Sydney with Milby

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I was honored to be with the Prince of Hotness Sam Milby in Sydney, Australia.

I have always found this guy charming and easy to get along with. In spite of the fact that he is very popular and handsome, he still has a good head on his shoulders.

I remember the time we flew on a private plane to Mindoro. It was a four-seater.

Sam was with his manager Erick Raymundo, and I was with my assistant, who was a young girl we hired from the province.

It was her first time to fly and it had to be a small private plane. We were seated behind Sam and she was super “kilig” because Sam was directly in front of her.

The plane ride was very bumpy with a lot of air pockets. It was a four-seater so you could really feel your guts go up and down with the plane. It was like a roller coaster ride for
about an hour. Immediately after landing, my assistant could not hold on to her guts anymore nor could she wait for me to get a plastic bag.

She just barfed her dizziness away with her barf trajecting to Sam Milby’s nape.

“Oh no! This is so embarrassing,” I was thinking of Sam’s reaction to the mixed chorizo, egg, and rice on his neck , arms and jacket but on
the contrary, he was more concerned on the well being of my assistant, offering her water before he attended to himself.

That’s Sam Milby, a true gentleman!

Sam arrived on the day of our show with his sister Ada.

It was like he had no jet lag. He was full of energy and sharing a few jokes in the car while his sister was asleep in the van.

During the concert, he sang a cut from his new album and I was pretty impressed by his voice. You see, I dont really have faith on handsome guys that sing. It’s just too unfair if you’re equipped
with a beautiful face and God adds a beautiful voice to it.

When I heard Sam sing, I realized God can be unfair sometimes—good looks, fantastic voice, kind heart. What more can he ask for? A girlfriend probably.

But with his career soaring like the wind, who needs time for a girlfriend? So we all pretended to be the girlfriend of Sam that night (though he really did not seem to notice)—me, the ladies of Globe Telecom Aileen Averion and Lizet Sabalvaro , even my mom and my sister in law Michelle Nery Sanchez. We went bar hopping in Sydney and had a great time.

I was able to create new friends in Sydney.

Just recently, I got a call from a friend of mine who went to the wake and viewing of singer and actor RJ Rosales who died last December 4.

RJ became popular in the Philippines when he signed up with ABS-CBN last 2004. He appeared on a number of ABS-CBN shows including Attagirl, Sa Puso Ko, Iingatan Ka, and ASAP.

He was also part of the 2005 multi-awarded Metro Manila Film Festival drama Blue Moon, which gave him a Best Supporting Actor nomination.

The last time I spoke with RJ was last 1998 during a corporate event we both hosted, and he told me that he was moving to Singapore because he landed title role in the musical Chang and Eng.

He then proceeded to do lead roles for musicales The Student Prince, Man of Letters, Cabaret, and Forbidden City.

He also appeared on Singaporean shows such as Spin and Style Doctors.

RJ maintained a career shuttling between the Philippines, Australia, and Singapore since.

The thirty-seven year old talented thespian was scheduled to perform in Singapore for the year-end production of Dream Academy’s Crazy Christmas but pulled out a week before his death “because of a personal medical condition,” according to Dream Academy’s press release. He then went back to his home in Sydney.

Crazy Christmas director Selena Tan declined to comment on his health and the cause of death, and said: “This is all irrelevant now. We are all trying to deal with the grief and we have to respect what the family wants, which is privacy.”

My friend who went to the viewing told me that there was a rumor spreading that the cause of his death was suicide due to depression; another rumor claimed it was heart attack.

Since his family requested for privacy in their period of mourning, maybe instead of rumor-mongering, we should all just pray for his soul.