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What Happens When You Spend 21 days with Gabby Concepcion?

Filed under: Travelogue — GSM0d at 3:43 pm on Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gabby Concepcion was as hot as Piolo Pascual during the ’80s. I would even think hotter!

Every school and office girl had the matinee idol’s pin-up in her bedroom wall including me.

So you could just imagine how I feel whenever I see Gabby Concepcion up to now——starstruck, star dazed, and kilig to the bones! (Ang luma ng expression! Sing-luma ko!)

So what happens when you work for 21 days and nights with your idol in the most romantic cities in the world——Florence, Rome, Reggio d’Calabria, Madrid, and Monte Carlo——and the two of you are all alone to do whatever you want?

WaLa! Bokya! Nada! Zilch!

Kapag idol, idol! Ilalagay mo sa pedestal! Di mo puwede manyakin kahit lasheng! Promise!

I remember another matinee idol (not Gabby).

When I became an actress, I got the chance to party with him in his condo, where his friends were also in attendance.

I went over to the balcony to check if my driver was already parked and ready to pick me up.

He followed. That time, we were both single. We chatted a bit then he looked at my eyes and said, “Parang ang sarap halikan ng lips mo.”

Eto na sana ang pagkakataon ko! Kung pokpok lang ako, sasagutin ko siya ng, “Bakit di mo subukan?”

O kung mas hayok pa ako, sinunggaban ko na talaga, promise!

Kaso, idol nga, e, kaya ang nangyari, kinilig to the bones ako at siyempre, pag nag-girlie kilig na ‘ko, ang resulta: tawa lang nang tawa.

So ano ending ko kay matinee idol number 2? Bokya pud.

Pero buti na rin kasi balita ko yung kinama niya nung gabing yun ay nagkasakit sa pepe.

Kakaloka! Ang guwapo pa naman ni matinee idol number 2 at ang bango bango!

Anyway, mabalik Kay Gabby Concepcion, what really happened to me and Gab (Uy, close na kami…Gab na ang tawag ko sa kanya) in those 21 days?

Abangan in three days as I promise to refresh my blog every three days!

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