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Top Quotes of Imee Marcos (Classic ito!)

Filed under: Opinions — GSM0d at 9:16 pm on Friday, February 24, 2012

Bilang producer ng Pinta*Kasi, na maipapalabas sa SM Baguio, SM Davao, and SM Batangas sa February 29, nagpasya akong gawin siya subject sa aking blog entry.

Hindi ko ikukuwento ang kanyang talambuhay, don’t worry…Pero inilista ko ang mga naaalala kong quotes ng politician na magpapakita ng kanyang humor.

Basahin niyo ang mga nasa ibaba:
1. Public Servant Quote

Imee: “You know why he lost? Because he and his family are eye-poor.”

Giselle: “Imee, what’s eye-poor?”

Imee: “Eye-poor, Mata-pobre, hello!”

2. Her best friend Bessie Badilla, former model and actress, who is now the Carnival Queen in Sao Paolo, Brazil brought some Brazilians to Manila. They went to a party but Bessie was late so Imee was left baby-sitting Bessie’s Brazilians. When the press asked the Ilocos Norte governor about the handsome Brazilians beside her, she answered, “I didn’t have time to buy gladiator shoes, so I brought them as my accessories.” Ito ang best quote ever para sa akin

3. Some friends were making a comment about the acting of Kris Aquino. I told them to stop because she was a fellow actress and, in fairness, she was nice to me when we were in high school. Imee followed suit and said, “Giselle is right, everyone in this table should stop talking about Kris Aquino, she’s my P.R.”

4. Imee was so mad at at a former president for endorsing her rival in the gubernatorial campaign after promising her that he was going to endorse her. “I texted him a five-page angst text, then I erased it because I realized I texted it all in English!” Pero friends na raw sila ngayon.

5. In her party last year, Senator Loren Legarda asked her how old she was. She changed the topic and complimented the senator’s dress. But Loren was persistent.

Loren: “No, really how old are you?”

Imee: “I’m 100 years old! Now, let me bring you to your table.”

6. Quote about her mom Imelda Romualdez Marcos while shopping in Divisoria 168:

“Yes it’s true. My mom goes to 168. Her happiness is to give things away to everyone she sees. If she doesn’t shop it in 168 and in some expensive store, mamumulubi kami!”

7. Quote about her dad President Ferdinand Marcos.

Giselle: “Imee, it’s pretty windy. The wind is knocking down the entire set and backdrop. You want to call a lunch break first before we resume.”

Imee: “No, it’s my father. Sorry, Dad, we didn’t ask permission that we’re going to shoot in your house. You can stop now ‘coz you’re creeping them out.”

And the wind stopped. (That was the time, we got creeped out.)

8. “What do you wear when you’re a governor? This is a fashion nightmare! Now I have to give all my sexy clothes to you and buy new ones!”

9. “I made my son Matthew commute in MRT everyday from the house to his work in Makati so he would know the value of money and hard labor. Then my mom finds out and gives him her Benz. Purrrrrrfect!”

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