Melai, Megan, & other stars surprise me

Filed under: Features — GSM0d at 4:23 pm on Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I am officially 29 and a liar!

Maraming salamat kina Melai Cantiveros, MYX VJ Megan Young, Boboy Garovillo ng Apo Hiking Society, ang aking  best friend na si Ina Raymundo, and bampira ng Imortal na si Princess Manzon , ang Indie actress na si Althea Vega, at Vagina Monologues producer Mia Dbian. Sumugod sila sa aking kaarawan noong May 4, 2011 at sinurpresa ako.

Kakatawa si Melai nang makita si Ina Raymundo. Na-starstruck at biglang nag-curtsy (nag-bow) nang ma-introduce sila.

I did not think my best friend is showbiz royalty but she is. Piolo Pascual also told me that the very first time he saw Ina, he was starstruck as well. Then five minutes later, he was to kiss her, and he was so nervous.

Melai super dooper loves children. Palagi niyang hinihiram sa mom ko my one-year-old son Zappa kasi daw kamukha ni Sto. Nino.

I really planned a swimming party for my family, and I was wondering why my husband Emil prepared so much food. Little did I know that he invited the cast of Mana Po and other close friends. He made my birthday more memorable. I love you, bebe!

Things I need to do now that I’m older, hahahah!

  1. Lose weight—jog everyday (not in the treadmill but on real ground) Cardio is best if I want to have the arms and body of Megan Young.
  2. Have a botox at Zen Institute in the Fort or on Tomas Morato in Shakeys. Aminin, hindi na ‘ko bata.
  3. Have younger friends para mahawa sa kabataan, hahaha!
  4. Keep my existing older friends because it is through them that I get wisdom and a lot of advice on new beauty technologies and good doctors!  Plus, our friendship has been tested for years.
  5. Read more books.
  6. Serve God more.
  7. Balance work and family.
  8. Get more sleep.
  9. Write more blogs.
  10. Write more jokes and new material.

Now that I have lived a hundred years, hahaha! Let me share with you some wisdom that really helped me in my life:

  1. If the Lord has added one day to your life, it is not because you need it. Rather, it is because somebody else needs you.
  2. Do not fall into the tragedy of letting your value depend upon your valuables. (So what kung sikat ka? Kung artista ka? Kung mayaman ka? Kung matalino ka? Meron pang mas hihigit sa ‘yo na tao kaya huwag kang mayabang.)
  3. It is a great a great feeling to know that the Lord answers your prayers, but a far greater feeling to know that he has used you to be the answer to somebody else’s prayers.