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Ge-Lai (nakaligo na rin ako after one month!)

Filed under: Features — admin at 2:56 am on Saturday, July 4, 2009

It’s been a month after I gave birth, and finally, I can take a bath. YEHEY!

Yup that’s my reaction.

Hulaan ko reaction ninyo: “What???” “Gross!” “Yuck!” “Ewww” “Weirdo” “What the F?!!” “OMG!”

And I totally understand you because those were my reactions when my Chinese mommy friends were teaching me the post-partum care of almost every Chinese wife, who are willing to undergo the Ge-lai.

Ge-lai, is a post-partum care that has been practiced for centuries in China and up to now by the traditional Chinese. And why? There are many advantages. I have an 80-year-old Chinese lady friend who has had six children, but she looks like she is 50 years old and as strong as a 40-year- old lady. Mrs. Dy has no veins in her hands, no wrinkles, never had cosmetic surgery nor botox. Take note, she is 80 years old. She told me her secret was her practices after giving birth: Ge-lai. Let me go over some of them for our future mothers who wish to reap the benefits. No joke po ito, seryoso ako.

1.    No bath for a month! “Punas-punas” ng mainit na tubig lang.
The Chinese believe that when you give birth, all your pores open up because of the extreme pressure and exhaustion. Para ka raw tumakbo sa U.P. Oval track ng 100 times. You also accumulate a lot of “cold” in your body such that bathing brings in more “cold” even if you take a bath with warm water, especially your head. Dry shampoo is an alternative. Pero nakaka-balakubak daw ito kaya di na ako nag-dare. Nasa loob naman ako ng aircon na kuwarto (dahil bawal din ang electric fan kasi mapasukan ka ng hangin sa katawan at sa ulo) kaya di naman ako napapawisan o nadudumihan.

(Iinit pati ang ulo mo sa kakaisip kung gaano kalaki ang Meralco bill mo after one month dahil naka-aircon ka day and night nang walang patid! Haaaay!)

Siyempre, hindi rin ako nakatiis, kinailangan kong i-wash ang delicate areas every day at punas-punas sa kili-kili. Hello! Kung di ko naman gagawin iyon, e, mag-aamoy Payatas na ang kuwarto ko ano! –

Haay nako, T.M.I.—Too much information!

Pagkatapos nitong isang buwang kabahuan, papaliguan ka ng isang  ge-lai expert with matching boiled leaves ng guava,sambo, at kung  anu-ano pang dahon galing sa botanical Garden Institute of albularyorism (hehe, pang-asar).

‘Tapos hihilutin ka para bumalik ang  matres (uterus) mo sa dating lugar. Bago ka paliguan, siyam na  araw (nine days) kang hihilutin. After nine days of this hilot massage, you will be rewarded with a bathing pass and then have your final hilot massage after giving THE bath.

I kinda needed that final hilot massage because I was shaking after my first bath in one month. It was like my body was not used to water anymore, and in spite of bathing in warm water, I was shaking after. After the hilot massage, I felt better. So much better actually because I FINALLY TOOK A BATH AFTER ONE MONTH!

But I guess skipping bathes may prove to be quite healthy. Take for example, Jaya’s mother Elizabeth Ramsey. I once asked her what the secret of her health was, why she was so strong and can bring the house down in her shows in spite of her age.

She answered me, “Ah, kasi Inday, hindi ako naliligo. Minsan-minsan lang kapag may show ako.  Pero kung dito lang ako sa bahay, di na ako naliligo, masama kasi kapag lagi kang mag-basa-basa. Hindi maganda yun, Inday.”

Inisip ko, baka pinag-tri-tripan lang kami ni Mama Beth Ramsey. Baka pagtalakod namin, tumatawa na siya at sinasabing, “Mga lokong bata, naniwala sa komedyante!”

Just to make sure I heard it right and that she was not joking, when I saw her again in the studio, I asked her the same question and she replied with the same answer.

Hmmm, I guess she does make sense. I am 100 percent sure I acquired veins in my hands and feet from taking a bath after rigorously after playing the whole day outside our house, or washing my hands after writing 50 pages.

And back then, mahirap lang kami kaya wala pang instant hot water sa faucet. Kahit nga Bhagwan, na binebenta ng mga 5-6 na naka-turban na nagpapautang sa amin, wala pa noon. We would bathe in cold water day and night kahit pagod. Bad, bad, bad. Kaya nga kapag pagod, bawal maligo, di ba? I wonder if Jaya followed her mother’s advice and did not take a bath for a month after giving birth.

Advantages of the one-month bath abstinence: faster recovery, better resistance to sickness like colds, fever, “binat”, and more time for your baby and to breastfeed. Marami sa  mga kaibigan kong Chinese ang di  sumunod sa practice na ito at nagsisisi dahil lamigin na raw sila ngayon, sakitin at laging nanghihina, di tulad ng dati.

Abstaining from taking a bath also abstains you from going out, which gives you a mandatory one-month rest, which you badly need after giving birth. Sino nga naman ang gusto maglakwatsa nang di naliligo!

Disadvantage: the icky-yucky feeling of knowing you have not taken a bath in weeks; the icky-yucky feeling of your visitors knowing that you didn’t take a bath; the oily grease build-up on your hair when you comb it. Ewwww!

Anyway, it was worth it. I’m as strong as carabao now, and I’m back in the gym and soon, back to work!
2. Twice a day, sit on boiled guava leaves. You have to be naked when you do this, okay. If you’re wearing a panty, it won’t work (just like making a baby—it wont work if you’re not naked, hehehe). Seriously speaking, the steam of the guava leaves will hasten the healing of your wounds down under and will make your uterus contract  faster (breastfeeding will also hasten this).

Pinagawa sa akin ito ng nanay ko nang ipinanganak ko si Lia. Kaso, di ako naniwala at sabi ko gawa-gawa lang iyan ng albularyo. Ang tagal bago lumiit ng tiyan ko. Ngayon, nakinig na ako dahil totoo pala lahat ng sabi ng mga matatanda, puwera ang huwag maligo kapag meron ka.  Ginawa ko lahat ng sabi nila at umupo ako sa pinakuluang dahon ng  bayabas. After one week, liit na ng tiyan ko at  naloloka yung  mga  tao. Tinatanong kung nanganak ba talaga ako kasi  back to normal na aketch!


3. Eat lapu-lapu, cook in soup with ginger to heal the stitches in your belly (for caesarian operations) and stitches in your pep_   (for normal delivery). I actually researched on why this works (siyempre, when it comes to pep_ matters, everything matters!). Apparently, lapu-lapu is rich with omega 3 fish oil , which is enhances tissue repair in our bodies.

4. Drink Seravallo wine. This is made from the bark of a tree in Brazil which is very rich in Iron.  Broken sleep patterns from breastfeeding or taking care of the baby makes you lose a lot of iron in your body. Seravallo replenishes your iron. It is safe for nursing mothers because it is more of a medicinal tonic than a wine.

5. Eat soups with lots of ginger and drink hot chocolate with native egg. Again this is to eliminate the “cold” in your body. Chocolate is warm. Sweets are warm. And ginger is the warmest. Avoid cold foods like radish, cucumber, carrots, salads, cold water, ice cream, sodas, and softdrinks.

6. After giving birth and on your first four weeks after birth, wear a binder or a girdle even when you go to sleep.

7. If you can, breastfeed. It will be great for your baby and for yourself too.

For your baby: It will strengthen your baby’s immune system. Hindi siya magkakasakit at all. No colic that is very common among infants.  Colic is excessive crying and irritability in infants because of stomach or intestinal discomfort caused by air spasm or inflammation. This happens when infants are given formula in a bottle because they get to  suck some air when sucking milk.

For the mom: Massively reduces the uterus inflammation and brings back the uterus size to normal. In short, liliit agad o mawawala na yung puson at tiyan mo.

It also reduces birth weight and gets you back to your normal weight in one week. It makes you lose 500 calories per feeding which means you do not need to work out so much and you can eat whatever you want since you get to lose it anyway.

Disadvantages: You will be the slave of your child or the breast pump every two hours, if not, your breast will explode of breast milk. Well, it won’t really explode but it will feel like it—it’s called engorgement.

You will be the U.F.M., the Ultimate Feeding Machine of your child. You feel helpless and you won’t get to do anything else, even write a blog entry!

But things will normalize in a month and you will learn to do other things around your breastfeeding schedule, and you will be proud  that the Ultimate Feeding Machine is the Ultimate Sacrifice a mother can make for her child. And the word sacrifice is an understatement!


If you have other info on ge-lai, please share it in this blog. Please share this article to expectant mothers because this can help them a lot. I know most of these are “old school” but sometimes, “old school” practices are the things that save your life and your health. Nabinat na ako after going back to work four days after giving birth to Lia. I will never do that again.


Comment by mayatmaya

July 4, 2009 @ 5:39 am

Hello Giselle! I am one of your facebook friends “Mae”of Abu Dhabi. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your blog.
As of now, I am still single, if ever man na magkaasawa ako and magkaanak, susundin ko din yang ginagawa mo, yung tinatawag na “ge-lai”coz maganda naman ang magiging resulta.
Giselle, sana hindi kau magsasawa sa kakagawa ng blog coz may natutunan talaga kmi lyk isa sa pinakagusto kong blog mo ay yung title na “PAANO MAKUKUHA ANG MINIMITHI”. I really like it and love it.

Comment by gandako21

July 4, 2009 @ 7:23 am

Congrats Ms G for having a baby boy! and this blog is very informative…..sobrang nabigyan mo ko ng idea coz this month il be giving birth also…but i dont know where to find guava leaves here in Canada, hehehe!!!! anyway, thanks talaga sa mga info!…God bless u more and ur family!

Comment by viatot85

July 4, 2009 @ 7:56 am

Hi Ms. G! Grabe, sarap talaga may basa ng blog mo! very informative! I also has two babies na and matigas ang ulo ko, hindi ako nagpahilot at ayokong umupo sa bayabas, ahahahha! kaya til now, laki ng puson and tummy ko! hindi na maibalik sa dati! My grandma told me na lamig nga daw to dahil sa katigasan ng ulo ko! My grandma has 10 kids pero til now grabe mapagkakamalan mo lang na anak nya ko and hindi apo, she looks young and according to her, kaya nya pa daw makipag sports areglo! ahahaha! And her secret also is just like the chinese lady of yours. Lahat din ng anak nya breast feed, grabe di ko yata maimagine un! Siguro if I only listened to her baka nga hindi ako nahihirapan ngayon sa kakawork out at kakainom ng kung anek anek na slimming tea para mawala yung tyan ko! hihihi! At also, let me share na rinyung experience ko, yung tinatawag nilang binat after giving birth! ay grabe yun, it was 3-4 months na after I gave birth and hindi nga ako sumunod sa mga kung anek anek na sinabi ng lola ko,then dito kasi samin is merong nyt market, so ako nman mahilig sa gala and it was December pa so mahamog tlaga at sobrang malamig! After nong gala, grabe yung sakit ng ulo ko! as in I took medicine na pero hindi sya natanggal. Yung sakit nya is parang galing sa kailaliman ng sintido ko at sa likod ng ulo ko! sobrang sakit…What my mom in law did, hinilot ako as in buong katawan then hindi nya ako pinatapat sa electric fan , hayun don pa lang guminhawa ang pakiramdam ko! Kaya sa mga soon to be mom dyan, I strongly suggest na follow the old, traditional way kasi it’s true talaga! Sa hospital kasi is sabi ng nurse pwede n dw ako maligo kinabukasan, galit na galit lola ko non! ahihihi! Yun lang, natuwa kasi ako sa shinare mo Ms. G! kaya share ko na rin yung experince ko na matigas ang ulo! Godbless Ms. G! Hope makapagshow ka dito sa Subic! Sana hindi ka magsawa sa kakasulat ng blog, kasi ang dami kong natututunan every time na may bago kang blog, very informative and funny so hindi ka mabobored while reading it! Take care!

Comment by ielchi

July 4, 2009 @ 8:28 am

very informative nga ms. g, yan ang prob ko kasi sobrang tigas ng ulo ko nung nanganak ako. i only have two kids pero grabe, daig ko pa ang sumama sa rally dahil ambilis kong mapagod at andami ng sumasakit sa katawan ko. lalo na ngayong nasa call center ako, lamigin ako sobra. wala pa naman akong balak manganak ulit pero i hope i can practive ge-lai kung sakali.

again congrats and be happy always.

Comment by alibangbang

July 4, 2009 @ 8:49 am

i asked the nurses here in canada if ok lang ba mag binder kc tayo sa pinas yan talaga ginagawa natin after giving birth pero they dont advise it kc hindi pa daw healed yon uterus mo.sabi nila let it heal first coz it might complicate things lang daw.

Comment by corporategrl

July 4, 2009 @ 9:22 am

Parang di ko yata kaya ‘yung walang ligo for one month. Sabagay dalaga pa ako, baka magbago isip ko if I finally find the future father of my kids. Thank you for sharing information I can use in the future. Miss G, wala bang nagsabi na ang baho mo nung di ka naligo? joke lang po, Peace.

Comment by madam01

July 4, 2009 @ 9:30 am

hi ms G, it’s all worth the wait…very informative and full of practical tips…thanks for sharing

Comment by bridgette0729

July 4, 2009 @ 9:43 am

thanks ms. g for the every educating blog…actually i do that also after i gave birth…very effective talaga my daugther is already 6 years old & eversince i gave birth hindi ako nka expericence ng binat…

Comment by alexangel

July 4, 2009 @ 10:34 am

i love this entry! super informative!

actually, this practice is similar to the local practices in the rural areas in the Philippines. this is done even for people recovering from illness like trangkaso or flu. my mother used to administer it to me after i recover from flu: you know, the concoction of boiled leaves of guava, sambong, lagundi, etc. para di daw magkaroon ng relapse. and it’s very true. this is a local knowledge that we should all practice. wala nga lang mga ganung dahon dito sa syudad.

i’m homesick na tuloy. i miss nanay’s warm bath.

Comment by astigsadxb

July 4, 2009 @ 2:24 pm

hi !! i remember when i gave birth to my son 12 yrs back… di rin me pinaligo ng mommy ko ng almost a month grabe to think an walang a/c s ahaus namin ha…. grabe ang init tlga ..tapos syempre pinauupo pa ko sa arinola na my byabas etc… at symepre di pwede walang hilot dahil need daw na ibalik yung… ( whatever di ko na maalala yung exact explanation ng mommy ko. ) pero gie di lang chinese may GE-LAI even sa atin samga sinauna matatanda ganyan din ang do’s and dont after u give birth…

Comment by briannicolevivian

July 4, 2009 @ 5:10 pm

hello ms. g…

first time ko mag comment dito…heheh

same to me tigas din ng ulo ko…di ako nakikinig sa sinabi ng matatanda kay ito ako ngayon nag suffer sa laki ng bilbil parang may batang dala dala palagi sa tiyan…heheh

isa pa lang ang anak ko peru prang naka 3 na ako kasi ang laki ng tiyan ko di ko kasi sinunod mga sinabi nila tapos after giving birth to my bb nagpapa electric fan agad,,,ang result nahirapan akong huminga buti nlng fighter ako kaya naagapan kng hindi la na sana ako d2 ngayon…heheh at after 3 days of giving birth naglalaba na ako kaya yon nabinat tuloy…hehehe…ito pa 1 month after ko nanganak naglalaro na ako ng volleyball.

sana pala sinunod ko nlang mga sinasabi ng mga matatanda para di ako ganito ngayon…

sa susunod nlang if mabuntis pa ako..hehehe

thanks sa info ms. g

Comment by pepper_roz

July 4, 2009 @ 8:20 pm

thanks for the info..
i am actually in my 1st month na nagta try kami na mag baby ulit. After almost 5 yrs from my 1st anak.. ito kinda frustrating kasi I have my period just today.. Hay ang hirap na yata gumawa ng baby after mo magingat for some years.. I even put pillow under sa area ng balakang ko like what others advise me para masmapabilis makabuo. La pa rin..
Hope you can give me advise para magka baby na ulit.. hhaayyyzz…
But definitely pagnanganak na ko gagawin ko yang 1 month no bath, dahil sa 1st baby ko matigas din ulo ko, ito lagi masakit ang likod at balakang ko..

Comment by mandersnork

July 5, 2009 @ 1:23 am

very informative ms. G i will share this blog to my very close friend she said baka preggy daw cia 2nd child laki ng tyan nya as in mapagkamalan mong buntis kc nga d ng girdle.. kung pwde lng akong mabuntis i will follow this steps yan ang sabi ng matatanda wag maligo ng isang buwan pgkapanganak kya lng ang kaartehan kc sa katawan kya d makatiis kya cguro madali lng cla mabinat.. maraming tenk u and God bless

Comment by pink_tulips

July 5, 2009 @ 2:13 am

Gustong gusto ko yung feeling na pinapa upo ka sa boiled guava leaves at the same time yung pina pang hugas sa private part mo after you pee pee warm water from nilaga leaves din me calming effect sya. ginawa ko to nung pinanganak first baby ko kc I was surrounded by mga matatanda and wala tlaga akong right mag reklamo 17 yrs old lang ako nun ano bang alam ko. Maganda din yung kinalabasan ng pag hilot hilot sa akin. Ang di ko lang nagawa sa ginawa mo ang di maligo ng one month pero it takes awhile din bago ako pinaliguan ng maraming dahon dahon din na nilaga.

Nakakamiss nga yung pag spoil sa akin nung first delivery ko, pero dito sa america after kong mag CS sa second baby ko pinaliguan na din ako ng nurse the next day. Walang hilot at lalong walang boiled leaves. =(

Anyways sana manatiling healthy ka pati na rin si baby boy.

Comment by sexy_kapuso

July 5, 2009 @ 9:13 am

pero wow ha nakaya mo for one month. hehe
Promdi ako kaya parang yan ge-lai gawain yan ng mga babaeng taga from the province…parang ganyan din kasi turo ng lola ko sa mga auntie ko sa province.

pero ako hindi ko magawa sa time ko now kasi nga ma ritwalis. dami pang rituals. okay siguro kung sa pinas lang ako kasi may mauutusan. hahayz

Stay Healthy and Sexy!

Comment by ftzk2925

July 5, 2009 @ 11:47 pm

hello Ms.G
thanks sa info.ganda mdaming mtututunang lesson about sa post partum care.mas ok tlga ang mga gnung ritual.wla nnmang mwawala kung susundin natin db?my bb n rin ako isa p lang my plano pang sundan in due time kung bigyan p kami ni God kaso mdyo mtgal p kc andito ako sa ibang bansa ngwork.pero my plano p tlga kming sundan.so i just want to ask u kung ok ba yang pgpapahilot if CS delivery.kc sa unang bb ko CS then di ko nsunod ang gnun kc ntatakot ako kc nga my tahi.kya nga ang laki p rin ng tummy at puson ko till now almost 6 yrs na.so sana mabasa mo to.
wait ko reply mo.
God Bless always.

Comment by djelibeybi

July 6, 2009 @ 3:58 am

hi.. thanks for the blog.. i liked it.. kya lang i felt so much of pagsisisi bcoz i didn’t do the ge-lai.. I’m in canada and I’m married to a white guy and of course I have white in-laws.. hehehe.. they won’t understand it and wla nman akong kilalang pinoy dito na maghihilot.. and don’t even know where to find those leaves.. hehehe..

But… i do the breastfeeding… until now.. my son is already 2 years old.. at korek ka ms. G.. hindi nagkakasakit ang anak ko.. at malakas din ang immune system dahil hindi madaling mahawa sa ibang kids.. i recommend breastfeeding to all the future mothers.. at grabe! ang tipid!!! Basta wag sususko kung sa tingin mo walang lumalabas na milk from you.. konting back massage lang tapos punasan lang ng warm wet cloth yung paligid ng breast..especially when you use breast pumps.. lalabas din yan.. and keep on trying.. kasi kung gaano kadami yung nakukuha ng baby from you, ganon din kadami ang ipo-produce ng breast mo.. promise, it works.. sa mga working mommies naman, you can do it too.. pwedeng i-frozen ang breast milk.. iinitin lng sa hot water yung bottle na may frozen breast milk..good to go na.. hehehe.. hindi lang nutrition ang benefits ng breastfeeding.. it is also a mother-baby bonding moment.. you may not get enough sleep or broken sleep.. but it’s worth it.. promise..

thanks, MS. G. God Bless your beautiful family!

Comment by ask_me_to_stay

July 6, 2009 @ 9:53 am

hi Ms. G.. yap ur right.. ganyan din ako when i gave birth to my son 3 years ago.. kaya lang ang advise lang sakin is after 10 days pwede ng maligo, meron din ako hilot for more than a week.. and yes, ganon din, yung final hilot naman is para sumara nga daw nag uterus ko.. walang masama kung gagawin natin, kasi it will benefit us naman..

Comment by krisjitkate

July 6, 2009 @ 1:31 pm

very informative…gagawin ko to sa next baby ko…I’m still hoping for a boy also…=) tnx!!!

Comment by gem

July 6, 2009 @ 3:33 pm

i super love you giselle! thanks for this another informative blog.. planning to have a baby na kasi and one of my fears is baka lumaki puson ko after giving birth.. i’ll surely take note of these.. salamat!!!! :D

Comment by jeweltones

July 6, 2009 @ 6:50 pm

miss g! im still single but il take this advice seriously. i dont think i can take not taking a shower for a month!!! but im loving the boiled leaves part.

i love your blogs, so sensible and informative.

ganda ng pics niyo ha.

cant the yaya be the one to stay up late na lang tapos sa day na lang yung mom magttake over? haha, i know it sounds bratty but i love to sleep.

Comment by echuserangpanot

July 8, 2009 @ 9:31 pm

Hi! Reading your blog was actually fun. I have never tried to pass a day without taking a bath or just a quick shower, but for a month??!! wow, i truly admire you for the courage and the dedication. And I’m quite sure that you enjoyed the result, not just for you but for your husband as well :). I’m also a mom to a 3 y/o hyperactive son. I had him on normal delivery, and in less than 24 hrs after giving birth to him I was asked by the head nurse to take a shower. I was kinda scared not because of any complications it may cause, but for the pain or hapdi I’d feel! When I told the story to my Mom, she’s gone berserk. She wanted to fly straight to the US so she could confront the nurse herself, LOL! I’m happy for you that you have your entire family and loving friends supporting you all the way. I want to personally experience what you’ve gone through, and yes, I’m willing to sacrifice the joy of taking a bath if it’s for the best! Congratulations Ms. Giselle! God bless your family.

Comment by kiwipinay

July 10, 2009 @ 1:15 pm

hi mg g!

ginawa ko din yung pag upo sa pinakuluang dahon ng bayabas nakahubad tagaktak nga pawis ko tuwing pinapagawa sakin ng mommy ko yun. di rin ako naligo ng 3 weeks punas punas lang at wash wash puday ika 4th week pinaluguan ako ni mommy ng pinakuluang dahon 7 klaseng dahon na limot ko na pangalan. Higpit nanay ko eh walang lusot 35yrs old ako nung nanganak ako feeling ko baby parin ako ng mommy ko! miss you mom! miss the phils!
thanks ms. g for the post!


July 11, 2009 @ 5:12 am

hello miss giselle…antagal ko ng hindi nakapagcomment…anyway…first of all i would like to congratulate you for your successful delivery and VERY POGING BABY…also, thank you…thank you…thank you sa mga beauty advices mo…i have a question though…can you tell me where i can but the lotion/oil na carica? i am here in he u.s and i have not heard of it…phil product ba to or imported and where i can buy it? thank you very much po…more power…and god bless you and your beautiful family…

Comment by chin01

July 12, 2009 @ 1:08 pm

hi po ms. g

hindi mo po sinagot tanong ko about stretch mark (sad) waiting pa naman ako till this blog,excited na buksan ang blog mo, kaso dissapointed ako.

pero paulit-ulit ko binabasa ang blog mo infairness ha..para mamemorize ko mga pinangagawa mo, on december kasi manganganak na ako..

ask ko lang po ms. g at sa mga readers na din, how long po ang pag-upo sa bayabas? 1 week po ba?

kasi parang gusto ko din syang gawin..

salamat po sa mag-aabalang sumagot…

Comment by josemarian

July 13, 2009 @ 7:42 pm

hello ms G
i always wait for your blog..I really really like reading yours..its very informative and educational..
more power ms G and god bless your family!

Comment by chikka2470

July 15, 2009 @ 9:03 pm

Another thing the Chinese do is to cook almost anything with sesame oil, coz sesame oil can bring back the heat to your body after too much coldness during birth. In my opinion, ano ba naman ang magtiis ng 1 month na walang ligo, kesa singilin ako ng katawan ko pag matanda na ako dahil sa pasma at kung anu ano pang sakit.

Comment by labmykids

July 16, 2009 @ 9:32 am

Ms. G, i just had my baby boy like u last feb. me tips ka ba for falling hair? sabe due to childbirth daw (hormones baga) kaso nakaka praning na, pls share naman kung me alam kang remedies dyan, lab na lab ko ang blog mo super prangka ka kase wa na kyems!


Comment by bellacaya

August 6, 2009 @ 12:53 pm

Oh, this is really informative, my hubby and i just found out that I’m 8 weeks pregnant, it would be my first ,and Im 32 yrs. old, so imagine my fear or excitement bah tawag dun. I am very far from my family
and in this country people rely on Doctors and medicines, unlike us we have our old folks tried by years experience. I would love to do the GELAI, but
can’t find manghihilot here. What they have is foot, chest, hand, head ,back massage, they also have those commercialiazed masssage like Thai, or Swedish, basta mga ka-ekekan. So i’ll try the guave, after 7 months, I hope I can return to my normal figure by then.

Comment by char_018

August 8, 2009 @ 1:03 am

Ms. G..miss ko na po blog nyo..sana mag update na po kayo ulit=)

aliw din pala ko kanina kasi nakita namin ng hubby ko ang mayaman mong cutie na hubby sa isang building sa Ayala, Makati..hehehhee..naaliw talaga ko..he seems nice pala talaga..

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