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Si Sam Milby

Filed under: Features — admin at 6:21 pm on Friday, March 19, 2010

Japan, Japan, sagot sa Kahirapan!

Korek! Galing po ang inyong Gspot sa Japan para makalikom ng campaigh funds para pambili ng diaper at gatas ni Zappa. Bwahahaha!

Oy, di pala biro ang gastos kapag natapos ka nang mag-breastfeed, two kyiaw (gay linggo for two thousand pesos) a week para lang sa gatas at diaper!

Siguro naaliw yung mga taga-KDDI (a telecom in Japan) sa akin at sinama uli ako, kasama ng kanilang endorser na si Sam Milby. Grabe ha, masyado na kami magkasama ni Sam sa ibang bansa, baka ma-develop na kami lalo na at “available” daw siya ngayon. Aaaaaaaayaw ng fans! Kaso mukhang malabo mangyari kasi ang tawag niya sa akin ay “Ate Giselle”—isyeyt! At and mga tanong sa akin ay puro—“How’s your baby? “—double isyeyt!

Our last trip to Japan with Sam was last year when we went to Nagoya with Randy Santiago, Pinoy Dream Academy stars Jay-R Siaboc and Liezel (CLICK HERE.) This time around, the gang comprised of Zanjoe Marudo, and PDA stars Laarni Lozada and Bugoy.

When Sam Milby boarded the plane, he told me he only had two hours of sleep. Babe, I Love You is set to have it’s grand opening in Philippine theaters on April 3, Black Saturday, and they haven’t finished the shoot. He told me that due to his hectic schedule, he was averaging two to three hours a night for consecutive days. I told him that he can sleep the whole night when we arrive in Tokyo since our show was the next day.

When you don’t get enough sleep, you binge on food, obvious ba with the ramen? Dati sushi, ngayon naman ramen, takaw mo, Sam!

Concert day, I caught him dozing off in the dressing room so I asked him if he slept well the night before. He told me that he only slept for four hours. Siguro namamahay. We were called for rehearsals, where he rehearsed his ten songs and our two production numbers. Todo-bigay si Sam, parang concert na niya mismo, e, rehearsals pa lang. I told him to conserve his energy.

On the concert itself, the crowd was roaring so, his energy doubled and he was high with the crowd’s cheers. Madali paligayahin ang mga Pilipino sa Tokyo. Kapag nagpapatawa ako, grabe humalagpak ang mga OFWs at tumatayo pa at pumapalakpak. Sa “meet and greet” the stars, bugbog sarado si Sam sa mga halik ng girls. Ang wa-wild!

As a big sister, I worried about Sam. He’s been averaging eight hours of sleep in three days (he needs 24). If I were in his shoes, I would be floating while singing—perfomance level, ten songs during rehearsals, and then another ten songs during the show. Theater 1010 in Tokyo had had a 1,500 seating capacity, we had an additional 400 SRO and 90 percent of the audience were women. After the show, in the meet and greet, he was mobbed and kissed by literally a thousand women. I was secretly praying that his body would NOT give up. I would still need it in the night. JOKE! May asawa at anak na po ako!

After the successful concert, I was very much surprised because Sam still joined us for dinner. I guess he was hungry. Sam said he liked our group—Zanjoe, Bugoy, Laarni, Caress (his road manager), Monch Novales (Star Magic), Donnie (PDA road manager), Enrique Olives (TFC Japan head), Jen Mariano, Mickey Munoz (TFC), Rigi Bumagat (TFC), Keren Pascual and myself.

After dinner, some members french exited home, others proceeded to shop in the 24-hour superstore Don Quixote. Laarni, Bugoy, Zanjoe, and I were planning to go Roponggi bar hopping. We were going to invite Sam but he excused himself for the bathroom. Then he disappeared. We all thought he went home since he really looked very tired, so we proceeded to go bar hopping without Sam.

But TFC Japan head Enrique Olives had a weird feeling in his spine so he went back to the bathroom with Bugoy and Zanjoe and, true enough, Sam was still inside the bathroom, he passed out. He told Enrique he just felt dizzy and blacked out. He was in the Japanese public toilet floor for a good thirty minutes.

It was a good thing Japan is known for its honesty, so nobody took his wallet while he was flat on the bathroom floor. When Enrique arrived, the manager was trying to help Sam up. Please take note that Sam did not drink any Sake or red wine.

Averaging eight hours of sleep in three days, rehearsing and performing a total of twenty songs in a performance level, kissed and mobbed by literally a thousand women, Sam’s body could not take the stress toll and gave up. And it just had to be in a public bathroom without anybody knowing it.

It was a good thing TFC Japan head Enrique Olives had a father’s sixth sense and knew something was wrong to his “prized” child. My advise to Sam—Health is Wealth. Yes, you strike when you’re hot, but you may not be able to strike when your body gives up on you. So please please Sam, so many women are counting on that body not to give up…including me (joke).


Blogs coming soon: “Si Zanjoe Marudo, Si Bugoy at Laarni, Things Japanese Find Disgraceful.”

PEPsters in Athens Greece and Santorini, Eric Santos and I will be there for a concert in Athens on March 28, Sunday. Then we’ll party in Santorini island after. Any Filipino guides that can help us out?

My backpacker hostel fronting Panglao beach is ready by April 1. Now you can enjoy beautiful white sand on a budget. Fan rooms are P500 per person and aircon rooms are P1,000 per person. You may also rent the whole house at P30,000—good for 25 people. Interested parties may email Mel Villanueva at giselle.events@yahoo.com.


Comment by bears

March 19, 2010 @ 11:17 pm

wawa naman si sam o.O

Comment by gingersnap

March 20, 2010 @ 1:53 am

hirap talaga pag artista ka at sobrang indemand. naisasakripisyo pati ang health. kaya ayoko mag artista eh! charing! hahahaha

Gspot wait ko yang next entry mo. mukhang masaya yan! lol

Comment by scumbag_dublin

March 20, 2010 @ 3:59 am

tsk..kawawa naman si sam! buti walang nang.rape sa kanya sa bathroom (joke)! no but seriously, every artist, including sam should take good care of themselves and never sacrifice their health for money and fame only..it should be balanced!now im re-thinking tuloy if i should pursue my dream to be a star! hahahahahha

ms.g tnx at may post kang bago, i’ll wait for the next post….thank you for your time writing this blog!

ingat ka din po at sa family mo:)

Comment by marcine

March 20, 2010 @ 10:29 am

nice one ms. G! can’t wait sa next entry… :)

Comment by lovejlc

March 20, 2010 @ 9:19 pm

hi ms giselle, namiss ko na ng bongga ang entry mo ha.. ang tagal bago magpost uli.. nasa japan pala hehehe.. anyways wawa nman si sam.. 30mins wla nagcr sa inyO/ at hndi nga mawawla un wallet ni sam kc wla nman pumasok sa cr dhil kung meron malalaman na andoon cya hehehe.. anyways excted ako sa next entry mo.. GOD BLESS US ALL

Comment by mindfreak79

March 21, 2010 @ 2:09 am

hirap talaga maging artista..
minsan wala ka na talagang tulog,tapos mag location shoot pa kau tapos next day mall show kau sa ibang lugar and u still have to look good!
well, good luck sa concert nyo sa athens..
tagal ko ng wish makita si erik santos..
pag nagco concert naman kc dito sa US palagi sa cali..
para namang sa cali lang me pilipino hehe!
at un salamat sa blog ms giselle..
me nababasa ako pag day off ko..
san pala ung panglao?
tagal ko ng di nakaka uwi tuloy di ko na alam mga hottest beach spots sa pinas..
ingats lagi.

Comment by chewable

March 21, 2010 @ 4:07 am

wow, im excited on your Panglao Hostel! share to us the link to its (future) website! :)

Comment by ria_air

March 23, 2010 @ 11:12 am

huling-huli si Sam sa camera… kain kung kain ehehehe

Comment by Starbelle

March 24, 2010 @ 6:57 pm

Giselle, naaliw ako sa blog mo! Galing :-)

Sana mas madalas. Hehehe. Libangan ko kasi ito, e.


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