na to???? Bakit nasali si Ruffing dito??? Naku, ang mga inggitira, nabuhay na naman…

Comment by linda

January 10, 2007 @ 3:29 pm

so?eh ano ngaun kung mayayabang sila?ano problema nyo!?
pwede ba intindihin nyo buhay nyo para guminhawa kayo hindi ung buhay ng iba pinoproblema nyo.
naku!talaga tong si sharmane laging papansin,hoi!baklang inggitera magtrabaho ka ng magkaron ka ng maayos na buhay hindi ung nakikialam ka ng may buhay ng may buhay!

Comment by TSEE!

January 10, 2007 @ 8:31 pm

tama ka jan Linda! Ano naman kaya pakialam nila sa buhay ng mga taong ito hehehe! As if magkakapera sila dito.

Comment by bian

January 11, 2007 @ 12:40 am

grabeh na to si sharmane,laki ng problema,dun ka sa topic kay ruffa magpost ksi hidni dito ang para kay ruffa,marunong k bang magbasa?
grabeh!wla ka na sa katinuan,kitang kita sa mga post mo,hija o hijo magpabarang ka mukhang may sapi ka na.wawa ka naman!

Comment by bian

January 11, 2007 @ 12:43 am

to sharmane again,tungkol sa pinagsasabi mo kay gretchen,keep on dreaming till mangyari yang mga sinsabi mo…malamang wala ka na sa mundo eh masaya pa rin,maganda at mayaman si gretchen.

Comment by bian

January 11, 2007 @ 12:49 am

dalawa lang ang klase ng viewer ni gretchen.ONE,those who love her and TWO,those who envy her,ksi they cant be like her or they cant have what greta have or most of all they’re guy wants to be with her(gretchen).
i think ako sa no 1 coz wla akong inggit sa katawan eh ikaw sharemane malamang no.2,bweee…wawa ka naman…miserable!

Comment by hon

January 11, 2007 @ 12:55 am

ano ba wla n bang ibang magandang topic about gretchen puro nalang ba paninira?ganun ba sya kasama?bakit ba galit na galit kayo?
kung magyabang ang isang tao wala na tayo dun say namn ang magdadala nun bat parang hirap na hirap kayo?
kugn ayaw nyo kay gretchen eh di wag,mabubuhay naman sya ng hndi kayo sumuporta sa kanya,alam ko madaming naniniwala sa kanya at isa na ako dun.kanya kanya tayo ng ugali kung ganyan ka at ganun si gretchen so?
sna tigilan na ang wlang kwentang ayaw,nakakasawa na eh sak ang mga pangit na salita napaghahalataan kung anong klaseng tao kayo.

Comment by TSEE!

January 11, 2007 @ 4:46 am

you are right hon!!! agree ako sayo at ke bian!

Comment by mary ann

January 11, 2007 @ 4:52 am

alam mo Kikay, yang mga nababasa mo na masasama bout Ruffa eh puro gawa nung mga naninira sa kya..nabasa ko rin yn at puro kabastusan ang pnagsasabi ng mga tao dun, isa ka na rin siguro sa mga nagpopost dun ng mga bastos na comment about Ruffa! Napaghahalataan lang na mga walang pinag-aralan ang mga taong ito na panay ang pintas at paninira ke Ruffa, kaya di kapatol-patol! ay naku bakit nga ba napunta na ke ruff ang usapin dito eh ke Greta ito..ang masasabi ko lng ay mga inggit ang mga taong ito ke Greta at k Ruffa, pano cguro kawawa ang life nila mga miserable!

Comment by zita

January 11, 2007 @ 11:27 am

dawn and gretchen are both adorable personalities. personally, i considered dawn as a more accomplished artist proven by the numerous best actress awards before she lied-low in showbiz. gretchen on the other hand has not proven yet herself as an actress coz even before she went on hibernation, she was just termed as one of the sex symbols. anyway nothing wrong with being tagged as sexy but what matters most to me is the breeding and personalities. only God knows whats really the truth behind the primadonna, shoes and the microwave issues… afterall, those are just rumors and i give dawn a benefit of the doubt until such time that she’ll tell it openly to the public. i admire her silence about the cheap issues. as to gretchen i find her so tactless and loud.( i can compare her to kris aquino before na cheap talaga ang dating sa public lalo na during controversial joey marquez days). she is less smart i can say. if she considers herself as an elite woman by now, maybe its better for her to keep quite in order not to increase the fire. pinagpyestahan na tuloy siya ng media. she keeps on talking maski di na nagsalita si dawn. and think she has the personality problem coz maski her own family is an enemy of her until now, plus the other intrigas bout bong, lani, etc.very irritating and cheap of her. wish she could just remain as a plain housewife to tony boy to avoid the gulo in showbiz. hindi na bagay ang ka cheapan ng showbiz intrigas sa present stature niya.

Comment by candy

January 11, 2007 @ 2:14 pm

for gretchen to goes back to showbizness is her prerogative atleast even she has everything eh she still know how to make money and used her time wisely.
and she’s also a devoted partner to tony boy and caring mom to dom at the same time,isn’t wonderful?!

Comment by che

January 11, 2007 @ 2:57 pm

i wonder why other people hate gretchen that much as if may napakalaking kasalanan si gretchen sa kanila.she may have an affair to other guy before but those are things from the past.taklesa man sya atleast walang tinatapakan o kinukutyang ibang tao.
think about this,have you seen gretchen staying late at night in any night spot?or does she smoke,drugs or gamble?hindi naman ah!
kung mahilig sya sa mamahaling gamit choice nya un at hindi nya ninakaw o inutang kanino man ang gamit nya,whether bigay lang yun ni tony boy nalive-in nya eh sa kanya pa rin at may karapatan sayng gamitin un anytime she want.
if you noticed hindi sya nagsasabi ng brand ng gamit nya its the people who noticed them,not untill tong fued nya with dawn and jan YES issue.she been using those things for more than a decade now,pero now lang nalaman ng karamihan kugn hindi pinansin ng iba,hindi natin lahat malalaman al’tho given na un ksi she is with tony boy who is a rich kung gastusan man ni tony boy si gretchen wla na tyo dun pera nya un at pinatrabahuan nya at kung ayun ang mkakpagpasaya sa taong mahal nya eh bakit nga naman di nya ibibigay eh aanhin nya ang pera kung hindi nya gagamitin?
so tayong mga nakikinig at nagbabasa lng wla tayong karapatang husgahan kung anuman sila dahil hindi natin alam ang totoo,kung anuman ang gawin nila choice nila un.magpatayan man tayo sa pagtatanggol o panghuhusga sa kanila,sila tuloy pa din ang masarap na buhay,tayo lng ang mag iinit ang ulo sa inis,so sino ang talo?

Comment by linda

January 11, 2007 @ 3:01 pm

ang talo?si SHARMANE!
ha ha ha…malaki inggit nyan kay gretchen eh!
aber…kung hindi ka inggit eh bat nanggagalaiti ka sa galit kay gretchen?

Comment by Anding

January 11, 2007 @ 8:52 pm

hello mga inday, puro tsismis lang ba ang binabasa nyo, magbasa rin kayo ng business news ok?..nagresign na ang lolo tony boy ninyo s pldt at yan palang kumpanya ng mga conjuangco that holds part of pldt shares e dummy ng mga marcos alam nyo ba yan? alam nyo ba ang implication nyan? babawiin ng govt. ang yaman ng pamilya ni tony boy, kaya may hangganan din ang kapritso ni greta at kayo mga bayaran, mawawala na rin kayo sa payroll ni greta..hmmmp..

Comment by Anding

January 11, 2007 @ 8:54 pm

may kasabihan nga tayo, kung gaano man kataas ang lipad ganon din kalakas ang lagapak ! get nyo?

Comment by Borat

January 11, 2007 @ 8:58 pm

kaya di pala dapat sabihin pinaghirapan or pinatrabahuan ang pera ni tony boy kasi nakaw din naman pala..kaya gising mga pinoy, ang perang pinagmamalaki ni greta ay nakaw mula sa kaban ng bayan !

Comment by linda

January 11, 2007 @ 10:54 pm

owww! talaga lang ha!then maghintay kayo!
at ano ang ibig sabihin ng pagpapatakbo nun hindi patratrabaho o paghihirap?kahit pa let sya sabihin natin na ganun nga,you see they(cojuangco) still do a good can you run such big company in a profitable way kung hindi maayos ang pagpapatakbo?
magiging isang malaking company ba ito kung hindi inaasikaso at pinagtratrabahuhan?
kahit anong negosyo kung hindi mo pinag-iisipang mabuti at pinagtratrabahuhan hindi lalago at lalaki bagkus babagsak.
at ikaw na ANDING

Comment by linda

January 11, 2007 @ 11:06 pm

at ikaw ANDING,BORAT at SHARMANE,magpalit-palit ka man ng name eh iisa lang ang laman ng post mo…malabnaw ang utak mo!
at wag mo kaming isali sa imahinasyon mo at wag mo kaming itulad sa trabaho mong manira at bayaran.halatng halatang kinakarir mo ang paninira.

Comment by linda

January 11, 2007 @ 11:12 pm

at ANDING kung di ka ba naman saksakan ng dyunga,ano ba sa tingin mo ang laman ng website na tong binabasa mo,kung magbasa man ako ng boardsheet,newsweek,readers digest etc. dont you think this is the right place to post my comments?
pwede ba!mag isip ka nga,this is entertainment section inday,ano bang ka kalabnawan ng utak yan!?

Comment by Anding

January 12, 2007 @ 2:21 am

ikaw linda ang walang utak, pilipino ka ba?, ang taong gumamit ng pera na nakaw knowing na nakaw ito ay lalong isang malaking magnanakaw..siguro magnanakaw ka kaya nagre-react ka..atsaka buksan mo ang isip mo kung dapat nga bang ipagmalaki ni gretchen ang mga kayamanan ni tony boy kung mula pala ito s nakaw na pera ng mga marcoses..

Comment by mary ann

January 12, 2007 @ 6:23 am

anong pakialam mo sa life ni gretchen ha sharmane heheheheh! bakit nangingisay ka ata sa galit , personalan na yan ha heheheeh!

Comment by CaSSiOpEiA

January 12, 2007 @ 8:30 am

Gretchen is always flaunting what she has eversince.Of course, she has to bring all the expensive things she possesses coz Ruffa is there.She is always competing with everybody.Ayaw nyang matalbugan kz nga naman she is Greta.The sad thing is,all those that she has are from TonyBoy,kawawa naman ung tao,nagpapakapagod at hirap tapos itong isa eh lustay lang ng lustay.But I cant blame her, she has it so she has to flaunt it right? So what naman kung masabihan ng PRIMADONNA eh it is true naman d ba?Kunsabagay,masakit talaga tanggapin ang katotohanan.Kaya lalong lumaki ang issue is bec. she keeps on talking about it on National TV,sya ang talak ng talak to get the sympathy from the press. Hay,Greta is Greta…

Comment by CaSSiOpEiA

January 12, 2007 @ 8:33 am

I think the one who wrote this blog is the one whom Claudine filed suit with?

Comment by al

January 12, 2007 @ 1:00 pm

the government should recover all the money from the cronies!!! its time to save the philippines folks! rather than focusing on gretchen or dawn….

Comment by linda

January 12, 2007 @ 1:24 pm

if you people have the problem about PHilippines future dun kayo s mga corrupt n politicians magdada ang pls hindi pa confirm the said case against the cojuangco.
and cass…yung tinatanong mo lumang isyu na,ngaun ka lang ba nakapagbasa ng local entertainment mag?
alam mo al,madaming totoong cronies ang marcoses lahat sila ngaun buhay hari bat hindi un ang pagtuunan?
and once again this site is entertainment sec not national news or whatsoever!
pls stict to the isyu,ang labo eh!

Comment by linda

January 12, 2007 @ 1:31 pm

si SHARMANE,parang aatakihin na sa galit ah…ha ha ha…
to CASS naman,do you know when gretchen talks about the issue with her and dawn?those were the times n amainit ang isyu,and the yes mag jan issue comes out in the market even before end of the month,im living outside pinas pero i got my copy last dec.20 for jan issue,and it says there that the enterview took place earlier,so pano mo masasabi na lagi sya nagsasalita?if you noticed this blog and the said interview on yes mag are almost the same ksi jo-ann got these from there and publish it whole in jan issue,so san dun ang sinsabi mong laging nagsasalita si gretchen?it was only one time interview kung napansin mo!

Comment by rodel

January 12, 2007 @ 2:02 pm

ang tagal na nitong isyu na to,binubuhay nyo sa mga pag aaway nyo.once and for all tigilan na!
kung anuman gusto ni gretchen hayaan nyo sya buhay nya yun,ano bang mga pakialam nyo?
at kung may problema kayo dun sarilinin nyo,nonesense na tong topic nyo eh.

Comment by che

January 12, 2007 @ 3:35 pm

ha ha ha…saya namn…dito pa rin pala tong topic na to at infairness pahaba ng pahaba,napansin ko lang yung mga taong puro sira kay gretchen eh parang iisang tao lang like FLORA a.ka.SHARMANE and ANDING,very obvious ung mga post nyo laging magkasunod ha ha ha…ano kayo kambal after nung isa,isa SHARMANE o FLORA o whatever na LEGAL WIFE,na feeling sya lang ang legal wife sa mundo eh paulit-ulit na lang,dahil ba ayaw kumampi o maniwala sayo ng mga tao eh makipagpatayan ba sa paninira kay grethcen,indya may buhay pa sa labas ng PEP ha ha ha…kung yan ang opinyon mo kay gretchen hala nasabi mo na,ok na kasawa na eh!

Comment by donna

January 12, 2007 @ 7:43 pm

hi!to all…
i just like gretchen no matter what,i like her, she looks sosyal even before she became ST star,kya siguro lalo syang sumikat kasi she has the pretty face,good bod and sosyal.
i was high school then,but now i see her again after many years the beauty didn’t fade mas nadagdagan pa ang confidence.
i like how she took good care of her self,she has the dicipline to maintain her looks,saka she’s mabait.hope matapos na ang intriga sa kanya.
wish you well gretchen!

Comment by Anabel

January 12, 2007 @ 10:33 pm

sus kayo talagang mga tsesmusa, tigilan nyo na yang mga away ninyo, ako na ang magsasabi, yan si gritchin, hambugera talaga yan super yabang ba at naku malandi talaga, kaya kung meron man dapat tanggalan ng tinggil dito walang iba kundi si grithin !

Comment by Jude

January 13, 2007 @ 12:09 am

hahahah! pati ba naman itong katulong namin si Anabel eh nakihalo na dito, di bale, free time naman nya kaya hayaan na lng natin na magtalak dito sa blog na ito kasi kawawa naman sya, dito na lng nya binubuhos ang sama ng loob nya sa buhay hehehehehe! Pagbigyan na natin!

Comment by Paris

January 13, 2007 @ 12:10 am

di nyo nappansin mukhang parami nang parami ang mga bastos na walang pinag-aralan na mga tao dito…like nitong Anabel na ito. Nonsense ang mga pinopost.

Comment by linda

January 13, 2007 @ 1:19 am

ha ha ha…natawa naman ako dito kay anabel na kahit obvious na nagpapatawa infairness katuwa sya.
ok inday anabel,nasabi mo na gusto mo balik na trabaho.
sayang lang pinangrent mo kasi sure naman wa care si “grithin” dyan.
ingat ka inday anabel at next time mag-aral ng tamang humor huh!

Comment by Paris

January 13, 2007 @ 6:11 am

ikaw naman sharmane heheheh! wag ka na kasing mainggit kina ruffa at gretchen, deserving naman kasi sila na maging mga sosyaling dahil me papakita naman, wag ka na kasing magselos pa hehehehhe…..

Comment by Drew

January 13, 2007 @ 6:11 am

Kayong lahat na supporters ni Greta wag magpaka-cheap …What if we criticize Greta ! My God walang breeding lahat ng Greta’s supportes mana sa amo nila palibhasa INSECURE si greta kaya ganyan na lang ang pagiging KSP!talagang obvious na may binabayaran si Greta dito sa column na ito para ipagtangol siya and so far parami ng parami ang kaaway niya sa showbiz

Comment by JKMed

January 13, 2007 @ 6:44 pm

To Drew: Can u please read all the comments here starting from the very beginning and check who are those people who have no breeding? Kung babasahin mo yung ibang posts, grabeng paninira at gumagamit pa ng mga bastos na words ang mga detractors ni Gretchen. So, sino ngayon ang mga walang breeding? I’m not a fan of Gretchen and I don’t idolize her but when I viewed all the posted comments, parang puro walang katuturan ang mga sinasabi, lahat puro paninira lang, and if ever true man yun, yet u should not use “mad” words about her since u don’t even know this person. In my own opinion, I think these people who are making lait to her ay binayaran para sirain ang name nya..di kaya? At hindi yung mga nagtatanggol sa knya, My Goodness! use ur common sense!!!

Comment by jaz_tin

January 13, 2007 @ 8:47 pm

well, all i can say “marami lang talaga ingitera sa mundo”….just leave her alone…she just being herself…

Comment by Millette

January 13, 2007 @ 11:49 pm

hey sharmane! ang mga nagbubuntis kesehodang top model pa eh ngbabago talaga ang aura pag buntis. And Heidi klum is no exception, I saw her many times co’z I’m living here in Germany. At kapapanganak nya lang din sa 3rd child nya. Shes a bit natural lang yun..Ruffa is a very beautiful woman at kahit naka-dalawang anak na sya eh glamorous at beautiful parin like Gretchen. Wag mo nalng isali si Ruffa sa blog na ito dahil si Gretchen ang bida dito hehehehehe!

Comment by Jonsky

January 13, 2007 @ 11:53 pm

hoy sharmane! eh ano ngayon kung mayabang sila ruffa at gretchen big deal ba sayo yun? mamamatay ka ba kung magyayabang cla pareho eh di mo nga nakakahalubilo yun eh bkit nangingisay ka ata dito hahahahaha! ay naku halatadong sobra ang inggit mo sa katawan kasi isa kang hampas-lupa hahahahah!

Comment by INGGITERA!

January 13, 2007 @ 11:57 pm


Comment by INGGITERA!

January 13, 2007 @ 11:58 pm


Comment by linda

January 14, 2007 @ 12:29 am

SHARMANE,wake up!
nababasa mo ba mga pinagsasabi mo?mostly out of the topic,ano bang meron sa ulo mo?
kung ano ano naman ang mga pinapasok mo pra lang may masabi ka,and whose that santino and chloe by the way?if im not mistaken those are contestant in a reality show,i didn’t remember reading their name in this blog,reallyyyyyyy….
and to DREW,dont you know the word “breeding” is all about?ang panlalait at pamamansin ng gamit ng may gamit at paggamit ng masasamang salita ba ay tinatawag na may breeding tulad mo at ni SHARMANE,ANABEL,ANDING and the likes?
pls…wag nga kayong magmalinis,dahil obvious na makikitid ang utak nyo,at hindi kayang arukin ng mga kakatiting nyong utak ang sitwasyon ni gretchen o ni ruffa man.
at SHARMANE,kung ayaw mo kay ruffa then why bothered?ksi ako ayaw ko kay ruffa so i dont care ano man gawin nya and i dont waste time about her kaekekan,eh bat ikaw mukhang updated ka pa? and wala syang gingawang masama sa akin at hindi ako nasasaktan anuman ang gawin nya so bakit ako mag aaksaya ng galit sa kanya?
eh bat ikaw parang ikamamatay mo ang presensya ni ruffa at gretchen ni hindi ka nga nila kilala?
ano ba????konteng isip naman!

Comment by Drew

January 14, 2007 @ 1:32 am

and why don’t u just leave all the people who made comments here alone….maghanap na kayo ng tarbaho pwede!!!Siguro malaki binabayad ni Greta sa inyo at sa kakitiran ng utak ninyo at kabobohan ito lang ang alam ninyong tarbaho …So WHAT if we don’t like Greta…Anong paki nyo oh I forgot bayaran lang pala kayo So I know deep inside pinapasalamatan ninyo kami para tuloy tuloy lang ang pagpapabayad ninyo kay Greta.OKAY huwag na tayong mag-away okay?U LIKE Geta FINEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! WE don’t like Greta bacause we find her annoying SO WHAT ???? WALA NA KAYONG MAGAGAWA doon…Bakit kailangan pang magpalitan ng nga salita …Ituloy niyo ang magandang ginagawa niyo para kay Greta dahil kailangan niya yan at huwag nyong gawin personal lahat ng post dito … lahat ng tao may karapatan mag-post dito kaya walang pakialamanan!

Comment by linda

January 14, 2007 @ 1:59 am

hellur SHARMANE,whose using hundred of names?eh dba obvious na ikaw at si DREW eh iisa,lagi ka nlng may kasunod na post after your post using different name.and pls lang project runaway is a contest for promising amature designer,so anong kinalaman nila kay ruffa and gretchen?i dont think ksali sila s topic dito,istupida!

Comment by linda

January 14, 2007 @ 2:09 am

to DREW,ha ha ha…oh dba obvious iisa ka lng SHARMANE and DREW,continuation ba ang post mo drew kay sharmane sana di mo nlng iniba name mo pwede namn eh,just like me i post lots of comment with only one users name atleast may credibility.
ikaw n rin ang nagsabi na lahat ng tao eh may karapatang magpost dito so why are you talking shit sa mga nagtatanggol kay gretchen,you are the one firing at us personally,why dont you check your FIRST POST #523 using DREW name,o talaga lng nalilito ka na sa mga pinagpopost mo ksi kung ano anong name ang ginagamit mo nahahalata tuloy na iisa lang kayo nila SHARMANE,ANDING at ANABEL.
kung ako sayo itigil mo na yan baka yan pa ang maging dahilan ng pagkasira ng ulo mo ha ha ha…

Comment by linda

January 14, 2007 @ 2:17 am

now i know after these exchanging words SHARMANE and DREW will finally transform into another name ,could it be SANTANA,LUKRESYA,ENVYNA,KIRINA LANDIFA or BOBITA?
ha ha ha…those name suit you inday.
so un lang po…and sayo SHARMANE a.k.a. ANDING,DREW etc. watch out for gretchen’s new commercial then magsabog ka na naman ng mga paninira at masasamang salita,catch you next time!

Comment by linda

January 14, 2007 @ 2:36 am

to SHARMANE or whoever you are,your telling me na ako lahat ang nagpopost para ipagtanggol si gretchen,pls check the date,time and time interval ng mga post namin.
you mean ang yaman ko naman to just sit here in front of my computer everyday,every minute and every hour of it?
ganun ba ako kayaman para magkaron ng madaming maid to do my daily chores,o ang laki ba ng sustento ko pra di n magwork at magstay lng s site na to?grabeh!!!!!!!ganyan kaba kaistupida?
now im starting to pity you,there is really something wrong with you.maiksi lang nag buhay to waste spending your time pra manira o magalit sa taong wla namang kinalaman sa buhay mo,inday i think you need to rest your mind.magnilay nilay ka and pray,kailangan mo yan.ingat!

Comment by INGGITERA!

January 14, 2007 @ 2:53 am

for sure yan linda..lalo lang mamamatay sa inggit at paghihinagpis ang mga taong ito hehehehe!

Comment by Jing

January 14, 2007 @ 4:00 am

One word na pinag-ugatan ng lahat ng tsismis dito ay INGGIT. It’s very plain and clear naman na kahit na mag-tumbling pa or whatever is Gretchen Barreto kung walang mga taong naiinggit eh wala sanang usapin dito. Me, myself wala akong pakialam sa kanila, i hardly know them. What I only knw is they are celebrities and I liked their pretty faces. But about their lives wala akong paki! That’s why I’m wondering why these people here are making it a big issue at para bang ikamamatay nila kung mayayabang ang mga taong ito. One posting of comment is enough, kung naiinis kayo or nayayabangan u can say it just once pero yung paulit-ulit napaghahalataan na para bang part na ng life nyo ang paninira sa mga taong ito. I hope u get what I wanna imply here…tigilan na lng ninyo itong paulit-ulit na kapopost ng pareparehas na sinasabi..yes we are all free to post pero kung paulit-ulit na lang eh nakakarindi na!!

Comment by Drew

January 14, 2007 @ 6:43 am

hello…am not “Sharmaine”..paki check IP address..My God ur such a complete computer illeterate!!!kayo kayo parepareho IP nyo kaya obvious na iisa lang kayo or isang grupo….

Comment by Drew

January 14, 2007 @ 7:07 am

Ur such a non – sense…..As I told u stop saying bad things sa mga tao nagcocoment dito!!!I know Sharmaine that u are not rich..the way ba naman mag-post ka dito It just shows…We hate Gretchen and leave us alone..our comments here has nothing to do with nor doesn’t make u nor Gretchen better or worse of a person whatever we post here .This is merely our opinion and who are u to question our opinion…I am not mad at Gretchen I just find her annoying I am not being subjective it’s being objective ..It’s like eating ampalaya others want and others don’t…but only people with low IQ will question it…..

Comment by Drew

January 14, 2007 @ 7:11 am

To Sharmaine..yeah we are both not rich but at leat we have proper breeding and proper thinking!The way we are posting comments here shows how acceptable our reasons are..for a person who have proper breeding and values ..U won’t call urself rich not unless u have made such a great achievement

Comment by Drew

January 14, 2007 @ 7:13 am

gretchen said she’s rich… WHY ? Because Tony is rich WHAT an answer!!!and she ’s proud of that..

Comment by che

January 14, 2007 @ 12:24 pm

to DREW,its easy to get another ID or change your user name,hindi mo ba alam yan?is that what you called computer literate?
hindi naman yata mga tanga ang mga tao dito to believe,pls reffer to post #523,what did you just post there?it was your first post where you condemn the people here for being “walang breeding,cheap and bayaran”.it was you who first offended the people who are on gretchen’s side,so i think tama si linda sa mga sinasabi nya.
and to jing,you are right…i also wonder why these people have so much inggit sa katawan.
ano nga pla ang rich sa pagkakaintindi mo DREW?pati b naman rich di mo alam ang meaning.

Comment by che

January 14, 2007 @ 12:40 pm

to DREW,ha ha ha ha…nababasa mo ba ang mga post mo?kalito!post #541 har har har…nkakatawa ka!
then sabi mong acceptable ang mga reason nyo ni sharmane,sinong may sabi?ikaw o si sharmane? ha ha ha…hindi ba obvious kayo lang ang magkakampi kasi puro masasamang salita ang mga lumalabas sa mga pinapopost nyo.
nag-iisip ka ba bago magpost,sabi mo rin your comment has nothing to do with gretchen,bakit sino ba ang topic ng blog na to at sino ba ang sinisiraan mo.
my gosh……..patingin ka na!

Comment by Jing

January 14, 2007 @ 6:11 pm

susko naman napaka-senseless naman ng sinasabi ng mga ito….hindi ko ma-get ang gustong sabihin ni Drew..nakakalito! Very redundant!

Comment by Duchess

January 14, 2007 @ 8:28 pm

Dawn is much more beautiful than Gretchen, Jacobo is more cute and adorable than Dominique.Anton Lagdameo is unarguably the handsome one as compared to Tony Boy Cojuangco. Dawn is an A-list actress, an actress through and through with several awards under her name. Dawn is involved with some socio-civic work, as some would say, giving back to people. Dawn is warmly accepted in the society where her hubby moves, how about Gretchen, she`s still branded as a pathetic social climber, gold-digger and a trophy wife?????? Both have not finished school, but Dawn is at edge here since she accepts the fact that life is not just Louis Vuittons, Balenciagas, Jimmy Choos, Manolo Blahniks etc. I can`t help but compare Gretchen to the ff:

*Kris Aquino- the difference is if Kris flaunts, it`s ok since she worked hard for it and she BLOODY SHARES! Gretch, can i asked for an LV bag and a motorcycle Balenciaga bag from you? I`M SO NOT FUCKING KIDDING!!!!!!
*Sharon Cuneta- the megastar who can have it all but still chooses to be low profile
*Ruffa Gutierrez- she refuses to be negative and as with all the controversies that used to hound her, there`s no bad blood from her and she`s more realistic and reachable. A princess, indeed.
*Marjorie Barretto- the lesser known among the Barretto siblings in the `biz but her daughters with Dennis Padilla are hundred percent more prettier and more sosyal-looking than Gretch`s own, Dominique.
Gretch, basta just one each of your LVs, Balenciaga, Prada, Tod`s, Chanel, CD, Hermes, Chloe, Fendi, Gucci bags and i`m on your side na. I AM GODDAM SERIOUS.

Hey, a vacay to Maldives won`t hurt! I am one friend who`s very hard to acquire but if you did all that, we`ll be FRIENDS FOR LIFE!!!! as tacky as it may sound.

Comment by Drew

January 14, 2007 @ 9:14 pm

Che cn u research what an ip address is? Ur damn computer illeterate!!!!!!!!!I pity u saan bundok ka ba nag-aral?

Comment by Kikay

January 14, 2007 @ 10:41 pm

hala! mukhang personalan na ang banat dito hehehehe! Nasan na ang sinasabi nyong breeding at bakit eh panay ata ang mura nina Sharmane? Saan ang breeding????

Comment by Santimofile

January 14, 2007 @ 10:51 pm

Hery Duchess! Ano ka, Duchess of Cornwall or whatsoever, ano pretty kamo ang anak ni Dawn eh nakita ko na ang pangit ni hindi nga kamukha ni Dawn or kahit ni baka naman kanino anak yun hahahahah! Bakit nakita mo naba si Dom in real life ha? Ask me, kasi many times ko na nakita ang anak ni Gretch..she’s adorable at smart. Hindi ka ba marunong tumingin ng maganda? Pwede pakisabi sa idol mo na si dawn na alagaan niya na lang si Jacobo (bantot pa ng name!) kasi sakition yung bata kawawa naman..tama nga na hindi sya pwedeng magwear ng mga designer clothes at can’t afford sya bumili….palitan nya na muna ang bulok nyang kotse bago sya bumili ng mamahaling gamit. Gretch should be thankful talaga, knowing that she’s not coming from a wealthy clan but now she has evrything kaya naman inggit kyo!! So what kung di pa sila kasal ni Tony, ang importante mahal sya and before we know it ikakasal na pala sila eh di lalo kayo namatay sa inggit. When it comes to beauty, i-compare ba naman si Dawn ke Gretch eh losyang na si Gretch hanggang ngaoyn di pa rin ngbabago ang face value, lalo lang bumabata. At sinong ngsabi na class si Dawn?? Yan ba ang class na muntik ng magpakamatay noong mga time na fully depressed sya? iniwanan din ng mga lalaking minahal nya, yan ba ang respetadò? ng-live inlang sila ng matagal ni Richard, he only used her di naman pinakasalan kya no choice sya kundi pakasalan si Anton at naburo ang byuti niya sa probinsya helllloooo! Hindi talaga sya puwede maging sosyal kasi hanggang dyan lang sya. At sino ang ngsabi na Gretchen does’nt belong in the A-society..hellooooo! if u have money and expensive things, titingalain ka!! Sa dinami-dami ba namang mga lumaki sa hirap na ngayon ay mayayaman na….ang mga walang karapatan ay yung mga inggiterang kagaya nyo kasi kahit klan hndi kayo aasenso..mamundok na lang kyo!!

Comment by rodel

January 14, 2007 @ 11:19 pm

SHARMANE,hindi ako si linda at hindi ako gumagamit ng ibang pangalan baka kasi sabihin mo din sa akin yan,pero ako na ang sasagot kay linda,sa nakikita ko ikaw ang may side ako ni gretchen hindi dahil bayaran nya ako o crush ko siya pero wla akong nakikitang masama sa ginawa nya,kanya kanya tayo ng ugali kung dun masaya si gretchen anong paki nating lahat?
at nabasa ko din dito sa pep online ang bago nyang gagawing commercial pero hindi pa lng nya daw pwedeng sabihin kung ano so sa tingin ko lahat na ng tao eh alam un ikaw nalang ata ang hindi.

Comment by chuva

January 14, 2007 @ 11:50 pm

hoy!SHARMANE! tanga…tanga…at tanga ka talaga! hindi mo ba alam na may bagong commrcial si gretchen na lalabas sinabi nya na yan pagdating nya from holiday abroad,hindi mo alam?so kung wala kang alam wag magdumada,HINDI KA LANG INGGITERA TANGA KA PA!

Comment by linda

January 15, 2007 @ 12:30 am

to DREW,IP or enternet address also know as an identifier for a computer on a network inday,then kung pinagmamalaki mo na you can locate me tru my computer IP then go ahead…bka mapahiya ka!
lam mo habang tumatagal palala ka ng palala…and jing was right magulo na post mo walang sense.

Comment by Drew

January 15, 2007 @ 12:41 am cruel of u to say such undesirable things to a child!!!!!!!!piece of advice…seek for psychological advice!and linda,ur doing ur homework then..mas wala kang sense Linda!grabe ang search mo sa internet and y don’t u check my IP and Sharmaine so u can find it urself since I know now ur status HAHAHAHAHA

Comment by Drew

January 15, 2007 @ 12:43 am

At least si Jacobo hindi naging question kung sino ama niya ang proud Lagdameo!

Comment by linda

January 15, 2007 @ 12:47 am

to SHARMANE,hoi!palengkera! kung di ka ba naman saksakan ng TANGA! kung wla kang alam kay gretchen manahimik ka at tama si chuva may interview si gretchen at para po sayo hinanap ko eto po ay nung JAN.4 PEP enterview,paki check nga dito,ISTUPIDA…MORON!
daldal ka ng daldal wala ka palang alam,its amlost mid jan hindi mo pa alam yan! magbasa ka tungkol kay gretchen para mas madami ka pang maipagkalat na paninira sa kanya.
about your project runaway inday,konteng utak lang if i watch that show so?anong kinalamn nun kay gretchen?again,this blog’s tittle is GRETCHEN UNDER FIRE.
as i’ve said i dont like ruffa so i dont waste time reading about her pero ikaw ayaw mo sa kanya basa ka ng basa tungkol sa kanya at kay gretchen,san ang kredibilidad mo!?napaghahalataang TANGA ka!nandadamay ka pa ng walang alam sa isyu,ISTUPIDA!

Comment by linda

January 15, 2007 @ 12:55 am

to DREW,wow!owww really you locate me? why dont post it then,hinahamon kita!
pwede ba!your so desperate!
no wonder kasi obvious na obvious sa mga post mo n akulang kulang ka ha ha ha…

Comment by Santimofile

January 15, 2007 @ 1:15 am

sa nagsabi na iisa lang ang gumawa ng mga comments na ngtatanggol ke Gretchen..wag nyo ako isali because ngayon pa lang po ako ng-post dito. Hindi ko kayo pinagbibintangan at sana wag nyo rin akong pagbintangan, I’m not the first one to comment about the kids of Dawn or Gretchen, di nga ba kayo ang unang nanghamak sa pgkatao ni Dominique, ang walang kamalay-malay na bata, tapos ngayon nung ng-comment ako about Jacobo eh nagagalit kyo eh sa totoo lang naman ang sinasabi ko. Naiintindihan nyo ba kung bakit pnagtatanggol namin si gretchen?? same as when u defend ur Dawn also, kya wag kayo magwonder! Use ur common senses!

Comment by Kikay

January 15, 2007 @ 1:24 am

Hey Sharmane! Grabe ka naman akala mo yata iisa lang ang defender ni Gretchen dito, sorry ka dahil iisa lang akong Kikay dito at di ako gumamit ng ibang name….ayoko na sanang dumagdag pa ulit ng post kasi wala ng patutunguhan ito kya lang binanggit mo pa uli ako…hindi na kita papatulan kasi masama ng lumalabas sa mga comments nyo eh, di na kapatol-patol. I know from myself na hindilang iisang tao ang ngtatanggol dito ke gretchen, at kung inaakala mo na binabayaran kami, salamat sa thoughts mo pero d kami pwedeng bayaran dhil d naman kmi gamol sa pera at d naman kmi kilala ni Gretchen, we are only trying to defend her frm those mad comments na nakakapanirang-puri na, and I knowbandang huli mananaig pa rin ang kabutihan sa kasamaan..sino nga ba ang lumalabas na devils dito kundi kayong mga naninirang-puri. God Bless!!

Comment by Mark

January 15, 2007 @ 1:38 am

I don’t like Dawn that much, she’s a good actress but I think she’s better just be a plain house wife to Anton and that she can better take care of her son. In showbizness kc dami ng artistang mga bago, paiba-iba na, Dawn has no more good aura, she’s losyang na. Well, Gretchen is still beautiful and she really takes good care of her body, I liked her beauty, still one of the most beautiful face in the local showbiz. I think she’s just living her life to the fullest now, she’s lucky enough to find such a stable man like Tony and a beautiful daughter Dominique.

Comment by AJ

January 15, 2007 @ 4:51 am

Geez … ‘kakaaliw ang discussion dito. Pinoy na pinoy talaga … talangka-mentality, double standards, puro ka-ek-ekan …

Comment by linda

January 15, 2007 @ 9:22 am

you see how shallow your thoughts are SHARMANE!
grabeh!your sooooooo stupid!didn’t you read ther enterview?ganyan ba kababaw ang utak mo?common sense na lang,sa ganda ni gretchen kahit saang commercial,personal apperance o movie she just look the same,still fresh and beautiful.not like dawn,needs the computer enhancement to improved her looks on print.plsssssssss…
and yopu always claim na iisa lang kmi,my goshhhhhhhh…darling hindi lang iisa ang taong malawak ang isip sa buong mundo nagkataon na isa lang ako dun and unfortunately hindi ka nabiyayaan nun.
do i still have to ellaborate whose the contestant,judges and host of the runaway…i didn’t see the connection of this blog.the more you talk SHARMANE,the more you show how TANGA u are.
owww…by the way i tot DREW knew my status,so where i’am not?kasi ako alam ko kung san kyo,your enternet provider shows na kayo’y taga mandaluyong…sa loob!i think you neeed more dosage ha ha ha…

Comment by linda

January 15, 2007 @ 9:27 am

you see how shallow your thoughts are SHARMANE!
grabeh!your sooooooo stupid!didn’t you read the enterview?ganyan ba kababaw ang utak mo?common sense na lang,sa ganda ni gretchen kahit saang commercial,personal apperance o movie she just look the same,still fresh and beautiful.not like dawn,needs the computer enhancement to improved her looks on print.plsssssssss…
and you always claim na iisa lang kmi,my goshhhhhhhh…darling hindi lang iisa ang taong malawak ang isip sa buong mundo nagkataon na isa lang ako dun and unfortunately hindi ka nabiyayaan nun.
do i still have to ellaborate whose the contestant,judges and host of the runaway…i didn’t see the connection of this blog.the more you talk SHARMANE,the more you show how TANGA u are.
owww…by the way i tot DREW knew my status,so where i’am now?kasi ako alam ko kung san kyo,your enternet provider shows na kayo’y taga mandaluyong…sa loob!i think you neeed more dosage ha ha ha…

Comment by Jannice

January 15, 2007 @ 12:00 pm

grabe ka nman sharmane, kinompare mo si ruffa ke santino eh bading yun, ke ganda ganda naman ni ruffa kaya nga naging Miss World 2nd Princess, tsaka bakit pinanggigilan mo si Ruffa dito eh blog to for Greta..sus naman itong taong to, nonsense na rin ang mga sinasabi at puro pagmumura, dun ka na lang kaya sa bangketa magtinda at sabay mantsismis dun ka bagay hmmmmpppp! Siguro muha kang bakulaw!

Comment by Cool

January 15, 2007 @ 12:02 pm

nawala na si JEm eto namang sharmane ang pumalit mas masahol pa hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Comment by Duchess

January 15, 2007 @ 3:45 pm

I am very much fascinated by the lifestyles of Hollywood`s most beautiful women, like Jlo, Paris Hilton, even Catherine Zeta-Jones. I admit I regularly buy InStyle, Us Weekly to know what`s IN, their fashion, bags, and lifestyle. We, in manila, are so not used to seeing celebs fully decked in signature stuff. Yes, it`s Gretchen`s money, no, actually it`s Tonyboy`s but everything Gretchen does screams MATERIALISM and LOOK AT ME, I`M RICH!!!!!!!Even her own mother said, this at the height of the family squabble, that if she could only buy a medicine to give her daughter, she could have done so. I just hope that Gretchen realizes that she`s so blessed already, so, why still bother about this issue, this just goes to show that she`s still DEEPLY INSECURE!!! To whom much is given, much is expected. Kaya Gretch, you could buy me for 2M,para naman when I`m staying in manila, i can have a feel as to how you live your FILTHY RICH LIFESTYLE. BTW, i love Gretchen before pa, sila pa ni Joey Loyzaga, they used to go to Greenhills, very pretty, girl-next-door ang dating and nice, she smiles. Point is: she doesn`t need all the LVs, all the Christian Loubotins to validate her presence. Much more beautiful without the borloloys and alalays.

Comment by chuva

January 15, 2007 @ 6:43 pm

you see SHARMANE how you became famous here,not only by talking nonsense pati na rin sa pagmumura then sasabihin mong iisa lng ang tao ditong nagtatanggol kay gretchen,kahit siguro ako di idolo si gretchen ay mabwibwisit sa tirada mong napakawalang kwenta,halatang taga bangketa ka nga.
napakainggitera mo lahi mo yata si TANING,diba dati syang anghel na dahil s inggit eh naging kalaban ng kabutihan? at ngayon yan ang papel mo sa mundo ang mahasik ng kasamaan at inggit at for sure tuwang tuwa si TANING sayo.

Comment by chuva

January 15, 2007 @ 7:04 pm

at kung hindi ka ba naman saksakan ng TANGA sharmane,tinatanong mo kung pano ko nalaman na may darating syang commercial eh kahit ang interview nya sa yes mag jan issue,(sabagay baka hindi ka nakabili eh basahin mo na lang nga ang interview nya dito sa pep)sinabi dun na maaring gumawa sya ng commercial for facial wash,take note dec pa un lumabas hanggang ngayon wala ka pang muwang?ano ba namang kaistupidahan yan SHARMANE,nagdadada ka wala ka namang alam,hindi ka lang INGGITERA,TONTO,TANGA,ISTUPIDA ka pa!

Comment by chuva

January 15, 2007 @ 8:16 pm

ahhh…tinatanong mo din ako kung nanonood ako ng project…..?kung oo man o hindi so?anong kinalaman nun dito at sa buhay ko?SAN ANG LOGIC?at hindi ko natatandaang may sinabi o sinulat akong walang alam si drew sa computer?ano kaba hindi marunong bumasa o umintindi kasimple ng mga sinulat ko at tagalog pa huh!di mo naintindihan?anong tawag duhn hindi ba TANGA at ISTUPIDA?tama nga si linda may sayad ka nga.

Comment by chuva

January 15, 2007 @ 8:21 pm

at kung kalalabas mo lang eh paadmit ka ulit kasi hindi ka pa lubusang magaling,nakakasira talaga ng ulo ang sobrang inggit nyak hak hak…
ano nga kayang meron si gretchen at nagpuputok ang butsi mo sa kanya manang SHARMANE?
dahil ba nakikita mo ang lahat ng meron sya na wala ka?sori ka nalang hindi ka biniyayaan ng tulad ni gretchen kasi masamng damo ka ha ha ha…

Comment by Cool

January 15, 2007 @ 8:29 pm

hahaha! kakatuwa naman dito sa blog na ito naaaliw ako kaya binabalikan ko na para basahin heheheheh!

Comment by chuva

January 15, 2007 @ 8:57 pm

he he he…kaya nga masarap dito pantanggal ng pagod,makaencounter mo ba naman si SHARMANE na walang utak eh di ka ba naman kakabagan katatawa.
at para sayo SHARMANE,mawala man silang lahat wag kang mag-alala nandito ako para patulan ang walang kwenta mong post,simula ngayon hobby ko na to he he he…

Comment by Milan Dianne

January 16, 2007 @ 1:48 am

I agree. I think Gretchen Barretto used to be more likable and appealing when she was still dating basketball star and hottie Joey Loyzaga. And I think she used to look more happier and at peace.

Pere what puzzles me was that hindi rin niya ata kasundo ang pamilya Loyzaga.

Comment by Cool

January 16, 2007 @ 4:36 am

Yeah, I heard it right, hindi gusto ng pamilya Loyzaga si gretchen lalo na si Bing. I remembered her making lait to Gretchen na kesyo sino daw si Gretchen di naman sikat…look at her now? Diba sikat na sya heheheheh! Sabi nga yung mga nanlalait eh binababa ng nasa Taas, look at Bing now, san sya ngayon??? Kala mo kasi kung sinong manlait ng tao noon. And because of so many “panlalait” na naranasan ni Gretchen noon kaya lalo syang pinagpapala ng Diyos. Good for u Gretchen!!!

Comment by finch345

January 16, 2007 @ 4:40 am

hmmp! kala mo anman kasi kung sino yang Bing Loyzaga na yan masama talaga ang ugali nyan eh, buti nga sa knya at hiwalay sila mg-asawa at ang asawa nya babaero na di naman kaguwapuhan nagustuhan nya…pano kasi napaka-taas at feeling sikat na sikat eh wala naman syang na-reach! Na-reach nya pagka-ingrata…I dont really like Gretchen baretto but I think she’s just blessed now kasi noon maraming nang-aapi sa kanya.

Comment by Milan Dianne

January 16, 2007 @ 7:44 am

Bakeeeeet? sino ba si Gretchen ngayon? Ano ba ang highlight sa career ni Gretchen…di ba ST QUEEN?? di ba BOMBA STAR… HA HA HA HA At least si Bing pinakasalan at tunay na asawa. E si Gretchen KABIT paren at never talagang accepted sa pamilya Cojuangco at sa alta sociedad.

Kaya masaydong insecure at KSP kasi ang SAMA talaga ng uglai ni Gretchen. Mukha la ang mabait ni Gretchen. Para ata curse itong si Gretchen sa mga tao. HA HA HA

Comment by Maricel

January 16, 2007 @ 8:21 am

Ang dami namang kaaway itong si Gretchen. Talgaang masama daw ugali nito in real life kaya nagka-karma tuloy. tsk, tsk tsk

Comment by July

January 16, 2007 @ 9:21 am

i dont believe in u guys, I knw Gretchen at kabaligtaran ang mga pinagsasabi nyo. These are all “paninira” at msyadong pinepersonal nyo sya, I bet u dont even knw Gretchen personally, nakikita nyo lang sa Tv’s and mags and ur making gossips na.

Comment by Milette

January 16, 2007 @ 9:24 am

I liked Gretchen despite all the intrigues na kinasangkutan nya, she’s a very humble person kaya naman pinagpapala sya. At take note, totoo syang tao di kagaya ng iba dyan natatahitahimik pero me nakatago palang mga sikreto at mas masahol pa! To all the detractors…bahala na kayo kahit ano pa ang sabihin nyo, u can never put a good person down. At sa mga namemersonal, u are only showing us what kind of people are you.

Comment by Sharon

January 16, 2007 @ 9:37 am

Since when did Gretchen ever have humility and class? Are you on cr*ck? As to the Bing/Gretchen old issue, I think si Gretchen ang may problema. Di ba iniwanan ultimately ni Joey si Gretchen? Well, I have always found Bing more lovely and talented than Gretchen anyways.

Why are the loyzagas, dawn, lani and the cojuangcos having the same problem with Gretchen?

Comment by chuva

January 16, 2007 @ 10:11 am

SHAMANE,isa ka talagang hangal!wala ka na sa katinuan inday,ipagsaksakan ba naman ang project runaway dito ha ha ha…kundi ba naman may sayad bwa ha ha ha…gretchen…runaway…ano koneksyon?
kasi sharmane kung magpopost ka magpababa ka muna ng tama kasi wala ka sa wisyo ha ha ha…

Comment by Anding

January 16, 2007 @ 10:23 am

to sharon : sasagutin ko ang tanong mo s last pharagraph, e kasi nga obvious na mukhang pera itong si gretchen..naku naman no, ang pangit ni tony boy nasisikmura nyang tabihan..yuckk !

Comment by Linda

January 16, 2007 @ 10:44 am

talagang mukhang pera si Greta…Bakit ba mahilig siya sa may asawa…Ganda lang meron siya … Bumili daw siya ng worth 2M tickets para sa movie niya kung yun binili niya ng bahay para sa kapatid niya na si Marjorie eh di sana hindi na nangungupahan sila Marjorie ngayon!I’m sure ang commecrcial ni Greta kng hindio Red horse na kinuha siya kasi lasenga naman kasi siya or SURF dahil mukha siyang labandera ewan ko lang kung ano and susunod!Kayong lang ang nagtatangol sa kanya…Well she needs talagang ng dedepensa sa kanya kasi dumadami na ang kaaway niya sa showbiz!Ang mga frends lang naman niya sa SHOWBIZ eh ang mga bakla na inu-uto siya eh !

Comment by Anding

January 16, 2007 @ 11:11 am

mukha ngang cheap at wlang class ang mga friends ni gretchen kasi obvious naman sa mga ginagawa nya wala nag-aadvice sa kanya to be finess, obvious na mga bakla nga ang mga kaibigan nya kasi yong line na “pinaligaya ko sya” about bong, parang di bagay sa status nya ngayon, siguro mapapatwad lang sya ni lani kung ipapakita nyang sincere sya s paghingi ng tawad at when she shuts her mouth up, gayahin n lang nya sina miss d. di nagsalita about bong. past is past and leave the past behind, wag ng buhayin ang patay na, kasi when she talked about it binuhay lang nya ang sugat na dinulot nya ke lani, kaya wag nyang sisihin si lani, imbes mapatawad sya ayon nagagalit uli si lani sa kanya sabihin mo ba naman sa publiko ang ganyan, tama ba yan, common sense lang greta, kung meron ka non..

Comment by linda

January 16, 2007 @ 11:30 am

wow!!!now,my name is being used.
hay people wala ba kayong originality?there is a lot of name to choose from.
whatever you guys said about gretcehn using my name,im still admire gretchen for being true and good hearted person.people who always watch every moved she made are just plain jelous of her.
your really are something gretchen,kung di ba namn why people are so affected by your presence.
and to SHARMANE,you still insisted your project runaway,dear for Crist sake!what it has something to do with this blog and pls project already finish its 3rd episode(by the way there is a replay for this season on cahnnel 22 late sunday night para nman hindi lang episode 2 alam mo) and santino is one of the contestant of episode 2,your so yesterday!
and owww…is there something wrong with your eyes?what is the similarity of santino and ruffa???and one thing more,what is in runaway that connect this blog?
i dont actually want to elaborate more about project runaway,coz i can’t see the point but for your sake so there it is.

Comment by zanjoely

January 16, 2007 @ 1:04 pm

hello!!!!!!!!! nagbakasyon lang ako sa naples ng 1 week ang dami ko nang na miss!! kaloka si sharmane na fake…dami nang kaaway! kawawa ka naman iha! Iisa lang amg may K na Sharmane at yan ay walang iba kundi si Sharmaine Gutierrez Bektas!!! Iha huwag ka nang manggigil sa idolo ko dahil Ruffa is FAB!!! Parang sa Pantene niyang commercial! At si Ruffa host ng Supermodel show ni Tyra Banks at mabait at maka Diyos! Si Erap at Chavit mga ninong niya bobo! Hindi niya kailangan pumatol sa mukhang tatay dahil may tatay naman siya at guwapo pa! At ang ASAWA ni Ruffa BATA,,,hindi GURANG! Mayaman pa!!! Even if she dont need to work anymore she is still glamourous at fabulous hindi losyang at laos!! Si Dawn iha sumikat lang dahil pinatulan ni Greta!! Kung hindi sumagot si Greta sa kanya sa Davao pa rin siya nagbebenta ng saging!!!! Si Ruffa sikat, maganda at matangkad!! Si Greta ttimeless ang ganda…makinis, masarap magmahal! Si Dawn losyang!!! Sus at least si Mega mataba pero sikat…si Dawn hindi kaya shut up! Humanda ka mamya Sharmane pag gising ko. hmp!!!

Comment by ery

January 16, 2007 @ 2:02 pm

ewan ko sa gagang sharmane na to, hindi naman to blog ni ruffa sinali niya dito, hunghang talaga!!

Comment by Jonky

January 16, 2007 @ 6:06 pm

whattt? si bing lovable?? yaikkks! sama ng ugali nyan di nyo lang alam, nakakatawa naman itong ngsabi ng ganyan eh sobra maldita nyan….basta si Gretchen pa rin ang bida dito kahit pagbaligtarin nyo pa mga tangengot hahahahahahah! ang taong mabait ay pinagpapala!

Comment by Maricel G.

January 16, 2007 @ 6:18 pm

Nakakatawa naman itong mga sinasabi nitong Sharmane na ito, paulit-ulit at puro pang-aasar lang, ang layo na sa topic, senseless! Sana when u post something here yung naipapaliwanag nyo ng mabuti at me katuturan. And I also want to comment about Bing’s atittude towards gretchen before. I have a friend who knows both Bing and her brother Joey, that time daw talaga eh sobra raw ang panglalait ni Bing ke Gretchen kasi Gretchen is not yet famous before and just starting in showbiz, kumbaga no name pa. Me karma sa gnyan eh. Maraming nakakaalam sa pagkamaldita ni Bing. Being St star is not a crime..andami naman dyang ngsimula muna sa pgapapa-sexy bago sumikat at ngayon ay me mga pangalan na sa showbiz, wag nyong husgahan ang isang tao dhil lng sa nakikita nyo sa TV…kilalanin nyo personally kung ano sila bago kyo mgsalita. More power to u Greta!!! We love u!

Comment by Joy

January 16, 2007 @ 7:58 pm

I liked Gretchen no matter what! Just give a cheers to these jealous people..pagbigyan sila sa kanilang mga hilig hahahahaha!

Comment by jules

January 16, 2007 @ 8:01 pm

bla bla bla bla bla……….pag ang tao naninira lahat na ng masasama eh masasabi ganun talaga. Dyan kasi sila masaya ang manira ng tao pagbigyn na natin di naman sila mgkakapera sorry na lang…ang aftermath nyan KARma! Marami kaming fans na sumusuporta sayo Greta kaya keep it up!!!! Kung maraming naninira sayo mas marami naman ang ngmamahal sayo!

Comment by joan

January 16, 2007 @ 8:10 pm

malala na talaga tong si sharmane na to, sharmane ha, first time ko pa lang tong post baka akalain mo si linda to hahahaha! pag nag-post ka pa na si linda to malala ka na talaga.

Comment by linda

January 16, 2007 @ 8:35 pm

whattttt???SHARMANE,now mas lalo akong naniniwalang praning ka nga,look at your post.
nakakatawa ha ha ha…ang dami ko naman sa forum na to,sarap naman atleast even im not on the site ako pa rin ang nasa isip mo,siguro di ka makatulog dahil sa akin noh?at iniisip mo kung anong name ang gagamitin ko,oh dba im so effective just like gretchen ha ha ha,sori pero i just sooo love my name,there’s no need to used others,just like gretchen she’s sssooo happy for what she how about you sharmane?for sure ur so ugly just like ur attitude,so low class and so palengkera kaya laki ng inggit mo.know what?its ok to be ugly as long as your beautiful inside,poor you sharmane you don’t have both.
and if i where you go to pinoy exchange there you can start your own topic and kung gusto mo ng gaguhan na tulad ng ugali mo madami papatol sayo dun.gudluck!

Comment by linda

January 16, 2007 @ 8:53 pm

and the funny part there is because this is forum masasali ang mga taong not involve on the topic,goshhhh……that’s so irrelevant,and so kung friends sila ruffa and greta is that a crime?i barely mentioned ruffa on my previous post where’s the connection?
and for your info,being malandi is just one of human traits.kung ganun man si gretchen so what? those things are just so yesteryears atleast now she’s a loyal partner to tony boy.
one of the most beautiful mom on earth with a good sense of fashion and choice,kaya nga dba inggit na inggit ka?ang dating malandi eh nasa taas na ngaun at ikaw na dating malandi hindi lang malandi,boba,tanga at inggitera pa ngayon.
so to you SHARMANE,galingan mo pa paninira para naman magkaron ka ng konteng sense.
to chuva and my other alter ego daw ha ha ha…have a nice day to you all!
and long live GRETCHEN!

Comment by AJ

January 16, 2007 @ 9:47 pm

These blogs are truly entertaining … I didn’t realize the extent of what showbiz people can do to the “normal” people: they can bring out either the “best” or the “worst” in us all. Reading these posts made me even realize a couple of things: 1) the Filipino morals are based on the teachings of the Catholic Church as if it is the true source of morals and guide as to how we should live our lives. Take the case of Gretchen: people think she’s immoral because he is living in with Tony Boy without the “sanctity of marriage” from the Catholic Church (or the civil legal rites). People should realize that not all couples are married nor most of them or the entire population of the so-called world are Catholics. In other parts of the world, some people marry their cousins, uncles, and other close relations – as in muslim countries as Turkey, for example. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ruffa’s husband would take another bride without even divorcing her – and that would not make her husband immoral either because it simply is the norm in their custom and religion. In most parts of Europe, marriage is not even an option to more than half of its population – they live in, have children, stay together if they are comfortable in the relationship, or simply part ways when things are not working out between the couple … they simply move on and relive the cycle of their sorry lives. Immoral? They don’t think so. Marriage is something the Vatican created as a rule for their flock to follow. Nowhere in the bible did it say one has to be married to your partner. The bible preaches fidelity and loyalty to your partner. More than one partner means infidelity – one has to make a choice to pick one and leave the other. In the bible you will read about men changing wives when they do not serve their purpose anymore (quest to bear sons, that is). So what is the true meaning of immorality sans what the catholic teachings have taught you? You will have to bear in mind that as in other religions, some “rules” were created for you to adhere to – Catholicism is one of them. I guess what is important is for one to be God-fearing and being true to themselves. This is one key to greater satisfaction and happiness – one will never go wrong from there. 2) The second realization having read these posts is how powerful the internet really is up close. Some posts written here are way below-the-belt, so to speak – even libelous. In a civilized country, these comments would have resulted in fines, or even jail terms – the aliases would have been traced to the computer IP addresses and its user already summoned to court. But hey, everything goes in the Philippines – just name it and you got it, right? Sad, very sad. ‘Bout time you people think before you write anything. Hmmmm …. maybe I should offer my legal advice to Gretchen? Nah … this is entertainment, right?

Comment by yolly

January 16, 2007 @ 9:49 pm

sharmane baliw na lang itawag natin sa baliw na to!

Comment by shelly

January 16, 2007 @ 9:51 pm

yun na nga eh paulit – ulit yong mga post niya mga walang sense naman.

Comment by Gen

January 16, 2007 @ 10:57 pm

thanks for posting your comment AJ, i seldom read posts like yours na me sense…..yung iba jan na puro mura at bastos na ang sinasabi, u belong sa palngke, mgtinda na lang kyo doon ng mga isda kasing amoy nyo yun na malansa..pweeeee! Live ur own lives!! More power to Greta!

Comment by aneez

January 16, 2007 @ 11:26 pm

I live in Denmark, and it’s really true AJ that in Europe, being married or not married is not a big deal. In fact all of my sister – in – law and brother – in – laws are not married. Even if me and my husband is married it’s not a guarantee that we will be together for life. My in – laws told me that as long as they have respect, faith, love and loyalty with each other, no need for that crap paper.

Comment by linda

January 17, 2007 @ 12:03 am

to all of you guys especially to AJ,a very well said.
may your post open the eye of those who are blinded by anger and jealousy.people makes mistake and what matter most is how you correct it.
gretchen is no exception,she admit it and asked for forgiveness,everybody deserve a second chance and so gretchen.
we all can attest how good mother she is to dominique and a faithful partner to tony boy,i think that’s the most important.

Comment by zanjoely

January 17, 2007 @ 1:14 am

great post aj!!! very well said indeed. we need more people like you on blogs like pep. cheers!

Comment by linda

January 17, 2007 @ 11:19 am

what are talking about SHARMANE?can’t you understand what AJ simply want to imply? gosh! i can’t believe you! your a total dumb!
my dear,ask someone to translate it to you.
honestly i can’t stop laughing,my senior’s almost caught make my day full of fun ha ha ha…

Comment by linda

January 17, 2007 @ 11:27 am

and now SHARMANE,your not only famous here in PEP but even more in our office,ha ha ha…
grechen must be intimated by you,your way famous here than her now.
gretchen your really one of a kind,you make people’s brain up side down he he he…

Comment by Jheng

January 17, 2007 @ 2:50 pm

nakakatuwa naman talaga dito sa PEP. No worries!! Be happy!! :-) Peace to all!

Comment by Marina

January 17, 2007 @ 7:05 pm

Hi, i remember Gretchen when i was still working in a law firm. Hindi ko na idedetalye pero ito yung kaso niya against a pba player (black american). Professional talaga si Gretchen. She’s always on time sa mga meeting at sa hearing kahit minsan antok na antok pa siya galing sa magdamag na shooting. Never siyang nag-inarte kahit sikat na sikat na siya. At nakakatuwa kasi everytime na pupunta siya sa law office kasama niya ang buong pamilya niya to give her moral support. Ang sa akin lang, tapos na ang shoot ng commercial at ume-ere na ito, naipalabas na din ang pelikula nya (na hindi naman yata masyadong kumita)sana tapusin na ang issue. Hayaan na natin si Gretchen. Let’s just be happy for her na after all the hardships eh masaya siya ngayon with Mr. Tony C. and daughter at nabibili lahat ng gusto nya. Mukha naman siyang mabait eh. As for Dawn, i think she doesn’t mean to hurt Gretchen baka namis-interpret lang siya. To Dawn and Gretchen, ang 2 pinakamagandang mukha sa showbiz, sana magkaayos na kayo at sana maging happy kayo sa piling ng inyong pamilya :)

Comment by chuva

January 17, 2007 @ 8:40 pm

hello to all!
ha ha ha…nakakatawa talaga si SHARMANE,baliw ka nga tulad ng sabi ni yolly.
basahin mong mabuti ang mga post inday bago ka magreact he he he…
di man ako magaling sa english eh naiintindihan ko naman ang sinulat ni AJ,hindi ko na papaliwanag sayo para mag-isip ka naman ng konte,eh dba sabi nga pag ang utak di ginagamit kinakalawang,at yang utak mo malamang malapit na ha ha ha

Comment by chuva

January 17, 2007 @ 9:47 pm

ha ha ha…sharmane,buti naman nakuha mo yung ibang mensahe dun sa post ni aj hindi mo nga lang gets ang ibig nyang tukuyin konteng isip pa,ha ha ha…
si gretchen primadonna?alamin mo ulit kung ano ibig sabihin non saka ka ulit magreact.

“People na malapit kay greta madamay talaga pati nga si bing loyzaga”.
ano yun?malapit ba si bing kay greta?bwa ha ha…jologs!

Comment by wowie

January 17, 2007 @ 10:09 pm

well sharmane, can i make a wild guess? if you really lived in europe for a while, you are either living in with a foreigner (and feeling rich but not rich enough), or ur a domestic helper (feeling rich but not rich enough still), or you’re a real “richy-rich” tart who has nothing else left to do but bitch around living a luxurious life as an economic parasite immigrant (in short, a social case milking the foreign government of their money by doing nothing), or maybe decent ka nga, but not earning enough. In whichever case, you come on strongly as an unsatisfied and blabbering bitch. It is so obvious na banas na banas ka about Gretchen’s fortunes and exploiting her misfortunes to your advantage – branding her as kabit, mayabang, matapobre primadonna, etc. Is it because you ain’t got what she got? From what I have observed sa mga pinay abroad pag lumalabas sila in group nagpapatalbugan lagi in terms of clothes, jewelries (fake or not), etc. Are you sure you’re not one of them? kung talagang get mo ang post ni aj then you should shut up about her relationship ke tonyboy. ang isyu dito is yung incident during the shoot – i personally don’t see anything wrong with how she conducted her business then. those who reacted e yung mga insecure … like yourself coz you wish it was you having those load of branded stuff. capiz? i did wish i got those, too, but i’m more grounded – í’ll settle kung ano ang meron ako, without bitching around, if i may add. aj mentioned the bible a lot – e di ba sa bible it said during the stoning of mary magdalene na kung sino man ang walang pagkakasala ay syang unang pumukol ng bato ke magdalene – who among you here are really without sin to pass judgement on Gretchen or anyone? Just asking …

Comment by chuva

January 17, 2007 @ 10:30 pm

bow! yun lang po masasabi ko:D

Comment by barbie

January 18, 2007 @ 2:34 pm

sa mga fans ni gretchen, sana makasama niyo siya sa trabaho. sana isa kayo sa mga “yaya” niya para malaman niyo kung gaano siya ka-mean at cruel sa mga “yaya”, katulong, kasamabahay, at drivers. sana magkaron kayo ng chance na maging alalay niya para malaman niyo kung ano talaga ugali niya. mabait kung sa mabait si gretchen sa mga kaibigan niya, na pinipili lang niya ha. dapat rich ka din to be her friend. sana din i-try niyo, pag nakita niyo si gretchen, mag kunwaring katulong o driver kayo. as in dapat naka unifrom kayo na pang yaya o driver ha, tapos hingi kayo ng autograph niya o kaya magpa-picture kayo sa kanya. tingnan niyo kung ano gagawin niya. kasi yung driver nung friend ko, humingi ng autograph sa kanya. ang sabi sa kanya “you’re just a driver. what right do you have to ask for my autograph? get out of my way!”. sana hindi mangyari sa inyo yung ganun.

Comment by levy

January 18, 2007 @ 4:04 pm

Barbie matagal ko nang binabasa yung blog na to, kaya lang hindi ko na matiis eh, sinungaling ka at naghahabi habi ng mga stories. Remember when Gretchen was pregnant? Pumunta siya dito sa US, caregiver ako dati ng mga amo kong matatanda na, at nakatira sila sa isang mansion, at neighbor namin sina Gretchen. Si Gretchen, kahit alam niyang katulong lang ako dati (dati ha? namatay na kasi yung amo ko at walang mga anak, Kaya ako ang tagapag-mana nila)kinaibigan niya ako. Yung dalawa kong pamangkin na nagbakasyon dito mga bata mga teen-ager, palaging tinatawag ni Gretchen para pumunta sa kanilang bahay. Palagi kaming nagluluto, at kumakain sabay – sabay. Kaya nakakainis yung post mo Barbie. At hindi to kathang isip lang, itanong nyo yan ke Gretchen, o i-confirm nyo sa kanya. O kayay taga- pep itanong nyo kung totoo tong sinulat ko dito. Di ako naniniwalang sasabihin niya na “yuo’re just a driver dahil maganda yung pinakita niya dito sa akin at sa relatives ko ng nandito siya.Stop aking stories na hindi naman totoo. Yun lang anf God Bless!!!

Comment by Susan

January 18, 2007 @ 4:56 pm

puro kasinungalingan ang pnagsassbi mo Barbie, maraming beses ko ng nameet si Gretchen dhil nga sa idol ko sya at maraming beses na din akong ngpa-sign ng autograph sa knya. Simula pa lng nung earlier days nya sa showbiz hanggang ngyon di pa rin sya ngbabago ng trato sa mga fans nya, I still remember 3 yrs ago, when i saw her sa mall, she still remember me ang tagal na nun nung mga panahong nsa GMA Supershow pa sya..isang hamak na tindera lng ako at di kagandahan ang itsura pero everytime na makita ko sya at lapitan eh hindi nya ako tinataboy, so stop making false statements about her dahil mabait na tao yan si Gretchen.

Comment by linda

January 18, 2007 @ 8:03 pm

i don’t know if barbie’s story is true,but one thing i can attest is she’s so down to earth.
i meet her more than once when i was still in pinas pero never ever na di nya ako pinansin.
then just recently when she went abroad with his husband i supposed, i think for some business trip,i saw her in a hotel(restaurant)i was with my husband then.sabi ng husband ko she looks foriegner,she’s beautiful.i said ofcourse she’s filipina,she’s an actress.on her way to wash room i make my way to greet her,she response in her kikay way very accomodating.
so that’s one of the reason why i like her not as an actress but as a person,hindi sya nagbago till now ganun pa din sya considering her status in life,the way she handle her fans may it be there sa pinas or even sa abroad.

Comment by wowie

January 18, 2007 @ 10:44 pm

wow duchess, you’re a real bad mouth. at least you know your ABCs – i suppose the likes of you will applaud … go!go!go! ipagpatuloy ninyo ang panlalait sa ibang tao – who, if i may add, doesn’t even know you exist – ha!ha!ha! i sincerely do not understand where all this hatred is coming from. you are the one ones simply stressing yourselves … not good to your hearts, hey that is if you got any at all. get a life and move on. or, if i’ll take another wild guess, you are one of those people who never had ever been loved, pampered or cared for by the people you wanted so much to notice you – you are probably neglected in many ways. and mind you, those who are likely to react on this wild guess of mine are surely those being “hurt” – someways, somehow, ang mga wild guesses ko always gets a bulls eye, one way or the other. so before anyone out there reacts, examine your everyday lives at mag-soul searching kayo ‘no … as if your lives are perfect – ngeh! Malas n’yo lang, Gretchen is Gretchen. You don’t like her simply because of who and what she is – the point is how well do you really know her in person? You only read the things you know about her in the tabloids and mags – do you really give these so called writers the so called credibility? tsk tsk tsk … you’re fried in your brains.

Comment by zanjoely

January 18, 2007 @ 10:55 pm

Duchess are you Dawns alaay??? Sobrang galit mo naman kay Gretchen!!! Dapat siguro iha magdasal ka dahil punong puno ng galit ang puso mo!!! Gretchen B doesnt even know a parasite like you exists and if she does she’ll probaby step on you sa baho ng amoy mo! Honey go to church and pray cus it seems like you have lots of issues in your life! I dont see why youshould waste energy and anger on someone youdont even know. How sad!!! Iha,,,,pray ka ha???

Comment by candy

January 18, 2007 @ 11:42 pm

woah!that’s(post fr duchess) so mean!
the last time i heard those words are fr the mom of my kapitbahay, a japayuki her mom was a former prosti.
medyo nagulat lang ako,masyadong below the belt.
what kind of person can post such a dirty words?
leave gretchen alone kung ayaw nyo sa kanya,she’s just enjoying her life.

Comment by wowie

January 19, 2007 @ 1:02 am

sharmane, dearest … ang babaw mo talaga … so nasapul ka ng post ko … ha!ha!ha! poor you … another neglected soul … wawa ka naman. for your information, i don’t even know Gretchen … and i wish i could get paid to defend her. but i do not have to be paid to take her side because i know the difference between right and wrong – these badmouths are the ones on the wrong side. actually, Gretchen doesn’t need defending, she is a strong woman and can take care of herself. ikaw? can you take care of yourself? guess not. you’d crumble at the slightest blow of tragedy in you life. you’re too transparent in the manner you write your post. also, how could you even assume na bayaran ako ni Gretchen, e nasa kabilang dulo ng mundo ako nakatira. it is some place you have never been and will ever be – you need to be loaded with cash to even find out where i live. and where i live, the likes of you will never survive. you’re an easy prey to the wolves up in the alpine forests. for your information, i take everything i read from the pinoy mags and tabloids with a grain of salt – it’s my amusement … my entertainment. and you manay, and the likes of you, is the most entertaining bit i have ever encountered. of course you can post whatever you want – but then please, have some originality, some substance, some depth, some sense, something out of the ordinary. if you so accuse Gretchen of not having class, then show your own kind of class through your posts – choose your words and choose them well. ang kaso, yung class ninyo is way below the class you accuse Gretchen of. ever learned anything from school – or maybe you were in deep sleep when social ethics was taught in class? need i say more? go figure …

Comment by Georgina

January 19, 2007 @ 1:14 am

Hey u Sharmane, u better wash the dishes and take care of the laundry rather than posting silly ideas….pasaway ka lang dito sa blog na ito hahahahahhaa!

Comment by wowie

January 19, 2007 @ 1:18 am

by the way, i will make another wild guess … and this goes for you sharmane (again) … you claim to be married …. but are you happily married or are you a neglected wife? You claim to be a legal wife, but what does it really mean? ang pinaka-ebedensya mo kapirasong papel lang – ano ang role mo sa bahay? i’m guessing that pang-display ka lang ng foreigner mong husband sa bahay – baka nga DOM (dirty old man) pa nga ang husband mo. i wonder where you met him … if my guesses are right, where does that put you? so, do some self-reflection … you’re no saint, okey? maybe your husband’s very smart dahil hindi mo mahingian ng pera outright, he needs servicing first, of course. maybe that is why asar ka ke Gretchen – this gal got it all. eh ikaw? tsk tsk tsk … you’re a sad case.

Comment by gavin2006

January 19, 2007 @ 1:19 am

i could really guess that these people here who are posting negative and below the belts comments against Gretchen ay mga bastos talaga sa pananalita pa lang like this Duchess here lalo naman itong Sharmane. See, anong klaseng tao kayo, pinapakita nyo lang ang kabastusan nyo, it reflects eh, ganyan din siguro ang idol nyo na si Dawn anoh?

Comment by wowie

January 19, 2007 @ 1:34 am

uy si sharmane napipikon? i can say whatever i please, you know. and for your information, i have lived more than half of my life all over the world and i hold a prestigious position in one of the world’s Fortune 500 company – do you know what that is? and it is not bragging, my dear – just to slap your face with some facts – can you take that? why do i post my blog here? well, again, i simply find this entertaining – you’re my entertainment, sharmane. see what this comes up to? you don’t know me, so you cannot pass judgement on who or what am i as a person. your bitterness is so transparent as i’ve said and it shows what kind of person you are. Me? i got plenty of breeding and i know exactly what i’m saying? what about you?

Comment by sharmane

January 19, 2007 @ 1:35 am

Hay naku wowie tatanda ka nalang sa mga wild guess mo na yan. Ur wild guess is refering to your self. Ganon na ba kababaw ung utak mo lahat ng wild guess mo puro mali. Ung magandang wild guess naman diyan hahaahhahaha. Why r u married ba with the DOM na foreiner????The way u speak i think so!!!! hahaahahaha katuwa naman tong wowie na to. Im enjoying posting here ung iba naman umuusok ung tainga sa galit..penepersonal ung mga post ko heehheehhehe as what i’ve said buti pa magbunot ka nalang ng pubic hair mo day or i even have an idea. magbunutan kayo ni greta para masaya .joke joke joke heehehhehehhe ang saya saya

Comment by wowie

January 19, 2007 @ 1:58 am

poor sharmane … you’re simply on denial. you’re probably a bored stay-at-home wife. read your own posts manay, nakakahiya ka! and you call yourself pinay? you’re one pinay na dapat itakwil ng magulang at kamag-anakan. NGEEE mentioned something about Duchess probably being a “prosti” – it seems you and Duchess belong to the same “breed”. no educated person would ever use such choice of words as you write here. read and re-read my posts coz it seems like my subtle messages can’t get through your narrow little brain. Or maybe you don’t have any? or is it beacuse your comprehension is simply beyond average? need help?

Comment by wowie

January 19, 2007 @ 2:07 am

dear sharmane … sayang at hindi mo ma-get ang tone ng posts ko … am very calm and not even pikon. you’re the one who’s getting pikon and personal here. hindi mo ba ma-get ang ibig sabihin ng words such as “wild guess” and “probably”? it means it could be true, or it could not be true. eh ikaw nag-react agad negatively – so, sino ang pikon? or maybe you haven’t taken up English 1 in college? Nag-college ka ba? Ako, I have a masters degree in English from the University of Cambridge, sa United Kingdom ‘yun, ok? Oh-oh … am bragging again? No, it’s hard fact, can you still take that? and mind you, i certainly am not making this up – am very true to myself. are you?

Comment by wowie

January 19, 2007 @ 2:22 am

my point, dear friends and enemies of Gretchen, is that we all tend to pass judgement of other peoples’ lives without thinking twice. one should entertain the hard facts and what lies in between the facts – that is how you will discover where the truth lies. making unnecessary comments and assumptions leads to gossips and undermines the real truth. Gretchen is judged harshly by some people here as if they hold the answer to everything about her when in truth all is nothing but malicious conceptions based on hearsay. testimonies here and there varies … pero ang detractors dito always refer to what was only said and heard from another person plus their own conceptions of Gretchen – so hello, hindi valid yun as fact. if yung positive and personal close encounters about Gretchen as posted here is true – that is then a factual testimony and you cannot contest that unless want to go to court and find truth in it. i am definitely not taking sides – just trying to explain the obvious, the common sense between right and wrong. again, go figure!

Comment by gavin2006

January 19, 2007 @ 2:29 am

i think we better not throw words to Sharmane kasi it’s very obvious that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Nakakatuwa sya eh hehehehehe!

Comment by kolehiyala18

January 19, 2007 @ 2:32 am

very well said wowie!!!

Comment by wowie

January 19, 2007 @ 3:02 am

Thanks, kolehiyala18! am glad you agree.
Gavin2006: You’re right! I promise not to post anything for Sharmane anymore since her reading comprehension seems to be underdeveloped. I just hope she’d get a tutor para ma-lift up ang level of understanding nya for English as well as the facts of life. i believe i’ve said my piece already … more power to all of you, friends and enemies alike.

Comment by linda

January 19, 2007 @ 10:16 am

those exchanging words above trully sees who’s who and who’s not(have breeding or class).
it just show how you live your life.
to wowie,your visit in this blog make some people back to their senses.well…i hope so.
let gretchen be what she want to be.that’s all.

Comment by Duchess

January 19, 2007 @ 9:07 pm

Gretchen to go with Tonyboy in jail if the latter is proven guilty…nothing to doubt here, since in her past interviews, all the Barretto siblings pa nga said that they have an undying devotion to their man, they`ll stand by their man`s side. What will happen to your Jimmy Choos, to your Guccis? Hey, i know Gretchen`s nice and all but she is the ultimate MATERIAL GIRL. Tell me does she have an advocacy, does she care about the less unfortunate ones? I will only give up this war if you can prove that she is aware of the plight of the victims of calamities in our country and to battered women, abused children etc.AND SHE ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING TO EASE THEIR SITUATION. My dear Greta, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE your blessings and maybe people will loosen up. Accept the fact that nothing in this world is for keeps. Lahat yan anytime God wants to take that away from you, wala na. You`re a beautiful person but please opt to be low-profile, humble, generous and know that YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY CHILD OF GOD. Now, what do you call me, a SAINT, a NUN, a PREACHER? I`m still a BIATCH!!!!

Comment by chuva

January 19, 2007 @ 9:57 pm

nyak hak hak…
danda danda talaga ni greta kaya dami inggit eh.

Comment by Annie Batungbakal

January 19, 2007 @ 10:57 pm

mga mahal kong kababayan….tagalugin ninyo na lang…wala namang nag-e-edit ng postings dito, hilung-hilo akong intindihin ang mga “ENGLISH” ninyo.

Comment by chuva

January 20, 2007 @ 1:24 am

ano daw???????
next topic pls…nya ha ha…

Comment by chuva

January 20, 2007 @ 2:13 am

SHARMANE:bossing ok ba ang mga patutsada ko?
TANING:ok na ok…sige pa dagdagan mo pa,ung madami ang papatol sa mga masasama mong pinagsasasabi para pag pumatol sila madadagdagan ang kampon natin hak hak hak…
SHARMANE:eh boss,napapaghalataan na po akong walang kwenta eh
TANING:ok lang yun,natural na sa ating mga masasama ang makikitid ang utak,ang inggit dapat laging nandyan kasi mas malaki ang inggit mas malala ang galit at kahit anong sama kaya nating dalhin hak hak hak
SHARMANE:tama ka bossing,dadalas dalasin ko na rin ang pagmumura para murahin din nila ako at magkagulo at matulad na sial sa aking maledukada he he he…
TNANING:magaling ka talaga,gumawa ka pa ng kasinungalingan at isa isa mo silang kutyain kahit walang katotohanan dyan tayo expert eh hak hak hak…
SHARMANE:pano po kung walang pumatol sa katangahan ko at magsawa sila at mapagtanto nila na wala na akong katuturan
TANING:dyan na lalabas ang talent mong manggulo,mas mainggit ka pa tulad ko dahil sa inggit tumalikod ako sa Kanya,at ako ay naging kaaway Nya.ganun din ang gawin mo ang maghasik ng kasamaan at kaguluhan,kahit ang mga taong walang ginagawa na masaaama sayo murahin mo,tulad ni gretchen tutal iisipin ng mga tao na nagyayabang sya palakihin mo ang isyu kunyari ay masama syang tao,at kung hindi ka nila patulan wag kang titigil hak hak hak…
SHARMANE:tama po kayo at magdagdagdag pa po ako ng kasama si duchess tamang tama pareho kami ng bibig puro masasama ang laman ng bibig namin he he he…siguradong mananalo kami.

makalipas ng ilang sandali dumating ang anghel ng kabutihan at winakasan ang kasamaan.
laging tandaan ang kasamaan kaylan may di magtatagumpay.
good day to all:D

Comment by kolehiyala18

January 20, 2007 @ 2:18 am

ano bayan ang bobo naman nitong si sharmane…wag ng patulan kung anu-ano ang sinasabi walang sense! Nag-aral ba yan or baka hanggang Grade six lang!Yayyyy!

Comment by Amigos

January 20, 2007 @ 2:23 am

It’s cheap to make patol sa Sharmane na ito, napaghahalataang walang pinag-aralan. Gosh, what’s wrong with her? paulit-ulit ang sinasabi at puro ang-aasar lang kala naman nya nakakatuwa sya, dapat dyan ay paglinisin na lang ng inidoro, bagay sila ng amo nyang si Duchess of ek ek kuno.

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Comment by kim moron

January 20, 2007 @ 10:25 am

Magtooth brush ka with matching asido.

Comment by chuva

January 20, 2007 @ 12:02 pm

SHARMANE:bossing ok ba ang mga patutsada ko?
TANING:ok na ok…sige pa dagdagan mo pa,ung madami ang papatol sa mga masasama mong pinagsasasabi para pag pumatol sila madadagdagan ang kampon natin hak hak hak…
SHARMANE:eh boss,napapaghalataan na po akong walang kwenta eh
TANING:ok lang yun,natural na sa ating mga masasama ang makikitid ang utak,ang inggit dapat laging nandyan kasi mas malaki ang inggit mas malala ang galit at kahit anong sama kaya nating dalhin hak hak hak
SHARMANE:tama ka bossing,dadalas dalasin ko na rin ang pagmumura para murahin din nila ako at magkagulo at matulad na sial sa aking maledukada he he he…
TNANING:magaling ka talaga,gumawa ka pa ng kasinungalingan at isa isa mo silang kutyain kahit walang katotohanan dyan tayo expert eh hak hak hak…
SHARMANE:pano po kung walang pumatol sa katangahan ko at magsawa sila at mapagtanto nila na wala na akong katuturan
TANING:dyan na lalabas ang talent mong manggulo,mas mainggit ka pa tulad ko dahil sa inggit tumalikod ako sa Kanya,at ako ay naging kaaway Nya.ganun din ang gawin mo ang maghasik ng kasamaan at kaguluhan,kahit ang mga taong walang ginagawa na masaaama sayo murahin mo,tulad ni gretchen tutal iisipin ng mga tao na nagyayabang sya palakihin mo ang isyu kunyari ay masama syang tao,at kung hindi ka nila patulan wag kang titigil hak hak hak…
SHARMANE:tama po kayo at magdagdagdag pa po ako ng kasama si DUCHESS AT KIM tamang tama pare pareho kami ng bibig puro masasama ang laman ng bibig namin he he he…siguradong mananalo kami.

makalipas ng ilang sandali dumating ang anghel ng kabutihan at winakasan ang kasamaan.
laging tandaan ang kasamaan kaylan may di magtatagumpay.
good day to all:D

Comment by chuva

January 20, 2007 @ 12:05 pm

nyak!pabaho ng pabaho ang mga bunganga taong nagpopost dito(sharmane,duchess,kim),malamang mga prosti ha ha ha…opppsss…wag nga pla patulan,yaiks!

Comment by Sugar_honey12

January 20, 2007 @ 3:47 pm

whatever words come from their mouth, shows which kind of person they are….hmmmm….I guess these people named Duchess and Kim are working on a nightclub somewhere…waiting for foreigners….ayyy! I don’t wanna say bad words hehehehehe! Mga ineng wawa naman kayo, malala na talaga kayo I think dapat na kayong magpa-check sa isang psychiatrist. Tsk! tskk!!

Comment by bisaya

January 20, 2007 @ 3:51 pm

ano ba naman itong mga taong ito dito sobra man ang pagkabastos, hoy kayo mga pakialamera at mga inggitera at mga miserable ang buhay tingnan nyo muna mga sarili nyo bago kayo manlait sa ibang tao,kahit sino pa yang Poncio Pilato wala kayo karapatan mag-judge,aba’y napapaligiran tayo dito nga mga demonyong ito…Duchess, Kim, JEM, etc.

Comment by chuva

January 20, 2007 @ 7:37 pm

ha!ano daw????????
nangangalingasaw naman dito,ang babaho ng bunganga ng nasa taas na post ko he he…na invade na ng prosti(kim,duchess and sharmane) ang pep nyak ha ha…

Comment by chuva

January 20, 2007 @ 7:39 pm

ako…ako…puro na lang ako…nya ha ha…!
again ang KWENTO NG MAG-AMO;
SHARMANE:bossing ok ba ang mga patutsada ko?
TANING:ok na ok…sige pa dagdagan mo pa,ung madami ang papatol sa mga masasama mong pinagsasasabi para pag pumatol sila madadagdagan ang kampon natin hak hak hak…
SHARMANE:eh boss,napapaghalataan na po akong walang kwenta eh
TANING:ok lang yun,natural na sa ating mga masasama ang makikitid ang utak,ang inggit dapat laging nandyan kasi mas malaki ang inggit mas malala ang galit at kahit anong sama kaya nating dalhin hak hak hak
SHARMANE:tama ka bossing,dadalas dalasin ko na rin ang pagmumura para murahin din nila ako at magkagulo at matulad na sial sa aking maledukada he he he…
TNANING:magaling ka talaga,gumawa ka pa ng kasinungalingan at isa isa mo silang kutyain kahit walang katotohanan dyan tayo expert eh hak hak hak…
SHARMANE:pano po kung walang pumatol sa katangahan ko at magsawa sila at mapagtanto nila na wala na akong katuturan
TANING:dyan na lalabas ang talent mong manggulo,mas mainggit ka pa tulad ko dahil sa inggit tumalikod ako sa Kanya,at ako ay naging kaaway Nya.ganun din ang gawin mo ang maghasik ng kasamaan at kaguluhan,kahit ang mga taong walang ginagawa na masaaama sayo murahin mo,tulad ni gretchen tutal iisipin ng mga tao na nagyayabang sya palakihin mo ang isyu kunyari ay masama syang tao,at kung hindi ka nila patulan wag kang titigil hak hak hak…
SHARMANE:tama po kayo at magdagdagdag pa po ako ng kasama si DUCHESS AT KIM tamang tama pare pareho kami ng bibig puro masasama ang laman ng bibig namin he he he…siguradong mananalo kami.

makalipas ng ilang sandali dumating ang anghel ng kabutihan at winakasan ang kasamaan.
laging tandaan ang kasamaan kaylan may di magtatagumpay.
good day to all:D

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Comment by kim

January 21, 2007 @ 3:47 am

“What Bong and Lani have is a wedding. Dahil engrande ang kanilang kasal but what I and Tony have is a marriage”

“Ako, mahal na mahal ako ni Tony. Lahat ibinibigay niya sa akin. At ako ang priority sa buhay niya”

another pagmamayabang?

Comment by kim

January 21, 2007 @ 3:49 am

“Pito ang anak ni Bong at hindi anim at hindi ako ang dapat niyang awayin dahil alam niya (Lani) kung sino ‘yun”

yeah right! and it is no other than the ugly, butt face DOMINIQUE!!!

Comment by Leslie

January 21, 2007 @ 5:14 am

I was able to read that article also about Gretchen saying that what they have with Tony is marriage and she is Tony’s priority!And if she is Tony’s priority why is it that she was not brought by Tony to his trip in Australia to celebrate Nanding and Gretchen Cojuangco’s grand anniversary…If Tony love Gretchen so much then he should have been so protective on her para ipagtangol siya si Gretchen sa lahat ng bagay..Bakit hangan ngayon di pa rin kasali si Gretchen sa mga big occassion ng Cojuangco!Of course Tony will buy everything she wants because may presyo siya..di niya dapat ipagmayabang na binibigyan siya ni Tony ng lahat kasi pinapababa lang niya dignidad niya bilang babae kasi obvious na pwede siyang bilhin ANG CHEAP@…Kung hindi mahal ni Bong si Lani sana ay iniwan na ni Bong si Lani at sumama kay Gretchen..pero si Lani pa rin pinili niya…Hindi rin alam ni Gretchen kung ilang babae rin ang tumatabi sa asawa niya kasi si di niya pwede sundan bawat galaw ni Tony pero si Greta parang may surveyance camera kasi naman takot si Tony ma bendeho kasi naman noted na si Greta sa pagiging malandi!

Comment by Leslie

January 21, 2007 @ 5:45 am

I hope Gretchen will realize how other people value their family kaya huwag siyang mangdamay sa pakawalang buhay niya.She said she will forever be sorry to Lani because she was once Bong’s mistress,and so be it!why continue saying bad thins about her and for God sake,sana ma-realize niya kung gaano kasakit ang ginagawa nuya para sa mga anak ni Lanie.How arrogant ang judgemental she can be in saying that thatwhat Lani and Bong has is only wedding.Ano kaya ang ma fefeel ng mga anak ni Bong that their father don’t love their mom so much.Gretchen mag-simba ka parang wala ka ng kaluluwa

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January 21, 2007 @ 5:56 am

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Comment by Anabel

January 21, 2007 @ 10:27 am

nanahimik man ang mga amiga ni gritchin dito..wala na silang maisagot o..siguro nagdadasal din sila..hehehehe

Comment by chuva

January 21, 2007 @ 11:52 am

nyak ha ha…day!mag-aral ka mona ng tamang spilling ng nim ni gritchin huh,ha ha ha…
lam mo kim,pareho lang naman si lani at gretchen na nagpapatutasadahan eh sinagot lng ni gretchen si lani pero para sa kapakanan mo bat di mo try punthan ang isang salon sa makati isang dating beauty queen(salon magnate na ngaun) ang may-ari nito ang totoong babae ni bong,alam sa buong showbiz yan,nabanggit na din yan sa isyu dati kay jolo.ooopppsss…sori di po nakikialam nabanggit ko lang.peace…he he

Comment by Butch

January 21, 2007 @ 1:49 pm

Kim Agree ako diay. Troublemaker talaga itong si Gretchen. Well, masyado kasing INSECURE and full of bitterness. She seems to be such an unhappy person kaya laging nagpapapansin.

Bakit kaya hindi siya na accept na mga Cojuangcos at Loyzagas? Di ba tinarayan siya dati ni Madam Imelda at tsaka ni Bing? Baka salbahe talaga ang babaeng ito sa totoong buhay.

Hay Gretchen, tigilan mo na inggit mo kay Lani at tsaka kay Dawn.

Please get a life!!!

Comment by al

January 21, 2007 @ 2:59 pm

i hope gretchen will strop ruining people’s lives. how can she afford to even tell the public what a marriage is???? when in fact, she gave birth out of marriage. Well its hard when a person is not educated…intellectually and spiritually. She should go to church and ask for forgiveness for all her sins. She has terribly wounded the hearts of lani’s children. I pity the children. Gretchen should also pity her daughter. She has been setting wrong examples… And if i may say that she said her child does not no know how to speak Tagalog…well my dear, the mark of an intelligent person is the ability to know and speak different languages.. so i guess you are trying to make your daughter like you…have pity on your daughter. you are a disgrace to the filipino people…you are setting a wrong example for all the youths out there. i hope tony boy will find a way to fix all these “dirt” and “scandal” his mistress is into. To all the people out there, lets stop patronizing this idea of putting more details and etc…lets all stop!!! there are more important issues in our society that we need to look at…gretchen, just pray harder. its not yet late to change…not yet late…pls stop hurting the feeling of innocent children by just keeping quiet…in the first place it was your mistake to get a man who’s married…it was your fault…you cannot blame people…you cannot blame them… am praying for peace…FILIPINOS PEACE!

Comment by leslie

January 21, 2007 @ 7:45 pm

well,as i understand what’s going on between lani and gretchen it seems that both have their flaw.lani didn’t accept gretchen’s apologies so their gusto nya away the gretchen is giving it to her,based on gretchen’s interview she tried to reach out for lani and even ignore lani’s not-so-good treatment to her from the pass being the one who made fault she accept it.then,all of a sudden lani would wish her that(to get married with tony boy).its nice to hear such words if comes from a friend but coming from lani?i dont think so,everybody know lani wants to point out something her words have double meaning.knowing gretchen, a fiesty actress wouldn’t let any words passes her.

Comment by leslie

January 21, 2007 @ 8:03 pm

people always blame gretchen al’tho sometimes she is to blame but we must look at the whole picture.lani mentioned tony boy and dominuique first on her interview so now that gretchen mentioned their kids,people reacted?
agree ako kay gretchen,yes lani has a wedding not a marriage,why?because lani and bong went to the ceremony but their relationship is magulo.ever wonder bakit si bong eh di makuntento kay lani?

sa last incident na di pinansin ni gretchen si bong,bakit parang ang laking isyu kay lani?pagpinansin ni gretchen si bong magagalit sya(o magseselos)nung hindi pinansin nainis din sya,eh san ba ilalagay ni gretchen ang sarili nya?

one thing more alam ni lani kung sino ang kinakasama ni bong ngaun for many years na(and the other woman na may anak si bong),bakit hindi ung mga babae ni bong ang awayin nya? bakit kay gretchen sya galit na galit?
so ang dating haka haka lng at open secret na pambababae ni bong eh naging open na open na ngaun dahil sa kompirmasyon ni gretchen,i think gretchen just gave lani what she want.

Comment by leslie

January 21, 2007 @ 8:15 pm

you people always talked about dom’s identity ,hindi ba kayang isipin ng ibang tao na ang tulad ni tony boy o pamilya nya ay papayagan bang gamitin ang name nila ni dominique kung hindi talaga sya kadugo?may pera sila at kayang nilang patunayan kung kadugo nga nila ang bata.
for the record,dom is a conjuangco.the kid went tru DNA testing in behalf of gretchen’s request.siya na rin ang nagsuggest dahil alam nyang tony’s family is not infavour of her at ayaw nya na mag alinlangan sila habang lumalaki ang bata.that’s one of the reason why dom is very much loved by tony’s fam,she is trully a conjuangco.

Comment by janna

January 21, 2007 @ 8:18 pm

Hay naku manay anabel … tama ka when you said nananahimik ang kampo ni Gretchen right now. You know why, because it is pointless to react on posts way below their integrity, intelligence and rationale. Granted that Gretchen is taklesa, you will have to give it to her being a human being – nobody’s perfect. We all sin in some point sa pang-araw-araw na buhay. Ang problema dito eh lagi syang tinitira for her so-called “sins” in the public eye. Natural lang na mag-react sya to air her side.
DAWN Case: Si Dawn tahimik dahil alam nya na she started this whole prima donna-incident. She claimed responsibility as source of gossip pero did she get reprimanded? Hindi noh! Tinira nila ng tinira si Gretchen. Out of delikadeza, as some people claim na meron sya, dapat hinarap niya ang publiko to say her piece and what she really meant with that word as she has explained to Gretchen noong nagkaroon sila ng confrontation. But she did wrong in keeping mum about the issue. Dapat natapos na yung issue even earlier.
LANI & Bong Case: While it is true na nagkaroon ng relasyon sina Bong at Gretchen, the blame doesn’t rest on Gretchen alone, Bong has erred as well being a married man. And si Gretchen me kasalanan din, as she admitted, since married si Bong and she’s in a relationship with another man, Joey Loyzaga. But then again, sino ang tinitira dito? Bakit si Gretchen lang? Why not Bong, too? And Bong is having relationships left and right, not only with Gretchen. Nagkaanak pa nga si Bong sa ibang babae. What is Lani’s role in all this? Nagpapa-martyr effect sya pero sya naman ang source ng mga pa-simple at ironic na comment ke Gretchen. Bakit konsentrado ang energy nya with Gretchen’s sins? Bakit hindi nya rendahan si Bong and give him an ultimatum sa pambababae nito? At isa pa, you claim na si Gretchen labs pa rin si Bong – dyusme eh si Bong ang laging tumatawag ke Gretchen at nagti-tip in advance kung ano ang ipi-press release na comment ng asawa nya. Gretchen is of course thankful for that, but then maybe sana hindi na lang ini-entertain ni Gretchen ang calls ni Bong. You cannot put all the blame on Gretchen alone. Si Lani tahimik kuno yan pero “malalim” na tao yan. Given time, i hope she really realize her own place in her own house and set foot on Bong’s kalokohan. It is not enough to keep house and pa-martyr effect. In my book, that’s very stupid! Imagine, you are being cheated on for a long time, Lani – wake up and gear up for your own peace of mind! Hindi makukuha yan sa maraming dahil … kelangan mo ring mag-take ng steps to realize what you wish for.
As for Gretchen’s daughter Dominique – try to leave her alone. No need dragging her sa lahat ng issues ng nanay nya. Anumang hidwaan ang namagitan sa Barreto clan, sila lang ang nakakaalam – nade-delay lang lalo ang kanilang reconcialtion dahil sa lahat ng negative comments from the press and public – like in this blog. As a family, deep in their hearts, i guess they pray for each other’s well being, regardless of their rifts. I rest my case.

Comment by leslie

January 21, 2007 @ 8:26 pm

and to al,you always post a comment when ever have an issue about gretchen,then you will say na there is a lot more important issue in our society than this cheap issue,so why bothered to post?
i enjoy posting here i bet you too,com’on wag na pakaplastic,maging totoo nalang tayo.

if dom dont know how to speak tagalog,that’s not her fault, all the people around her speak english.

its the parents prerogative what language they wanted their kids to learn,what’s the big deal?

Comment by leslie

January 21, 2007 @ 9:04 pm

to gretchen,i know your a good person may you and your husband tony boy survive this trials in your life just depend on Him.He wont let you down.

that’s all folks.i have said my piece.
peace and good day to all.

Comment by jonalyn

January 22, 2007 @ 9:41 am

dear greta,
from your own mouth my dear,now it’s clear to me that a VASECTOMIZED person could no longer have a child.
you know what i mean!!!

Comment by tristan

January 22, 2007 @ 10:27 am

to ms Lani,
senator bong will always and forever has one wife and that’s you. if ever he has stringSSS of girlfriends, don’t mind them. merging all girls in one will still not compensate you. Gretchen is just one of the girls.Gretchen could not have what you possessed when you marry sen bong, and that’s purity (cleanliness)of a woman, very well suited to the white gown you wore.

to gretchen,
being a jetsetter yourself, wear a black gown on your wedding day. a symbol of what kind a woman are you.

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January 22, 2007 @ 11:22 am



Comment by chuva

January 22, 2007 @ 12:07 pm

isa lang ang masasabi ko,ang mga taong makikitid ang utak kaylan man ay di tatanggap ng paliwanag.
halatang halata kung gano kababaw ang mga utak ng ibang tao,hindi kayang arukin ng makikitid nyong utak ang sitwasyon ni gretchen.
kaya si gretchen mas lalong nang aasar kasi alam nyang nadadaan niya ang mga taong malabnaw ang utak sa simpleng pitik lng ng kamay.
ang nakaktuwa lng si gretchen ay patuloy lang na gumaganda at masaya samantlang ang iba eh tumatanda at pumapangit kakaisip sa kanya,he he he…

Comment by jonalyn

January 22, 2007 @ 1:58 pm

please send my congratulations to the legal wives: Dawn Zulueta, Lani Mercado and Denise Yabut-Cojuangco.mga totoong legal wives.
also sa lahat ng mga kabit na pinangungunahan ni Gretchen Barretto.

Comment by icy

January 22, 2007 @ 5:10 pm

kung talagang secured si lani kay bong,lani won’t give a damn kahit kninong babae,pero kasi alam nya na talagang totoo ang sinasabi ni gretchen kay nasasaktan sya,kung binalewala nya lng ang mga isyu tulad nung d pagpansin ni gretchen kay bong sa bday ni LT at di sya nagwish(sna inisip nalang nya si tony boy na wla namang kinalaman sa gulo nila) kuno na alam nman nating lahat na may malisya sa kanya eh di sana di lumabas ang baho ng pamilya nila.
at bakit hindi kayang rendahan ni lani ang asawa nya,totoo namang may ibang babae si bong bat di un ang awayin ni lani?prang tatanda nalang sya di nya pa matatawag na kanya buong buo ang aswa nyang si bong.

Comment by icy

January 22, 2007 @ 6:32 pm

at kaloka pa tong si lolit s.
pinipersonal nya si gretchen,bakit kamo?dahil may kimkim syang galit kay gretchen,si gretchen kasi ang nagbulgar ng scam n ginwa nya s MMFF,at alam nya na malaki ang nagwang kasiraan nun sa kridibilidad nya at hinding hindi n nya mabubura un s aisip ng mga tao kaya ngaun nakhanap sya ng butas kay gretchen eh gagawin nya ang lahat pra siraan ito,kung hindi ba naman sya bias eh bat hindi nya rin kausapin o pagsabihan si bong na tigilan na ang katatawag kay gretchen at kapapaalam sa lahat ng ginagawa nya o sinasabi ng asawa nya s tao at media,pwede ba pare pareho lng kayong may kasalanan kaya sana wag nang sumawsaw pas i lolit kasi napaghahalataang may personal syang agenda s isyu at the same time nagkakapera pa sya sa pagtatanggol nya kay lani,o diba hit 2 birds in one stone ang drama nya!

Comment by lolit mukhang pera

January 22, 2007 @ 8:39 pm

korak ka diyan icy, pag walang envelope, walang mapapala si lani sa akin, di ko siya kakampihan anoooooo???????? si gretchen??? kulang na lang patayin ko yan eh. Binulgar ba namn ako ng gagang yan? ayun nagkasira tuloy kami ng papa ko na si gabby. Isa ko pang kaaway dito si sharon, ang tabatsinang yan…

Comment by kim

January 22, 2007 @ 11:55 pm


Comment by Anding

January 22, 2007 @ 11:58 pm

ang mga lalaki talagang mahina sila sa tukso, kasi visual sila. kay maganda ang babae o pangit pag nandyan na na nakahain they dont care kung may asawa lalo na ang mga filipino men..kasalanan ng mga babae kung patulan nila ang mga lalaking may asawa, lalo na pag alam nilang may asawa.kaya wag naman sisihin si lani, kawawa na yong tao dahil sa babaerong husband. if she was a bad wife tatagal ba sila ni bong.sana tumigil na lahat ng party involve in this issue. lalo si gretchen kasi sya ang nagkasala.kung gusto nyang mapatawad ng lubusan ni lani, wag na syang magsasalita pa about lani and bong.

Comment by icy

January 23, 2007 @ 12:16 am

sa ganang akin lang…wala naman tayong narinig n masamang salita patungkol kay lani si grethcen(till this issue came.oo,totoong may mali si gretchen at nangyari un mahigit 2 dekada na nakraan at alam nman ng lahat n wlang relasyon sila bong at gretchen ngayon.sabihin na nating si lani ang agrabyado pero ang isyu na un eh matagal na kung natuto sna si lani na magpatawad at harapin ang lahat ng wlang halong kaplastikan eh di sana di magulo ang lahat,nagsalita lang si gretchen para ipagtanggol ang sarili dba nga,nag alok ang film outfit nila bong na makapareha si gretchen then nagtext brigade si lani ng masasamang salita patungkol kay gretchen,hindi n nga sya pinatulan ni gretchen na kung tutuusin wala namn sanang problema pero dahil insecure si lani kaya sya na ang gumawa ng way para di matuloy ang pelikula nila.

Comment by icy

January 23, 2007 @ 12:31 am

may narinig ba tayong masamang salita kay gretchen patungkol kay lani?wla!
then now magwiwish si lani na sana makasal na c gretchen kay tony,kungdi ba nman kaplastikan un hindi sila friends pra magwish sya ng ganun kay greta,so meron syang ibang ibig sabihin.alam nman ng lahat ang sitwasyon ni tony boy,prang inilagay ni lani si tony boy sa alanganin kasi nakay tony ang dhilan kuhng bakit di sila makasal ni gretchen,so syempre alangan namng manahimik si gretchen.
so ngayon tuloy nalaman ng buong mundo ang baho nila bong at lani,ang bulok sa kanilang pagsasama.kahit pa sabihin nyang kasal sila pero ang loyalty,respeto,atensyon at pagmamahal eh hindi kayang ibigay ni bong ng buo sa kanya.
dapat ayusin muna nila lani at bong ang personal at totoo nilang problema bago sila mandamay ng iba.
kahit pa wla si gretchen sa iskena ay patong patong pa rin ang babae ni bong at un ang dapat pagtuunan ng pansin ni lani,si bong ang kausapin at awayin nya at ang totoong babae ni bong hindi si gretchen.
naging totoong tao lang si gretchen,siguro napuno na rin sya kaya nya ibinulgar ang mga sikreto nila ang kasal na pinagmamalaki ni lani eh bumalik din sa mukha nya.

Comment by Anding

January 23, 2007 @ 12:37 am

wedding is just the ceremonial rites, ang marriage is the legal binding/commitment between the man and his wife..bakit ba nanggagalaiti si gretchen sa wish ni lani..? for sure, yon din naman siguro ang matagal at taimtim na wish ni gretchen para sa kanilang dalawa ni tony boy..maybe gretchen took it so badly from lani kasi alam nya ( gretchen) na its far from reality, na in her lifetime baka di mangyayari na makakasala sila ni tony boy? kaya ang dating sa kanya insulto..if she was smart enough, dapat pasalamatan nya ang magandang wish ni lani sa kanya, mas hahangaan pa sya ng tao, pero the way she reacted, its obvious nya sya ( gretchen) ang hindi secure sa kinatatayuan nya. kasi naman 10 taon na mahigit na pagsasama, di pa rin sya pinakakasalan.

Comment by icy

January 23, 2007 @ 1:09 am

if that wish is coming from a friend,ofcourse masarap pakinggan pero galing sa isang taong hindi mo kaibigan tawag dun eh insulto!kahit sinong tanungin mo may ibig iparating si lani sa wish nyang un.
kung secure talaga si lani kay bong hindi sya magmementioned anything about kasal,kasi parang sinasabi nya na magloko man asawa ko ksal kami,so ibig sabihin eh tinotoleraten nya ang pangbababae ng asawa nya w/c is hindi dapat,kasi totoo namng kasal ka nga eh hindi naman buo ang relasyon nyo at hindi tapat ang isa,so parang balewala din lumalabas na kapirasong papel lng ang hawak mo pero ang asawa ko hindi.

Comment by icy

January 23, 2007 @ 1:19 am

hindi LANG kasal ang nakapagpapatunay na pagsasama ng isang couple kundi respeto,pagmamahal at loyalty ng bawat isa,at si gretchen at tony fortunately meron nun.
at tama si gretchen sila lani at bong ay may wedding pero hanggang dun lang,dahil si bong eversince na nagsama sila ni lani wlang minuto,oras,araw o taon na hindi nambabae.
mas gugustuhin ko pang hindi ako kasal basta alam ko na loyal ang partner ko kesa naman ikasal nga ako araw araw ko namang iisipin kung nakaninong kandungan nandun ang asawa ko.

Comment by icy

January 23, 2007 @ 1:28 am

come to think of it,ang papel na yan ang nag uugnay sa mag-asawa na khit impyerno ang buhay mo eh hindi ka basta makaalis s relasyon kasi kasal ka.masarap ang kasal kung ang mag-asawa ay faithful sa isa’t isa,pero sa case nila lani at bong ay kabaligtaran.yan nga ang dahilan kung bakit hindi makakalas si lani kay bong nuon pa hanggang sa dumami na ang anak nila at umaasa si lani na magbabago si bong kasi kasal sila.
hindi porket kasal ka eh itotolerate mo ang asawa mong mambabae dhil ang reason mo eh at the end eh sayo uuwi aswa mo,plsss….be rational!at bakit si bong hindi makuntento kay lani,ano ang kulang?ano ang mali ni lani?hindi kaya dpat eh ayusin muna nila s loob ng tahanan nila ang problema ng pagsasama nila bago nila isisi sa ibang tao kung anumang buhay mag asawa meron sila.

Comment by icy

January 23, 2007 @ 1:31 am

and pls sana bago magwish si lani about marriage sa ibang tao ayusin nya muna yung marriage life nya para hindi naman sya napupulaan.
and pls lang wag syang pakaplastic na ok sila ni bong,kalat naman sa buong pilipinas ang pambababae ni bong sa lahat ng oras.

Comment by liza

January 23, 2007 @ 3:58 am

A wedding is just a ceremony while a marriage is a relationship. A wedding is basically a contract signing which binds two people together, whether there is love or not, while a marriage is a relationship where there is give and take, trust, respect, and understanding. Gretchen speaks figuratively, not literally, when she says that she and Tony have a marriage and Bong and Lani just have a wedding. It’s interesting though that Lani and Gretchen are speaking on different levels–Lani speaks literally when she says that she wishes Gretchen finally wed. In Lani’s eyes, and I think for most Filipinas, it is the contract that matters. As long as they are the “legal wife” (Mother Lily, are you listenting), they are better off. However, using Gretchen’s definition, I would rather be a kabit nalang who gets the rewards of a wife anyway (except for the formal MRS. of course) than a delusional and martyr wife…but then again, that’s if I had a choice…I would rather just be single nalang actually than live with a cheating husband…(Remember that Tonyboy’s left him, so Gretchen wasn’t actually a homewrecker in this case)

Comment by Trixie

January 23, 2007 @ 5:54 am

I watch the video where Lani wished Gretchen a marriage and I don’t see anything bad about it.It was said in a nice way, with a smile(not sarcastic)para sa akin walang kaplastikan.Di ba ang taong pinapakasalan tumitino?Look at Kris Aquino.She behaved when someone married her at dahil sa kabi kabilang intriga kay Gretchen,obviously yun ang dapat iwish sa kanya ng lahat ng tao para matapos na ang kainsecuran nya.I’ve been living abroad for more than 6 years noW but I value being a Filipino.To name a few, getting married or eventually marry the person you’re living in.I remember Kris saying she left Philip coz she can’t wait for his promise to marry her.Second, ikahihiya tayo ni Rizal kung di tayo marunong sa sariling wika.Lea Salonga speaks english like an American but she speaks Tagalog as well.KC Concepcion speaks english and french but she speaks tagalog as well.I can’t be proud if my daughter doesn’t speak tagalog and even ilocano.Third, spilling your dirty linens in public is really degrading and disgusting.Tatak mo na yan hanggang mamatay ka.I think most of us COMMENTING here are living abroad,let’s be proud being a filipino,the values, the close family ties.Someone commented what happens to Fabian Ver and that’s a perfect example for Gretchen coz she doesn’t own Tonyboy.The mistress and her 2 kids were set aside,they only visit him in his grave.The legal wife and their kids were all on tv and the newspaper while the other woman was nowhere in sight.I’m married and if ever my husband do the infidelity(wag naman po sana),I can never be friend to that woman and perhaps I will wish her to find someone single,love her,adore her and trust her.That’s the most impt. thing not the material thing.GRETCHEN MUST SHUT UP.SHE’S RUINING HER LIFE AND REPUTATION.

Comment by tristan

January 23, 2007 @ 7:49 am

how could greta get married if at the very first place there is no ANNULMENT.Cojuangcos are Cojuangcos, and Doña Imelda is very smart enough to marry one Cojuangco because she possessed all the qualities to be a wife of a Cojuangco.and Denise Yabut as well.
c gretchen? naka apak ba yan ng college?can she speak straight english? or she does “taglish” because GRAMMAR is embarassment for her.

Comment by Health Advisor

January 23, 2007 @ 9:03 am

How WTO could accepts rules limiting medicine exports to poor countries? WBR LeoP

Comment by Really

January 23, 2007 @ 10:22 am

dati like ko si gretchen pero ngayon kasi ang dating nya ang yabang na kaya nakaka turn off at feeling ba kaya nyang banggain lahat dahil feeling mayaman talaga sya. kahit yong mga taong di na kumikibo panay pa rin ang pasaring nya.tingnan natin kung uubra ang kayabangan at katarayan nya kay manay lolit, ngayon it seems like nakahanap na sya ng katapat nya. siguro may i call sya kay lolit para magmakaawa na wag syang tirahin in public.

Comment by Really

January 23, 2007 @ 10:30 am

mabait pa rin si Lani kahit sabihin man nilang plastic, for wishing gretchen well.siempre tinanong sya ng press kung anong wish nya kaya yon ang sagot nya. mabuti nga ganon. kung ako siguro i-wi-wish ko sa babaeng minsan kumabit sa asawa ko, at sa mga patutsada ni gretchen ngayon, hihilingin ko sana maputol ang dila nya or tubuan sya ng mga nana sa mukha

Comment by e ano ngayon

January 23, 2007 @ 10:51 am

most men are naturally infedil, kasi babae talaga ang weakness ng mga yan. ke kay kasal sila or not, they would cheat their wife or gf when they can. nasa sa tao na yan kung may kunsensya at values at marunong umiwas sa tukso.In Tony Boy’s case, malay ba natin kung anong reason naghiwalay sila ng wife nya baka babae rin ang dahilan before even gretchen met him, di kaya?. sa filipino culture di na kataka taka ang lalaking nangangaliwa kay may pera o wala. some men maintain a wife, and a mistress, minsan pa nga, 2nd mistress pa e, and the most interesting is yong 1st kabit yon pa ang mas matapang kaysa sa wife, the 1st kabit ang nanunugod sa 2nd kabit. ang mga kabit, they are like that makakapal ang mga mukha wala ng kahihiyan at matatapang ang mga sikmura, and full of insecurities.

Comment by chuva

January 23, 2007 @ 11:21 am

bakit ang sinisisi si gretchen sa lahat ng gulong ito?hindi lang si grethcen ang may participation sa isyu,si lani at bong din.
oo,mali ang ginawa ni greta before pero inamin nya ito at pinagsisihan na.
even after greta hindi pa rin tumugil si bong s pambababae,hindi na nya binigyan ng kahihiyan ang pamilya nya at respeto sa mga anak at asawa nya.
at si lani,sabihin na nating mabuting sya asawa kay bong dahil hinahayaan nyang manbabae ang asawa nya,hindi ako naniniwalang hindi nya un alam kung lahat ng tao eh alam ito kahit ang mga anak mo ganun ka ba katangan para hindi un malaman?napakapangit na ihemplo para sa mga anak nila ang ugali ni lani,parang pinapakita nya sa mga anak nya na ok lng ang manloko ng babae o asawa.

Comment by chuva

January 23, 2007 @ 11:27 am

at ipinapakita nya sa mga anak nyang babae na ok lang lokohin ka ng asawa mo at hayaan yun,nsan ang respeto nya sa sarili nya?sa pamilya nila?at sa mga anak nya?
bilang ina at asawa dapat ipakita nya sa kanila ang tamang pagdadala ng pamilya.hindi sapat na suporthan lng asawa dapat alam mo din ipatupad ang batas sa inyong pamilya,na may respeto,commitment,pagmamahal at loyalty bilang mag-asawa.hanggang kelan hahayaan ni lani na ganito ang buhay nila?
oo mali si greta dahil hindi na nya dapat pa sinabi ang affair ni bong sa iba,pero siguro napuno lang si greta sa mga pasaring ni lani,na kung tutuusin ay totoo naman.ang kasal nila lani at bong ay isang kapirasong papel lang pero sa likod nun eh isang wasak na pagsasama.hindi kaya dapat ay ayusin nila bong at lani ang pagsasama at pamilya nila bago mahuli ang lahat?

Comment by chuva

January 23, 2007 @ 11:36 am

hindi kaya maging hudyat ito ng pagbabago ni bong?bka nga maging eye opener pa ito sa natutulog na konsensya ni bong at maging dahilan pa ng pagbabago nya?at baka sa bandang huli eh magpasalamat pa si lani kay gretchen kung magkagayun man?
siguro hindi lang ang tipo ng babae si gretchen na tatahimik at uupo sa isang tabi kung tinatapakan na,alam nya ang kayang pagkakamali pero alam din nya ang karapatan nya.
alam ni greta na may kahulugan ang sinabi ni lani,ibinabalik lang ni gretchen ang sinabi ni lani tungkol sa kasal.bakit kay gretchen lang galit na galit si lani na kung tutuusin eh ang tagal na ng nangyari s knila at alam namn nya na wala na sila affair at may ibang totoong babae ang asawa nya?eh ang totoong kinkasama at babae ni bong ngaun eh hindi nya makanti?
ayusin mo muna ang iyong marrige life bago ka magwish ng kasal sa iba.
aanhin mo ang kasal kung bulok naman ang inyong pagsasama?

Comment by sharon

January 23, 2007 @ 12:32 pm

may boboto pa kaya kay bong sa election? in another forums, in fact may 15 year old daw na anak si bong and may isa pang anak na mas matanda pa kay Bryan somewhere in Manila, anong age na ba si Dominique? Taga-cavite ata ang mga posters dun…

Comment by sharon

January 23, 2007 @ 12:34 pm

Yung 15 year old na anak daw sabi ng poster ay sa cavite naman.

Comment by chuva

January 23, 2007 @ 1:04 pm

i dont think dom is related kay bong,nasa US sila tony at greta when she got pregnant with dom diba?
saka ang layo ng mukha ni dom sa revilla kaya nkakatawang ipagtulakang anak ni bong si dom.

Comment by tristan

January 23, 2007 @ 2:11 pm

as to what i heard from the big bosses of PLDT then, Denise allows Tonyboy to continue womanizing because he is vasectomized. Aside from Dom, have you heard any children by Tonyboy?so is Dom really of tonyboy’s?

Comment by lia

January 23, 2007 @ 4:33 pm

Dominue is the daughter of Tony Boy, pina DNA nina Gretchen, with the urging of her family, para may makuha sigurong mana if something will happen, kaya super close nga daw siya sa half sister niya, dahil alam na alam niyang magkapatid naman sila. Matagal nag wala sina Denise at Tony ng magkaroon ng affair sina Tony at Greta, in fact may isa pang bilyonaryo noon na nanligaw kay Gretchen pero si Tony Boy ang pinili niya, kasi pamilyadong tao ang bilyonaryo at matanda pa as in lolo na talaga.

Comment by okray

January 23, 2007 @ 4:35 pm

i’ve met greta before. Mabait naman siya tsaka maganda pero nasasayang lang lahat yan kapag binubuksan na niya kanyang bibig. Ma-involve na lang sana siya sa charity works ala Angelina Jolie tutal idol naman niya yon. Hindi yung mga Louis Vuitton , microwave oven na yan

Comment by okray

January 23, 2007 @ 4:47 pm

di naman kailangan ipa-DNA si Dominique. Kamukhang kamuka ni Tonyboy.

Comment by okra

January 23, 2007 @ 5:34 pm

pina dna na nga daw, baby pa lang ata siya.

Comment by Cecile

January 23, 2007 @ 6:40 pm

for Gretchen,bkit nya nasabing 7 ang anak ni Bong at hindi 6???baka nagka anak clang 2 n Bong???he,he ..bitter c Grechen sa cnabi nya sa interview last week na na sya lang inuuwian n TonyBoy C,ha,ha,ha..tama c Lolit Solis meron syang(Gretchen) hindi makalimutan kay Bong..mantakin mo ba namang ibulgar pa nya na naging cla ni Bong at sasabihin pang past is past,pero sya angd makalimut,dpat naging secret na lang nya un..Hoy Getchen,gayahin mo na lang mga kapatid mo na cla Marjorie at Claudine, maayos at tahimik ang buhay may asawa nila…

Comment by malou

January 23, 2007 @ 6:54 pm

kahit pa sabihin nilang babaero c bong at least c Lani Mercado ang pinakasalan,at blissfull with 6 beautiful smart children..ipagtanggol mo Lolit Solis…naliligo sa pera c Gretchen pero ang tanong, MAHAL ba nya c TonyBoy C.???o MAHAL nya ang PERA ni TONYBOY??? ha,ha,ha

Comment by Rose

January 23, 2007 @ 7:01 pm

For Lani & Bong, Maging matatag kayo at wag hayaang masira ang pamilya alang alang sa mga anak ninyo. Yamang ma ka Diyos naman kayo pareho. Kita mo nga pag New year nag sisimba pa kayo. Ang lahat ng pag subuk na dina ranas nyo ngayon comments etc. isang pag subuk. Umasa parin kayo na ang lahat ay maayus din sa tulong ng pananalangin. Walang masa sa Wish ni lani para kay gretchen. Sanay satulong ng mga panalangin ng iyong ka pamilya at kaibigan. malalampasan din ang lahat pagsubuk.God bless you!

Comment by Rose

January 23, 2007 @ 7:09 pm

For Gretchen,

Well ang pinaka maganda sa lahat ay ang kahit subrang yaman mo pa. hindi mo ito madadala sa kabilang buhay mo pag namatay tao. ang pinaka importante ay may pusong maawain at matulungin sa kapwa. at wag pag yayabang. mas ka puri puri ka at magiging sikat kapa kung magiging matulungin ka sa kapwa mo or mag tayo ka ng fondation para sa mahihirap dahil mayaman ka naman. hindi yong ganyan na nag-re act ka pa sa wish ni lani. Lumalabas tuloy iyan na wala kang ngang inabot namataas na pag aaralan.kung patuloy mong re act. manahimik ka at manalangin kaya. ito naman ang gawin mo sa buhay you can go what ever you want to go. maging malapit ka nalang sa diyos.mas ka puri-puri kapa ng buong mundo. May God enlighten you.

Comment by ruby Suezo

January 23, 2007 @ 7:10 pm

but she is a certified GOLD DIGGER…spending money na hindi naman nya pinaghirapan…khit isabit mo ang GINTO sa katawan mo,oviuosly KABIT ka pa din,& u will never be happy…sa harap ng camera ka lang happy but inside you are very sad person,compare to your sisters Marjorie & Claudine who are both living very happy and contented.

Comment by chuva

January 23, 2007 @ 7:30 pm

mali ang pakikipagapid at mali ang nagawa ni gretchen pero pinagsisihan na nya un at matagal ng nangyari yun.
sa opinyon ko hindi inaatake ni gretchen si lani kundi si bong,wla namng sinabing masama si gretchen kay lani kundi sa kanilang pagsasama.sinabi lang ni grethcen ang bagay na ayaw tingnan at ayaw malamn ni lani at un ang pambababae ni bong,pakaisipin man natin kahit humupa ang away nila o mawala sa eksena si gretchen kung patuloy na kukunsintihin ni lani ang pambababae ni bong hindi pa rin sya mtatahinik at hindi pa rin nya masasabing maayos ang pagsasama nila dahil patuloy na mambababae si bong.
siguro oras na pra bigyan ni lani ng atensyon ang gingawa ng asawa nya,unahin nilang ayusin ang pagsasama nila dahil kahit sino pa man ang magsabi o umapela sa kanilang relasyon kung talagang matibay ito at walang nakikitang butas sa bawat isa walang dahilan para maapektuhan sila.

Comment by chuva

January 23, 2007 @ 7:38 pm

bilang babae nakakaawa ang sitwasyon ni lani,pero hindi doon nagtatapos ang lahat bilang asawa at ina ng kanyang mga anak dpat alam ni lani na ipaglaban ang karapatan nya at kapakanan ng kanyang mga anak.
kung titingnan natin ang mga pahayag ni gretchen may punto sya,kahit pa sabihing kasal sila lani at bong pero wlang loyalty at respeto ano ang halaga ng kasal nila?
hindi magandang ihemplo para sa anak ni grtechen ang kanyang ginawa,pero ang bumango sa nagawang pagkakamali at matuto sa pagkakamali ang mas mahalaga.
hindi rin magandang ehemplo sa mga anak ni lani ang pagiging martir nya,nasan ang respeto nya sa sarili nya upang hayaan at patuloy syang lokohin ng asawa nya.hindi ba parang sya pa ang nagtutulak na mambabae si bong sa patuloy nyang pagsasawalang kibo,kaya hindi natatakot si bong dahil alam nya na maiintindihan sya ni lani.
mas lalong hindi maganda ehemplo s alahat ng isang tulad ni bong,sana alam nya ang limitasyon nya sa kabutihan at pang unawang binibigay ng asawa nya,silang mag asawa lamang ang mkakaresulba ng kanilang pagsasama.

Comment by kamatis

January 23, 2007 @ 8:38 pm

magsitigil na kayo hinding hindi magbabago si bong dahil matulis siya, in fact totoo ang sinabi ni osang at ni gretchen may bago na namn siyang girlash, pero tinatago niya to hindi dahil sa takot siya ke lani kundi takot siya sa beauty queen na me ari ng parlor malapit sa abs cbn. o ano iboboto nyo pa kaya si senador matulis?

Comment by Pukey

January 23, 2007 @ 10:10 pm

problemang mag-asawa na yon between bong and lani at di dapat panghimasukan nino man. kung magpapaka marytyr si lani that is her choice. siguro gusto lang nyang maging mabuting ina para sa mga anak nya, sa dami ng mga anak nila is it a good thing to do ba na hiwalayan nya si bong. siguro yon ang gustong mangyari ni gretchen, ang maghiwalay si bong at lani..hindi nga ba??, sa pagkabit nya ke bong noon siguro yon ang gusto nya, but during their forbidden relationship, na-realized nya siguro na hanggang pangkama lang sya para ke bong kaya she ended it up.

Comment by Trixie

January 23, 2007 @ 11:01 pm

Of course it’s hard to be a person like Lani but hey,don’t we admire her for standing by her man till the end?It’s better to be with your man whom you promise to loved for better or for worse and till death do your part infront of God.Didn’t we experienced this?If not, then try it.It’s the best thing that would happen to a woman.I can’t say much for the infidelity but Joseph Estrada and even FPJ did it and yet they stayed with their wives till the end.The mistresses must not be proud to be one.To Gretchen, dear HONESTY IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST POLICY.Look at your fans, as if they wanted to be like you.Where are our values?Bong is goodlooking at sabi nila kung palay ang lumalapit bakit di mo kakainin?And again she confessed that she will flirt if she likes the guy.And again as I said si Gretchen ang tinitira coz sya lang ang kiss and tell.Ano kaya ang susunod nyang sasabihin?I would better be on Lani’s shoes than on Gretchen’s.

Comment by Linda

January 23, 2007 @ 11:10 pm

Lolit is right!!!marriage and weddong difference kapwa di mararanasan ni Gretchen hahahahaha

Comment by Pukey

January 23, 2007 @ 11:45 pm

trixie, i would not want to be in either lani’s or greta’s shoes.pag ang husband ko nag cheat once, uulitin yan. and if a guy leaves his wife for another woman, the other woman shld. expect na one day iiwanan din sya for another woman.
if i chose to live with a guy before marriage, 2 or 3 years lang pag di sya pakasal i have to decide where the relationship is going.

Comment by gagang sharmane

January 24, 2007 @ 12:12 am

ano bang paki mo kina lolit, gretchen, lani, bong and dawn ha sharmane? para kang sirang plaka, bagong takas ka siguro sa mental hospital ano? kung ako sa iyo, wag kang masyadong putak ng putak dito, or else mahuhuli ka uli at ipapasok ka ulit ng mga staff sa mental hospital…

Comment by OWRIGHT

January 24, 2007 @ 1:41 am

aanhin ko naman ang asawa ko kung maraming kalaguyo? kasal nga pero kung sinu-sinong babae nag nakakasiping yakkks! natitiis ni Lani yun? Hindi magandang ehemplo lalo na sa mga anak nila ang ginagawa ni Bong, pulitiko pa naman sya..sabagay, dami gumagawa ng gnyan na mga pulitiko..pweee! kala mo mga kagalang-galang pero sobrang baho naman ng mga pagkatao. Kung ako sayo lani, dapat sungalngalin mo yan si Bong, masyado ka nagpapakamartir, of course si Bong, mag-i-stick talaga ke Lani dhil mahirap ng makakita ng asawang martir..yung pangungunsinti ni Lani sa pambababae ni Bong eh hndi maganda kaya lalong dumadami ang mga babaerong kagaya ni Bong.

Comment by JHENGSKIE

January 24, 2007 @ 1:49 am

i saw the wedding photos of Lani and Bong….plastik na plastik ang dating….kawawa naman si Lani, pulitiko ang asawa nya kaya syempre pakitang-tao at si Lani martir at tanga naman hinahayaan na dungisan ni Bong pagkatao nya, pinapayagan nya na ganunin sya ni Bong? Kasalanan nya rin yan, kilala ang mga REvilla sa pagkababaero, naku ha, nakakaawa talaga yan si Lani, pahinhin epek pa at pinapakita daw talaga na she will stand by her man tanga!!! KIunyari babaeng Pilipina…iha wede magpatsek ka sa gyno mo dahil baka me STD ka na.

Comment by zanjoely

January 24, 2007 @ 2:56 am

well well well how do you know that dina b and rufa mae were even girlfriends of bong??? confirmed ba yun? nandun ba kayo sa mga oras na nagsiping sila??? they never admitted so its not confirmed dear readers. ang confirmed lang ay yung gretchen & bong dahil si gretchen mismo ang umamin. i guess hindi kayo nagbabasa ng ibang posts pero did it ever cross your mind na may mga hidden secrets and mga celebrities involved??? why are gretchen and bong still talking and in a sweet way? very intimate pa rin. is it because the 7th child of bong is dominique???? kaya forever ang magiging communication nila…even if they turn 80 years old!! syempre may anak sila!! parang inamin na rin ni gretchen that bong and her have a kid together. it all makes sense! why would gretchen keep on mentioning bongs name? dahil pag gising niya sa umaga si sominique ang kaharap niya…at anak nila ni bong siya!!! kaya peeps look carefully and read between the lines. thats why di mapatawad ni lani si gretchen. sa dawn gretchen…gretchen ako pero sa isyung ito confused ako! For now Ruffa, KC and Angel pa rin ako!!! HMP!

Comment by Trixie

January 24, 2007 @ 6:05 am

To Pukey, thanks for calling my attention ha ha ha.I’m a little bit weird but I’ll gonna change it.Okey,I’ won’t like to be in their shoes coz they are both in “alanganin” situation.I’ll just say,I’ll be on Lani’s side na lang ha ha ha.I’m married, I ask my husband if he loves me just a minute ago and sabi nya “naku nagbasa ka naman ng chismis”.Imagine di sya naniniwalang sinabi ni Gretchen lahat ng ito?He told me what kind of man is Tonyboy if he allows Greta talking like this.So I open pep and let him read it.Actually, he doesn’t like to read it coz ang sagwa daw.He likes gretchen before and bec of this issues coming right from her mouth,he says she’s not pretty anymore.What’s important is the inside not the outside.I told him he can do anything EXCEPT being unfaithful.And yes, I’m confused of the nonstop communication of Bong and Gretchen.Probably bec of Dominique nga.Well, I can read bet. the lines, too.Guys, the puzzle is about to be revealed and malay nga natin, hindi lang 7 ang anak ni Bong(PEACE).But then again Gretchen should have been decent enough not to tell this in public.They can do it privately.Sana lang lesson na ito kay Bong.Tama na at kung meron pa, putulin mo na.May apo ka na yan ba ang ehemplo mo sa mga anak mo.I still think Lani is a good example as a mother.They are at their worst time as husband and wife but still with her man.Negative lahat sasabihin ko kay gretchen kaya wag na lang.Hayaan nyo gigising din yan.Experience is the best teacher so I just hope next time she opens her mouth, good na lahat.Well, it’s her choice anyway, so be prepared for the next…

Comment by liza

January 24, 2007 @ 9:52 am

Lani’s “wish” for gretchen is like a backhanded compliment. It’s like someone telling a former fat girl, “Wow, you look so good. What happened to you?” Lani is not as sweet as you think–she’s actually very cunning. Wishing that Gretchen marry, in a public forum, is her way of saying, “My dear, I’m married and legal, and you’re not” and “When you finally do tie the knot, please stay away from my husband.” I have to applaud Lani and the fact that many people actually think she she did not mean anything bad by what she said…SHE DID. But then, after what Greta did, she finally got a word in, very belatedly, I must add. Meanwhile, Greta, I love you girl, but every time you open your mouth, your foot gets further pushed in. If you open it again, it’ll be your entire left leg you will end up swallowing…please, please behave…keep your thoughts to yourself…I totally agree with you that Lani was being catty, but please be more like Dawn, and shut your trap. You are just losing all your brownie points with the public.

Comment by jonalyn

January 24, 2007 @ 10:04 am

i guess gretchen is badly affected with what’s going on now. before, almost everyday i see her at dr javellana’s clinic,with all the yayas and bodyguards.but now, almost 2 weeks, she never visited.
ikaw rin, baka un pinaka ingatan mong wrinkles ay dumami.
try to look and compare them up close:gretchen, dawn and lani.cno mas maraming wrinkles pag tumawa, di ba c gretchen.considering she’s younger among the 3.
so who is overstressed?
is that what you are saying you’re happy?

Comment by tristan

January 24, 2007 @ 11:11 am

to trixie,
i like your comments, not because of which side you are, but with your “mind opener” ideas.
regarding friends of gretchen…that’s why she never get any nice advise because i guess all her friends are just like her.i remember that she wanted to go back to showbusiness because she missed being her real self, speaking her real ways…because who wants her voice or opinion or ideas in any gatherings tony will bring her to? she’s like a wallflower whenever she’s with tony

and that non-stop communication with bong?…i think so, because there’s always a piece of bong that’s with gretchen.who else?dna?only them knows it…

Comment by linda

January 24, 2007 @ 11:42 am

ok,actually i dont want to comment anymore coz this one is different issue from the blog entry above but there is someone who used my name.
i still like gretchen no matter what,i hate her being involve with a guy when she knows he is married.but hey!everybody knows about that,that was very very long long time ago…and im happy that she feels sorry for what she done.i admire her guts.
think about what she said,somehow its true.
i hope that people also look at what gretchen trying to imply.may this issue serve as an eye opener for all of them,for gretchen not to involve w/ married guy.for lani,to finally wake up and give an end on her husband womanizing and to bong to stop his habit.
lahat silang involve has a participation on the said issue,so all of them not only gretchen should be blame, and so lani and bong.

Comment by sharmane lukaret

January 24, 2007 @ 3:57 pm

Hindi ba kayo nakapagbasa ng column ni Dolly Ann Carvajal, sorry sa mga nag-post na si Dominique ay ang tinatago ni Bong, lalaki ang anak ni Bong na may pangalan na Paul or Paolo with the woman who have an initial of L.G. O asa pa kayong si dominique yan mga hunghang… lalo ka na sharmane bano, akala mo talaga si chuva lang ang poster dito ano? hangal ka talaga… bwahahahaha ngayon ko lang napatunayan na mentally retarded ka nga at inaway mo si chuva, hahaha di ko nga kilala si chuva eh, tsaka location ko, ang lamig lamig malapit sa north pole, yun lang hahaha

Comment by glenn ramos

January 24, 2007 @ 6:21 pm

to Grita na walang mudo!!!! hahahahahahahah!!!! kilala ko kayo sa Gapo, wala ka naman bread. ang yabang mo naka kabit ka lang ng mayaman kaya naging tao ka, if I know!!!!!!naging tao ka dahil jan sa kabit mo, kabit kasi hindi ka naman kasal at lalong hindi ka mirrage kay Tonyboy, ikaw ay isang kabit laang. kaya huwag kang magmalinis, when it compare to Lani and Bong, mga educated yong mga tao na hindi kagaya mo na napulot ka lang sa kangkongan ng malaking isda.sana makita ko na binabasa ito sa S-Files o kaya sa Joey at Lolit programa at nanonood kami dito sa Saudi Arabia.

Comment by Jamaica

January 24, 2007 @ 8:13 pm

i think sharmane should better see a psychiatrist bcause she’s using “out of this world” words heheheh! For me, I think Gretchen is right, she might have done mistakes in the past but she admitted it already and faced the consequences. Sa ngayon ay dinedefend niya lang ang sarili nya…sino nga ba naman ang gustong api-apihin sya forever no??? Lalo na nagyong mapera na sya hahahaha! Even me, hindi ko papayagang me mang-insulto sa akin nang ganun like what Lani did to her. I know Lani, malalim syang tao, tahimik pero nasa loob ang kulo. Sya yung di magsasalita but later on u will find out na sasaksakin ka na pala sa likod, and my gosh!! hindi ba nya kayang pigilan ang pambababae ni Bong?? If tey really loved each other, bakit hindi pa rin mahinto sa pambababae si Bong? mahal nga ba nya talaga si Lani or he’s only using her to take care of his name and the kids. Politicians need wives na martir para maitagao parin anhg mga kademonyuhang ginagawa nila. Bakit si Gretchen lang ang sinisisi dito sa lahat, eh diba maraming nakarelasyon si Bong, not only ruffa mae and Dina..helllo! there’s a lot……I guess kasalanan din ni Lani ito lahat dahil kinunsinti nya asawa nya. And for ur info peps, Dominique is tunay na anak ni Tony Boy, ang anak ni Bong sa labas ay lalaki! At pwede ba Bong stop texting and contacting Gretchen, di ka pa makuntento sa isa mong karelasyon ngayon? Baka gusto ong maka-extra uli ke Gretchen??

Comment by Jamaica

January 24, 2007 @ 8:16 pm

and to those who say na puro wrinkles na mukha ni gretch, have u ever see her personally? I don’t think so, I just saw a few weeks ago and she’s still the same beautiful person I know before, walang kakupas-kupas ang ganda, yung face nya parang pabata nang pabata. Gretchen is a real goddess of beauty!

Comment by leny

January 24, 2007 @ 8:57 pm

My nasagap akong chikka about gretchen and dawn.. Nung kabataan p raw nila, magka kumpetensha n cla… particularly sa lalaki.. LAgi raw sinisiraan ni dawn si Gretchen… Kc ata naging c Richard Gomez at Dawn dati, tapos after naging sila, naging sila ni Gretchen… Tapos hindi rin ata nagtagal… Tapos nanliligaw na si Tony Boy.. Pero my naging boyfriend pa si Greta, after Richard… Hihintayin na lang raw sya ni Tonyboy kc nga mahal niya si Greta… YUn na… Tapos nung nabuntis si Greta, pinagkakalat ni Dawn na kay Bong Revilla raw, sorry sha kamukha ni Tony Boy c Dominique.. And basta inggitera daw talaga c Dawn… Mukha lang mabait kasi maamo mukha nya… Tsaka kung money lang ang habol ni Greta kay Tony Boy, eh di sana nilayasan na nya si Tony Boy… Kasi daw every christmas millions raw ang nireregalo sa kanya ni Tony Boy, ang ginagawa nya tinatabi nya yung 70% sa bank at 30% ang ginagastos nya… And naisip nya ipapamigay na lang niya last christmas, kaya siguro nagpamudmod ng appliances sa Home Boy…

Comment by sharmane tuliling

January 24, 2007 @ 9:03 pm

ay naku, sharmane, bakit kayo lang ba ni chuva ang may computer at may internet connection, ako, ang nagpapabaliw sa iyo sharmane, nakakatawa ka talaga at inaaway mo si chuva pero ako naman dito ang type na type, hahahaha talagang galing ka nga sa mental hospital, pasensya na chuva ha? ikaw ang inaaway ng baliw na sharmane na to hahahahaha

Comment by osang

January 24, 2007 @ 9:11 pm

alam ko as early as 16 p lang c gretchen, nakikipag live-in na sha kay Joey Loyzaga, the cager -As in years naging cla. After that nagkaron ng relationship with Goma, Kaya naimbyerna c dawn, kc after maghiwalay ni goma and dawn, naging greta and goma… tapos matagal nang umaaligid sa kanya si Tonyboy, pero after breaking up with Goma, hindi pa rin naging cla ni Tonyboy, may naging isa pa, tapos sabi na lang ni Tonyboy kay greta, hihintayin sha nito dahil mahal nya talaga c Greta.. In the end naging cla.
Matagal ng hiwalay c Tonyboy sa kanyang asawa, right before pang maging cla ni Gretchen…
Wedding is just a formal agreement of two parties. Kung my divorce dito sa Pinas for sure, mas madali ang buhay ni Greta.
Fyi, medically induced ang pregnancy ni Greta kay Dominique. I don’t know if test tube, basta my kinalaman ang agham sa pagbubuntis ni Greta.

Comment by duchess

January 24, 2007 @ 10:13 pm

ingitera ka rin? hahaha yan lang masabi ko sa ‘yo, paki ni gretchen sa yo? bakit di mo sabihin yan sa harapan ni gretchen? kasi wiz knowing naman ni gretchen kung sino ka? pakilam niya sa yo? hahahaha

Comment by Linda

January 24, 2007 @ 10:13 pm

For sure milliones ang binayad ni Tony kay Lolit para tumahimik…Ayyyyyyyy grabe talagang makapal rin ang pagmumukha nitong si Greta..Akala niya maganda reputation niya … Inaalagaan daw niya credibilidad niya..meron ba siya nun?

Comment by Pukey

January 24, 2007 @ 10:42 pm

in this issue, lahat sila talo, isa lang ang panalo dito walang iba kundi si LOLIT

Comment by Pukey

January 24, 2007 @ 10:46 pm

lani,bong,gretchen & tony got all their nerves wrecked, but its Lolit who is laughing it out loud to the Bank

Comment by sharmane topak

January 25, 2007 @ 12:35 am

ay naku! bakit kaya may topak ka sharmane? si chuva na lang palagi mong inaaway… hahahaha

Comment by Jamaica

January 25, 2007 @ 1:16 am

naku ha Duchess ikaw ata ang masama ang budhi sa pinagsasabi mo..ang bait bait ni Gretchen eh! laki siguro ng pagkainggit mo sa knya heheheheh!

Comment by chuva

January 25, 2007 @ 1:29 am

hi!jamaica online ka pla!magkasabay lng tyo magpost,have a nice day!
just like you,gusto kodin si gretchen kahit ano pa man siguro wag lang syang masyadong taklesa almost perfect na sya,sabagay wla namang perfect na to lahat may flaw so siguro parte n nya un pero still gusto ko pa rin sya.

Comment by Lailani

January 25, 2007 @ 1:30 am

sobra naman magsalita itong Sharmane at Duchess dito para bang kinarir na yung paninira ke Gretchen. Basta ako bilib pa rin ke Gretchen, totoong tao kasi sya eh. Ayoko ke Lani dahil pahinhin epek pero ang totoo madita at epokrita tsaka di sya magandang ehemplo para sa mga asawa dahil of all those years na nagsama sila nI bong, ginawa lang syang martir na asawa na oo nga at inuuwian sya pero sa iba naman nakikipag-sex si Bong. Kumbaga para lang syang dekorasyon sa bahay dahil ang totoo di kuntento si Bong sa knya at nasan ang respeto ng knyang asawa sa knya? Kung talagang mahal sya ni Singkit dapat d nya magagawa ang ganito sa knya-

Comment by Jamaica

January 25, 2007 @ 1:59 am

hello din sayo chuva! actually nag-eenjoy ako sa kababasa sa mga post dito kahit yung iba eh wala ng kwenta heheheheheh! i only don’t understand bakit tinitira nila masyado si gretchen eh hindi naman nila kilala yng tao personally. Gusto ko yng pagiging totoong tao nya honest to goodness, syempre lahat naman ng tao walng perpekto at marami ding nagawang kamalian si Gretchen but hindi naman sya nagpaka-epokrita diba. I hope tigilan na nila si Gretchen, tngnan dn natin mga sarili natin at magnilay-nilay kung dpat ba tayong manghusga sa ibang tao.

Comment by yoko ke lani!

January 25, 2007 @ 5:51 am

ayoko ke lani sobra pagkaipokrita at sobrang tanga! kunsintidora at hinahayaan na lang na lokohin sya ng asawa nya!

Comment by nadia

January 25, 2007 @ 6:05 am

Greta is so insecure to those people who’s happily married. Bakit pa siya daldal ng daldal eh long time ago na ung relation niya with bong. Money cannot buy happiness….kahit how expensive pa ung mga gamit niya she still look not happy at all. Lahat ng mga reporters disappointed sa ginawa niya. parang gusto niya pag usapan siya to let know na sikat siya. Greta cannot stand with her two feet without tony. D ba before tony trying to leave her eh nagwawala siya sa opisina ni tony.. Ganyan talaga mga babaeng wlang breeding…

Comment by chuvang "unggoy"

January 25, 2007 @ 6:08 am

gusto ko talaga si gretchen kasi kamukha ko siyang unggoy…..

Comment by Trixie

January 25, 2007 @ 6:40 am

To Tristan, I can only say thank you for the compliments.”I second the motion” na lang ako sa comments mo.In addition to that,I admire Tony boy’s gesture in calling Lolit.That means he wanted all this to stop.Di ba may tsismis ding tumawag sya sa mga Lagdameo para tapusin na rn yung iringan kay Dawn?It was never confirmed in public but I strongly believe it’s true.Tonyboy deserves a better person and since he chooses Gretchen,she must change into a better person.How?I don’t know.Perhaps she’ll start it by saying sorry to all her enemies.Kumbaga makipagbati sya sa lahat ng enemies nya at tumahimik na lang sya.Wag magsasalita kung hindi maganda ang sasabihin nya.

Comment by Pukey

January 25, 2007 @ 8:17 am

to trixie : ay naku tumawag lang yan si tony boy kasi pinakiusapan ni gretchen. grabe siguro ang takot ni gretchen kay lolit , hehehhehehe, buti nga sa kanya .sana tumahimik na sya sa kapuputak, ang maliliit na bagay pinapalaki nya masyado kasi react sya ng react, kahit yong mga taong sangkot e di na nga kumikibo. the more na nagre-react si gretchen, lalong nakikilala ang pagka “brainless” nya. “marriage” daw ang sa kanila ni tony boy. kelan pa ha ???..feeling nasa cloud 9 ata talaga pag nakahawak ng milyones, hey gretchen, wake up !. nothing is permanent in this world, kaya sana be humble, at mag-isip ka muna bago pumutak, dapat ngayon pa lang mag-aral ka na, mag college ka para hindi puro shopping lang ang alam mo. para alam mo how to handle your life pag mawala si tony boy.

Comment by therese

January 25, 2007 @ 9:36 am

tonyboy:pls stop fighting with my mistress. i beg you. the more you intrigue her, the more she beg on her knees for me to marry her.the only wish i can’t grant.
kya greta, tigilan mo na ang pang-aaway kc, style mo bulok.pang bedtime stories ka lang.

Comment by sharmane luka-luka

January 25, 2007 @ 1:05 pm

ay naku sharmane, inaaway mo na naman si chuva, hahahaha akala mo talaga si chuva… hahaha lukaret ka ngang talaga. hahaha, tapos ginagaya mo pa style ko eh di naman si chuva kaaway mo no???? ako ako ako hahahaha nakainom ka na ba ng gamot mo galing sa psychiatrist mo ???? hahahaha

Comment by Kool

January 25, 2007 @ 4:05 pm

it’s not only chuva who is defending Gretchen here, actually marami kami but since hindi kami kagaya ni Sharmane, Duchess, JEM, etc na panay ang sagot na halatang kinakarir ang pagpopost heheheheheh! Eh ano ngayon kung di kasal si Gretchen ke Tony ano ngayon angpnagpuputok ng butse nyo? nagagalit ba kayo kasi si Lani kasal nga pero impyerno naman ang pgsasama nila ni Bong? or nagagalit kyo dahil naiinggit kyo at yung idol niyong si Dawn eh nalosyang na at nakatira lng sa isang sulok ng probinsya? na hindi makabili ng bagong kotse? kya nga super inggit diba…….INGGIT KAYO HEHE!

Comment by Kikay

January 25, 2007 @ 4:33 pm

hello everybody!! Aba’y wala na atang katapusan itong blog na ito dito hehehehe! padami ng padami lang lalo ang posts tuwing me bagong news about Gretchen eh panay ang dagdag dito. Dat’s cool! At si Sharmane andito pa rin? Hmm..well gaya nga ng palagi nyang nasasabi eh lahat tayo eh me karapatang magpost dito heheheheh! I just want to tell u all again and again, no matter what nega chisms ang ibato niyo ke Gretchen she will still remain happy and lucky with Tony Boy and her man is always defending her….see! Kung di nya mahal si Gretchen dapat sana matagal na nyang hiniwalayan diba, sino nga ba namang di maiinlove ke Gretchen sa ganda nya, kya si Bong hanggang ngayon eh panay pa rin ang katetext at katatawag ke Gretchen, asan ang respeto nya sa asawa nyang si lani? Si Bong pa ang taga-sumbong ke Gretchen at tagasabi kung merong bagong issue tungkol ke Gretchen….Greta ur such a lucky girl!! Don’t let other people put u down just because u admitted that u have done mistakes in the past. U faced the consequences already at hinamak ka ng mga tao, tama yung naging pagpapakumbaba mo noon but u also have ur right to protect urself kapag bastusan na ang gnagawa sayo. More power!!! WE love u!!

Comment by Loveandbeloved

January 25, 2007 @ 4:36 pm

I admire Gretchen for being so strong kahit pa anong pagsubok dumating sa life niya. And she knows how to fix it.ang importante u have ur partner’s approval and defense all the time. U are so lucky gurl! Marami ring nagmamahal sayo at isa na kami dun mga fans mo na patuloy na sumusuporta!

Comment by chuvang "kabit"

January 25, 2007 @ 9:56 pm

I like gretchen so much co’z we are both kabit and we are both not happy. Pareho din kaming pumatol sa matanda na basta lang may pera kasi wer are both “GOLD DIGGER”


January 25, 2007 @ 10:32 pm

ay naku talagang wala talagang originality to si sharmane, hahahaha, si chuva na naman ang inaaway, si niya kasi maaway si sharmane tuliling, o si sharmane, baliw, o si sharmane topak, hahahaha, sumasakit ang tiyan ko sa katatawa dito, sorry ulit chuva ha? wala lang,katuwaan lang kasi talagang baliw talaga eh…sino pa di si sharmane…

Comment by Trixie

January 25, 2007 @ 11:02 pm

To pUkey.I think may point ka dyan.Ano ba yan, ntelligent kasi s Tonyboy eh so wala akong nisip na ganoon pero siguro nga.Bahala na nga sya sa buhay nya kasi she chooses to be that one.But I really hope she changes….to a better person huh.Hay Gretchen, SILENCIO, por favor.

Comment by Kool

January 25, 2007 @ 11:36 pm

kung sino ka mang sharmane ka, dont ever use my name “Kool” wala kang originality. Ang masasabi ko lng ang idol mong si Dawn ay super losyang na at ang pangit pangit ng anak nila mukhang tiyanak, eh ano ngayon kung laitin ko sila eh mas sobra pa nga dyan ang panlalait nyo ke Gretchen? Dapat lng sa inyo ibalik ang mga pinagsasabi nyo, kayo ang loser lalo ka na sharmane dhil forever di ka makakatikim ng kaginhawaaang tintamasa ni Gretchen ngayon…so what kung iniintriga sya msyado at least she knows how to fight back ang defend herself at totoong tao sya di kagaya nyo na nagtatago saiba-ibang name para makapanira. Dadalawang persona lang kyong tagapanira dito ke Gretchen samantalang napakarami ang nagtatanggol ke Gretchen, at kung iniisip mo na binabayaran kmi hahahahhahahahaha! eh di lalo kang nainggit nun kung totoo nga kasi kayo, i guess di kayo mababayaran ng amo nya dahil naghihirap yun anoh, hindi mabgyan ng asawa nya ng pera pambayad kawawa naman, wala syang lakas ng loob idefend ang sarili nya unlike Gretchen, me Tony boy ka ba naman eh hehehheeheh! SO para sa ma INGGIT…..maglupasay kayo sa INGGIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT! at about ke Lani, susko naman napakatanga mo naman at hindi awayin yang asawa mong babaero na walang respeto sayo at sa mga anak mo. GUmising ka bruha!

Comment by chuva

January 25, 2007 @ 11:53 pm

ooopppsss,im reffering to kool post 798.
sige TOTOONG KOOL,ipaglaban mo ang karapatan mo he he!!!

Comment by linda

January 26, 2007 @ 12:42 am

how funny this blogspot talaga ha ha ha…
im the original linda,as i’ve said i still like gretchen no matter what.
i wont curse anybody kasi i trully respect ones opinion,as long as walang bumabastos sa akin.
or maybe use other name coz linda is already taken in this site,tanx!
and for gretchen,be strong…
just pray and have faith in Him.
God bless!!!

Comment by Kool

January 26, 2007 @ 1:20 am

meaning pag iisa lang ang font parehas lang ang nag popost !TANGA !!!!!!!!!!mag-aral ka ng computer day kasi nakatawa ka!

Comment by Kool

January 26, 2007 @ 1:21 am

naku kung sino pa tong mga kabit at imoral yun pa ang kakapal ng mukha!dapat nga magtago na sila kasi nakakahiya sila sa lipunan!

Comment by Kool

January 26, 2007 @ 1:35 am

kilabotan naman kayo mga sinasabi ninyo tungkol kay Lani.Bakit di niya pinatulan si Lolit at takot na takot siya kasi nga totoo lahat sinabi ni Lolit tungkol kay Greta!!!fatally attracted siya kay Bong!Ingit siya kay Lani kasi kahit anong posisyon sa kama na ginawa niya para kay Bong ay nanatili pa rin si Bong kay Lani!!!Ang sabihin nyo walang alam si Greta sa pinagagawa ni Tony pero day madaming ring babae ang high and mighty na Tony at isa na si Greta doon…kasi naman babae lang si Greta ni Tony hindi asawa,,,,Talaga naman pareho lang ang wedding and marriage both di matitikman ni Greta forever hahahaha ..kakaawa Sabi niya she has Tony’s loyalty ..hello dapat pinakasalan ka niya para maging loyal siya sa’yo!!!Bong is fun of fooling around at hindi mo matangap na isa ka sa naging laruan ni Bong noon…kasi naman may pera ka nga kakasuka naman ang katabi mo sa pagtulog!hahahaha Sana di mo na lang tinikman si Bong para hindi ka nagiging stalker ni Bong ngayon hahahahaha!!!

Comment by Kool

January 26, 2007 @ 1:38 am

kakaawa ka Greta !!!! ur not happy kasi ang taong happy hindi nakikialam sa buhay ng may buhay !Pakawala ka kasi…..Forever kang magiging laruan ni Tony!

Comment by Kool

January 26, 2007 @ 1:41 am

Hay chuva di ako pumapatol sa mga lOW IQ na gaya mo !!SI GRETA ang item dito kaya tungkol lang sa kanya ang ang i-popost ko dito!Ano kaya ang feeling na hindi makakasout ng wedding gown forever hahahaha!Nakita ko kanina cover si Greta at ang anak niya sa magazine ayaw kong i-elaborate pero anak niya ba yun?Mabuti pa mga anak ni Marjorie kay Greta HAHAHAHA!

Comment by chuva

January 26, 2007 @ 1:55 am

ha ha ha ha….wawa naman…

Comment by chuvang labandera

January 26, 2007 @ 1:57 am


Comment by chuvang "unggoy"

January 26, 2007 @ 2:01 am

Kaya fan ako ni greta kasi inggit ako sa kanya mas maganda lang siya kunti sa akin ako kasi mukha akong “ape” may nagsabi nga para ko lang kambal si gretchen ung shape ng face namin mukhang unggoy…

Comment by chuva

January 26, 2007 @ 2:04 am

hay palala ng palala si SHARMANE,ano ba…wala k nmang latoy eh inaantok tuloy ako sa post mo eh wla bang mas matino tino ung kakagat naman ako?
hay……inggit nga naman pag pumasok sa maliit na utak,natutunaw ang katiting na utak nyak ha ha…

Comment by chuva

January 26, 2007 @ 2:08 am

i like ur post #822
actually magkamukha nga kami ni gretchen nyak ha ha…ayan nadagdagan na naman galit mo sa kin hindi k nlng inggit kay gretchen pati na rin sakin he he…
nye nye nye nye nye…

Comment by GRETCHEN

January 26, 2007 @ 2:47 am

Pagbigyan nyo na lang ako sa kababawan ko !!!!Hindi nyo alam ang pinagdaanan kong kahihiyan para lang makuha si Tonyboy!Tinitiis ko lahat para lang magkapera ako.Alam nyo namn na nag ST ako at hindi naman masyadong kumikita pelikula ko kaya utang ng utang na lang ako kay mother LILy before….Nang makilala ko si Tony grab ko na agad kahit alam kong marami aming babae sa buhay niya.Marami na rin kasing lalaki dumaan sa akin at proud ako pero di ako maka get over kay Bong ewan ko lang..kakaingit talaga sina Lani at Bong kasi bukod sa pinakasalan sila ng mayaman na lalaki ay guwapo pa eh heto ako matanda na nga di pa ako pakasalan!

Comment by CHIKA (dating Kool)

January 26, 2007 @ 4:27 am

hello ulit sa inyo! ako po ito ang original na “Kool” pero dahil sa me nang-agaw na ng name ko eh palitan ko na lang. and for u mang-aagaw ng name a.k.a. sharmane ayaw na kitang patulan sa mga patutsada mo, it’s very plain and clear kasi na ur brain is too small or in a wrong place? sorry to say that but ganyan ang pinapakita mo dito the way u post. I found this site very interesting at pampalipas din pala ng oras kapag walang ginagawa heheheheh! Juz what I’ve said earlier, gusto ko si Gretchen dahil marunong syang tumanggap ng mga pagkakamali, hindi epokrita at higit sa lahat ay mabait na tao. Yung mga chismis nyo at paninira ay based din lng sa mga nababasa nyo but u don’t even really know her personally, buti pa ako, maraming beses ko na syang nakita at nakausap! Eh si Dawn nyo ba at Lani eh nakakausap nyo? I’m not angry with Dawn or even Lani, hindi ko naman din sila mga kilala, pinagtatanggol ko lng dito ang taong kilala ko and that’s Gretchen. Sana naman u stop using very bad and below the belts words sa kanya, she doesnt even know u guys! Basta ang pagkakilala ko ke Gretchen ay mabait syang tao, yun lang! Good evening sa lahat!

Comment by WEna

January 26, 2007 @ 5:13 am

ano ba yan ang babastos naman ng mga tao ditong nagpopost. wala ba kyong mga pinag-aralan? ganyan na ba kabastos mga Pinoy ngayon? sana naman kung magpost kyo yung me sense, not necessarily English kahit Tagalog basta ba me laman. disgusting na kasi mga pinagsasabi nyo! kakahiya kayo!

Comment by kearobby

January 26, 2007 @ 5:42 am

S’il vous plaît candy, if you’re gonna use the french language just be’re using the right grammar, when i read your blog… muntik na akong himatayin, quelle horreur… tu racontes n’importe quoi… degeuelasse… salope.. ! mag tagalog ka na lang,, la honte !

Comment by al

January 26, 2007 @ 11:09 am

gretchen and ruffa top the social climber’s list!

Comment by WEna

January 26, 2007 @ 2:38 pm

what’s the big deal now if Gretchen is flaunting all her expensive things, bringing yaya’s and bodyguards eh hindi naman natin pera yun? Grabe talaga ang crab mentality nyo mga tsong! I think matitigil lang kyo sa kadadakdak dito kpag binigyan kayo ni Gretchen ng pera? Hindi lang kasi kayo nabiyayaan kaya kayo naghihimutok, in the other word, naiinggit kyo! Dyan lumalabas lahat eh, kasi naiinggit kayo kaya kung anu-ano ng masasamang words ang binibitawan nyo for her. Honestly, Gretchen is not my type, I like Sharon Cuneta and Vilma but when I read the blog , so disgusting how u try to put the girl very down. Kasi sa sarili ko, wala akong pakialam ke Gretchen, kaya hindi ako maninira sa kanya. kahit pa magtubling sya it’s not my life! It’s sad na ganyan ang mga pag-uugali nyo dito, sobrang masasakit ang sinasabi nyo na kahit siguro sarili nyo di nyo matatanggap kapag kayo ang nasabihan ng ganyan, like what Duchess, JEM and Sharmane..etc are saying here. Hindi ba kayo kinikilabutan sa mga sinasabi nyo? Nagtatanong lang po! Good day to all!

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Comment by chuvang "low IQ"

January 26, 2007 @ 7:14 pm

katawa naman ang kambal kong si chuva u and gretchen are same MUKHANG PERA, MAYABANG and always think they are the only person in this blog…. “Im so old and have nothing para mawalan ng lover”

Comment by SHARMANE bakla

January 26, 2007 @ 8:05 pm

hahahahaha whatever hahahahahahaha

Comment by Marilou

January 26, 2007 @ 9:16 pm

hay Gretchen,pwede ba kalimutan mo na ung saging ni Bong Revilla ha,ha,ha mahiya ka naman kay TonyBoy C…parang ur not satisfied sa saging ni Tony…K.E.R.I.D.A ka pa din khit anong sabihin mo kay Lani he, carefully ung Ms.Lani M..she was just wishing na sana e makasal ka na aky TonyBoy,masama ba un????e mentras ba namang sagutin mo ung mess.nya ng…na pag nakasal ka kay TonyBoy e hindi ka na threaten??ang tanong pakakasalan ka ba ni TonyBoy???ang tagal mo ng kabit,hanggang ngayon d pa din nagpapa annull ng kasal c Tony..ha,ha,ha…Ruffa,ingat ka dyan kay Gretchen,nakikiramdam lang lang..susulutin din nya c Ylmaz sa iyo,timing lang inaantay nyan.

Comment by Dianne

January 26, 2007 @ 9:22 pm

i was wondering why Gretchen Baretto doesn’t stop talking about Bong???does she misses something from Bong???Oh my, I wonder when,Gretchen might tell also that she was been the 1 night stand girl of Richard Gomez he,he,he,..if I were TonyBoy,release Gretchen and let’s see in just a week she will be the mistress of all social people he,he,he RELEASE HER TonyBoy he,he,he

Comment by dianne

January 26, 2007 @ 9:30 pm

comment sa lolit,I assume na hindi c lolit solis2, na hindi daw kabit c Gretchen he,he,he, e ano ang tawag nya sa taong hiwalay nga sa asawa but not legally seperated?? e d kabit dba? hanggang ngayo d sya mapakasalan ni TonyBoy dhil hindi naman annulled c TonyBoy, greta maligo ka na lang ng alahas at pera ni TonyBoy pero KABIT ka din ang tawag ko sa iyo.

Comment by Dina

January 26, 2007 @ 9:35 pm

mareng Gretchen,stop ka na kasi talking about Bong…obvious tuloy na naghahabol ka e…kahit anong gawin mo ke 6 o 7 ang anak ni Bong wala ka ng pakialam doon,o baka naman sa iyo ung pang 7 he,he,eh
wish lang ni Ms.lani, na makasal kayo ni TonyBoy,masama ba un???wag mo ng pahabain,na pag nakasal kau ni Tony hindi ka na threaten kay Lani, who sais sooooo!! magiging threaten ka sa lahat kahit kasal ka na Gretchen….fallow ur sisters na maayos ang married life.

Comment by chuva

January 26, 2007 @ 10:09 pm

gretchen kabit o hindi?
he he…mukhang hindi naman un isyu sa kanila ni tony boy,mukhang masaya naman sila at walang tinatapakang ibang tao so bakit nga naman sila mag-aalala?

Comment by chuva

January 26, 2007 @ 11:06 pm

ang bagay na napansin ko sa mga successful na tao,is malawak ang kanilang pang-unawa.para sa knila ang nakaraan ay parte na ng nakalipas ang mahalaga ay kung ano ang ngaun at bukas,kya naman siguro successful sila,hindi ang tipo nila ang mag-aaksaya ng panahon sa mga bagay na nangyari kahapon,nung isang araw o nakaraang taon.
hindi talaga maaaring ipagkumpara ang isang tony boy at isang bong,kahit saang anggulo mo tingnan malayo sila,si tony boy ginagalang,kilalang tao sa lipunan,walang masamang reputasyon maging personal na buhay o negosyo man.
si bong isang artista at politiko(na alam naman natin na dalwa sa pinaka maduming larangan ng lipunan)kilalang babaero at nagkalat ang kabit mula pa noon hanggang ngaun.
maaaring si bong ay di hamak na may itsura kumpara kay tony boy,subalit hindi duon nasusukat ang kanilang pagkatao.
aanhin mo ang pogi kung ang buhay mo ay impyerno mas gugustuhin ko na ang hindi kagwapuhan kung ang buhay na ibibigay sayo ay langit at buong atensyon at pagmamahal.

Comment by chuva

January 26, 2007 @ 11:12 pm

wag sana tayong magpaka-ipokrita,minsan sa buhay natin dumadating ang di pagkakaunawaan kahit pa sabihing ina-anak-kapatid man.
ang mahalaga walang nasunog na tulay sa pagitan nila at hindi natin naringgan ng masamang salita si gretchen laban sa pamilya nya.
pamilya ay pamilya pa din kahit anong mangyari,mas matimbang ang dugo kesa tubig.
bakit kaya kesa manghusga ay mag-isip nalang tyo ng mga bagay na mas maganda para sa ibang tao,hindi lamang tayo magkakaron ng maayos na kaisipan,naiiwasan pa natin ang magkasala.
wala lang nasabi ko lang.

Comment by WEna

January 27, 2007 @ 12:05 am

ok ang explanation mo chuva, yan din sana ang sasabihin ko but i guess yung mga taong makikitid ang utak ay di kayang intindihin yan kahit pa Tagalog na tagalog na. Let’s just be happy kasi we are blessed at meron tayong malalawak na kaisipan!

Comment by WEna

January 27, 2007 @ 12:09 am

walang taong perpekto, lahat nagkakamali, walang dapat magmalinis, ang mahalaga marunong tayong tumanggap ng pgkakamali at tumayong muli pgkatapos bumagsak. That’s why I admired Gretchen kasi hindi sya ipokrita, oo nga naging ST star sya at nakiapid sya, but she’d ask for forgiveness diba at pinagsisihan na nya yun, sino pa ang kagaya niya sa showbiz na totoong tao. Tsaka wag naman kayong magmaliit ng tao na kesyo di mayaman si Gretchen, lahat tayo me karapatang lumigaya at yumaman kung talagang ibibgay ni Lord, kaya nga she’s blessed eh kasi she’s humble.

Comment by WEna

January 27, 2007 @ 12:11 am

More blessings to come for u Gretchen, I’m sure everything in ur life will be fine. Lalo na kapag nagkasundo na kayo ng family mo, no matter what…kadugo mo pa rin ang mga yan though nagkaroon kayo ng di pagkakaunawaan which is normal na nagyayari din naman sa isang pamilya, for sure mahal na mahal nyo pa rin ang isat isa. Goodluck!

Comment by WEna

January 27, 2007 @ 2:31 am

we love u Greta!!! more power to u and to ur whole family! Ignore the detractors! Mga inggit lang yan kaya nagpuputok ang butse hehehehhe!

Comment by Kuting

January 27, 2007 @ 2:32 am

para namang aso na nauulol na itong sharmane na ito paulit-ulit ang mga sinasabi bwahahahahahaha!

Comment by Haidee

January 27, 2007 @ 4:09 pm

I’m happy to hear the news that inspite of the problems na namagitan sa pamilya ni Gretchen they are still there to support her. Ganun naman talaga ang pamilya minsan merong di napagkakasunduan but at the end sila sila pa rin ang magkakampi. Especially Gretchen was once the bread winner of the family nung mga panahong naghihikahos pa sila. A very good sister too! I don’t believe masama si Gretchen, she may have done mistakes in the past but who are we to judge her? I like her beauty..a real goddess, not only the outside but also the inside.

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January 27, 2007 @ 4:11 pm

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Comment by Jokla

January 27, 2007 @ 7:20 pm

ang ganda ganda talaga ni La Greta! kaya ang daming naiinggit tsaka ang yaman yaman pa di gaya ni Dawn na naghihikahos, di makabili kahit isa man lang Louis Vuiiton kaya sobra inggit nya hikhikhik!

Comment by denise

January 27, 2007 @ 8:07 pm

Tonyboy cleaned up the mess of gretchen. Ayaw niya ng gulo kasi marami na nga siyang problem sa business niya dagdagan pa ng social climber na si greta. Kaya nilunok niya ung pride niya. Also for the sake of his family ayaw nila ung parati silang naka headline ng mga cheap issues like what gretchen doing now, shes trying to live how she live before she meet tony na very cheap kahit anong isyong kinasangkutan niya. And before she even cannot pay for her make up artist d ba at ung talent fee niya kay mader lily kinukuha niya na in advance. What if tony is not rich? Patulan kaya niya?? Tony is smart enough not to marry her, if tony really want to marry her he has the power to do it that all his money can do. What a pitty gretchen your getting older na and matured and yet your not stable. You even not invited the wedding of your own sister na kadugo mo? What kind of sister you are? What ever happen to you you have no family to run too.I admire couples like aga&charlene rudy&lorna lani&bong sharon&kiko.

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Comment by Jokla

January 27, 2007 @ 11:57 pm

and so?? Inggit ka denise hahahahahahha!

Comment by Jokla

January 27, 2007 @ 11:58 pm

mamatay kayo sa inggit bwahahahahahahhahaha!

Comment by Health Advisor

January 28, 2007 @ 12:45 am

Wrong actions of doctors often lead to death which then carefully become covered by lawyers of clinics WBR LeoP

Comment by Jokla

January 28, 2007 @ 4:58 am

mamatay ka sa inggit bwahahahahahahha! di ka ba makahanap ng lalaking mayaman siguro mukha kang bakulaw na pokpok hahahahahahaha! basta ang ganda ganda talaga ni La Greta….grabeeeee! Daming namamamtay sa inggit bwahahahahahaha!

Comment by chuvang bakulaw

January 28, 2007 @ 8:15 pm

Malapit na akong bumigay kailangan may magdala sa akin sa mental hospital bwaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Comment by chuvang "prosti"

January 28, 2007 @ 11:09 pm

(lets sing everybody) chuva chuvato the lion snake chuva chuva too the night.
(repeat 3x)

Comment by zanjoely

January 29, 2007 @ 2:31 am

okay everyone on this blog is acting really heap and walang sense na. Moderator enough is enough! Tigil na dapat itong blog…puro nonsense na ang lahat!!!

Comment by liza

January 29, 2007 @ 3:53 am

Yes guys, come on, let’s try to keep PEP a decent community. Otherwise, people will just leave.

Comment by kim

January 29, 2007 @ 3:57 am

whoa! nag vacation lang ako, ganito na pala katindi mga usapan ninyo..pero over to the max naman itong c chuva at sharmane…mga dears, c greta at ang pagkatao niya ang topic dito hinde KAYO!so sharmane, stop hitting chuva and let’s go back to the topic—greta, the greta p.u.t.a…ba’t ba xa rumaraket ng todo ngayon???? hmmmm, methinks para poor na cla….hahahaha….

Comment by Jokla

January 29, 2007 @ 4:06 am

hoy mga inggit talaga kayo kahit kelan mamatay kayo sa inggit bwahahahahahahahaha! Greta ang ganda ganda mo talaga, sige lang inggitin mo ang mga taong yan na sobra ang pagkainggit sayo kasi mga mukha silang bakulaw bwahahahahahahahaha!

Comment by AWW!

January 29, 2007 @ 4:40 am

oo kim matitindi talaga mga salita dito pawang below the belts at ang mga nagsasabi lang ng mga bad words na ganyan ay mga walang pinag-aralan na gaya mo! gets mo?

Comment by AWW!

January 29, 2007 @ 5:51 am

Totoo talaga ang kasabihan ng mga matatanda na yung mga inggitera ay yung mga walang-wala sa buhay at di masaya sa life nila at gagawin lahat para makapanira ng isang tao like sharmane hakhakhak! nangingisay sila sa inis at galit kapag me nakikitang isang taong masaya at tumatasa ng karangyaan. totoo ang kasabihang yan, at yang mga taong itits na panay ang kapapanira na imbes na ipagpray na lang ang mga taong kagaya ni Greta ay yung mga taong makasalanan na panay ang bato sa ibang tao yun pala kasing dumi ng burak at baho ng hininga hakhakhak!!!

Comment by Pukey

January 29, 2007 @ 10:58 am

yeah guys, tama na yang mga walang kwentang away ninyo dyan sharmane at chuva..magpaka mature naman tayo kahit konti okay!..have u read angeli pangilinan daw texted gretchen and wish her to have a peace of mind, nagalit daw si gretchen at told angeli na alam ni gretch angeli’s past..ano ba yan me bago na namang kaaway si gretchen, parang di na sya normal nyan, di kaya may psychological problem na si greta, naku kailangan na nyang magpatingin bago sya tuluyan maging luka-luka.

Comment by donna

January 29, 2007 @ 1:29 pm

they both have a point but y does gretch have to let evrybody know she has this and this…if you’re really mayaman you don’t have to tel evrybody that you r. she’s really mayabang

Comment by AWW!

January 29, 2007 @ 5:32 pm

hindi ka pala naiinggit ke Greta Kim so why u bother in everything she does and says? kasi ako hindi si Gretchen ang aking idol, ang idol ko ay si Lea Salonga, naging interested lang ako sa blog na ito kasi i realized na marami palang taong nakikisawsaw sa buhay ng ibang tao kahit na hindi sila kasali heheheheh! Bakit hindi na lang kayo magpost ng isang comment na hindi direkta ang paninira kaya lang napaghahalataan na kayo kasi every news about Greta alam nyo at pinagkakaabalahan nyo pa. Ask urself why?

Comment by AWW!

January 29, 2007 @ 5:40 pm

tsaka kung wala kayong galit bakit masyado nyo nang pinepersonal yung mga words na sinasabi nyo? kakaiba talaga kayo, I’m defending Gretchen kait hindi ko sya idol kasi panay ang bato nyo ng masasama sa knya kahit di nya naman kayo inaano. Bakit hndi nyo na lang hayaan yung mga tao talagang actual nyang nakasamaan ng loob hindi kayo na mga hndi man lang nya nakita kahit sa panaginip nya. Goodbye to all! And to u chuva, it’s good to know na me mga taong kagaya mo na me utak at hindi puro kababawan ang pinaiiral. God Bless!

Comment by Leo Pharmacy

January 29, 2007 @ 9:56 pm

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Comment by kim

January 29, 2007 @ 10:14 pm

hoy awww what’s it to you pag nag post ako…blogspot nga eh, eh di mag comment…paki mo kung trip ko ‘to…my point is, i don’t like greta kasi mayabang xa, akala kung mo kung sino eh, kabit lang naman pala…para hindi galing sa putik…maligo pa xa ng chanel 5, lalabas at lalabas ang lansa niya…

Comment by Trixie

January 29, 2007 @ 10:44 pm

To Pukey yes… I read about the new enemy of Gretchen (sana di naman totoo).And it started about a text..Angeli Pangilinan texted her that she’s praying for her to have peace of mind and tila di nagustuhan ni Greta at nagtextback sya ng about Angeli’s past.Angeli answered daw that at least she’s married.Wala na bang maganda sa pandinig ni Gretchen? Siguro ang dapat iwish sa kanya ay ganito, Stay unhappily married and more signature things to show.(ano ba yun?)Di pa nga sya nakakarecover sa rift nya with Dawn, Lani and Bong meron na naman hhmmmmmppp! Like her mother said, I’m praying for her.Yun lang without elaboration kung ano ang ipray ko coz baka masamain nya.Asan ba ang mga totoo nyang friends susku pagsabihan nyo naman sya o takot kayo na baka masamain din nya.Helllooo nawawala sya sa tamang landas….

Comment by Juliana

January 29, 2007 @ 11:17 pm

Gretchen needs prayer and not judgement, neither paninirang puri. Whatever happens in her life, buhay nya yun at wala tayong pakialam, i just wished na malusutan nya ang mga kinasasangkutang intriga. I feel for you Gretch…thats life! Stay healthy and happy! We love u!

Comment by chuva

January 29, 2007 @ 11:17 pm

hindi natin alam lahat ng totoong nangyari,maaring may nasabi si angeli na hindi nagustuhan ni nakapagtataka naman na bigla bigla iiksena si angeli eh they’re not even friends.ang narinig ko eh nililigawan yta ng anak ni angeli ang anak ni lani so bka way nya un para mapalapit ang anak nya sa pamilya ni lani,kasi kung tutuusin kung maligaya o hindi maligaya si gretchen ano naman ang paki ni angeli,malamang mayroon syang nasabing hindi ikinatuwa ni gretchen.
at ang isa pa bakit biglang bigla lumabas ung balita sa media na sa tingin ko eh balewala kay gretchen?kilala naman natin si gretchen kug apektado sya magsasalita sya.hindi kya ginagawan lang sya ng intriga para mas lalong sumama ang tingin sa kanya?

Comment by chuva

January 29, 2007 @ 11:26 pm

maaring iniisip ng mga tao sa likod ng intrigang ito na mamamatay na ang isyu kayla lani-greta sa pagpasok ni tony boy s eksena at kailangan nilang sundan kaagad para still sariwa pa sa mga tao ang gulong kinasangkutan ni gretchen.
kung anuman ang motibo ni angeli sa pagtetext nya kay gretchen sya nlang nakakaalam non,pero para sa akin meron siyang personal na agenda kung bakit sya pumasok sa iksena.
kung talagang kapakanan ni gretchen ang gusto ni angeli,gagamit sya ng salitang sa tingin nya ay di nakakaoffend para magkaron sya ng tsansa na mapalapit kay gretchen at mahikayat nya na magbagong buhay at magkaron ng positibong pananaw kung un ang gusto nya pero hindi ganun ang nangyari,gulo ang gusto nyang iparating.
kahit man tayo madali nating malaman kung insulto o compliment ang sinasabi ng iba.
nakakapagtaka lng bakit kailangang sumawsaw sa isang bagay kung alam mong di ka makakatulong,mukhang ang mga tao ngaun ay natutuwa kung nakakagawa ng mali sa iba o nanggugulo.

Comment by chuva

January 30, 2007 @ 12:27 am

at ang sabi daw ni angeli sa text ay ganto “gary and i are married for 23 yrs,i’m blessed!” then after ska sya nagsend ng peace of mind chu chu…
ikaw nga kung may pag-iisip ka,anogn ibig iparating ni angeli na bigla bigla magtetext ng ganun?
hay naku!ewan…
tao nga naman!
ang taas pa namn ng pagkilala ko kay angeli dahil christian sya.ang pagkakaalam ko sa knila eh malawak ang isip at di mapanghusga at manghihikayat na mapalapit sa sitwasyon ni greta ngaun siguro naman alam ni angeli na napakavunerable ni gretchen ngaun dahil sa mga intriga at kung wala syang masasabing maganda sana di nlng sya nagsalita. ang huling bagay na gusto marinig ni gretchen ay ang panghuhusga at pangmamata.

Comment by Miss Lee

January 30, 2007 @ 12:34 am

It’s really pathetic! Why dont they just leave Gretchen alone, bakit panay ang pakikisawsaw nila sa mga ngyayari. Those people na mga nagpapakita kuno ng simpatiya ke Gretchen eh mga epokrita. Tsk tsk! Parang gusto nilang ipakita na they are so good at si Gretchen ang bad. If they really truly care about Gretchen tantanan na lang nila kasi sila ang patuloy na gumagawa ng ma intriga. Kawawa naman nung tao. But I like Gretchen’s attitude towards that, she knows how to fight back. Sino ba namang papayag na apakan ka. lalo na’t meron din naman silang mga itinatagong nakaraan.

Comment by Kyle

January 30, 2007 @ 12:37 am

kampihan na kasi yan eh…pinagkakaisahan nila si Gretchen para mapunta sa knila ang atensyon. Sa ginagawa nilang yan ay lalo lang dumadami ang naaawa at nakikisimpatiya ke Greta, sa panay na panay na kababato nila sa knya ng masasama eh lalo lang nagiging strong si Gretchen at lalong nagiging in demand, ktam ang dami nyang nakalinyang product endorsements hehehehe! she’s really blessed!

Comment by kim

January 30, 2007 @ 12:47 am

i remember angeli was with ruffa and greta when ruffa handed over her donation to UN…i don’t think angeli would text something defensive and angeli naman cguro is not the type to make sawsaw in the gulo…cguro she felt na greta needed an advice or two…but greta, being the boba that she is, took offense! hay naku! lost cause na talaga yata c greta!

Comment by chuva

January 30, 2007 @ 1:13 am

Haaaaaaaayyyyyyy…hindi malalaman yan ng public kung hindi ipinagkalat ni KSP Greta!!!!From Dawn who is prim and proper , Lani na very ethical ang kilos and for God sake Greta pati ba naman si Angelie!Kung nagkarelasyon man ang kapatid ni Angela at is Gary so WHAT it’s passed ang importante may magandang relasyon si Angela at ang kapatid niya second , pinakasalan siya ni Gary!!!The only way a man can really prove that he truly love that woman is kungpakasalan ka kasi he is comitting to u !!!Kung hindi ka pakakasalan eh LARUAN ka lang sa mga mata ng mga lalaki

Comment by Kyle

January 30, 2007 @ 1:21 am

me sira na talaga sa ulo itong sharmane na ito pati name ni chuva ginaya nya. pakidala na nga yan sa mental hehehehe!

Comment by Jamaica

January 30, 2007 @ 1:24 am

bakit naman kasi nagtetext pa kuno si angeli kung tunay syang kaibigan bakit hndi nya na lang kasuapin na masinsinan si Greta. In a nice way ba kasi kung patext-tex ka ng gnyan tapos me kahulugan pa eh anong ibig sabihin nun? Ay naku naman ang tao talaga. Ayan tuloy nagkarun na naman ng issue, gusto na ngang tapusin ni Greta yung issue sa ke Lolit eh dumagdag naman si Angeli gurang!

Comment by Sugar

January 30, 2007 @ 1:36 am

wala na bang ibang topic dito nakakasawa na kasi, tigilan na lang nila si Gretchen. Paulit-ulit lang ang mga isyu di naman ganun kaimportante, leave Gretchen alone so that she can live her life happily!

Comment by kim

January 30, 2007 @ 2:26 am

hay naku!!! kung sino ang nag react ang syang pokpok!manigas kayo sa inggit!

Comment by Jokla

January 30, 2007 @ 2:43 am

oh diba tinamaan ka sa sinabi ko ha Kim kasi next time kung gumamit ka ng word dapat eh kaya mong panindigan, dun ka na lang tumambay sa Gapo para makahanap ka dun ng mga Kano baka magkapera ka pa kahit mukha kang unggoy nyaknyaknyak!!

Comment by inez

January 30, 2007 @ 11:01 am

in my own opinion, gretchen is just amazed of what she have right now. the things that she own and the fancy lifestyle she has. but what is NOT good about her, she like to speaks most of the time in public. tactfull and careless. give some worth to yourself and the cojuangco clan. pag usupan nyo in person gretch if you have problems with someone. and dami mong nakakaaway. if you dont have a problem with yourself, why dont you think just for an hour what have you done to those people. kung hindi ikaw may kasalanan, bkit ikaw lagi ang nakakaaway. maybe mag reflect ka. nakikita mo ang trend? make tonyboy proud. it doesnt mean na kung ganyan ka, people will accept you all the time. make some changes for the same time hindi yung lahat ng news sa tv about your life sinasabi mo. give yourself some privacy, afterall that’s what your looking for? right? you’re giving yourself a headache. less talk, less mistake.

Comment by chuva

January 30, 2007 @ 1:39 pm

kung iisipin natin,san banagsimula ang ang lahat una;nagtext brigade si lani that goes like this”kung ikaw ang asawa ni bong ipagkakatiwala mo ba ang asawa mo sa isang gretchen barretto?” sabihin na nating nagkamali si gretchen sa pakikiapid kay bong pero matgal n un at tapos na at [inagsisihan na ni grethcen,hindi nagsalita sigretchen tungkol dun kahit na galit sya.
pangalawa;sa presscon ng movie ni greta nagbitaw sya ng salitang “pinaligaya ko si bong”,maaring wrong choice of word but then hindi sya nagsalita ng masama tungkol kay lani nor binanggit man lang ang name ni lani.
pangatlo;ang isyu sa knila no dawn,nagkaron ng blind item na tinuturo si greta bilang pri madonna,show off etc. maliwanag na galing sa kampo ni dawn ang lahat,since then naging aware ang mga tao sa mga gamit ni gretchen na kung tutuusin eh matagal n nyang gamit(10 yrs or more)pero bakit ngaun lng nalaman ng mga tao?dahil sa isyu sa knila ni dawn.

Comment by chuva

January 30, 2007 @ 1:45 pm

lumbas si gretchen pra ipaliwanag at ipagtanggol ang sarili(sino tao ang hindi magtatanggol sa sarili kung inaapi?)
pangatlo;ang wish ni lani(na totoo namng may malisya,wag nyong sabihin sa kin na wla dahil ang mga nag-iisip lang na walang malisya un ay mga taong may kimkim na galit kay greta)then nagsalita si gretchen tungkol sa “kasal” na pinagmamalaki ni lani.
kung iisipin nyo may punto nman si gretchen pero dhil sarado ang isip nyo dhil galit(o inggit) kayo kay gretchen kahit ano pang gawin ni gretchen mapamali o tama pra sa inyo mali pa din,so tama sya why bothered?wla syang kaslanan at wla syang tinatapakan.
then nagun ang isyu sa knila ni angeli,bakit umiksena si angeli?tanong lang.

Comment by Jokla

January 30, 2007 @ 3:59 pm

u better go to hell kim, not me! ikaw ang masasama ang mga sinasabi not me! I’m only defending Gretchen tapos sasabihin mo na i should go to kayo itong panay ang kasasabi ng bad words kayo pa ang me ganang mgsalita nang ganyan………hellllllooo Kim! gising na at baka nasa tabi mo si satanas bwahahahahahahhahaha!

Comment by Shaina

January 30, 2007 @ 4:04 pm

i think the people here who dislike Gretchen should go outof this blog na para matigil na kasi wala na namang patutunguhan eh. They should be punished for putting “out of this world” words na should lead to libel. Malakas lang ang loob nila kasi hindi naman sila nakikita puro sulat lang but they must be responsible also with what they write here. The way they post parang mga walang pinag-aralan at sobrang babastos…Kim, Sharmane, Duchess, JEM and a lot more. Can’t we see wala silang kunsensya, mga halang ang kaluluwa!

Comment by Amiga

January 30, 2007 @ 5:32 pm

whatever!! wala pa ring tatalo sa ganda ni La Greta! The one and only! feeling ko ang sikat nya kasi dami nyang bagong endorsements ngayon atsaka tinitira sya ng mga detractors takot kasi sila eh dahil mamamyagpag na naman si La Greta hahahahhahahha!Mabuhay ka La Greta!

Comment by Amiga

January 30, 2007 @ 6:31 pm

I pity u sharmane. Poor u!

Comment by Shhhh!

January 30, 2007 @ 6:32 pm

ang dapat na ipagpray ay yung mga taong katulad ni Kim at Sharmane. U know what i mean! shhhhh!

Comment by Jokla

January 30, 2007 @ 6:44 pm

ay hala! ano ba yan ano ng ngyari ke sharmane bakit ngayon naging chuva ang name nya, tsk! tsk! me sira na talaga sa ulo ayoko ng patulan pa…bu-bye na nga at di ko na ma-take ang pagkasira ulo ng mga tao dito heheheheh! Nagkahawa-hawaan na sila eh basta kami malinis ang kunsensya at hindi kami nagutya at nang-api ng tao. God Bless!!!

Comment by chuva

January 30, 2007 @ 10:55 pm

Ano bang nangyayari sa akin…para akong sinasapian ng masamang espiritu ..AYYYYYYYYYYY demonyo pala ako !!!Ang demonyo galit sa kapwa demonyo……kaya ako galit na galit kay Greta!!!

Comment by Jamaica

January 30, 2007 @ 11:37 pm

me sapi nga itong si sharmane hihihihi! kunyari pa na di raw sya nanggagamit ng ibang name eh halata naman dito sa computer ko, iisa lng ang color na lumalabas sa mga comments nya, meaning sya lng iisa at ngpapalit lang ng name. me sapi nga hihihihihi!

Comment by Jhengskie

January 30, 2007 @ 11:41 pm

i saw the wedding photos of Lani and Bong….plastik na plastik ang dating….kawawa naman si Lani, pulitiko ang asawa nya kaya syempre pakitang-tao at si Lani martir at tanga naman hinahayaan na dungisan ni Bong pagkatao nya, pinapayagan nya na ganunin sya ni Bong? Kasalanan nya rin yan, kilala ang mga REvilla sa pagkababaero, naku ha, nakakaawa talaga yan si Lani, pahinhin epek pa at pinapakita daw talaga na she will stand by her man tanga!!! KIunyari babaeng Pilipina…iha wede magpatsek ka sa gyno mo dahil baka me STD ka na.

Comment by AJ

January 30, 2007 @ 11:44 pm

These blogs are truly entertaining … I didn’t realize the extent of what showbiz people can do to the “normal” people: they can bring out either the “best” or the “worst” in us all. Reading these posts made me even realize a couple of things: 1) the Filipino morals are based on the teachings of the Catholic Church as if it is the true source of morals and guide as to how we should live our lives. Take the case of Gretchen: people think she’s immoral because he is living in with Tony Boy without the “sanctity of marriage” from the Catholic Church (or the civil legal rites). People should realize that not all couples are married nor most of them or the entire population of the so-called world are Catholics. In other parts of the world, some people marry their cousins, uncles, and other close relations – as in muslim countries as Turkey, for example. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ruffa’s husband would take another bride without even divorcing her – and that would not make her husband immoral either because it simply is the norm in their custom and religion. In most parts of Europe, marriage is not even an option to more than half of its population – they live in, have children, stay together if they are comfortable in the relationship, or simply part ways when things are not working out between the couple … they simply move on and relive the cycle of their sorry lives. Immoral? They don’t think so. Marriage is something the Vatican created as a rule for their flock to follow. Nowhere in the bible did it say one has to be married to your partner. The bible preaches fidelity and loyalty to your partner. More than one partner means infidelity – one has to make a choice to pick one and leave the other. In the bible you will read about men changing wives when they do not serve their purpose anymore (quest to bear sons, that is). So what is the true meaning of immorality sans what the catholic teachings have taught you? You will have to bear in mind that as in other religions, some “rules” were created for you to adhere to – Catholicism is one of them. I guess what is important is for one to be God-fearing and being true to themselves. This is one key to greater satisfaction and happiness – one will never go wrong from there. 2) The second realization having read these posts is how powerful the internet really is up close. Some posts written here are way below-the-belt, so to speak – even libelous. In a civilized country, these comments would have resulted in fines, or even jail terms – the aliases would have been traced to the computer IP addresses and its user already summoned to court. But hey, everything goes in the Philippines – just name it and you got it, right? Sad, very sad. ‘Bout time you people think before you write anything. Hmmmm …. maybe I should offer my legal advice to Gretchen? Nah … this is entertainment, right?

Comment by MJ

January 31, 2007 @ 12:10 am

Duh! I have read some of the people’s comment and I disagree with one of them. Gretchen is not rich okay?! She get to buy all these expensive stuff because of her partner! She should’ve been ashamed of herself for acting rich and she’s not!

Comment by JOnalyn

January 31, 2007 @ 1:01 am

yes you are right MJ, Gretchen is not rich but because her partner is rich kaya she is rich na rin. Lahat ng bagay binibigay ni Tony sa knya because he really loves her, di nga ba yung ibang baabe na di mayaman na nakakapag-asawa yumayaman na rin syempre kahati na rin sila dun. At kahit na di man kasal si Gretchen ke Tony at least binibigay ni Tony lahat sa knya ang karangyaan and they have daughter together. Swertte talaga ni Greta! Its better than kasal kanga pero di ka man nakakatikim ng respeto at tunay na pagmamahal sa asawa mo gaya nitong si Bong at Lani.

Comment by Miss Lee

January 31, 2007 @ 1:03 am

It’s really pathetic! Why dont they just leave Gretchen alone, bakit panay ang pakikisawsaw nila sa mga ngyayari. Those people na mga nagpapakita kuno ng simpatiya ke Gretchen eh mga epokrita. Tsk tsk! Parang gusto nilang ipakita na they are so good at si Gretchen ang bad. If they really truly care about Gretchen tantanan na lang nila kasi sila ang patuloy na gumagawa ng ma intriga. Kawawa naman nung tao. But I like Gretchen’s attitude towards that, she knows how to fight back. Sino ba namang papayag na apakan ka. lalo na’t meron din naman silang mga itinatagong nakaraan.

Comment by Miss Lee

January 31, 2007 @ 1:17 am

you know what MJ, mas lalo namang masama kung ang partner ni Gretchen na si Tony ay mayaman then si Gretchen eh poor? Dapat nga maging happy tayo sa knya because Tony loves her and pampering her with all those expensive stuffs, not to mention na he’s really caring and loving her faithfully. It’s no more our business kahi tna anong gawin niya sa life nya as long as hindi nya tayo inaano diba. Get ur own life!

Comment by Pukey

January 31, 2007 @ 9:40 am

what do u mean sharmane?, si ruffa kaaway na rin ni greta ngayon?..ano ba yan !!!…binawi na ata ng phil.govt. ang share ng company ni tony boy sa pldt, kasi ayon benenta na ng govt. yong mga shares na yon sa co. ni manny pangilinan, bilyones din yon kaya nga siguro very stressed sila greta at tony boy..if u wanna read about it sa, business section..kaya siguro panay din ang kayod ni greta ngayon kasi baka takot maghirap di kaya?..well talagang whatever blessings we have kung maaari palaguin at wag baguhin ang character natin ng pera, wag tayong mapagmataas kasi one day babawian din tayo ng mga yaman ng meron tayo lalo na pag di natin pinaghirapan..

Comment by chuva

January 31, 2007 @ 1:49 pm

lam u kung anuman ang mangyari sa buhay ni greta chooice nya yan eh bakit parang apektado kyo?
may ginawa ba si gretang masama sa inyo o sa ibang tao?kung magyabang sya,hayaan nyo sya dahil hindi namn nya hiningi o ninakaw ang perang ginamit nila.kahit p sabihing sa legal na sawa ni tony boy mapupunta ang yaman nya pag namatay sya,sure ba kyong wlang ari-arian si gretang naipundar?mag-isip isip naman sana kyo!
hindi ako naniniwla s isyung kinasangkutan ni grethcen at angeli,isnag panig lang ang naririnig nyo pwedeng sbihing mali si gretchen pero sino ang totoong nakkaalam,kugn talgang concern si angeli bakit nya nilabas nag isyu kung gusto nyang makatulong o bka naman gusto nyang mas lalong makasira kay gretchen nga naman madami paptol sa kanya tulad nyo.
ang isang taong may pinagdadaanang problema tulad ni gretchen,respeto at oras para sa sarili nya ang importante hindi ung kung sino sinong biglang magtetext pra lang kunyari eh makatulong pero gulo naman ang hatid.
paki paliwanag nga,kung talagang para s kapakanan ni gretchen ang gusto ni angeli,ano ang motibo nya para ilabas sa media ang nangyaring di pagkakaunawaan nila ni gretchen kung totoo man ung sinsabi nya?hindi ba away,gulo at dagdag problema kay gretchen,kung concren ka s aisang tao magagawa mo ba un?

Comment by Mingming

January 31, 2007 @ 4:38 pm

Hello pipol! Napagod ako sa kababasa sa blog na ito sobrang haba na ng mga cmments hehehehehe! I was reading the Yes online before at matagal na palang binago, it’s been a long time a hindi ako nakapag-Yes online. I noticed that the comments here ay me pagkakahawig sa kay Ruffa before na sobrang dami ng mga detractors at sobra ang mga sinasabi against her. Ngayon naman si Gretchen, mukhang tinitira ata ang dalawang magkaibigan. Na-noticed ko na parehas ang topic eh, they are accussing them both na kesyo social climber and showing off their expensive things. I think they are not really doing it on purpose. Siguro ang mga ibang tao lang na naiinggit masyado ang nakakapansin kasi nga naman bakit cla meong ganito ganyan samantalang “kami” wala. O diba its a big ENVY at JEALOUSY yan? Why should we bother eh pera naman nila yang pinambibili nila diba at hndi hiningi sa atin my gosh!!! Eh bakit nagpuputok ang butse ng mga taong ito dito…at dahil sa pagkainggit nila kaya kung anu-anong paniira ang nasasabi nila like this pokpok issue which is alam naman nating hndi totoo diba? Hay mga Pinay na mga desperate sa kanilang life, bakit hndi na lang life nyo ang asikasuhin nyo, kung gsto nyo ring yumaman eh magsikap kyo, gamutin nyo yung sakit nyong crab mentality..sobrang malala na. Ang labas nyan eh baka atakehin kyo sa puso dhil d nyo makayanan ang sakit nyo. Magandang araw sa inyong lahat (Mingming- Hawaii)

Comment by Kimmy

January 31, 2007 @ 4:41 pm

deny to death pa itong si sharmane eh halata namang nag-iiba iba sya ng name hakhakhak! mukha syang tanga diba kasi buking na deny pa rin hakhakhak!

Comment by Pukey

January 31, 2007 @ 10:00 pm

alam mo sharmane sabi sa psychology ang cause daw ng anger is fear..kaya yong mga magagalitin yan yong may mga big fear like gretchen kaya siguro galit sya sa halos lahat ng tao even if maganda ang wish sa kanya ang dating s kanya tinitira sya…kaya siguro very edgy si greta ngayon dahil sa problema nila ni tony boy pag-embargo ng phil govt. ng bilyones ( about P25 billion total pldt shares, the supreme court declared it ill-gotten)ng co. ni tony boy its a big loss nga naman kaya lang di napi-print dito sa showbiz ewan ko kung talagang ayaw nilang pag-usapan or they are in denial. im not happy for greta pero sana nga she will be able to get back on her feet.

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February 1, 2007 @ 1:02 am


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Comment by chuva

February 1, 2007 @ 1:05 am

kung hindi ako nagkakamali ang PLDT isyu na nabanggit sa taas ay wala nang kinalaman kay tony boy,matatandaang nagresign sya nung nakaraang buwan at binenta ang share nya(conjungco only have 43% of the company if im not mistaken,so there is still another bigger percent own by other people/company) sa nagmamay-ari nito ang bilihan ng share at karapatan ng PLDT ngaun ay between sa new owner(pangilinan),gov’t(phil) at ang HK co.
at kung may bahid man ng katotohanan ito,dito natin makikita kung gaano kabuting partner si grethcen,hindi nya iniiwan si tony boy sa kabila ng mga problema nito na kung iisipin natin ang sinasabi ng iba na purong pera lang ang gusto ni gretchen kay tony boy,grethcen can leave tony boy and start a new life siguro namn may mga ari-arian n sya sa kanyang pangalan at hindi ito mhahabol ninuman dahil walang legal n kasulatan na nagdudugtong sa knila ni tony boy,pero mas pinili nyang sa tabi ni tony boy sa mga oras na kailangan sya nito.
sna maging sensitive din ang mga tao sa pinagdadaanan nila,hindi ung puro panghuhusga at pangmamata ang kanilang inaatupag.

Comment by pretty

February 1, 2007 @ 1:49 am

ok naman sana si gretchen pero wala lang syang brain kung magsalita, hindi nag-iisip at mayabang. Dati naawa ako sa kanya nung inaway sya ni dawn pero nakakainis lang sya kasi sobra syang mayabang sa beauty nya. Look at lucy tores mabait sya at hindi sya nagyayabang. Sinabi ni gretchen sa isang interview about bong na bakit kaya ba ni bong ang talent fee ko? Sobrang kayabangan yun!!! and if i were bong for example i would never even accept gretchen een for freee coz she has no talent!! Meron lang sya beauty wala pang brains. Ano ba yan. Mas mayaman pa nga asawa ko sa kanya ang yabang nya!!! Nakakainis lang ang taong mayabang masyado kasi malakas at masakit ang bagsak nya.

Comment by Rain

February 1, 2007 @ 2:54 pm

all is said about gretchen.well, i’m not a fan nor a detractor of gretchen but seeing her on tv speaking her mind out is so duh disgusting. she might not be aware but we Filipinos should be sensitive of what’s happening around us. Good for her she’s got a rich partner. How about those calamity victims. I mean, she’s got nothing to do with people who are suffering but it really irks you to see people flaunting their material possesions while there are those who can’t even have decent meals 3x a day. I have read on one magazine about the birthday bash of ruffa’s daughter costing about a million pesos and really whew… good for them. the next issue, there was a letter from ruffa refuting such reported amount just for a birthday party and in all honesty, she said that she can’t just spend such amount for a birthday party. she said that they are also sensitive about being extra lavish while people around are suffering from poverty. well, it’s nice to hear these from rich people. Another thing, gosh gretchen, if you are creative, it means you could do things by not spending an amount. I don’t even believe tonyboy said that you’re being creative thus you know no budget in shopping because kabaliktaran yata. I think you should go to school and learn about ethics and limitations. If you are given instructions to just bring two dresses, then so be it, don’t bring your hundred dresses or whatever because you are just overacting. no wonder you’re just bragging around making people aware that you’re rich or even filthy rich. Why, ruffa is also rich but does she flaunt her things? so is Kris, lea and even dawn. Some say pang probinsya lang si dawn but for those who don’t know yet, Davao is one of the biggest cities of Asia kaya huwag ninyong mamatain and davao. palibhas hindi pa kayo nakakapunta sa davao. Gretchen, sit down and reflect, bakit nagkaletseletse and buhay mo? Try to reach up and reach out. don’t be so mayabang with your richness if you really is rich. I wonder ikaw lang ang mayaman na nagsisigaw na mayaman ka. Come to tems with a peaceful life. Eh peaceful naman ang buhay mo when you stayed laid back with tonyboy and your daughter eh. talaga lang mahirap masupil ang kalandiyan mo kaya ka pa bumabalikbalik sa showbiz. wala naman talagang talent eh.

Comment by Jamaica

February 1, 2007 @ 5:48 pm

All bad words have been said about Greta, now siguro naman tapusin nyo na ang kauulit-ulit like tong ginagawa ni Sharmane. I have nothing against sa mga nagpopost, pros or cons man. U can say what u want to say. Iba-iba naman kasi tayo ng paniniwala at pagkakaintindi diba. In fairness to Greta, alam nating hirap napinagdaanan niya not to mention yung mga panghahamak ng mga tao sa knya, she has paid for that. I think it’s enough now, let her live her own life. It’s not ours! Me karapatan din syang lmigaya sa paraang alam nya. Each people is different…..wag lang sana tayong masyadong maging judgemental para hndi rin tayo husgahan ng iba. God Bless to all!

Comment by ce-ce

February 1, 2007 @ 7:18 pm

Very well said, Jamaica!
Now that Lani herself admits na “nobody is perfect”, I’m sure she would consider everyone including Gretchen who isn’t perfect at mapatawad na niya ito sa past relationship niya with Bong. Nakaka-turn off ang pa-demure and underdog attitude niya in this issue with Gretchen – si Lani mismo ay hindi perpekto so she cannot expect others to be perfect.

Comment by Sally M.

February 1, 2007 @ 10:30 pm

grabeeee ang mga feedback dito! nakakaloka!! Kaaway na ni Gretchen si Ruffa at Angeli?? Paging PEP! Bakit parang walang issue na yan dito. That sounds interesting because we all know that Ruffa is Greta BEST friend daw and Angeli used to be her former manager. Hello whats going on here? Greta kaaway na lahat? First her mother in law, then her sisters and her own mother, then si Dawn, Lani and now Angeli and Ruffa? Sus girl wake up!! You might end up old and alone!!!

Comment by chuva

February 1, 2007 @ 11:32 pm

wow!eh di tuwang tuwa kyo!?
alamin nyo muna bka kyo magsidiwang na maraming kaway si grethcen ,obvious lang na di nyo kyang mgaing masaya pra sa ibang tao.
bakit kya?

Comment by SUS!

February 1, 2007 @ 11:50 pm

napaghahalataan na talagang gusto nyo lalong masira si Gretchen at sobrang tuwa ninyo kapag nakakarinig ng bad news about her, what kind of people are u? Dyan cguro kyo masaya anoh? I therefore conclude na wala nga talaga kyong mabuting iniisip kundi puro kasamaan, kasi wish nyo na me mgyari masama sa isang tao. Kakampi nyo pala si taning! Yun lang!

Comment by sharmane boba

February 1, 2007 @ 11:53 pm

oo humahalakhak kami kapag nakakarinig ng bagong tsika tungkol ke Greta na me mga bagong kaaway hakhakhak! yan ang trabaho naming mga tsimi-aa, ngpupustahan kami lahat kung ano ang susunod na kabanata ng buhay nya, boring naman kasi life namin kapag di kami maging tsismosa at manira ng kapwa hakhakhak!

Comment by maybell

February 2, 2007 @ 3:45 am

wow lots of comments … i am entertained. it’s women thing and business too but yeah gretchen and dawn have acted immaturely, ksp and insecured, unprofessional. they both have faults. ganyan talaga sa showbiz eh, kya nga ayokong magshowbiz eh hihihi

Comment by maybell

February 2, 2007 @ 3:56 am

hellooo type ko rin ma know kung ano kaya yung ibubulgar daw ni nanay solis about joey loyzaga etc sino ba nakakaalam?

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Comment by chuva

February 2, 2007 @ 11:49 am

nyak ha ha…
kawawa naman ang iba dyan pinoproblema nag buhay ni grethcen eh kung si gretchen nga eh di apektado kayo pa?
at para talaga magulo si gretchen ang iba nagdadasal p naghahanap pa ng makakaway ni greta,ano kyang meron ang utak nitong mga to?parang grabeh na pagkamiserable para maghanap ng bagay na ikagugulo at ikasasama ng iba.
sabagay ganyan talaga ang mga may sapi nyak ha ha…

Comment by sharmane boba

February 2, 2007 @ 3:14 pm

oo ganyan talaga kaming mga tsimi-aa, wag nyo nalang kaming pansinin kasi obvious naman diba? na paulit-ulit na lang ang post ko, kasi we can post if we like to post hikhikhik!

Comment by Sugar

February 2, 2007 @ 3:18 pm

susko ano ba naman yan paulit-uit na lang talaga, very obvious na kinakarir nila ang paninira ng tao, i bet hndi lang si Gretchen ang sinisiraan nila kundi pati pa yng ibang artista. Tsk!tsk! i pity u people i guess ur lives are so miserable, sabi nga yung mga taong hndi masaya sa life nila, mas lalong nauulol kapag nakakakita ng ibang taong happy kya ganyan gnagawa nila ang manira, manlait, mag-judge para nga naman mapagtakpan ang depresyon nila sa buhay which is lalo lang napaghahalataan,.

Comment by ging

February 2, 2007 @ 4:11 pm

Ginawa talaga lahat nang paraan ni Lani Mercado para mawala ang pagka-nega ng kanyang persona-lidad sa mga write-ups sa tabloids. Hayan at go galore siya sa ospital kung saan nakaratay ang 95-year-old mom ni Mother Cristy Fermin.
Obviously, it was meant to be a peace offering since the feisty entertainment columnist/teevee host has consistently been writing some really explosive things about her, which, in some ways, are not exaggerations but with a semblance of truth.
Ang mga negang feedbacks (magpakatotoo kasi, noh? Ha! Ha! Ha!) siguro ang press ang dahilan kung bakit umurong sa kanyang kandidatura ang esmi ni Bong Revilla.
How could you win in an election nga naman if the things that are being written about you are out and out negative and damaging? Ha! Ha! Ha! Sayang lang ang datung at efforts if ever.
Pa’no kasi itong si Lani, puro packaging ang alam at di marunong magpakatotoo kaya pagdating sa taltalan in print or on TV, lost ang beauty niya sa mga walang pakialam beauties tulad ni Rosanggita, da fat elephant of a woman.
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Bakit kasi hindi ipakita ang mga sungay? Matatanggap naman ‘yun ng publiko at higit siguro si-yang maa-appreciate kung ganyan ang kanyang ma-giging drama.
For the real Lani Mercado supposedly off-cam is anything but sweet. Itanong mo na lang sa mga GAKAS na pinandidirihan niya dahil broadsheet-oriented daw siya.
Ha! Ha! Ha!
In the first place, broadsheet readers ba ang mga botante?
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Kung si Lani ay ganun ang orientation, huwag na nga siyang tumakbo dahil people will naturally see through the patina of sweetness and would ostensibly know the somewhat haughty creature that lurks within.
Period. Walang comma.

Comment by ce-ce

February 2, 2007 @ 6:47 pm

I agree with your post, Ging. It’s so true. Si Lani, nasa ilalim ng kulo nyan. I am waiting for the time na mag-explode sya – inside out … I do wonder what it would be like.
Sharmane: Advice lang, next time you post anything, tagalugin mo na lang, ok? yung ingles mp mali-mali as well as your idioms.

“Yes lahat na mga legal wife and happilly married for long time un ang mga gustong awayin ni greta obvious ba?? Kasi naman tatanda nalang siya ng d makasuot ng white gown d ba?” – Walang co-relation ang sentences mo. At si Gretchen, as far as I know, she has the means to wear a white gown whenever she wants, hanggang pagtanda nya – she doesn’t need to have a wedding to wear one, OK? Ilusyon mo lang ang white gown na dapat isuot for weddings. In a modern day wedding hindi na uso ang white. It is very obvious na yung mentality mo from the 30’s-40’s era – manay, people and society has evolved, OK? Which cave did you come from? Kung di mo ma-take ang present world, mamundok ka na lang. In this day and age one has to compromise one thing or the other – Gretchen chose her own way to live her life, so tsugi … try to figure out what you want with your sorry life.

Comment by Sugar

February 2, 2007 @ 8:06 pm

korek ka jan ce-ce heheheheh! Kaya nga mahirap makaintindi si sharmane kasi sa bundok sya galing, walang alam sa realidad ng buhay.

Comment by ce-ce

February 2, 2007 @ 9:49 pm

Glad you agree, Sugar. It’s just simply amazing how some people seem to know what is wrong and what is right and are quick to judge and find fault in other people. yung iba dito masyadong blinded ng hard facts that Tonyboy was separated for a long time from his wife before he got involved with Gretchen. Please take note: BEFORE HE GOT INVOLVED WITH GRETCHEN. Gretchen did not initiate the relationship until Tonyboy showed interest in her which she reciprocated. And by law, that doesn’t make her a mistress dahil si Tonyboy at ang dating asawa nya had been – again, take note – separated and had not co-habited in years (minimum is 5-7 years). Yung separation nila was mutual – so, the only thing between now is kapirasong papel na wala nang worth since they separated. Reality bites, really! I am not much of a fan of any showbiz personality – nakakaaliw lang talaga ang mga post dito na walang katuturan but plain ignorance of some people na napaka-judgemental. I wonder what kind of lives they lead? Perfect, maybe? Hah … I doubt it very much.

Comment by Sugar

February 2, 2007 @ 10:17 pm

bahala ka na ngang dumakdak dyan sharmane, senseless naman yang mga sinasabi mo heheh! Sabi nga never make patol sa mga low IQ. Buh-bye to u sharmane sige lang magpost ka lang nang mag-post wala ng papatol sa iyo Inday kasi alam na namin kalibre mo hahahahaha! Good day!

Comment by chuva

February 2, 2007 @ 10:48 pm

ha ha ha…
she(the ANIMAL)really never failed to amused me.
masaya talaga dito sa PEP,mawala ka lang ng ilang sandali madami nang baliktaktakan,ang kaso lang ung iba walang sense,un bang hindi na kailangan ng utak para analisahin ang mga post nila.
sabagay kung hindi naman din ganun eh hindi na rin masaya ha ha ha…

Comment by ce-ce

February 3, 2007 @ 12:18 am

hay naku … itong si YOU KNOW WHO (let’s not name names ok … am sure puputak agad yung tatamaan) umarangkada na naman. sabe ko na sa yo tagalugin mo ang post mo … anong “perpect”? you mean perfect? si greta english speaking since childhood, both in school and at home. si YOU KNOW WHO obviously encountered English in Grade 1 … and all her years na nag-aral ng ingles, YOU KNOW WHO did not pay attention in all the lessons dahil grammar nya tsaka spelling puro mali. there is a big difference between people who pays attention in class at doon sa low IQ na hindi ma-get ang english lessons – katulad ng example nyang “kano”. dyusme, what a stupid excuse to claim na nag-aaral daw sya kuno ng foreign language kaya ang ingles nya ay baluktot. PWE PWE PWE. manay, for your information, i learned 6 other languages without sacrificing my grammars and spelling in any of these languages (german, french, spanish, swedish, norwegian and danish). again, that’s the difference between those paying attention sa class at doon sa “mahina ang memory” or simply those who do not pay attention during lessons. halatang-halata na masyado kang trying hard: YOU KNOW WHO, you’re the one who is KSP, boba, low IQ, etc etc … you are no better than Gretchen herself. I have been reading and re-reading all the posts here and what caught my attention was this WOWIE-creature making hula what kind of person you are. I can also make hula based on about you: you are probably (sorry wowie, i’ll use you phrase) living in Italy … kase doon madaming pinoy na gustong makaraos sa kahirapan sa Pilipinas. and you struck luck doon so feeling mo superior ka than anyone else. Feeling mo you know everything you need to know – PWE PWE PWE …. kahit pa ano ang gawin mong balatkayo, lalabas at lalabas ang tunay mong pagkatao (like in your posts – palengkera ang dating!). Nayayabangan ka ke Greta, who doesn’t even know you exist, e actually ang problema mo hindi mo matalbugan ang kayabangan ni Greta – COPYCAT! Wala ka sa kalingkingan ng achievements nya sa buhay. Hindi mo ma-match ang beauty ni Greta, ang sarili nyang datung (+ datung ni Tonyboy) – yun lang!

Comment by chuva

February 3, 2007 @ 2:36 am

ha ha ha…wala nang ibang madahilan (si ANIMAL) kaya puro “your boss,your amo” ang sinsabi.
LUKRING kung ako sayo dig the box office result for the past movies of grethcen bgo mo sabihing hindi sya nagkapera ng sarili nya.she was a movie star from her teenage year.ur right,nagsimula sya sa wala(but not really walang wala)pano mo maipapaliwanag na sinusuportahan nya ang pamilya nya kung wlang wala sya?ang pagkakaintindi ko sa mga sinabi ni greta is wala sya before to sustain whatever lifestyle she have now.
at nagtataka ako sayo sure kang lahat ng tao dun9kung san man un)lahat legal wife?maaaring mali ang makipag live-in pero sa panahon ngaun prang mahirap paniwalaan yan.nakakaloka…pati sarili mo pinapaniwala mong ganyan ang mundo.magpakatotoo ka ANIMAL!

Comment by gavin2006

February 3, 2007 @ 3:11 am

naku sumabat pa rin itong si Sharmane hahahahah! Hindi naman nya ma-justify yung mga sinasabi nya, bali-baliko nalang ang sinasagot hahahahah! Nyay! mamundok ka na lang kasi Inday, hindi bagay makipag-debate dito ang mga utak eh nasa puwet hahahahahaha!

Comment by denise

February 3, 2007 @ 3:37 am


Comment by ce-ce

February 3, 2007 @ 4:15 am

yaiks! nag-react ang mga walang datung. simply shows na hindi nila matanggap na mapera si Greta compared sa kanila – regardless kung kanino galing. whether you admit it or not, her persona is something way out of the ordinary kaya nga lahat ng kilos nya, choices and decisions etc etc etc magnified into the smallest details by one and all – ke mahirap or mayaman. all this boils down to one thing only – INGIT! ang mga taong puro dakdak sa lusak nasasadlak … yung pwesto nyo sa lusakan sobrang lalim at hindi na kayo makaahon, so ang future ninyo dim and uncertain … PWE! Try to adhere to ethics’ golden rules: 1) laugh at yourself and your own misfortunes and not at others 2) think positive 3) learn to listen and investigate facts before you give your comments. yung mga comments nyo reflects traces of jealousy, hatred and bitterness not necessarily because of greta as you claim – it’s transparent na hindi ok ang life nyo in general and you are trying to project your hatred to someone else popular and well-known. In short, KSP lang kayo, ‘no? Give yourselves some reality check, ok? Sa bundok it’s easier to contemplate about your lives.

Comment by ce-ce

February 3, 2007 @ 4:24 am

By the way … there is a blog forum about Ruffa/Greta which is very interesting for serious bloggers – meaning sensible discussion, ok? i would very much like to share it dito kaso worried ako na baka ma-invade ng mga katulad ni YOU KNOW WHO and WHAT’S HER NAME …

Comment by Pukey

February 3, 2007 @ 11:06 am

hello people, parang kayo na ang topic sa forumna ito a..walang personalan, keep the discussion alive, otherwise boring na itong blog na ito..

Comment by chuva

February 3, 2007 @ 2:04 pm

i think nbasa ko na yang blind item na yan last week pa pero not in the said newspaper(broadsheet).
sa nbsa ko the girl is still very much active sa tv(shows) so i think its far from greta.

Comment by chuva

February 3, 2007 @ 2:11 pm

to think sa showbiz halos o karamihan natikman ni ganto,ganyan o nkama ni at ni,napakadami so i dont think the main character of this blog is involve.
isa pa,dahil sa gulo between lani-greta people can easily make some issue;and/or conclude something out of their imagination even if its not true,their alibi?its blind item,lahat pwede kung sino magreact sya na un unless talagang given na ung identity at di mo na kailangang manghula then it must be her.

Comment by ce-ce

February 3, 2007 @ 3:28 pm

very true, chuva. blind items are simply that … blind! these columnists/writers are capitalizing on the filipino people’s number one passtime since ages – gossiping, sadly one of some filipino’s nature, aside from their crab mentality.

Comment by ce-ce

February 3, 2007 @ 3:30 pm

very true, chuva. blind items are simply that … blind! these columnists/writers are capitalizing on the filipino people’s number one passtime since ages – gossiping, sadly one of some filipino’s nature, aside from their crab mentality. nakatikim lang ng freedom of speech and democracy inabuso na in all its worth.

Comment by chuva

February 3, 2007 @ 4:21 pm

eto ang totoong blind item:merong direct involvement sa taong nsa blind item.
Magandang aktres, magaspang ang ugali


Matagal nang nangyari ang insidente na nasaksihan ng isang entertainment editor pero hindi niya malimutan ang eksena na naging basehan niya para sabihin na magaspang ang ugali ng maamong mukhang magandang aktres.

Dumalaw ang entertainment editor sa taping ng aktres para sa isang drama series.

Iiyak ang aktres sa eksenang kukunan nang dumating sa TV studio ang editor.

Tahimik ang buong paligid para makapag-concentrate sa pag-iyak ang aktres.

Isang matandang propsman ang hindi sinasadya na nakagawa ng ingay habang pababa ng hagdan mula sa second floor.

Nawala ang concentration ng aktres dahil sa mga yabag ng matandang lalake.

Biglang pinagmumura ng aktres ang matandang propsman.

Na-turn off ang entertainment editor sa inasal ng aktres. Nakapagsalita siya ng kung ano ang ganda ng mukha ng aktres, napakapangit pala ng kanyang ugali.

Madalas na nasasangkot ang aktres sa mga eskandalo pero ni minsan, hindi nakisimpatiya sa kanya ang entertainment editor na awang-awa sa matanda na minura ng aktres mula ulo hanggang paa.
sino kya to?
si gretchen?HINDI,dahil wala naman syang naging drama series khit sabihing lagi syang involve sa mga intriga.
si dawn?MAAARI,nkasama sya sa cast na etheria
at naging kontrobersyal lately
o si lani?MALAMANG,remember nsa cast sya ng soap na pinabibidahan ni sunshine dizon at isa pa sa channel 2,maamo ang mukha(na sabi eh kabaliktaran ng totoong ugali sa personal),at laging sangkot sa kontrobersyal e.g away kay cristy,rossana,gretchen,cong.maliksi at nabinbing pagtakbo sa cavite.
yan ang blind item na given ang identity taong involve.

Comment by ce-ce

February 3, 2007 @ 5:54 pm

hay naku, tanungin nyo na lang yung mga kasambahay ni Lani at Bong – mas juicy ang stories sa homefront, ok? as i’ve said, ang kulo at baho ni Lani matindi .. but then lalabas at lalabas din yan. at least si gretchen very true to herself. madaldal na kung madaldal, or taklesa for that matter pero totoo naman lahat ang sinasabi nya. at never did she ever deny where her money comes from – “yabang” ang dating sa inyong walang datung, for us na me means ang datung, we say “wow”. hindi katulad ng friend nyang si Ruffa puro “hangin” in its true form. i read she said her husband bought her FTV Turkey? Say what? she’s simply one of FTV’s employees, ok? Do email and ask if it is really true that FTV Turkey is owned by Ruffa’s family. Tell him how Ruffa, a beauty queen from Philippines is bragging how they used to own FTV, and he’ll email you himself and tell you that she just works there and not own it. What a shame! That is what I call kayabangan – telling the whole country she owns something she doesn’t really have. si greta pag sinabi nyang she’s got this and that, talagang meron sya. Si Ruffa ang personified and absolute social climber and not Greta.

Comment by chuva

February 3, 2007 @ 8:24 pm

ha ha ha…ang jologs!
strategy ng walang utak yan ah!
nyak ha ha……

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Comment by ce-ce

February 3, 2007 @ 11:18 pm

hamo na, chuva … wala talagan silang originality. Copycats, that’s what they are … and trying hard talaga … ha!ha!ha!

Comment by kim

February 4, 2007 @ 12:15 am

so,mga kababayan na naloko ni ruffa try nyo mag mail sa mail add ng ftv sa turkiye….and totoo nga kahit kailan di naging owner ang family bektas or gutierez sa ftv ng turkey…try it para maniwala kayo..nakakahiya talaga

Comment by Sally M.

February 4, 2007 @ 12:33 am

Hoy Ce-Ce maldita ka!!! Ikaw ang haliparot at istupida!! Anong galit mo kay Ruffa at lahat ng buhay niya kinakalkal mo? Gaga!!! Si Ruffa ang mayari ng Fashion TV Turkey bobo!!! At Sharmaine Bektas siya kilala doon istupida hindi sa Ruffa!! Si Jean, alalay lang yan ni Michael Adam!!! At hindi mo ba alam na may utang sila kay Ruffa? Binaril pa yan ng police sa Turkey dahil magnanakaw!!! Kaya para makaiwas sa gulo null and void na ang kontrata kasi papatayin sila ng mga mafia na kaibigan ng mga bektas dahil sa utang nila!! Magbasa ka muna ng gazete sa Istanbul Ce-ce before you open your smelly mouth!!! Wala kang alam sa mundo kaya shut up! Ikaw ang social climber at hindi si Ruffa at Gretchen boba!!!

Comment by Sally M.

February 4, 2007 @ 12:36 am

at ikaw kim…napainggitera mo! baka gusto mo ikaw ang maging may ari ng FTV??? Sus napakabobo mo dear! ang hirap sa mga pinoy…makasalanan…naninira ng sariling kadugo!!! Kaya walang umaasenso sa inyo at katulong pa rin kayo dahil sa pangit ang ugali niyo!! Nakakahiya maging PINOY!!!

Comment by ce-ce

February 4, 2007 @ 1:07 am

Oy, Ms Sally M … ‘yung source mo ang i-clarify mo. me inside information ako, okay? di katulad ng iba dyan na puro haka-haka lang ang alam gawin. mas thorough ang inquiry na ginawa ng iba pang bloggers in finding out the truth about the FTV Turkey – and for your information – full name nya ang ini-inquire … as in Sharmaine Ruffa Gutierrez-Bektas. At ikaw na mismo ang nagsasabi na talagang me maffia connection ang Bektas na asawa ni Ruffa – old news na yan in Turkey, ok? Another item checked and investigated ng mga taong nabu-bwiset sa kayabangan ng Ruffa is her claim na prime minister daw ang tatay ng asawa nya – PWE! Prime minister ng mafia underworld – kaya nga wala ito during their manila wedding dahil nakakulong at maraming kaso against this father-in-law at may “hold departure” sa kanya. Ylmaz managed to come with the excuse of getting married to Ruffa – accompanied by a relative and civilian police. Bilangin mo nga ang guest from Ylmaz’ family who attended their wedding – TATLO! Ang layo noon sa ipinagyabang ni Ruffa na they are expecting 1000 guest from his side – bleeehh! yung idinadakdak ni Ruffa na “yaman” ng Bektas-family ay seized and accumulated illegally – read Ylmaz statements between the lines. face the facts! kaya nga umuuwi si Ruffa sa pilipinas para maka-raket ng extra money to sustain her so-called image. at hwag mong i-compare si Ruffa ke Greta dahil ang laki ng difference nila in all angles – mapa-datung, talent, beauty, ugali, or whatever … take your pick. So, sa payabangan arena, si Ruffa umaarangkada. Gising!

Comment by ce-ce

February 4, 2007 @ 1:11 am

to those interested, do check the link below for more “news” about MS. SHARMAINE RUFFA GUTIERREZ-BEKTAS

(copy/paste nyo lang sa browser nyo)

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February 4, 2007 @ 1:57 am

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Comment by kim

February 4, 2007 @ 3:02 am

i’m the real kim. i don’t like ruffa either! and in defense to my namesake kim and ce-ce who sally m. lambasted. it is true that the bektases are known mafias. in fact if you ask the high society people in turkey, they don’t know the bektases. they’re not old money kasi. what they have is blood money. money obtained from illegal smuggling, drugs, gambling, etc…

Comment by kim

February 4, 2007 @ 3:06 am

sally m., hinde porke’t katulong ka ay lahat ng tumatambay dito ay katulad mong katulong din. ikaw ang magsara ng bibig mo at baka pasukin pa ng langaw yan. maid ka siguro ni ruffa day noh…hay naku, if i know yaya ka sa mga anak nya that’s grabe ka kung mag defend…oh well, you’re on her payroll so go ahead..defend your amo na social climber at walang talent!

Comment by Justin

February 4, 2007 @ 4:25 am

hala ano ba yan bakit si ruffa na ang naging topic dito. For gretchen lang itong blog na ito diba??? Bakit dito nyo pinapasabog galit nyo ke ruffa heheheheheh! Find ruffa’s blog at dun kyo mag-comment! Basta i liked Gretchen..real goddess of beauty!

Comment by ce-ce

February 4, 2007 @ 5:58 am

yaiks … ito talagang si YOU KNOW WHO, ewan ko ba kung alam talaga nya kung ano ang sinasabe nya …
QUOTE: “Marami akong mga schollmate na turkeys … ”
Ano raw? Me schoolmate syang “turkeys”? Baka ibig nyang sabihin “turkish”, OK? There’s a big difference between “turkeys” and “turkish”, OK? TURKEYS: bird specie na pwedent kainin. TURKISH: this referes to human beings, people who live in Turkey. Get mo? Sabe ko na kase tagalugin na lagi ang posts eh … dyusme! YOU KNOW WHO really needs help! HEELLLPPP!

Comment by Jinky

February 4, 2007 @ 6:14 am

LOL…napatawa mo ako Ce-ce! ok yang pang-ookray mo ke sharmane hahahahaha! Pls sharmane wag kang aalis dito kasi nagbibigay ka ng katatawanan hahahahaha!

Comment by ce-ce

February 4, 2007 @ 6:20 am

Hej Justin, we’re on the same side … if you just read the post exchange above, you will understand kung baket na-mention si Ruffa dito.

Comment by ce-ce

February 4, 2007 @ 7:35 am

well, i just want to point out ke YOU KNOW WHO na nobody is perfect … and just like everyone else, me kanya-kanya tayong flaws – and YOU KNOW WHO is one typical example of someone not perfect … pero ang kaso on denial sya all the time eh. it is important na huwag kang manlait na ibang tao kung di mo gustong laitin ka rin ng ibang tao. granted na hate mo si greta, you should limit you comments to a sensible level hindi yung below the belt – eh unfair yun sa party na hinuhusgahan mo dahil hindi ka naman kilala nung tao to give you her piece of mind … mapa-greta pa sya o kung sino mang maldita as YOU KNOW WHO claims. Just keep this in mind, again: NOBODY IS PERFECT. Stick to the hard facts … kaso kahit untugin pa ang ulo ni YOU KNOW WHO sa matigas na pader, yung pader pa ang babagsak sa tigas ng ulo nya. other than that mukha talagang mapa-tagalog o ingles, yung reading comprehension ni YOU KNOW WHO e me kahinaan. Give her a tutor, please!

Comment by chuva

February 4, 2007 @ 8:35 am

this is a blogspot so everybody is welcome to throw in a comment or two. for greta not to be openly critized then she should watch out her actions and statements…taklesa na wala pang breeding…at kahit ano pa ang sabihin ninyo, konti lang ang may breeding na nagpost sa blogspot na ito! kasi naman you’re either dawn’s, greta’s or ruffa’s yaya noh! ang mga taong may breeding hindi tumatambay sa mga blogspot na tulad nito! cge nga, ask the zobels, cojuangcos and ayala if they make tambay here! at ako din, hinde ako magpaka iprokrita nga sasabihing may breeding ako, WALA DIN AKONG BREEDING LIKE MY AMONG C MADAME GRETA!!!!

Comment by k

February 4, 2007 @ 8:56 am

wow!galit na galit c SALLY M….ingatz lng baka maatake ka….ikw ang magbasa di kami at sharmaine ruffa gutierez ang gamit ni ruffa noong ng guest sya sa FTV walang Bektas …atsaka marunong ka pa lng magbasa ng turkish language e di nabasa mo rin ang tungkol kay yilmaz na talagang kasal; cla ni selen…SEN OROSPOCOCO!!!!YALANCI!!!

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February 4, 2007 @ 9:02 am


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Comment by Health Wizard

February 4, 2007 @ 12:41 pm

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Comment by ce-ce

February 4, 2007 @ 3:19 pm

thanks for your tip, chuva (the original). i’ll try my best to write my posts in tagalog, pero talagang kung minsan hindi ko maiwasan … :-)

Comment by ce-ce

February 4, 2007 @ 3:47 pm

and to chuva (na fake) from blog #1058: to write a “comment” is exactly what a blog was meant for. but then again, some people in the league of YOU KNOW WHO, abuses the main purpose of a blog. si greta tinitira nyo from head to foot, inside out, as if me karapatan kayo and say in how she should live her life. mon dieu! do you even realize kung ano ang dating ng post ninyo? daig nyo pa ang mga DIKTADOR at NAZI. public figure si greta, yun ang totoo. yung statements nya based sa question being asked by the so called columnists or writers. kung i-volunteer man nya ang ibang information about herself, prerogative nya yon – her own choice. lumaki lang naman talaga ang issue dahil na rin sa mga reporter na uhaw sa sensational headlines para bumenta ang kanilang mga tabloids/mag items. that’s showbiz for you, ok?
And, I beg to disagree about your concept of breeding – are you consciously submitting yourself in the category of people na walang breeding just because you’re writing posts here? at ang mga zobel or cojuangco-people are better than you are? poor you, you really have personal issues – deranged ka nga. it’s like throwing in the towel ang say: SI AKO KAWAWA AT WALA NANG PAG-ASA SA BUHAY. hindi lahat ng nagpo-post dito ay katulad mong walang drive sa buhay. Breeding? You definitely doesn’t have any of those in you, so quiet ka na lang and please, do not even, or ever attempt to make any analogy about the “haves” and “have nots” in relation to breeding. between you and greta, i’m sure greta do have it. ikaw? wala lang, day … K S P ka pa rin whatever you say. you’d better change your style sa buhay … mag-contemplate ka, ok? doon sa bundok you will escape all this brouhaha … so, get real? Keep YOU KNOW WHO sosme company out there, or you’re probably one and the same.

Comment by victoria

February 4, 2007 @ 8:25 pm

for all those people, na ayaw kay gretchen whether she’s at work in public, or at home…well it’s their problem. ok, let’s say she’s doing everyhting in purpose (or not), para mapansin or kainggitan, it’s her right to do it. marami na siyang pinagdaanan, suffered a lot,everybody does… give her tha chance to enjoy what she has now. as long as wala siyang pineperwisyo, let her! i don’t think she’s doing it to hurt directly the people she’s working with. maybe they don’t like what gretchen’s doing, kasi di nila kayang gayahin, or it’s not their style, but don’t criticize her. lahat naman may kanya kanyang moves para mapansin, artista or not, rich or poor, may kanya kanyang style.
just let her…do’n siya masaya, let her…if somebody wants to comment, and not a good one…maybe it’s wise to keep it to yourself na lang, so you won’t sound like you’re bitter. i’m not on gretchen’s side, i’m not a big fan of showbiz, it’s not that i don’t like her…i’m sharing my comment in general. thank you…

Comment by ce-ce

February 4, 2007 @ 9:35 pm

Well, at least YOU KNOW WHO admitted to being an ANIMAL and BALIW (post #1069) without even realizing what she wrote – read between the lines … ha!ha!ha! BOBA ka nga talaga … this time, I am very much convinced … YOU KNOW WHO always miss the point of my posts … sayang … tsk!tsk!tsk! first of all, ang pinaka-ipinaiintindi ko sa yo is the fact that NOBODY IS PERFECT – and that unlike YOU KNOW WHO, greta acknowledges her flaws, mistakes or whatever wrong doing she may have done in the past like a real trouper that she is. Eh ikaw, YOU KNOW WHO, just like any kapalmuks, hindi mo maamin sa sarili mo ang mga kahinaan mo: kahinaan sa utak, breeding, foul language, kakulangan mo in understanding proper english (reading, writing and comprehension) etc etc etc. ang dame mong kapalpakan sa buong katauhan mo pero pilit mo pa ring ipino-project na you know everything there is to know. at pwede ba, hindi mo maii-justify yun spelling error mo using the CNN reportage as an excuse – sa totoo lang ang layo talaga ng ibig sabihin ng “turkeys” sa “turkish”, OK? intelligent people can distinguish the difference between the two … why is it difficult for you to admit that you have made a big blunder and mistake? the word “SORRY” is a very short word: easy to say with a whole lot of depth and meaning. too bad, mukhang wala sa dictionary mo yon. Buti pa si greta alam when to say the word and when to keep it. hopeless case na si YOU KNOW WHO … mental case na talaga.

Comment by chuva

February 4, 2007 @ 11:30 pm

ha ha ha…may masasabi pa ba ako?
even ung mga post sa taas from linda,wowie,aj,amigos,kolehiyala,sugar_,janna atbp tulad ng post ni victoria at ce-ce eh malaman,pero bakit hindi kaya makuha ni ANIMAL?
grabeh na ito!
makikita at makikilala mo kung gano kalalim,kahina at kakitid ang utak ng isang tao sa mga reasoning nya,ung sabihan ka ng isa malamang ok lng pero ung lahat ang napansin sayo eh iisa,aba ANIMAL!magisip-isip ka.
nyak ha ha…
hindi ko alam kung anong pinuputok ng butsi mo?para bang nahihrapan o nasasaktan ka everytime may isyu tungkol kay greta,ganun ba sya nakakaapekto sa buhay mo?

Comment by ce-ce

February 5, 2007 @ 12:25 am

oh yes, another thing YOU KNOW WHO says, QUOTE: “kung yong same font color eh pareho lang yong nagpost ehhh naku day d marami ka naring name nagamit dito d ko na mabilang…buti pa mag aral ka muna ng computer.” If I may ask, saan mo nakuha ang info mo, aber? People, first of all, original ako at hindi nagtatago o gumagamit ng kahit na ano panng alias except my own, “Ce-Ce” – and you can take my word for it knowing na mas credibility ako, unlike YOU KNOW WHO and the likes of her – wala na nga kayong originality, wala pang substance. Secondly, graphic design and advertising ang line of work ko and i know what is there to know about computers and its programmes – dyusme YOU KNOW WHO, you certainly missed the point of my others post: huwag kang manghusga ng ibang tao na hindi mo naman kilala ang background. tsupi ka na nga – PWE PWE PWE. ang galing mong hamakin si greta as a woman, daughter and celebrity, sarili mong baho hindi mo maamoy – e ang lansa lansa mo na talaga. pinapayuhan ka na nga at nire-remind ng ibang tao na mag-reality check hindi ka pa rin nakikinig. BOBA ka nga talaga – sige dumakdak ka pa … nakakaaliw ang mga senseless statements mo … PWE PWE PWE PWE … sakit ng dating ng mga sinasabi ko sa yo dahil alam mong totoo … am just giving you the same dose of insult you so easily give other people without thinking and regard for facts … hala bira!

Comment by ce-ce

February 5, 2007 @ 12:32 am

opps … me typo error ako – SORRY :) …. see YOU KNOW WHO, i can acknowledge my mistake … :P :P :P

Trackback by lodine

February 5, 2007 @ 12:39 am



Comment by VIOLET

February 5, 2007 @ 1:30 am

the mother of bong revilla is not the legal wife of ramon revilla sr. the legal wife is the mother of evelyn bautista jaworski, wife of robert jaworski and mother of dodot. check it out!
and denise yabut cojuangco while the still current legal wife of tonyboy is the second wife of the latter. the first wife is bingbing guingona, mother of patricia daughter of tony(the only grandchild recognized by imelda).

Comment by Sally M.

February 5, 2007 @ 1:31 am

Ce-ce isa kang abnormal!!! Wala kang nalalaman sa mundo! Ikaw ba dear nakatira sa Turkey para malaman mo ang totoo? Masyado kang concerned kung si Ruffa ang may ari ng FTV, kung ilan ang shares niya, kung sino si Jean…dear parang masyado kang sourgraping sa yaman at tagumpay na tinamas ni Ruffa G! Masyado kang desperada!! Baka naman gusto mong ikaw ang may ari ng FTV!!! Hahahaha…huwag kang mangarap dear!!! Ito ay blog ni Gretchen Barretto..bakit siningit mo ang idolo ko hindi ko alam!! Baka naman lesbiana ka at hindi ka lang pinatulan ni Ruffa kaya hate na hate mo siya??? Pati ang Rolls Royce, Mercedez Bens at pamilya Bektas isinali mo pa!!! Para sa akin at sa mga madla ng Pilipinas si Ruffa ay isang DIYOSA!!!!!! Kahit mayaman siya o mahirap lang hindi yan ang issue…isa siyang DIYOSA ng kagandahan! At ikaw ang yaya dear hindi ako!! Kayo ni Kim magsama sa impierno!

Comment by Sally M.

February 5, 2007 @ 1:36 am

at pakiaalam mo ANIMAL CE-CE kung saan nangalling ang pera ni Ruffa! Gusto mo bang abutan ka niya ng branded bag or slapi para maisaksak mo sa mabaho mong baga??? Wala ka yatang trabahao kundi mag basa ng pep at magpost! napaka trying hard mo dear! walang may paki sa mga sinasabi mo kasi isa kang LESBIANANG WALANG PANGALAN!!!

Comment by victoria

February 5, 2007 @ 1:39 am

you know, i like you chuva…you’re comments are funny! i hope ma-get ni ms. sharmane yong mga message mo.but it seems so hard for her to understand things…kahit anong paliwanag ang gawin mo:-D!!!

Comment by Sally M.

February 5, 2007 @ 1:50 am

Ang idolo mog MAKATI AT MASAHOL PA SA DAGA ang pinag uusapan dito! Hindi si Ruffa!! Si Gretchen…isa siyang KABIT DEAR!!! KABIT with a capital K! At least si RUFFA KASAL!!!! Just like Dawn, Lani and even Angeli Valenciano na parang madre inaway na ni Gretchen!!! Nakakadiri… Lahat kaaway na niya….mula sa nanay niya, tatay, Claudine, Marjorie, Lolit Solis, Bong Revilla *sa sarap na sarap at pinapantasya ni Gretchen hangang ngayon kaya panay ang away kay LANI MERCADO!!!* Si Ruffa malayong malayo kay Gretchen…si Ruffa kasal,,,,,dinala sa altar katulad ni Dawn. Eh si Gretchen kabit???? Mamamatay nalang si Tony By sa tanda hindi pa rin siya pakakasalan ni Tony Boy!! Kay Denize COJUANGCO pa rin siya kasal!! Si Ruffa BEKTAS! Si Dawn LAGDAMEO! Si Angeli VALENCIANO! Si Lani REVILLA!!! Eh si Kabit Gretchen??? Hahahahaha! Wala sa kalingkingan si Ruffa kay Gretchen dear…sa beauty, height, ugali, pera, projection,,,panalo si Ruffa!!! Well loved sa lahat at MABAIT! MAKA DIYOS!!! Mabait lang si Ruffa sa lahat pati kay Gretchen kabit kasi yan ang ugali niya…HUMBLE AT MARAMING KAIBIGAN!!!! Eh si Gretchen? Yaya lang niya ang kakampi niya!! Si CE-CE na yaya niya! Helllerrrrrr!!!

Comment by Pep fan

February 5, 2007 @ 1:57 am

Sally M,

Nice post. Pakidagdag na rin ang mga Loyzagas (particularly..the very beautiful Bing Loyzaga-Gibbs at Joey Loyzaga) na kaaway din niya. Ang DAMI palang kaaway…

Comment by magandagirl2000

February 5, 2007 @ 2:02 am

sus nakakaaliw ang mga comments dito. si ruffa na bigla ang topic! mga maka gretchen biglang nanira sa best friend na ruffa dahil lumabas na kumampi daw si ruffa kay angeli na asaw ni gary v? kung pati si ruffa kaaway na ni gretchen talagang may attitude problem ang idolo niyo! violet sino si bingbing? ibig sabihin si denise c. 2nd wife lang? sa overall posts dito parang hindi feel ng mga tao si gretchen dahil 1. maraming kaaway 2. napaka feeling pretty at ubod ng yabang 3. hindi maganda ang image niya humahabol sa may asawa like bong r. 4.mas maraming conservative na mga babaeng pinay…gusto nila ang legal na pagsasama at hindi yung sa pang WEDDING lang. dapat mag soul searching na rin si gretchen para mabawasan ang yabang niya. yun lang

Comment by Sally M.

February 5, 2007 @ 2:13 am

pep fan thank you. totoo lang ang sinasabi ko! pati si ruffa, na nag iisang kakampi ni gretchen barretto inaway na niya?? tinitira na dito?? pati mga yaya niyang katulad ni kim at ce-ce puro kalaswaan ang pinagsasabi tungkol kay ruffa!!! hoy mga atchay na bayaran mahiya kayo sa balat niyo!! ang ganda kumukupas pero ang ugali ang makikita ng Panginoon! panis ang ugali ni Gretchen kaya lahat ng tao lumalayo sa kanya! Ni wala nga siyang pamilya!!!! kahit tatlo or tatlong libo ang pumunta sa kasal ni Ruffa…ang point doon KASAL SIYA!! Dalawang beses pa kinasal. Isa sa PINAS at isa sa TURKEY!!! Like what Lolit solis said…YAN ANG NEVER NA MATITIKMAN NG ISANG GRETCHEN BARRETTO! BOW!

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February 5, 2007 @ 2:48 am

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Comment by ce-ce

February 5, 2007 @ 3:33 am

hay naku, umarangkada na naman ang mga YOU KNOW WHO … mamundok na lang kayo, ok? putak kayo nang putak ng walang kabalbalan … ang hihina talaga ng mga utak ninyo … PWE PWE PWE … next post please – at yung me sense, thank you. mga palengkera, tsupi muna kayo – mag-converge muna kayo sa bundok.

Comment by ce-ce

February 5, 2007 @ 3:37 am

by the way, YOU KNOW WHO, iko-correct ulti kita – the name is ce-ce, not che-che … hmmp! Laki ng difference between those two names, ok? hina talaga … tsk! tsk!

Comment by ness

February 5, 2007 @ 8:15 am


1. La Greta is a

a.) mistress
b.) adulteress
c.) gold digger
d.) trash
e.) tramp
f.) socialite wannabe
g.) talentless bimbo
h.) ST queen / bomba star

Comment by Sally M.

February 5, 2007 @ 8:28 am

Ness…its all of the above. Thats exactly who gretchen barretto is. Hey Ce-Ce…bago ka magsalita tungkol sa ibang artista like Ruffa G please lang tumingin ka muna dear sa sarili mong bakod dahil mas masahol pa sa bulok na kambing ang bakuran ng amo mo kesa sa idolo ko! okay???????? at hulaan mo kung anong bumulaga sa tv ko pag gising ko kanina??? Ang bagong commercial ni ruffa kasama si,,,,,hold your breath……MARJORIE BARRETTO!!!! Nakakagulat! pati ako nahilo doon in fairness! pati mortal na kaaway na kapatid ni gretchen nakasama na ni ruffa. kawawang gretchen! wala na siyang kaibigan. pati ang nag iisang nakakaintindi sa mga kabaliwan niya kumampi n kay marj!!! CE-CE dear…ang idolo mo magigising one day na wala siyang pamilya, kaibigan at asawa. bka magising na din sa katotohanan si dominique at iwanan na si gretchen. she will grow old ALONE…kawawa!

Comment by kim

February 5, 2007 @ 8:44 am

not only will she die alone, she’ll die a barretto! grabe na talaga the reaction of the people. sorry sally m, i’m not a super fan of ruffa but you have to give credit to her kasi kahit materialistic xa and all, may foundation xa at ang PERANG ginagasta niya ay pera ng asawa NIYA!!! hindi tulad ni lukaret greta na walang sariling pera!

Comment by jheng

February 5, 2007 @ 12:48 pm

at syempre kunyari mabait SYA lalo na sa mga writer kaya nga ang pakikisama nya ay ganun ganun nalang para hindi lumabas ang tinatagong baho(mahirap talaga ang may tinatago).
sino to?kailangan pa bang itanong yan!

Comment by jheng

February 5, 2007 @ 1:00 pm

at KIM,hindi mo ba alam na ang pera ng foundation ni ruffa na sinsabi mo eh di galing sa bulsa ng asawa nya kundi sa mga sponsor at kaibigan nya partikular na kay greta na nagbigay ng ilang milyon,tanong mo yan sa kanya kung di ka naniniwala.
gumawa nga sya ng fund raising pangalan nya at mukha ang ginamit na front pero ang mga donation galing sa ibang artista,kung talagang gusto nyang magbigay sana nagdagdag sya ng galing sa bulsa nya hindi ung umasa lang sya sa kinita nito.
oo maganda si ruffa pero di hamak na mas mayabang kay gretchen.kung talagang mayaman sya hindi sya magpapakasubsob sa trabaho to think na maliliit pa ang anak gretchen magwork man purely fun lang,tingnan nyo naman more on commercial lang sya nagkamovie man maliksi lang(trilogy)ang particifation nya at the same time dom is old enough para maiwan,eh si ruffa ang anak eh mga baby pa pero kuntodo kayod na sya not to mention being the ULTIMATE HOOKER she was.

Comment by jheng

February 5, 2007 @ 1:22 pm

i’m not gretchen fans.i dont hate her iether,pero kung sino ang ikinukumpara o kaaway ni ruffa dun ako.
ruffa not only the ultimate hooker but the real plastic,liar and show-off supppppeeeeerrrrrrrr…
and one more thing bat di man lang kahawig ng asawa ni ruffa ang eldest daughter nila,ni wlang bahid ng lahing turkish o foriegner?
ganyang ganyan ang namikot sa kapitbahay namin only to find out na hindi sa kanya ang bata.
ha ha ha…
alam kong babalikan ako ni kim(lukaret) at sally pero i won’t waste my time reading their pagtatanggol kay ruffa.magalit man kyo ma at pa!ha ha ha…
i have said my piece,so pano mga pepmate,babu!

Comment by to pep fan

February 5, 2007 @ 3:23 pm

at kelan pa nagkaisyu si bing na may malaking butas ng ilong at taong saksakan ng burara(inamin nya yan sa interview nilang mag asawa ilang taon na nag nakakraan) at nagger at si greta?
baka naman nagbabasa ka ng sarili mong balita?
hija,ang pagbabasa ng balita hindi nakapikit at gumagawa ng isyu sa pamamagitan ng guni-guni.
sorry,pero ang pamilya barretto ay buo pa din,maytampuhan pero sila sila pa rin ang magkakkampi,hindi mo ba nabalitaang handang ipagtanggol ng mommy nya si gretchen at ganun na din ni claudine,ang mga taong inggit at insecure tulad ni lani at dawn lang ang umaaway kay greta.ISTUPIDA!

Comment by to pep fan

February 5, 2007 @ 3:26 pm

ung mga nangangarap na mag-away si greta at ruffa sori kayo dahil ok na ok sila!
at ikaw sharmane na walang utak,mag-aral ka muna bago ibuka ang bunganga mo senseless ka lagi magcomment.ang mga paliwanag mo nagkocontradict sa mga ibinabato mo kay greta,isa kang malaking TANGA!

Comment by to pep fan

February 5, 2007 @ 3:31 pm

ha ha ha..natawa naman ako sa sinabi ni sally ang pagkakaalam ko si tony boy ay 50+ yrs old lang hindi 70,infairness mabait si tony boy at mahal si greta.
sino ba naman babae ang hindi mpapamahal sa taong mahal ka na ibinibigay pa lahat ng gusto mo at loyal sayo?
well,opinyon ko lang yan kung ano ang ipinyon nyo bahala kayo ha ha ha ha…

Comment by Health Wizard

February 5, 2007 @ 3:48 pm

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Comment by Sally M.

February 5, 2007 @ 4:00 pm

oo nga pala…saan nagkayod si ruffa na parang kabayo at iniiwan ang anak niya sa tabi??? eh magkasama si gretchen at ruffa sa pantene! yung nido kasama ang mga anak niya. at hindi ibig sabihin bruhang animal jheng na dahil may project si ruffa naghihirap na siya! Napaka BOBO mo naman!! Si KRIS AQUINO nga na isang tunay na COJUANGCO kumakayod na parag KABAYO sa dami niyang shows at commercials!! Wala na ngang pahinga…ibig sabihin naghihirap na ang isang KRIS AQUINO??? NO!!! Si Sharon CUNETA-PANGILINAN na pinanganak with a silver spoon na napakaraming concerts, pelikula at commercials,,,ibig sabihin naghihirap na si MEGA??? NO!!!! Si KC CONCEPCION nalang IHA!!! Napakaraming commercials at plays sa theater,,,ibig sabihin naghihirap na si KC??? NO IHA!!! Si Ruffa may Project Runway at commercials…ibig sabihin naghihirap na siya???? NO IHA!! Silay sumisikap kumita ng sarili nilang kapakanan dahil wala silang KABIT NA MATANDA na magbibigay ng luho nila! Si Gretchen nilulustay ang pera ni TONY BOY kaya magsasara na ang Channel 5 at binenta na ang shares niya sa PLDT!!! kakahiya!!! tumatae lang si gretchen sa ulo ng kabit niya!!!

Comment by girlfriday

February 5, 2007 @ 4:02 pm

ano ba yan!! tigilan na si ruffa at gretchen!!! gumagawa na kayo ng gulo!!! si ruffa at gretchen magkaibigan!!! please lang below the belt na kayo…stop it na!!!! dapat ipasara na ang blog na ito! cheap!

Comment by Julia

February 5, 2007 @ 4:17 pm

korek ka jan girlfriday! bkit pnag-aaway na nila si ruffa at greta eh wala namng prblema..mga tao tlga ang nagpapagulo..dakdak nang dakdak at lumilikha ng kung anu-ano…

Comment by Kool

February 5, 2007 @ 10:16 pm

hey chuva mahiya ka …mali-mali rin engish mo!

Comment by lisa

February 6, 2007 @ 1:46 am

para sa akin dapat nang magbago si gretchen. hindi na maganda ang imahe niya sa publiko. lahat ng nakakausap ko nasusuka at nadidiri sa pagiging mayabang at self righteous ni gretchen. pati ang mga statements niya na
5. IM RICH na sinagot ni DAWN na IM MARRIED!
PLEASE GRETCHEN dapat magbalik ska sa panginoon dahil malapit nang dumilim ang mundong ginagalawan mo, baka makulong pa yung kabit mo! kawang tonyboy…inatake na sa puso sa kakaisip kung paano napasok sa buhay niya ang baliw na gretchen!

Comment by ce-ce

February 6, 2007 @ 2:33 am

wow .. galing ng exchange … nakakaaliw ang mga senseless posts … and as usual, umarangkada na naman yung mga GENIUS ng blog na ito, as if they truly know what they are saying. First and foremost, for the information of everyone concerned, let’s set the record straight: I AM NO FAN NOR ALALAY OF EITHER GRETCHEN OR RUFFA. Unlike YOU KNOW WHO and company, hindi ako fanatic, mapanira, bad mouth, boba at uneducated. All my posts are based on known facts, which this sorry group of YOU KNOW WHO blindly ignore for the sake of simply writing anything they wish – pathetic and very sad. Ang naging topic dito is Gretchen and the brouhaha about her latest TV/print ad which involved other celebrities during its shoot. I have written a great deal of my opinion about the whole thing, but I guess yung mga educated bloggers lang ang nakaintindi ng posts ko and what I tried to convey – well, it’s not my fault kung BOBA yung campo ni YOU KNOW WHO – who, if I may add, paulit-ulit lang ang blog … and it’s even pointless to correct her dahil hindi talaga nya ma-get ang message in every post. As for mentioning Ruffa? Please lang, someone made comparison between the two, eh sa totoo lang there is hardly any point of comparison – open your eyes wide and read my posts one more time – siguro the second time around you will understand the point I was trying to make – but then again, chances are yung mga educated readers lang talaga ang nakakaintindi ng posts ko … because it’s in English? ha!ha!ha! those who are calling me names other than my real name … well, you simply showed what kind of person you truly are … at pwede ba, me originality ako at napaka-original ng name ko, hindi katulad ng Sharmane or Sally M – to name a few …. PWE!PWE!PWE! COPYCATS! And again, check your facts before you post your comment … HI-HO! HI-HO! OFF TO THE CAVES YOU GO!

Comment by Jamaica

February 6, 2007 @ 3:53 am

alam mo lisa, sobra kang makapag-judge as if andun ka ng mga time na yun na sinabi or ginawa ni greta ang mga paratang mo. andun ka ba??? eh mga narinig mo lang naman na mga tsismis yan, tapos pinapalabas mo na talagang totoo na, unless andun ka at isa sa mga witnesses pwede kang magsalita! mga tao talaga tsek!tsek! walang sinumang me karapatang magparatang ng ganyan sa kpwa! u are not only a hopeless-senseless kind of person but ur also a vile bully capable of destroying one person ang dapat sa mga katulad ninyo tinatapon sa mabahong lusak!

Comment by Jamaica

February 6, 2007 @ 3:59 am

from what u wrote LISA “pls gretchen dapat ka ng magbalik loob sa Panginoon dahil malapit ng dumilim ang mundong ginagalawan mo”
Hindi ka ba kinilabutan sa sinabi mo, eh bakit hndi mo sabihin yan sa sarili mo, dapat ikaw ang magbalik loob sa Panginoon dahil yang ginagawa mong paninira eh isang malaking kasalanan, before u wish something and make puna to somebody, make sure na sinuri mo muna sarili mo…gnyan kc kayo magaling pumuna ng uling ng iba but yung sariling uling na sandamukal sa mukha eh hndi mapunasan. Ngeeeeeee!

Comment by lisa

February 6, 2007 @ 6:03 am

maybe ce-ce is one of greta’s yayas…sure she speaks and writes english well…maybe greta is dictating what she’s typing that’s ok yung english or baka isa ka sa mga employees ng manager mong bakla!

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Comment by ce-ce

February 6, 2007 @ 6:26 am

very well said, Jamaica! senseless talaga yung iba dito … walang reality check … and then again si YOU KNOW WHO quoting me without understanding what that particular phrase meant …. ha!ha!ha! reading comprehension gone sour again … need I explain? BOBA talaga … tsk!tsk! putak nang putak … daig pa ang true quack-quack …. dakdak nang dakdak, wala namang laman ang utak …. PWE!

Comment by ce-ce

February 6, 2007 @ 6:51 am

wow lisa … what a langugae … and wrong thought again … don’t get too judgemental … ok, since you insists, i’ll add you to the growing list of cave people … HI-HO! HI-HO! OFF TO THE CAVES YOU GO!

Comment by ce-ce

February 6, 2007 @ 8:42 am

“You need dedication, hard work, X-factor. Ang importante sa lahat, yung pagiging humble mo. Marami kasing artista natin ngayon, hindi na rin marunong bumati. Hinihintay pa yung mga senior stars na babati sa kanila,” panimula ng matangkad at magandang anak nina Eddie Gutierrez at Annabelle Rama.

that’s rich, coming from ruffa…she has the gall to say humility is important to become a successful model/actor/tress…siya nga super mag brag sa kanyang mansion, gowns, parties…check her website, sh probably put it up so everyone will know what a luxury life she has…sa pagsabi pa lang niya nga you have to be humble eh lumabas na ang paka airhead nya…as if naman grabe her talent in acting…maganda nga lang xa…per boba din naman…

Comment by sukee

February 6, 2007 @ 8:51 am

pero ano ba talaga ang ibubulgar ni nanay solis about gretchen bakit parang natakot agad si gretchen nakipagbati agad?
kamuka pala ni rico puno si tonyboy ni gretchen patabain lang ng konti si rico.
si ruffa napasali na rin sa issue? sobra ha. i dint know that!

Comment by lisa

February 6, 2007 @ 10:12 am

ce-ce….at least si ruffa may humility or humblesness na tinatawag!!! ang amo mong gretchen ni salitang HUMILITY at HUMBLE hindi niya alam bangitin. Ang lumalabas sa bibig niya ay iisa lang!!! BONG BONG BONG,,,,IM RICH IM RICH IM RICH,,,,IM BEAUTIFUL,,,IM YOUNG,,,IM THIS IM THAT! Akala mo siya lang ang anak ng DIYOS! Akala mo siya lang ang may pera!! IHA si GRETCHEN yung langaw na tumungtung sa kalabaw! Ni hindi siya maruning maghanap buhay ng mag isa! Kung iwanan siya ni Tony Boy sa kangkungan siya pupulutin! Normal lang sa lifestyle ng isang artista ang mabanggit ang kanilang bahay, damit, parties!!! HELLO!!! Kaya nga sila artisat at celebrity! Napaka BOBA si Ce-ce!!! Bakit si Ruffa ang tinitira mo??? Basahin mo ang PEP at magsalamin ka iha mia!!! Sa section ng CELEB LIFE SA PEP nadun ang mga bahay ng mga artista!! bati banyo at bedroom, mga gamit nila sa bahay!! Si VILMA SANTOS, ROBIN PADILLA, DENNIS TRILLO, ANGEL LOCSIN, TONI GONZAGA NAGPAPARTY PA AT PATI TOILET PINAKITA!!! SI DAWN ZULUETA NAGDALA PA NG PHOTOGRAPHER SA DAVAO!!! So all these celebrities are not mayabang and only Ruffa is a braggart???? Anong pinagkaiba ni Ruffa kay Toni Gonzaga or kay Robin Padilla???? Or kay Mariah Carey na pinakitang gold ang kanyang toilets??? The public want to see what the stars are doing and what lifestyle they have kaya nafi feauture! BOBA!!! Dahil sila sikat!! Si Ruffa hindi mayabang! Dahil kung mayabang siya di mayabang na rin ang lahat ng artista sa Pilipinas! BOBO!!!

Comment by lisa

February 6, 2007 @ 10:22 am

and ce-ce,,,,huwag kang managinip na mailalabas ang bahay mong bulok dahil walang interesado! Hahahahahahahahahahahha!!!

Comment by ce-ce

February 6, 2007 @ 12:54 pm

ha!ha!ha! me gumagamit ng name alias ko … wala talaga kayong originality – eherm, yung post #1131 and 1133, it’s definitely not from moi. obvious naman na hindi original, especially post # 1133 … take note of the word “xa” …. ngee! trying very hard, huh? Hatred sure breeds desperation among these KSPs. nakakawalang gana naman talaga kayo … COPYCATS!

Comment by michelle

February 6, 2007 @ 1:23 pm

the writer is obviously one-sided. A pro-gretchen.. I am not a pro dawn, but the blog, the way i understand is that it is a one-way traffic presentation. Ms. Maglipon is a pro-gretchen, kaya story nya is puro pro gretchen when in fact that gretchen is hambog

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February 6, 2007 @ 3:10 pm

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Comment by ce-ce

February 6, 2007 @ 11:07 pm

hay naku, yung ibang posts dito obviously meant to instigate nothing but hatred, harm and pure nonsense than logic and reason. accept it, dear friends and enemies – that’s the truth and the hard fact! When will people ever learn … sad … very sad … :(

Comment by gina

February 7, 2007 @ 12:39 am



A) kabit
B) mayabang
C) gold digger
D) inlove parin kay bong hanggang ngayon
E) all of the above

Comment by kool

February 7, 2007 @ 4:22 am

Sobra bilib sa sarili ni chuva na marunong siyang mag english….. hintayin mong ibang tao mag sabi niyan sayo…at saka hindi na mabilang ang mga katangahan sa pag e-english mo day..nakakapagod pag i-isaisahin ko pa!!!di naman ikaw ang topic kng di ang PTA mong amo

Comment by anne

February 7, 2007 @ 12:20 pm

this is too funny. mas marami pang importanteng issues over la greta. why delve on this.

Comment by bry

February 7, 2007 @ 1:40 pm

oh my gos, this gretchen girl is overrated. she’ll always be a social climbing, gold digging artista trash!

Comment by bry

February 7, 2007 @ 1:41 pm

oh my god, this gretchen girl is overrated. she’ll always be a social climbing, gold digging artista trash!

Comment by michelle

February 7, 2007 @ 2:32 pm

Gretchen!!!, a real beauty from the outside, but a saddenning rubbish in the inside..

Comment by chuva

February 7, 2007 @ 5:19 pm

its easy to judges people w/o even knowing who the real greta is,i bet people throw stone at her doesn’t even know her a bit.kilalanin nyo muna sya before nyo sya alipustahin.its not enough to know her by just reading news/gossip about her or watching her on the tv.
she may be like this or that… but i’m sure there’s a bit or gretchen in everyone of us.

Comment by Jamaica

February 7, 2007 @ 9:04 pm

u know what sharmane, we’ve read all ur comments here about gretchen, and u’ve said even the worst word u can describe about her, wala na bang katapusan yan? i think once or twice is enough para mailabas mo yung disgusto mo sa isang tao but yung inaraw-araw mo na lng eh lumalabas na pure paninira na…..pls. better stop it na kasi parehas lang naman mga sinasabi mo, and the more u comment, the more na sasagot din syempre ang mga pro Grets. Para naman mabago na ni Jo-ann itong blog na ito..luma na kasi ito eh.

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February 7, 2007 @ 10:16 pm


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Comment by to pep fans

February 7, 2007 @ 10:52 pm

hay naku sharmane day manahimik ka na kasuka suka ka na eh,paulit-ulit…puro naman senseless sinasabi mo.
alam naman namin na kung ano anong name ang ginagamit mo eh,kaya manahimik ka na dahil walang naniniwala sayo.lahat ng mga sinasabi mo iisa,mahilig kang manghusga eh mas masahol ka pa kay gretchen.all your comments are bastos laging below the belt kay gretchen man or even sa ibang nagpopost dito. ur not perfect to condemn gretchen, so better do some reality check first.
get a life!

Comment by Ness

February 8, 2007 @ 4:53 am



A)kinikilig parin kay bong hanggang ngayon

B Gold digger

C) For ever kabit ni tony

D) Pag iwan siya ni tony sa kangkukan siya pulutin


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February 8, 2007 @ 10:09 am



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February 8, 2007 @ 10:16 am

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Comment by to pep fans

February 8, 2007 @ 2:26 pm

ha ha ha…galing!
as if mayroong bothered!

Comment by Hazy

February 8, 2007 @ 2:53 pm

To gretchen, whenever she is being interviewed, for me it’s all SCRIPTED!!! She wanted to project that she was underdog… BUT THE TRUTH IS SHE IS NOT. If you will only weigh Gretchen and Dawn. For me, Dawn is more PROFESSIONAL compared to Gretchen. Why? In all TV interviews, write-ups it seems that Gretchen is the only one reacting. I was able to watch 2 interviews with Dawn. her only comment is, “everything is okay, i don’t wanna add fuel to make fire burning”. That’s how Dawn handle the issue, she never give specific details. In fact, she always say that everything is okay. She never said anything BAD against Gretchen. If I were you… Ms. Gretchen Barretto… STOP REACTING!!! As you’ve said you and Dawn were friends before. Why don’t you clarify it first with her. STOP making “PATOL” with all the hearsay. Most importantly, bigyan mo naman ng KAHIHIYAN ang clan ni Tony Boy… as early as now, try to change yourself, put your feet on the ground… i’m telling you one of these days you will wake-up without nothing left, no more BRANDED THINGS, NO MORE BODY GUARDS… Because of your Attitude, i’m telling you Mr. Tony Boy will realize his mistake of LIVING WITH YOU…you always wanted to project that you’re a low profile. But in all your interviews… ANG YABANG MO… masyado kang nalulula sa yaman mo… You’re right… YOU ARE HAPPILY UNMARRIED…. AND YOU WILL BE FOREVER UNMARRIED. Time change…

Comment by to pep fans

February 8, 2007 @ 3:38 pm

i dont know why people reacted on gretchen’s expensive stuff?gretceh is not alone on this world,accept it or not all of us wanted those expensive things if only we could.
whatever gretchen say could it be good or bad for all of you who hated here she’s still the witches of all.why dont you people look at other star the way you treated gretchen?i dont think she done something wrong.about dawn-gretchen issue,you we’re saying gretchen living together w/ a former baskteball star well maybe you should also mentioned that dawn live-in togerther w/ monsour and richard for quiet sometime.dont be too judgemental just because you hated her look on both side of the issue before you conclude that it was her fault ,she was just explaining her side,dawn not need to because she was caught of spreading the incident,how can you expect her to explained?of course the best thing she can do is to keep mum about the issue or you want her to admit that she’s envy on gretchen’s stuff?she have to play safe.
would people knew about gretchen’s expensive things if not because of dawn?

Comment by to pep fans

February 8, 2007 @ 4:06 pm

“pangkama”? what does that word mean to you?ang alam ko kasingng pangkama eh someone na pinagpaparausan lang then after the guy finish he would just leave her after.
may pangkama bang inuuwian,inaanakan,ipinapakilala sa buong mundo na sya ang kapartner,sumusuway sa pamilya at ipinapaglaban sa pamilya kahit hindi nila gusto?if that’s what you called “pangkama” baka lahat ng babae sa buong mundo eh gustuhing maging pangkama nalang?

Comment by to pep fans

February 8, 2007 @ 4:39 pm

yeah!ur right wlang babae ang hindi gustong makasal.
but,woman in this time are far from that anymore they are after security,commitment,respect and goodfuture may it be bless with marriage or not.what is marriage w/o respect?w/o security?lalo na kung alam mong hindi ka iisa sa buhay ng kapartner mo?
i dont think kasal is a big issue both on tony or gretchen’s part.everybody knew from the start that tony boy was long way seperated w/ denise even before gretchen get in the picture(kailangan pa bang imemorize yan!)
i think people should know the grounds of annulment before mentioning it.correct me if im wrong pero sa pagkakaalam ko both parties should cooperate if not the annulment won’t push through(as we all know denise didn’t do her part,who would want to annul with a cojuangco anyway?)kung may pera si tony and so denise.but i think it has nothing to do with may pera o wla its the rights of both parties being discuss w/in the marriage hindi porket malakas ka o hindi and also tinitingnan ng judge kung ano ang motibo mo sa pag aannul.if you want to annul just to marry another then you’ll ended up losing the case(that’s the reason why couple went through annulment are very discreet sa mga relasyon nila w/ others not to affect the annulment case).
so personaly i believe on what gretchen say that she’s happily unmarried,who needs married if you can have everything a married woman has and even more?

Comment by chuva

February 8, 2007 @ 4:46 pm

woah!you totally said it right to pep fans.
wala na akong ma say.
God bless u gretchen pati na rin sa fam mo.
nyak ha ha…

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February 8, 2007 @ 4:49 pm

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Comment by Dina

February 8, 2007 @ 5:17 pm

read ko ung mess. ni Lani regarding sa pang 7 anak n Bong,at saka naman e 2migil na c Gretchen saying na 7 ang anak ni Bong!!!e alam naman pala ni Lanifor a long time,ano ngayon masasabi mo Grechen? at least nag stay c Bong kay Lani.palagay ko ang isinasama ng loob ni Gretchen e ung hindi sya nabuntis ni Bong,dba? For Greta, maligo ka na lang ng pera ni TonyBoy,dhil khit saan ka 2mingin e wala kang makasundo,not even ur family,Gretchen is a War Freek!!!

Comment by Malou

February 8, 2007 @ 5:23 pm

Lani was right, Nobody is perfect..not even Gretchen,hay naku, d malayong iwanan ka ni TonyBoy sa ugali mo,Gold digger,, gusto ko ulit marinig on telivision sa nanay ni Gretchen na kong may mabibili syang pills para kay Gretchen, Nanay mo ang nagsabi nyan noong pinalayas mo c Marjorie at Dennis sa hus mo,na knanpihan ni Claudine dhil alam nyang tama..may kampi ba sa iyo noong panahon na un??plagay ko khit ngayon wala kang kakampi,not even Ruffa G.Bektas dhil very smart sya at alam nya ang tama at mali,ok?

Comment by michelle

February 8, 2007 @ 5:23 pm


Maam can you please change the topic in here???? People here have gone crazy, have lost their sanity.. Look at how they comment on things… So unprofessional.. All of them,,the maka gretchen and the maka dawn.. Palitan na please…Nag aaway-away na po sila. This discussion had gone immaterial and illogical. Instead of being a venue for expressing brilliant opinions, this has become a site of idiocracy of people who create unhealthy arguments here…

Comment by Malou

February 8, 2007 @ 5:26 pm

very smart c Bong dhil pinili nya c Lani over you, khit alam mong may 3 na clang anak ng panahon na un e pinatulan mo pa din..ha,ha,ha..kay Lani ang huling halakhak, at least natikman mo c Bong at un ang dmo makalimutan,dba?? at khit c TonyBoy ang katabi mo sa pagtulog c Bong ang nasa isip mo,dba? What ashameeeee

Comment by Malou

February 8, 2007 @ 5:28 pm

comment for Michelle, bkit hindi c Gretchen ang patigilin mo???

Comment by Janet

February 8, 2007 @ 6:33 pm

and do u have the right to do that huh Malou? Why not live ur own life! Sino ka para sabihan at patigilin si Gretchen B. Sino ka ba???

Comment by Janet

February 8, 2007 @ 6:36 pm

Dun sa mga taong pinag-aaway si Ruffa at Greta, well… they have no problem po kasi magkaibigan pa rin cla, in fact umattend pa si Greta sa 65th bday celeb ni Tito Eddie. Pinapalaki nyo lang ang issue wheh it comes to Gretch kasi gusto nyo na masira sya lalo which will never happen dahil maraming ngmamahal sa knya. :D

Comment by ce-ce

February 8, 2007 @ 8:56 pm

WOW … pep fans, what can I say? I take my hat for you – very well said. I wonder nga lang kung me nakaintindi … :) very few here have the common sense and understanding of what this whole thing is all about …

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February 8, 2007 @ 11:15 pm

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Comment by Pukey

February 8, 2007 @ 11:23 pm

pag ang mag-asawa matagal na magkahiwalay, 5 years nga lang, is an acceptable means for in tony & denise’s case pwede ng ma-annul ang marriage nila, if they both want to..kaso malaking usapin talaga ang partition ng conjugal properties nila, if the annulment pushes thru talagang maghihirap si tony boy, lalo na ngayon the gov’t had taken over his PLDT shares kasi ill-gotten daw, ano na lang kaya natira sa kanya besides the palugi na channel 5?..kaya si greta is a nerve wrecked lately, lahat inaaway, di matanggap ang sasapitin nya back to mahirap or a lot lesser ang tinatamasang yaman kaysa noon..

Comment by Kesra

February 9, 2007 @ 12:55 am

hindi na maghihirap si Grechen kahit pa maghiwalay sila ni Tony dahil me sarili na syang ari-arian na binigay sa knya ni Tony Boy, not to mention ang mga mamahalin nyang mga gámit at alahas. Inggit lang kyo noh!!!

Comment by to pep fans

February 9, 2007 @ 1:11 am

i don’t agree w/ you,heard about amy-brix,bong-bianca case?brix never suported his son and even have his own fam in US and yet the annulment was dismissed.
its a case to case basis,my close friend went to annulment case,she even have to bribe the guys fam to finally testify on her behalf.
its just lucky for my sis that her husband is being cooperative about the annulment,thought,the judge still undecided becoz of the kids welfare(again its a case to case basis,its a long story)it says,the couple who are not living together or seperated for 7 years then they can file for legal seperation first then annulment eventually if the marriage sees no future.
another ground,tony is living together with gretchen kung san mayron silang anak.again,its one big reason to dismissed the stating a fact not a guni-guni,might as well itanong nyo din sa lawyer nyo kung di kyo naniniwla.
about tony’s yaman,no doubt his rich even if he loses the PLDT stock it wont affect his asset.after many years being part of the company ang kinukuha nalng nya dun eh tubo.
kayo na rin ang may sabi na greta is just “kabit” so there’s no legal connection between tony and gretchen lalo na sa anumang ari-arian meron si gretchen under her name and everybody know gretchen has a lot of property under her name,so i think thats more than enough to support her and dom.

Comment by Jaon

February 9, 2007 @ 1:57 am

sino kaya ang palaging nakatambay dito hekhekhek!

Comment by chuva

February 9, 2007 @ 2:19 am

kakatawa talaga si Greta!!!!papansin

Comment by chuva

February 9, 2007 @ 2:31 am

to pep fans…. Tony is not part of the elite group…Or let say riches in the Philippines…Yes his rich but not as much as you think so … Wala nga siya sa top 40 eh …Mag basa ka ng Forbes magazine!Mayaman siya totoo pero hindi kasing yaman na pinapalabas ni Greta…Ang PLDT lang ang nagpayamn sa kanila aside from that wala ng malaking negosyo si Tony kung hinfi ang naluluging ABC-5.Kung si Lucio Tan ay hindi masyadong naapektohan kasi kanya naman talaga ang ABC-5 before si Tony sigurado malaki effectn sa kanya nito!

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Comment by k

February 9, 2007 @ 8:51 am


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Comment by Kyle

February 9, 2007 @ 8:40 pm

nonsense na! leave na namin tong blogpost na ito hekhekhek! bahala kayo magngawa dyan……….

Comment by chuva

February 9, 2007 @ 11:23 pm

nakakatawa, anong kinalaman ng 40 riches guy in the world(top by bill gates)?so if hindi ksali ang zobel,cojuangco,ayala at iba pang mayayaman sa ibang bansa ibig sabihin hindi na sila mayaman?
ang pagkakaalam ko kasi sa mayaman eh they have more than enough money to spend for everyday living,those who can afford anything and everthing they wanted. hindi kailangan mapasali ka dun,isipin mo nalng kung ilang bilyong tao sa mundo,ilang daang malalaking kompanya,ilang milyong matagumpay na stablishment sa buong mundo? pero hindi lahat ng mga may-ari nun eh kasli sa list na un.hindi un ang batayan hija.
at kung mangyayari man ang mga sinsabi nyo sa mga conjuangco wala akong maisip na dhilan para pati ang buhay nila at ni gretchen eh pakialaman nyo,ganyan ba kaimportante sila sa inyo?ganyan ba kaapektado ang presensya nila sa inyo at pati ang mga problema at proproblemahin nila ay iniisip nyo?ha ha ha…tao nga naman…ay kahit pala animal!
nyak ha ha…

Comment by chuva

February 9, 2007 @ 11:34 pm

isa lang ang napansin ko hindi nyo kayang talunin ang mga paliwanag ng mga malalwak ang utak na tulad namin(fr mark,kikay,kool orig,levy,susan,joan,maricel,joy,linda,aj,wowie,jamaica,ce-ce at madami pa).
kaya pano nga naman ang gagawin nyo?eh di gamitin ang mga may kredibilidad na user’s name sa paghahasik ng katangahan nyo ha ha ha…hindi nyo kasi makuhang magdefend ng mga post nyo ng maayos at may katuturan kailangan pa ng mga maruruming salita at mura para pagtakpan ang kakitiran ng utak nyo at inis sa pagsupalpal ng mga post nyo ha ha ha…
sino naman kaya ang susunod nyong gagayahin?
nyak ha ha…

Comment by Kikay

February 10, 2007 @ 12:36 am

Sobra kasing importante sa knila si Gretchen Baretto kaya masyadong silang “concerned” sa ngyayari sa buhay nya hehehehehe!

Comment by mej

February 10, 2007 @ 3:05 am

chuva, its so obvious na lahat ng names you mentioned at ikaw ay iisang tao lang…galing mo pa namang mang accuse na ginagamit ni sharmane name moh?

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February 10, 2007 @ 10:56 am

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Comment by ce-ce

February 10, 2007 @ 4:31 pm

dyusme … umarangkada na naman si YOU KNOW WHO … say what? me british friends ka at ipinabasa mo ang mga post dito? wow … bilib sana ako if you translated to your so called “british friends” yung mga isinulat mo dito – and that if you let them compare our English to your kind of English … yaiks! nakakakilabot ka talaga! if i know, yung so called “british friends” mo eh mga “slum british” – meaning “british by citizenship or birth but not necessarily pure anglo european british” – do you know what that means? yabang mo lang … PWE PWE PWE!

Comment by ce-ce

February 10, 2007 @ 5:18 pm

what’s really sad about this blog is the fact that its purpose and intention got lost along the way. the main issue here is about the misunderstanding between two celebrities wherein people close to them tried to patch up to no avail – kase ba naman instead na natapos na, some people just can’t help giving their opinions which aggravated the whole thing even more. in the end, showbiz and non-showbiz people alike grind the ax towards character assassination as if their words (and gossip) are God’s scriptures eh sa totoo lang, hindi naman supported ng facts yung ibang comments. you know exactly who you are! it would be more fun to write and discuss this issue like real sane grown-ups … so, GROW UP FOLKS!

Comment by Kikay

February 10, 2007 @ 7:15 pm

kaso nga yung mga detractors, they use this blog para makapanira ng tao, yan ang main purpose nila eh, kaya lumalabas na bastusan na ang ginagawa nila. So, it’s getting nonsense na!

Comment by ce-ce

February 10, 2007 @ 7:51 pm

hay naku, pumutak na naman itong si YOU KNOW WHO … can you prove na we’re one and the same person? GAGA, ESTUPIDA, TANGENGOT! One thing I’m sure of, we’re decent people at may sariling identity unlike you, ok? Check the obvious when we are posting comments … check our GMTs dahil magkakaiba ang time frames namin, ‘no? or hindi mo alam kung anong ibig sabihin ng GMT? Will somebody please explain to this poor uneducated soul?

Comment by ce-ce

February 10, 2007 @ 8:31 pm

Linonel Ritchie concert? yuck! baduy mo! ikaw ang KSP – trying to impress on people that you can travel to Brussels? well, i’m not in the least impress! PWE!

Comment by ce-ce

February 10, 2007 @ 9:53 pm

hirap naman kase sa ibang pinoy, napasakay lang ng eroplano away from the Philippines feeling nila jetsetter na sila … yabang mo lang! am sure you’re one of those bunch of pinoys na pag nagtouch down ang eroplano eh pumapalakpak sa tuwa – i never really understood why … CHEAP! and am sure ‘yung Lionel Ritchie-ticket mo kasing-CHEAP mo! PWE! PWE! PWE!

Comment by ce-ce

February 10, 2007 @ 10:03 pm

OH, EXCUSE ME MADAME … I stand corrected sa typo-error ko … still BADUY ka pa rin! Pareho lang tayong resident ng Europe but there’s a lot of difference between us – ikaw halatang sampid lang at kung saan lang dinampot sa Pilipinas … need i say more? wala ka na ngang proper breeding and education ang yabang mo pa! as if people would care kung manood ka pa ng concert ni Lionel sa Brussels – and take note, me “S” ang name ng country, ok? aminin mo na hindi ka perfect, or as you put it “perpect” – yuck! PWE! PWE! PWE! wala ka talagang originality – feeling Greta ka, huh? Beauty, jetsetter, me style and me datung … you’re not even close to any of those!

Comment by Nely

February 10, 2007 @ 11:50 pm

I think the only thing that gretchen has is beauty na kumukupas sa katalagan. Datung??????????Si gretchen may datung? San??? She said it before sa interview niya na kahit yong talent fee niya kulang pangshopping niya so its so obvious na galing kay mr. tony. But gretchen self wala siyang datung! and sa pinas yong sa list ng forbes na richest of the world si Henry Sy na nasa no. 355 and Lucio Tan no. 387.

Comment by chuva

February 11, 2007 @ 12:19 am

ha ha ha…dami na talagang may kakaibang takbo ng utak dito!again nagamit na naman ang name ko pero proud ako atleast gamitin ba naman ang name ko para makasira sa sarili ko(siguro wala na silang maisip na paraan),ano un ang jologs naman!obvious na obvious ha ha ha…next time ang tirahin nyo naman ang mga supporter ni greta gamit ang name ko at di na ako mabibigla ha ha ha…
grabeh na ito kulang na sa utak kulang pa sa diskarte nyak ha ha…

Comment by ce-ceng tanga

February 11, 2007 @ 1:04 am

hoy ce ceng tanga! it is “i am not in the least impressED”! boba! stupida! hangal! gaga!

Comment by Nely

February 11, 2007 @ 3:14 am

ce-ce gaga, tanga, istupida sino si la greta jetsetter????? Kung mayron mang jetsetter yon ay walang iba kundi si ruffa. Si ruffa parang ginawa niya nalang palengke yong Manila Istanbul pabalik balik. Eh yong amo mo kundi pa ibili ng ticket ni mr. tony bakit makapag abroad ba siya? eh nong pumunta nga si mr. tony sa australia di siya sinama kasi shes not invited pang pamilya lang yon. Tanga nagmamarunong walang alam sa mundo. Buti pa kaw ang mag aral wag yong ibang tao dito yong pakialaman mo na mas marunong pa sayo nagmamagaling ka bobo animal.

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February 11, 2007 @ 3:27 am



Comment by Nely

February 11, 2007 @ 3:34 am


Bawal na relasyon ng senador at gf buking ng `lover’
By: Ryan Ponce Pacpaco

NAGING ugat ng madalas na bangayan ng isang kontrobersiyal na magandang personalidad at ng kinakasama nito ang bawal na relasyon ng una sa isang matulis na senador.

Ibinunyag ng mapagkakatiwalaang source sa TA-LIBA ang unti-unting ’pagkakabuking’ ng kinakasama ng babae sa relasyon ng huli sa senador na talaga namang saksakan ng talim sa larangan ng pambababae.

Inihayag ng source na naging madalas ang pag-aaway ng dalawa na unti-unting sumisira sa kanilang relasyon.

“Nawalan ng kapayapaan ang kanilang relasyon dahil sa pagseselos ng lalaki sa senador, natutunugan na ng kinakasama ng babae ang paglalaro ng apoy ng babae,” anang source.

Nalaman sa source na lalong sumidhi ang hinala ng lalaki sa posibleng milagro na ginagawa ng kanyang kinakasama dahil sobra-sobra ang pagpostura nito tuwing lumalakad ng solo.

Ngunit, sinabi ng source na labis na naghihinanakit ang lalaki dahil madalas naman na simpleng kasuotan lamang ang damit nito tuwing siya ang kasama.

“Tuwing solo ang kanyang lakad, grabe sa postura at naliligo sa pabango. Pero kapag silang dalawa ang umaalis, simple lamang manamit,” anang source.

Bukod dito, madalas ding mahuli ng lalaki ang babae sa mga suluk-sulok ng bahay na nagte-text at dinadala ang cellular phone nito hanggang sa loob ng banyo kung saan ito nagkukulong.

“Nagkukulong ang kanyang chick sa loob ng CR dala ang cellular phone. Ibang klase talaga,” anang source.

Sa intelligence gathering na isinagawa ng lalaki, natuklasan nitong madalas na makasama ng babae ang matulis na senador kaya naman lalong nagselos ito.

“Hindi nga siya nagkamali ng hinala, naglalandi ang babae kaya madalas na silang mag-away,” anang source.

Magugunitang nagkaroon ng ’sleepless night’ ang senador sa masidhing ’pangarap’ ng kanyang kabit matapos itong magbanta na ’aagawin’ siya sa kanyang misis at pamilya.

Kontrobersiyal at sikat na sikat ang senador na nagmula sa matulis na angkan.

Takot na takot ang senador na ito noong tumakbo, partikular sa isang kasamahan sa Senado na naging bisyo sa entablado ang bateryahin at birahin maging ang mga kapartido dahil sa isyu ng ’incompetence.’

Comment by Kikay

February 11, 2007 @ 4:43 am

Tsk! tsk! grabe malala na talaga itong mga detractors, malala na ang mga sakit nila hind na kayang gamutin. Maanong ipasok na sa mental hospital hehehehehehe!

Comment by to pep fans

February 11, 2007 @ 11:39 am

wow!im surprise!it doesn’t occur to me na pati ako eh magagamit to distruct somebody’s credibility and worst pati sarili ko?
when i enter this blogspot,i made sure not comment directly on anyone,hindi ako nagname drop sa kahit na sino sa mga nagpopost dito.i was just answering some of the post that could enlighten some of you for some issues tackle in this blog,so im surprise how this people trying to fight against me by using my name.
i dont see the need to defend chuva coz it seems she’s enjoying this site and having catfigth with some of you pero sana wag nyo na akong isali,i don’t enjoy such scenario.
using name name’s is not my forte,im just new in this site but definetly have no idea to still go on,having this people who only knows how to ruin somebody’s credibility is not a good site to waste my time.pinapakita lang ng mga taong ito how miserable they are to fight for what they believe kahit alam nilang mali.
educated person need not to used nasty words to defend their post and won’t used others’s name to ruin
their credibility.
be matured and reasonable enough in every issue for the people who are involve in this issue are just like us,a human being that needs respect and understanding.cioa!

Comment by marybeth

February 11, 2007 @ 6:39 pm

si gretchen di jetsetter!!! kaluoy! hanggang singapore at hong kong lang siya. si ruffa ang tunay na jetset! tama ka ineng…pabalik balik nalang si ruffa sa europe, middle east at manila. siya ang tunay na jetset dear hindi si gretchen. babu!!!

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February 12, 2007 @ 4:20 am

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Comment by Kitty

February 12, 2007 @ 5:01 am

Ano ba yan wala ng kakwenta-kwenta ang mga post nyo dito. tama na! Sobra na! palitan na! i think u better ignore them na lng chuva kasi mukhang palaban sila sa mga bastusan, ang mga taong bastos ay di nakakaintindi at walang mga pinag-aralan!!

Comment by Liberty

February 12, 2007 @ 8:02 am

Whatever makes you happy! If you have it flaunt it and why NOT?

Ang Pinoy talagang inggitero at inggitera,…i am sure kung kaya din nung iba gagawin din nila yun,….basta ang panalo diyan si Tony boy,…bawat isang balenciaga isang iyot kay gretchen- busy boy si Tony!

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February 12, 2007 @ 10:10 am

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Comment by august23

February 12, 2007 @ 10:46 am

Huwag naman kayong ganyan tao lang si Gretchen.Pabayaan na lang natin syang maging happy tutal hindi naman talaga natin alam ang tunay at totoo.Puro news at tabloid lang tayo na hindi sigurado kung ano totoo

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February 12, 2007 @ 1:12 pm

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Comment by Pukey

February 12, 2007 @ 11:03 pm

nagiging walang kwenta na itong blog na ito dahil sayo chuvang bakla..isa, dalawang post lang tama na sana to comment about an issue na kinasasangkutan ng amo mong si gretchen kaso ang ginagawa mo minumura mo mga nagko comment dito. kaya dapat lang na malasap mo ang pinaggagawa mo.
imbes mag post ka ng maganda tungkol kay greta para maipagtanggol mo ng husto e sarili mo ang bini-build up mo dito.
gusto mo atang sumikat kaysa sa kay gretchen, kawawa ka naman despereda !
u will not hear anymore from me sana ma-relaixed mo na mo pag-aari itong blog na ito..nagiging walang kwenta na itong blog na ito dahil sa presence mo..
maigi pa ibaon mo ang sarili mo sa lupa para maging kapaki-pakinabang ka, baka maging bio fuel ka pa, sagwa ng name mo chuva-chuva, pwe ! at pwe !

Comment by Ness

February 12, 2007 @ 11:17 pm

February 11, 2007 06:37 PM Sunday Article read 555 time(s)

Bawal na relasyon ng senador at gf buking ng `lover’
By: Ryan Ponce Pacpaco
NAGING ugat ng madalas na bangayan ng isang kontrobersiyal na magandang personalidad at ng kinakasama nito ang bawal na relasyon ng una sa isang matulis na senador.

Ibinunyag ng mapagkakatiwalaang source sa TA-LIBA ang unti-unting ’pagkakabuking’ ng kinakasama ng babae sa relasyon ng huli sa senador na talaga namang saksakan ng talim sa larangan ng pambababae.

Inihayag ng source na naging madalas ang pag-aaway ng dalawa na unti-unting sumisira sa kanilang relasyon.

“Nawalan ng kapayapaan ang kanilang relasyon dahil sa pagseselos ng lalaki sa senador, natutunugan na ng kinakasama ng babae ang paglalaro ng apoy ng babae,” anang source.

Nalaman sa source na lalong sumidhi ang hinala ng lalaki sa posibleng milagro na ginagawa ng kanyang kinakasama dahil sobra-sobra ang pagpostura nito tuwing lumalakad ng solo.

Ngunit, sinabi ng source na labis na naghihinanakit ang lalaki dahil madalas naman na simpleng kasuotan lamang ang damit nito tuwing siya ang kasama.

“Tuwing solo ang kanyang lakad, grabe sa postura at naliligo sa pabango. Pero kapag silang dalawa ang umaalis, simple lamang manamit,” anang source.

Bukod dito, madalas ding mahuli ng lalaki ang babae sa mga suluk-sulok ng bahay na nagte-text at dinadala ang cellular phone nito hanggang sa loob ng banyo kung saan ito nagkukulong.

“Nagkukulong ang kanyang chick sa loob ng CR dala ang cellular phone. Ibang klase talaga,” anang source.

Sa intelligence gathering na isinagawa ng lalaki, natuklasan nitong madalas na makasama ng babae ang matulis na senador kaya naman lalong nagselos ito.

“Hindi nga siya nagkamali ng hinala, naglalandi ang babae kaya madalas na silang mag-away,” anang source.

Magugunitang nagkaroon ng ’sleepless night’ ang senador sa masidhing ’pangarap’ ng kanyang kabit matapos itong magbanta na ’aagawin’ siya sa kanyang misis at pamilya.

Kontrobersiyal at sikat na sikat ang senador na nagmula sa matulis na angkan.

Takot na takot ang senador na ito noong tumakbo, partikular sa isang kasamahan sa Senado na naging bisyo sa entablado ang bateryahin at birahin maging ang mga kapartido dahil sa isyu ng ’incompetence.’

Siya si senator RATSADA.
Post a comment (0 Comment(s)) People’s Taliba

Comment by Jamaica

February 13, 2007 @ 12:10 am

ay naku sino kaya ang mga walang kwenta ang post dito at puro paninirang puri lang. Bakit kya itong si Sharmane eh purong bukambibig si Bong baka ikaw ang patay na patay ke singkit? galit na galit ka ke Gretchen bakit ikaw ba si Lani? Nakakatawa din kung minsan kasi bakit kaya sobrang pangingisay nila sa galit ke Gretchen….at kung anuman ang nagawang pgkakamali ni Gretchen anong pakialam nyo?????Yan ang malaking katanungan, gumising kyo mga Pinay na mga palengkera mga bastos na walang inatupag kundi manira ng buhay ng me buhay!

Comment by Jokla

February 13, 2007 @ 12:31 am

nakkow kaya nga kahit nag-gudbye na ako sa blog na ito eh di ko pa rin maiwasang di bumalik kasi naman lalong dumadami ang mga kampon ni satanas dito eh…grabeee as in grabe na talaga padami nang padami, buhkeeet sobrang hate nyo si Greta eh hindi nyo naman sya knows??? eh kahit pgbali-baligtarin mga inday mga kulangot lang kyo ni La greta tsupiiiiii!

Comment by chuvang tanga

February 13, 2007 @ 3:49 am

hoy bakla! pa english2X ka pa eh wrong spelling at grammar din naman…pa korek ka naman sa amo dahil i’m sure nasa tabi lang naman sya…vendicated ka jan! VINDICATED ang tamang spelling dong!

Comment by ness

February 13, 2007 @ 7:51 pm


Comment by Jokla

February 13, 2007 @ 7:56 pm

ikaw ang dapat ipakain sa buwaya Ness at Sharmane kasi ubod ng sama ang ugali nyo kaaksuka pweeee!

Comment by Mirriam

February 13, 2007 @ 7:58 pm

What kind of creature are u Sharmane? How dare u too say bad words to Gretchen, how come u know her very well eh hindi ka naman nya kilala? Poor u!!!

Comment by k

February 14, 2007 @ 4:18 pm

ther is something wrong with this PEP kasi sa ibang topic pag magpost ka ng comment sa ibang artista inaalis nila gaya noon isang araw i saw na may nagpost ng mga negative things tungkol kay richard gutierez tapos after an hour biglang nawala ang mga comments ng tao ang weird! i thought totoo ang mga nakasulat dito,i thought may naiiwan pang pwedeng magsulat ng katotohanan nagkamali pala ako….magkano kaya mga bayad ng mga to?AT kayong mga bumabastos kay greta itigil na ninyo yan.. wga kayong manghusga ng tao …at mas marami pang mas hambog kay gretchen…

Comment by ness

February 14, 2007 @ 9:08 pm



A) Trash
B) forever kabit
C) inlove parin kay bong till now
D) Hambogera
E) all of the above

Comment by Mirriam

February 14, 2007 @ 9:52 pm

naku nagpapapansin naman itong Ness a.k.a. sharmane dito…….pansinin nyo na kawawa naman kasi pinagkakakitaan nya ata ang pag-post dito.

Comment by Mirriam

February 15, 2007 @ 1:46 am

Si Sharmane/Ness ay:

1. kinakarir ang pagpost ng mga comments
2. nagpapapansin
3. desperada sa buhay
4. tsismosa
5. mahilig makialam ng buhay ng me buhay
6. ng-aral kaya ito?
7. all of the above

Comment by Mirriam

February 15, 2007 @ 3:45 am

Hey more thing, we are not interested about u so plsssss lng don’t ever tell us kung kabit ka man or pokpok, d ka namin kilala pwede ba???? Get outttttttt! hahahahhahahahahah!

Comment by Mirriam

February 15, 2007 @ 6:20 am

ness plsss lang get lost! hahahahahahaha!

Comment by k

February 15, 2007 @ 1:17 pm

HWAG NYONG HUSGAHAN SI GRETCHEN AT KAHIT NA KABIT LANG SYA HINDI SYA SINUNGALING NA KAGAYA NG IBANG FRENDS NYA KUNO IN FAIRNES LAHAT NG SINABI NI GRETa IS TOTOO at walang masama kung mga gamit nya is mamahalin she can afford it at least galing sa papa nya .. at mag isip isip nga kayo kung pangkama lang ang turing ni tony kay gretchen dapat di sila nagtagal..kung pangkama lang ang gusto ni tony maraming mas maganda at bata dyan sa tabi tabi ano! atsaka ano kayang masama kung magdala sya ng bodyguards e..for her safety naman kaya sya may bodyguard di baH!mga inggetera talaga talaga kayo…hay..naku..mga pinoy talaga…atsaka wag nyong husgahan din si gretchen tungkol sa pamilya nya we,dont know kung ano ba talaga ang nangyari sa loob ng pamilya nya…at kung ano ba talaga ang nangyari…

Comment by Mirriam

February 15, 2007 @ 3:15 pm

you are so korek sa cnabi mo K, at ang nangungunang naiinggit ke Greta ay itong si Sharmane/ness na naggagalaiti sa galit…ano nga bang paki niya ke Greta, sino ba itong kutong-lupang ito na nagpapansin dito?? Get lost Ness hahahahahahahhahaha!

Comment by chuva

February 15, 2007 @ 7:29 pm

ha ha ha…katuwa naman si BIG P aka gretchen etching kuno,ang galing gumwa ng wento.tanong ko lang BIG P MO yan ba ang nararamdaman mo sa kasalukuyang sitwasyon mo kaya gality na galit ka kay gretchen kasi sya ay masaya at talaga namang bless?
siguro ang sama ng takbo ng buhay nyo kaya ganyan kayo ng bestfriend mong si SHARMANE mga post nyo halatang halata ang galit nyo sa mundo at sa sarili nyo,kawawa naman kayo…
nyak ha ha…

Comment by Mirriam

February 15, 2007 @ 9:19 pm

Get lost sharmane!!!!! me sayad ka ata eh hahahahhahahaha!

Comment by chuva

February 15, 2007 @ 11:45 pm

gosh!ano ba yan!palabnaw ng palabanaw ang utak ni SHARMANE sure kang wala kang sapi?
nyak ha ha…

Comment by melizza

February 16, 2007 @ 1:17 am

naku mga utaw!! si gretchen ay isang kabit kaya tigilan na yan! mas matino si claudine at marjorie. si ruffa ay matino di dahil may ASAWA na siya at maayos ang buhay. si lani matino din at si angeli? isa siyang rinirespeto sa industriya. si gretchen pakawala at mayabang! pag namatay yung kabit niya pupulutin siya sa kangkungan! kawawang babae!

Comment by Mirriam

February 16, 2007 @ 1:48 am

what the heck???? pakialam nyo ba sa buhay ng me buhay, lahat ng tao mgkakaiba ng ugali, so dont compare Poncio pilato to another poncio….ang kikitid ng mga utak nyo! Grrrrrr!!!

Comment by chuva

February 16, 2007 @ 1:58 am

anong problema kung si gretchen eh ganto o ganyan?
wla nman kayogn masbi kundi puro kabit,kabit,kabit…bakit nasan nba ang asawa ni tony?
walang inagaw na asawa o sinrang pamilya si gretchen,so anong problema nyo?may ginaw abang masama si gretchen sa khit na kanino sa inyo maliban sa nakraan nila na bong na pinagsisihan nya?
nakita nyo ba si gretchen na naktambay sa bar,club o disco o di kaya’y naglalsing?nagsusugal?nakikipag relasyon sa ibang lalaki maliban kay tony?nagdudrugs?may siniraan ba sya o sinaktan?
pwede ba tingnan nyo muna sarili nyo bago kayo manghusga saan mang anggulo mas lamang sa inyo si gretchen kung pagkatao at ugali rin lng ang pag-uusapan!
sabagay ang tao nga naman pag inggit lahat sinasabi.
nyak ha ha…

Comment by Jokla

February 16, 2007 @ 11:04 pm

mamatay kayo sa inggit hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha! magpatiwakal ka na lang sharmane kasi ang laki ng problema mo sa buhay hahahahahah!

Comment by minnie

February 17, 2007 @ 10:25 am

c greta ay isang dakilang kabit!!!

Comment by giovani

February 17, 2007 @ 10:50 pm

mmm.. nice design, I must say..

Comment by chuva

February 17, 2007 @ 11:42 pm

ha ha ha…wawa naman si BIG ****** kung ano ano nlng ang gamit na user’s name,never mind SHARMANE ***** wala na kasing pag-asa yan sa buhay kaya naman inggit na inggit kay gretchen.
nyak ha ha…

Comment by ce-ce

February 18, 2007 @ 5:21 am

hay naku chuva, some people will never learn to accept their own shortcomings … yung iba dito desperate to post anything na wala namang sense just for the sake of posting … dyusme, wala na talagang pag-asa … and take note, some are even gaya-gaya using other posted names – mga COPYCATS … walang originality! and please lang, think twice before you react on someone else’s post, OK?

to NELY of post #1248: consult Mr. Webster as to the real meaning of “jetsetter” …

to ce-ceng tanga of post #1245: bravo for your quick eye … i stand corrected – but that doesn’t mean i’m all of those adjectives you wrote … you’re obviously one of the many aliases of certain people around here … hindi ka original, ok? you’re nothing but another COPYCAT!

and lastly, YOU KNOW WHO, the word “intelligent” and “narrow-minded” are two different things … ikaw naman kase pumutak na agad without getting a second thought … while it is true that Brussels is a city in Belgium, it is also called as a “mini-country” by most Europeans as it is the seat of the European Union’s parliament – well, i guess you didn’t know that! i will educate you further: Belgium is a “tiny-weenie-little-small” country among the first member european states, and the poorest that it needed to be boosted up … the EU heads then voted to house its respectable office in Brussels where its member states now send its representatives to take part in its law-making policies for EU member states. thus, most europeans refer to Brussels as a “country” and not as a city – get mo? that’s the fact and sorry ka na lang for being ignorant about this “tiny-weenie-little-small” detail … you might as well polish you current news para di ka maging katawa-tawa. need i say more?

Comment by tiffany

February 18, 2007 @ 3:44 pm

You can take the girl out of the slums but you can never take the slums out of the girl and that’s what gretchen is!

Comment by tiffany

February 18, 2007 @ 3:46 pm

You can take the girl out of the slums but you can never take the slums out of the girl and that’s what Gretchen is. Money can’t buy class dear…

Comment by ce-ce

February 18, 2007 @ 4:40 pm

how right you are, tiffany, in quoting the phrase … “you can take the girl out of the slums, but you can never take the slums out of the girl” – except that pinpointing gretchen here without drawing an equilibrium parallel to the hard facts surrounding this “tale” of brouhaha is totally wrong. come to think of it, your phrase basically describes some of the people here … you might as well throw in ruffa in the pack since in my book she’s also from the “slums” and a flaunt … you said it yourself “money can’t buy class, dear” …

Comment by ce-ceng tanga

February 19, 2007 @ 1:12 am

Hoy ce-ce tanga istupida sino nagsabi sayo na ang belgium poor country ha? Wala kang alam sa buhay mo ultimo brussels d mo alam. Nagmamarunong ka gaga ka naman. Siguro nag research ka muna sa computer bago ka nagcomment dito wala kang alam sa mundo. O baka yong tinanungan mo gaga rin tulad sayo. Si ruffa lang ang jetsetter hindi yong amo mong malandi moron! Nagmamarunong ka mali2x din english mo gaga istupida baka isa isahin ko pa mapuno ang blog na ito.

Comment by ce-ce

February 19, 2007 @ 5:40 am

oh dear, here we go again … QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! STUPID UGLY DUCK! pwede ba, before you make any reaction about my post, read it properly and analyze what i meant … it read: “Belgium is a “tiny-weenie-little-small” country among the first member european states, and the poorest that it needed to be boosted up …” … alin dito ang di mo ma-get? BOBA! i will help you analyze the sentence and make it more simple: Belgium, at the time EU was drafting its plan in uniting the European states, was “poor” by standard compared to other european countries such Germany, France and UK – these are the first member european states i was refering to, OK? please lang, use your so-called brain – and do refresh your reading comprehension, too … you may need to bang your head coz medyo malabnaw yung consistence ng utak mo … nagkakalat ka lang … kawawa ka naman in the end kung matatapon lang ang laman ng utak mo … paki-analyze … QUACK! QUACK! QUACK!

Comment by m

February 19, 2007 @ 6:08 am

lukaret din tong si cece tanga…noh!oo naman di jetsetter si greta pero at least kung gusto nyang lumabas ng bansa walang problema …kaya lng naman natawag na jet setter si ruffa e pabalik balik sya ng turkey…syempre naman naghahanapbuhay dito si ruffa tapos balik sya ng turkey para magrelax atsa ka tignan ang asawa baka pag di niya kasi silipin e baka lahat na ng gamit ng asawa nya e na kay selen na…O ano say mo!!?

Comment by ce-ce

February 19, 2007 @ 7:37 am

you got it right, m … yung real jetset are people travelling frequently by air for pleasure … by private plane/jet or business class air tickets… si greta pag nag-travel, for her own leisure – either alone or with her immediate family … si ruffa, she travels nga back and forth ng pilipinas, but not specifically for leisure but work purposes (she’s in dire need of extra datung for many reasons) … i sure hope this time QUACK-QUACK-UGLY-DUCK understands the meaning of the word jetset … if not, well, i couldn’t care less … hopeless case na talaga … QUACK! QUACK! QUACK!

Comment by reena

February 19, 2007 @ 1:27 pm

Gretchen, Ruffa and Dawn are all beautiful! Goddesses sila here on earth indeed.

Dawn and Gretchen, for sure magkakabati rin yan. Ganun naman yun eh. In friendship, it’s normal na may awayan, etc… Let’s just give them time and space.

Gretchen and Ruffa are friends so wag na lang sanang gawan ng issue between them.

For Gretchen supporters, keep on supporting your idol and you enligthened me. At least ngaun, I see the other good side of Gretchen. Kasi most na naririnig ko about her, negative. At least ngaun, positive naman narinig ko. Im not her fan but it doesnt mean I hate her or something. I just dont like her that much. You see, we have our own opinions about other people and we should respect that. It doesnt mean that if I dont like her, I envy her na. Coz I learned just this year that money doesnt make me really happy inside. Yung gusto ko naman kay Gretchen, fashionista xa, she carries herself well, tactless but truthful. and I dont see anything wrong if she wears signature clothes. Or if she has this or that. If may pambili ka naman, why not? WHy deprive yourself? Money is nothing if you dont spend it! Sana lang di na nya ipaglandakan sa madla.

Sa haters naman ni Gretchen, well, of course she has flaws. Her imperfections make her a human being. I also dont like some things she’s doing but it’s not a reason for me to say bad things about her. Although opinion ko, dapat ilessen nya na lang ung flauntings. Kasi nagiging negative na yung tingin ng mga tao sa kanya. Magrereflect yun kay Dominique.

Sa kabit issue, literally, kabit siya. But if you really look at it (ngaun ko lang nalaman kasi that matagal na palang separated sina Denise and Tony before naging sila ni Gretchen), hindi. Nagkataon lang na di ma-annul yung kasal nila Denise and Tony. But it does make me wonder why. Thanks sa kung sino man nagmention na sa power and money TOny has, bakit hindi napa-annul?

Bottomline, no one is perfect.

Comment by ce-ce

February 19, 2007 @ 2:30 pm

i dig your post, reena! thank goodness for someone as open minded as you … as for the annulment issue, there is this fourth party involved on Tony’s side … but then again, sooner or later, if they are truly for each other, their love will conquer all these issues … :)

Comment by ce-ce

February 20, 2007 @ 4:23 am

there goes another QUACK-QUACK raving on! at ang galing din nyang gumawa ng sarili nyang haka-haka … never will you ever be such a credible and reliable source dahil mali-mali lagi ang statements mo … yuck! what is it you really know? and how can you conclude such things about my persona? kilala mo ba talaga ako? again, please lang READ MY POST CAREFULLY AND ANALYZE EVERY BIT OF WORD I HAVE WRITTEN! mon dieu! comment peut-on être bête à ce point-là! and you do not need to educate me about Europe since it has been my home away from home for the last 15 years – i have been to places you can never, even in your wildest dream, have ever been. and, to name a few as an example,i know every nook and corner of Côte d’Azur – from Cannes to Menton (do you even have any idea which provinces i am talking about?)… and i just got back from a much deserved holiday from Madrid and visited its nearby provinces as Toledo, Valencia and Barcelona. and i lived and have travelled around Scandinavia – do you know where that is? … you’d think i am mayabang? that i am flaunting? wrong my dear, it’s all fact and not fiction nor an illusion … that’s what is SOOOOOOO PATHETIC with people like you – you can’t take the truth even if it’s right infront of you and slapping you hard on your face … you’re the one who needs to go hike to the tallest mountain and stay there … BOBA! this is yet another proof that you cannot pass judgement on people you do not know. the likes of you have been calling greta all kinds of malicious adjectives and almost swearing to high heavens you know everything there is to know about her … you pass your outright judgement on her as if you have not sinned in your entire grown up lives … there ain’t any true saint in this age and lifetime, only sinners – that includes YOU! you simply hate the fact that greta got what she wants and what she believe needs and is happy for all that … bottomline is that, yung crab mentality ng mga pinoy is like a dreadful cancer na kailanman hindi na maku-cure – it’s a PEST! and in this blog, maraming PEST na nagkakalat … YUCK! PWE! PWE! PWE!

Comment by ce-ce

February 20, 2007 @ 4:48 am

by the way, i saw this post in another forum and i do recognise the names mentioned … QUOTE: “if it wasn’t already obvious from the dates posted and the speech pattern, renea b, sally m, malanitroo, mestiza and ness are one and the same. pretending to be multiple people—and not even doing it convincingly—is pretty pathetic, even for a ruffa fan.” UNQUOTE
my dear sensible bloggers, don’t you think the names look familiar? ha!ha!ha!ha! – malala na talaga ang mga PEST … nagkakalat everywhere and anywhere … YUCKY-YUCK-YUCK!

Comment by cindy m.

February 20, 2007 @ 7:41 am

Hoy cece!! ang gretchen mo travels only with tonyboy to singapore no! hanggang doon lang siya. si ruffa she goes to paris london turkey us and other countries for leisure. thats what a jetset is! yes she has work in the philippines and so what??? she should be proud that she can earn her own keep and is still a credible endorser! dapat maging proud siya iha! hindi niya kailangan kumabit para lang makapag shopping! same with dawn! at least mga asawa nila mga gwapo at bata. women working is nothing to be ashamed off…its something to be proud off dear! why the hell does gretchen still work even if she doesnt need to? because it gives you self worth and self esteem. by the way bullshit that you have been to scandinavian countries and madrid. susko dear…you wouldnt be on this fan site talking about artistas if your a jetset! illusyonada!!

Comment by ce-ce

February 20, 2007 @ 9:31 am

oh, here’s another loser … cindy dearest, hindi lahat ng nagba-blog dito ay losers na katulad mo … hobby ko ang blogging and i even design and own websites … and i can tell you that i am not telling you any bullshit … i know exactly what i am talking about … for you it’s only words, but believe it or not, what i just wrote here is the truth and nothing but the truth … hirap naman sa inyong mga losers eh wala na nga kayong credibility, napaka-kitid pÃ¥ ng malalabnaw ninyong utak na ang nagba-blog lang ay ang mga katulad ninyo – the likes of you are the ones who do not even know how to use the blog sites properly … BOBA! and i do not have to prove to you how legitimate my travels are … du mÃ¥ste kunna tjäna massor av pengar innan du kan Ã¥ka runt i Europa och ingen annan skulle vilja ha dig om du inte kan lära att behärska din temperament … akta dig annars kommer nÃ¥gon djävul att slÃ¥ dig i huvudet för all din dumhet … PWE! PWE! PWE! and again, READ AND RE-READ MY POST … intindihin mo nang husto before ka pumutak! vous n’êtes pas fou? y pensez-vous? vous rêvez! anong language ang gusto mong gamitin ko?

Comment by Rain

February 20, 2007 @ 11:09 am

let’s give gretchen and everybody PEACE PLEASE. it’ s not good to to be digging into one’s life hijas and hijos.

Comment by nirvana

February 20, 2007 @ 3:39 pm

hey cece, no matter what language you are using, still u are boba, the kind of you hu’s just wasting time with this nonsense is also a nonsense person

Comment by Jokla

February 20, 2007 @ 6:19 pm

susko kayo mga peste like what ce-ce said, totoo talagang mga peste kayo para kayong mga virus na nagkakalat dito. pwede ba, tigilan nyo na ang pagkakalat ng lagim sa computer…kakahiya naman ang mga pinagsasabi nyo mahiya kayo pleaseeeeeee!

Comment by ce-ce

February 20, 2007 @ 7:34 pm

here comes another BOBA … nirvana, do you realise what you just wrote? QUOTE: the kind of you hu’s just wasting time with this nonsense is also a nonsense person UNQUOTE … between the two of us, sino ang BOBA? please, paki-analyze nga ng quote and explain to nirvana … YOU JUST SHOOT YOURSELF IN THE HEAD with your statement … is it only me who sees the big mistake in nirvana’s statement … dyusme! somebody please, FEED THESE PESTS TO THE DOGS! pwede ba, THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU WRITE YOUR COMMENT AND MAKE SURE NA ALAM NYO KUNG ANONG SINASABE NINYO … BOBA … PWE! PWE! PWE!

Comment by ce-ce hambogera

February 21, 2007 @ 1:14 am

Hoy ce-ce hambogera gawa ka ng sarili mong blog animal ka. Ang blog na ito ay sa amo mong si la greta. Nagyayabang ka pa dito eh taga bundok ka naman. Je bent gek!!! Kala mo kung sino kang matalino bruha ha nahawa kana sa amo mo. Buti pa pag untogin niyo yang mga ulo niyo para matauhan kayo sa kayabangan nyo. Pagbutihin mo yong paglinis ng puwet ng amo mo gaga istupida! mamundok ka nalang.

Comment by minnie

February 21, 2007 @ 1:20 am

feeling ko tong gagang, feeling superior na boba naman na ce-ceng ito ay isang paid supporter…ano kamo? you create websites? oo nga, websites ng mga bobang katulad moh! quack quack mong mukha mo!

Comment by ce-ce hambogera

February 21, 2007 @ 1:24 am

Hoy gaga kung mayron maang peste sa blog na ito eh wlang iba kundi kaw baliw! Nakapunta ka lang sa europe eh nagyayabang kana baka don ka sa south europe nakapunta mga poor country din don ka mamundok bruha. Don ka magkalat sa sinasabi mong sarili mong blog tanga basura ka lang sa blog na to pwe pwe.

Comment by lisa

February 21, 2007 @ 2:11 am

sus ce-ce!! napakaarte mo! stupida at boba!!! no one likes you and if its your hobby to do blogs then i think you sure are a gretchen barretto wannabe! this is her blog so hahaha! you are still a trying hard wannabe famous but in reality you are a nobody!

Comment by ce-ce animal

February 21, 2007 @ 2:16 am

21, 2007 03:40 PM Wednesday Article read 344 time(s)

Gretchen in bad taste na ang pang-ookray kay Angeli
By: Pete Ampoloquio, Jr.

Gretchen Barretto

NAPAKAYABANG naman ng porma at dada nitong si Gretchen Barretto lately.

Sa totoo lang, in bad taste ang mga pinagsasabi niya kay Ms. Angeli Pangilinan on national television.

Para bang pinalalabas niyang isang laruan lang ‘yung tao na hindi nararapat seryosohin.

Hindi kaya she’s referring to herself?

Para sa akin, inasmuch as I’ve never been close to Ms. Angeli and I just met her once at the presscon of Nora Aunor’s first big concert at the Big Dome many years ago, I find her nicer and wonderful to talk to than this raging virago of a woman named Gretchen Barretto.

Pasalamat nga siya at unquestioned woman of culture and erudition itong si Angeli. For if she happens to belong to the league of Criselda Volks, Lara Morena and company, I’m sure Greta, she with her diamonds and gold and signature outfits, would get more than a mouthful. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Buti nga at lady ang kanyang opponent. For if not, she surely will get what she rightfully and truthfully deserves.

Comment by ce-ce

February 21, 2007 @ 3:03 am

what is wrong with these pests? me, supporter? me, mayabang? GROW UP!!! learn how to deal with the real thing … these PESTS are downright abusive and self-righteous as if their so-called opinions are based on facts e puro haka-haka at imbento lang naman … PWE! wat zei u? talaga bang marunong kang mag-Dutch or narinig mo lang ang phrase na yan from a Dutch song? ik versta het niet why are you trying so hard … oh well, try harder … pasensya na kayo, i’m one pinay who is multi-lingual … hindi mayabang ang tawag sa mga taong nagsasabe ng katotohanan … GET REAL! the sooner you PESTS accept na each and everyone of us have the right to live and lead our own lives, the better you will feel about yourselves … mamamatay kayo nang dilat kung paiiralin ninyo ang inggit sa buong katauhan ninyo … sabe nga BE TRUE TO YOURSELF, LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST AND IGNORE THE WAGGING TONGUES AROUND YOU … i hope the message gets across … oh, please … oh, please … oh, please … heck, who am i kidding … congrats na lang to those who do understand what i’m trying to get at … een prettige dag … es suficiente para mi … ciao!

Comment by Lailani

February 21, 2007 @ 4:57 am

I don’t understand these people whose pestering Ce-ce, sila na nga itong walang matinong sinasabi eh sila pa ang me ganang mgsalita nang ganoon. Tsk! tsk! Alam kaya nila ang kanilang pinagsasabi? Don’t worry Ce-ce, mas maraming taong nakakaintindi kesa dito sa mga bubuwit sa lansangan na ito na mga makikitid ang utak nakakaawa hehehehehehe!

Comment by Mirriam

February 21, 2007 @ 4:58 am

Hopeless case na yang mga yan ce-ce, just ignore them na lang hahahahahaha!

Comment by chuva

February 21, 2007 @ 9:24 am

hellur!wow!ce-ce,dito ka pa rin?infairness bilib ako sayo kasi akala ako lng ang kayang tumiis sa kakitira ng mga mababahong bunganga ng mga taong ito(SHARMANE ****,BIG **** a.k.a. kung ano ano).
bakit kya those people i mentioned eh puro mura ang mga post?im sure you can debate w/o nasty words naman diba?pero syempre if you have nothing to say nga naman to defend ur post,magmumura ka na nga lng then uulit-ulitin ang mga paninira.
ur right ce-ce,this people are loser.
nyak ha ha…

Comment by Mirriam

February 21, 2007 @ 12:25 pm

tama ka jan chuva, wala nga naman silang masabing me sense kaya puro mura at panlalait na lang ang lumalabas sa mga post hahahahahah! hopeless case…tsk!tsk!tsk!

Comment by sapphire

February 21, 2007 @ 2:34 pm


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February 21, 2007 @ 9:36 pm

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Comment by chuva

February 22, 2007 @ 1:03 am

actually may point ka sapphire pero people whose smart enough won’t do naman stupid things siguro just to follow her.kung iisipin mo mas madaming malala at mas grabe kay gretchen.she is what she is.kung dun sya masaya anong karapatan nating makialam?oo,public figure sya pero it doesn’t mean na she’ll follow whats her public want her to be,she knows her rights,she know how to fight for it and she exactly know what she want…what makes her thing more she knows how to accept her fault na napakadalang sa lahat ng tao lalo na sa isang celebrity,sino ang kagaya nya na aamin sa nagawang mali?mostly nagdedeny or maghahanap ng blame s ibang tao or make reason to justify their wrong doing.
siguro iyan ang mga dahilan kung bakit im on her side,may nagwa an syang mali pero sino ba ang wala?ang importante ay marunong kang tumanggap ng pagkakamali.

Comment by chuva ce-ce mga gaga

February 22, 2007 @ 1:16 am

Obvious talaga na bayaran ang dalawang baliw na ito sila nalang dalawa naiwan sa blog na ito. Si la greta sa public lang nagsorry pakitang tao kunyari. Sa ngayon si angeli na ung inaaway niya kasi takot na siyang awayin si lani dahil kay lolit solis. Nanginginig tinggil niya sa takot kay lolit. Dahil lahat ng baho niya maungkat.

Comment by zenny

February 22, 2007 @ 2:35 am

Whatever they say, I really find her a beautiful person..lovely,pretty,cute,articulate,fascinating,bubbly,emotional, strong,someone who admits to her mistakes, enjoys life to the fullest…she is a lot better than those who pretend to be saints when they are sinners, too!

Comment by anne

February 22, 2007 @ 5:05 am

i love gretchen but she’s so nouveau riche! i wish she’d stop when she gets like that.

Comment by k

February 22, 2007 @ 3:23 pm


Comment by prof. salud

February 23, 2007 @ 12:33 am

Nakakaaliw ang mga posts ninyo. Enjoy ako reading them when I have the time. Wow talaga – ang haba-haba na nito, huh! Anyways, this time makikisali na rin ako to give my own views and observations. Please indulge me of your time and attention.
TOPIC: Gretchen Baretto
SCOPE: Everything about her
RULE OF THE GAME (POSTING): None, Free for all
PARTICIPANTS: In general, mga pinoy na may extra time aside other than minding their own business
GENERAL OBSERVATION: There are 3 camps in this blog: PRO-Gretchen, ANTI-Gretchen and the NEUTRAL-Gretchen. Language used are mostly foul and oftentimes below the belt – depende kung sino ang nagpo-post. Konte lang ang posts na me sense, some statements are very damaging – there are traces, and absence, of facts in most conclusions made. Yung mga nagbo-blog dito have different mindsets: broad-minded, narrow-minded, judgemental, opinionated, masyadong maraming “i know what i’m saying”-attitude in all camps – yung tipong siguradong-sigurado sila sa individual opinion nila regardless kung ano man ang opinion ng ibang nagbo-blog. The “open-and-shut-case” conclusion here is that all camps have this need to prove their respective opinion of one person, who i presume, is not even aware na pinagpipyestahan ng ibang tao ang kanyang buong katauhan – that, incidentally, is quite sad.
MY OWN VIEW: Being a public figure as Gretchen hindi talaga maiiwasan na lahat-lahat ng tungkol sa kanyang buhay at pagkatao ay maungkat sa buong Pilipinas. But, that doesn’t give anyone the right na alipustahin sya mula ulo hanggang paa – this doesn’t apply only to Gretchen kundi sa lahat ng tao, mapa-celebrity man or yung ordinaryong tao – normal or abnormal man, rich or poor dapat ay irespeto ninyo ang inyong kapwa tao. There is no such thing as right or wrong how we are to live our own lives dahil yung tama sa ibang tao can be wrong sa mata ng iba or vice versa. Ang pinaka-mahalaga ay maging kuntento ka sa buhay – regardless kung mayaman ka or mahirap. Ang kaligayahang ng tao ay name-measure doon sa level of self-contentment nya with their love ones – kumbaga, “ang lahat ay hahamakin” – naks! Yes, I know that’s an old song, too.
MY PERSONAL INSIGHTS: 1) Reading the blog – yup, all that 1000+ posts, somehow made me realize a lot of things, medyo nag-contemplate din ako on some passages or statements – in some of them I agree, doon sa iba i totally disagree. I sort of picked 3 bloggers as my favourites, which for me have raised some good point at one time or another (I had to go back and forth this long blog just to find out their names, ang haba kase eh). Yung pinaka-insight and reflections ko is summed up by a quote from a book I’ve read many years back: “MEANINGFUL CHANGES COMES FROM PERSONAL SACRIFICES”. This quote may seem so simple pero malalim and you really need to make a substantial reflection in relation to your everyday life. However, this is how I have summed up Gretchen’s present day dilemma – both in personal and public life. It can, of course, be interpreted in many ways, all depending on who is making the interpretation. 2) On foul language: this blog convinced me that spoken and written foul words truly is a big turn-off. 3) Valuable insight #1: Never undermine your capacity as an individual nor undermine another individual’s capacity. 4) Valuable insight #2: Maximize your power of choice. People from all walks of life have their own choices to make. This is the most precious gift to us all – the power to choose everything and anything in life. We live our respectives lives according to the choices we made. We all make mistakes and we either learn from it or keep repeating it. Our choice is ours alone. Lahat tayo me kanya-kanyang path dito sa mundo – yung way of life of my choosing may not be appealing to some, and in the same manner na I may not agree on how another person lead his/her life pati na yung choices nito. It is important that one has to respect another individual’s choice – offer an advice, not a meddling or accusing finger nor searing judgement. I would try to look at it from another standpoint and the other person’s perspective.
TRIVIAL: I must say na I’m very amused sa posts ni ce-ce and I agree with some of what he/she wrote (but I don’t think I have to mention them). My impression is that this ce-ce character is very confident of herself and really knows what she’s doing (or writing). He/she seems to be very articulate and could be one colourful personality. It’s probably safe to say na I can vouch that she really speaks different languages – he/she wrote something long in Swedish (which is very good grammar but I’d rather not translate), Dutch (seems basic but maybe he/she knows more – I am sure she just reacted on someone’s “je bent gek” which means “you’re crazy”), French (he/she definitely knows this one) and Spanish (well, it’s almost close to the Tagalog, right?). One can tell he or she is all what he/she says he/she is, no doubt in my mind. I assume that he/she lived and studied in Europe to have such language skills since these can easily be acquired and learned by foreign students. At one point in time, I have been told by another professor that we Filipinos has the “gift of tongue” – meaning the great ability to learn a different language. It sure made me so proud to hear that.
Well, that’s all there is I can share. Thank you for your most precious time.

Comment by chuvang gaga

February 23, 2007 @ 1:35 am

naku at nagpaka prof. salud naman c cece…hala go girl! wala bang may phd degree dyan?

Comment by reena

February 23, 2007 @ 2:42 am

cece, wow na-impress sayo yung prof salud! who’s that person? moderator ba or writer dito sa pep?

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Comment by chuva ce-ce mga gaga

February 23, 2007 @ 3:47 am

Naku nagbubuhat na ng sariling upuan ang mga animal. Sa panahon ngayon na hi-tech na kahit anong language pa pwede mo i traslate kahit nakaupo ka lang maghapon sa harap ng computer. Je bent en echte stomme trut. Je denkt dat je de slimste vrouw van de blog bent. MAAR NEE…. Je bent en onnozel kieken!!!!! Wala kang kredibilidad para respetuhin gaya ng amo mo ineng. Nagyayabang ka naka travel ka around Scandinavia. So what?????????? Ik was ook in Norway,Sweden en denmark.
Meer? Ook in Duitsland, belgie, holland, spain, turkey, france en austria. Kala mo animal ka kaw lang naka pag travel hambogera ka dapat pag untugin yang ulo niyo para matauhan ka.

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February 23, 2007 @ 5:56 am

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Comment by mel

February 23, 2007 @ 7:26 am

naku grabe naman the posts of the people dito. nahilo ako sa kakabasa. ms. joan pwede kris-james-hope issue na naman. pagod na kami kay greta.

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February 23, 2007 @ 2:59 pm


Ambien. Coma ambien.

Comment by OMG

February 23, 2007 @ 7:45 pm

ay mga hambogera yung iba dito… ano ba, bigay ko ba sa inyo yung website ng translations. akala ba naman lahat dito mga tanga. ito oh!!!

type nyo lang… free online translator, lahat ng languages meron…

sobra na ang pagbubuhat ng bangko ha???

nakakahiya naman kayo…

Comment by geminiaries

February 23, 2007 @ 8:10 pm

Hi mga kababayan,sana huwag na tayong mag personalan
kasi ang topic ay tungkol kay Gretchen at kay
kit,yung iba masyado nang personal para tuloy nag re-reflect,kung ano ang character ng sumulat.My Dear fellow Men tayo ang ganito,tayong mga piipino.walang gustong magpatalo kaya lumilihis sa issue,sana iwasan
natin na mag bitiw ng personal na comment mag focus tayo kung ano ang topic,kung tutu-usin hindi malaking issue ang nangyari kina Gretchen at Dawn pero dahil
sa ibang ta-o kaya lumaki.Alam nyo dito sa ibang bansa
hindi sila paki-alamira,kung ano gusto at gawin mo
hindi sila namumuna,nasaan na ang pagiging friendly natin,sana kahit di natin kilala ng personal ang bawat isa irespito natin ang opinyon, at kung nagkamali pwede nyo naman sabehin in a nice way dba?
magpapasalamat pa sa yo.tutal lahat tayo nakapag-aral
di ba pag nasa Grade School,may (GMRC)good manners and right conduct.
Pasinsya na sana wala naman akong tinama-an.

Comment by Kristina J.

February 23, 2007 @ 8:18 pm

Of all the comments u made here, mangilan-ngilan lang ang masasabi mong me sense talaga, poor Pinoys, yung iba eh puro bad words lang ang nasusulat, I think these people are those “walang pinag-aralan” na puro tsismis lang ang alam at paninira. All of us can share our comments, mapa-educated or illiterate basta ba hindi masyadong judgemental at below the belt. Pwede ba tigilan nyo na si Greta, lumang isyu na yan. yung bago eh ke Kris at James na. Get a life!

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February 24, 2007 @ 2:05 am



Comment by sophia from aruba

February 24, 2007 @ 5:53 am

please next time yun issue namn kay kris and james tsaka vic sotto and pia G.. this is the only source i have(w/c i feel credible to read) very concise!

God bless!

Comment by sapphire

February 24, 2007 @ 5:33 pm


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Comment by OMG

February 24, 2007 @ 9:10 pm

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February 24, 2007 @ 3:25 pm

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hoy ano ba?>??? nakakainis na tong mga post mo ah ano ba to viagra???

Comment by bambini

February 24, 2007 @ 9:30 pm

Lavoro eccellente! ..ringraziamenti per le informazioni..realmente lo apprezzo: D

Comment by shy

February 24, 2007 @ 10:24 pm

Bakit kaya di mag produce ng sariling movie si gretchen din kunin niyang co-star si HOpe silang dalawa ang bida then the tittle of the movie ” MGA DAKILANG KABIT” paawa epec sa mga tao.

Comment by chuva

February 25, 2007 @ 2:02 am

ha ha ha…katuwa na ang ibang mga comment out of this topic na then out of this world pa.
pero ang isang di nawawala sa site na to eh ung mga mahilig gumamit ng ibat ibang user’s name.parang tulad din ni hope walang kredibilidad at mahilig manggamit at magtago eh kilala naman.
nyak ha ha…

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Comment by uomo

February 26, 2007 @ 3:45 pm

The information I found here was rather helpful. Thank you for this.

Comment by annieanniie

March 7, 2007 @ 1:06 pm

Gretchen is nobody without Tony boy!!!

Comment by mila

March 7, 2007 @ 7:19 pm

sana mambabae ulit si tony boy to give her a taste of her own madicine…makadisplay nga kay tony boy sa kanto mamaya..

Comment by tempo

March 11, 2007 @ 2:09 am

Luogo molto buon:) Buona fortuna!

Comment by chuvang panget

March 13, 2007 @ 8:39 am

The Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) said it will go after Antonio “Tonyboy” Cojuangco in an effort to recover billions of pesos in dividends from government-sequestered shares in Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) issued to the businessman and his family.

Charles Avila, special assistant of PCGG chairman Camilo Sabio, said the commission has already initiated efforts to compel Cojuangco to turn over the dividends he and his family received from PLDT which rightfully belonged to the government through Prime Holdings Inc. (PHI).

“We will form a task force to determine the amount of dividends that were received by… Cojuangco. At the same time, we are also pursuing the legal route to compel him to hand over to government the dividends they had received that were supposed to have been given to the government,” Avila told The STAR.

The PCGG said it had filed a motion last Jan. 3 asking the Sandiganbayan to direct PLDT and the Philippine Telecommunications Investment Corp. to make an accounting of all the cash dividends issued corresponding to the 111,415 shares of PTIC, which in turn controls 14 percent of the telecommunications firm.

On Dec. 14, 2006, the Supreme Court ruled with finality that the 111,145 shares in PTIC held by PHI were among the ill-gotten wealth accumulated by the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his family.

The High Tribunal had upheld the claim of the government that the PHI and PTIC were dummy companies set up by the Marcoses using associates Jose Yao Campos and Ramon Cojuangco, the father of Antonio Cojuangco, to own shares in PLDT.

The PCGG had filed the case in 1986 against PHI and PTIC, which then controlled 28 percent of PLDT through its 111,145 shares.

Through control of the PTIC shares, the elder Cojuangco had chaired and headed PLDT for decades until his death in 1984. Antonio Cojuangco succeeded his father at the helm of PLDT, also through the PTIC shares.

Cojuangco, in 1998, relinquished his chairmanship and control of PLDT when he sold 44 percent of PTIC to the Hong Kong-based First Pacific group but stayed on as director.

He only stepped down as director last year when the Supreme Court handed down its decision on the PTIC-PHI case.

Workers and consumers’ group had recently pushed for the recovery of billions of pesos received by the Cojuangco family as dividends in PLDT that rightfully belong to the government as part of the Marcoses’ ill-gotten wealth.

Comment by chuvang panget

March 13, 2007 @ 8:41 am

hala cge greta magyabang ka pa!

Comment by Duchess

March 13, 2007 @ 9:55 am

Gretchen said she looks like a 16y/o, eh pano na si anne curtis 5y/o? eh si shaina magdayao – newborn??? Hello greta, kelangan mo na ng magic mirror. Does valentino have one? O baka si jimmy choo, gumagawa na rin ng mirror aside from shoes….You are not happy greta, you are insecure, immature and you only get your chutzpah from your branded goods and from ruffa.

Comment by napoli

March 13, 2007 @ 4:26 pm

E evidente che il luogo e stato fatto dalla persona che realmente conosce il mestiere!

Comment by latifah

March 14, 2007 @ 9:57 am

methadone is stronger than all…

Comment by latifah

March 14, 2007 @ 10:12 am

I Like Lani Mercado kasi she real I guess kasi kong anong naramdaman nya talagang yun I mean to all the Girls… ha! WHAT Princess D. says THE WOMEN INSTINCT kong may other woman ang Hubby mo. its true reflect talga peru si Lani she trying to Build her Family talagang BOW ako sa iyo I emeber before ang LOLA nag sabi kong gusto itayo talaga ang Family the Foundation is the wife not the husband…kasi pag ang babae na ang gagawa yun mawasak talaga. Kaya GO girls tiisin nyo. pero Gretchen huwag mong kalimutan sabihin kay TONYBOY to convert an Islam. Para ma Chubacles mo ang expensive gown mo sure mama… gawin mo yan.

At mga tao dyan sa P.I. naku maraming fake na Chanel. balenciaga, what ever baka hindi kayo marunong tumingin ng original na Louis vuitton baka Louis BUTTON yan ha maraming fake dyan sa Thailand at sa singapore, hongkong, eh si Gretchen saan ba sya nag shopping? sa PIAZZA DE ESPANA ba? hoy mga tangga hindi nya alam kong saan yan PIaZZA DE ESPANA hindi sa spain yan ha! sorry kong Sosyal kayo alam nya yan where?

Comment by latifah

March 14, 2007 @ 10:26 am

To Dawn yes talaga maganda dyan Sa Davao maraming fruits Durian its really delicious I Love that fruit. kaya ikaw Dawn young and fresh. wala kang pinagawa sa katawan mo di bah? ang mga Hollywood star bihira mag pagawa You Know what J-Lo said I can jump from the roof to down walang tatalsik sa body nya kasi all is oiginal Like you Ms. Dawn Lagdameo…Sure kita tayo dyan sa davao next month ha!

Comment by latifah

March 14, 2007 @ 10:53 am

Hoy Gretchen mahal mo ba si Tonyboy? kasi pangit sya yaks…typical na chinoy yaki…so pera lang ang maganda sa kanya di baH?

Hindi ka talaga matino na babae kasi pati pala Paents mo hindi mo bati yakkiii… are a Big HORE…kasi wala kang ibanag mapuntahan..kaya ginamit mo ang BEAUTY MO with your 2 legs…ha..ha..LOL.

Comment by google

March 16, 2007 @ 2:26 am

Nice site. Thanks.

Comment by Lilet

March 16, 2007 @ 9:55 am

i just watched gretchen’s interview in the BUZZ…(her b-day celebration)…i used to like her… she really is a “beauty” but as i was watching that interview, i had goose bumps. im just wondering if she ever shares her blessings to the poor (i hope she does). and in addition ( i know this is late)…im not defending sarah (was it sarah?) but CHE she is right…”what she HAS, and not “what she HAVE”. im sorry, im not taking it “personal” pero i realized that its always good to admit mistakes.we have to be open to corrections because in that way… “we learn”.

Comment by honey_lanie

March 16, 2007 @ 7:16 pm

I agreed with sara,yah what is style without class & breeding!

Comment by Malou

March 20, 2007 @ 4:38 pm

C Gretchen Baretto ay malayo sa ugali nila Claudine at Marjorie na parehong humble,c Gretchen feeling ewan The Buzz nga obvious na inggit sa jewelries ni Ruffa e he,he,he Golddigger talaga ang bruha ha,ha,ha

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March 21, 2007 @ 9:58 pm


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Comment by Chona

March 22, 2007 @ 1:27 am

I just wish that Gretchen can work harder on her relationship with her family, friends and perhaps those that touches her life. Her roller coaster emotions does not speak well of her mental and emotional health. The feeling of “having it all” materially does at times, compensate for insecurities. Evita Peron was a classic example of a poor rich girl.

Comment by Marjorie

March 27, 2007 @ 11:24 pm

comments here are so funny in fairnes… wala lang akong magawa so i browse my nose here…
Only God knows what their (our) hearts says…

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