Jo-Ann Chats


Filed under: Uncategorized — at 4:45 pm on Tuesday, November 28, 2006

gretchen1.jpgSince I spend most of my waking hours in showbiz, and since YES!, the magazine I am editor of, is a monthly, there is all this stuff I pick up that I don’t get to write at all. Somebody said the stuff is plentiful enough to fill a daily blog.

A bright idea really, if we go by how people are amazingly interested in everything showbiz—even in such matter-of-fact things like Ruffa Gutierrez is all ready to set up home in Barcelona, where husband Ylmaz Bektas has already picked their new house, or such factoids like Richard Gomez, not Lucy Torres, is the real cook in the family.

Still, a daily blog may be tough. I have three dogs that expect me to drive them to the shaded paths of UP, where they walk and sniff, walk and sniff, then rest and drink and think. That takes up time. But a blog that’s irregular, updated as often as there is time and something to say, looks workable. So “Jo-Ann Chats” will now appear here in PEP, if with erratic frequency.

Where do we begin? Well, the hands-down choice has to be the woman who is possibly and arguably the loveliest face in local entertainment today—Gretchen Barretto.

Consistently, Gretchen—also called Gretch, Greta, La Greta in an ascending order of awe—is one of three most talked-about stars in the country. This, I gather from TV ratings, magazine print orders, and dinner-table talk among both Pag-Asa Bliss ex-neighbors, NGO workers, and Penn-graduate friends. (The other two, by my reading, are Kris Aquino and Ruffa Gutierrez.) (Read more… )