AJ’s eyes and Fatima Soriano

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Today, April 19, Fatima Soriano and her mother Fely came from Dra. Mae Singson of the Asian Hospital in Alabang. The two announced that they are very much thankful to AJ’s parents for choosing them, but due to Fatima’s retina problem, the eye transplant would be futile.

“Sobra kami nagpapasalamat sa mga magulang ni A.J. Sigurado kami na mas may kailangan pa ng mga mata ni A.J. Siguro ito talaga ang itinakada ng Diyos,” the mother of Fatima told me on the phone. (“Others are more in need of AJ’s eyes than us. I guess this is what the Lord has planned.”)

Instead of feeling disheartened that she will not be able to see, Fatima told her mother while on their way to a recollection, “Siguro nga may matutulungang iba ang mga mata ni AJ. Baka din kasi hindi ko na makita si Mama Mary at makausap kapag nakakita na ako.”

Maria Fatima Victa Soriano was discovered by Father Jerry Orbos at the age of 10. She called in the priest’s radio program, where she told that she was born blind and was diagnosed with kidney failure, end-stage, and would  have dialysis every four hours, five times a day.

But she told the priest that she was happy for she had hope and started singing on the radio. So many people were touched by her phone interview including Father Jerry Orbos, who started producing fund raising concerts to help her dialysis costs and hopefully a kidney transplant. With God’s grace, she has had a successful kidney transplant last February 28, 2004.

Father Jerry was overwhelmed because the fund raising concerts turned into healing concerts. Every time Fatima would raise her hand and sing, the faithful who couldn’t walk began to walk and those who were sick were healed. Those who had problems were touched and inspired.

She also had the ability to talk to Mother Mary personally, and give a message from Her that will blow your mind. Mine was!

Minsan, nagkatabi kami at sinabi niya ang message ni Mama Mary para sa akin. Naloka talaga ako kasi una sa lahat, walang may alam sa problema ko o pinagdadaanan ko, ultimo asawa ko. Pero alam niya at sinabi niya ang solusyon dahil yun ang sabi ni Mama Mary. Nakakalokah talaga!

During the trying times of Ted Failon, after the death of his wife, it was Fatima that gave Ted hope. Fatima was in ABS-CBN for a guesting, saw Ted and told Mama Mary’s message to Ted. Ted was shocked, surprised and was almost in tears.

It’s just so ironic that the blind and sick child can heal so many people but cannot heal herself. But she told me when we saw again each other in Marikina that she would rather not see because she is afraid that Mama Mary will not talk her anymore in case she does see.

Father Orbos wrote in Inquirer: “We had healing Masses with Fatima Soriano in the San Francisco area in California, and the response in Vallejo, Union City, Hayward, Fremont, San Bruno and Milpitas was overwhelming. …Our message of joy and God’s unconditional love, together with Fatima’s message of trust and hope, was something people wanted and needed to hear. All that people need to hear sometimes is not more issues or projects, or doctrines. All they need to hear is that there is hope, and that they are loved.”

This Holy week, let us ponder on God’s message of hope and love. Na mahal niya tayo kahit ano pa o sino pa tayo…God loves us, hinihingi lang niya na bumalik tayo sa kanya dahil madalas nakakalimutan na natin siya. (God loves us no matter who we are or what we have done. All He asks is that we go back to Him because oftentimes we just forget Him.)

After reading this blog, why not talk to Him. Baka matagal-tagal niyo na rin Siyang hindi nakausap. I did. And I asked forgiveness because there were times I was so proud and did not learn how to ask forgiveness from my fellowmen.

There were times that all I thought of was myself, and I forgot that God was just there waiting for me to tell him, “I love you too my God. And I thank you for your love and keeping me alive. Because as long as I’m alive, hope of change will always be there.”

Pilar Pilapil, a fighter!

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I am writing this blog so that we can all pray together for the speedy recovery of veteran actress and my fellow cast member Pilar Pilapil, who is currently fighting for her dear life.

Yesterday, April 14, Pilar was blooming and beautiful when she attended our press conference for the Vagina Monologues, which will be staged at the Teatrino in Greenhills, San Juan. She had a very powerful aura that filled the place, and the press people were ultimately drawn to her asking her more questions.

The cast of Vaginal Monologues: (from left) Khalila Aguiluz, Giselle sanchez (Gspot), Ms Pilar Pilapil, Princess Manzon and Angelina

I did not know that she is already 60 years old. (Although she did appear as my mother in my life story shown in the Kapuso network’s Magpakailanman.) Her energy yesterday was that of a 25-year-old actress answering what the reporters were throwing at her.

She was the only one that answered Ricky Lo’s question, “So, will you invite PNoy to watch Vagina Monologues on April 29 and 30?”

“Yes, President Noynoy should learn more about the vaginas to be able to understand them more,” replied the 1967 Bb. Pilipinas-Universe. Only the brave can answer such a question.

And only the brave can survive such a mishap.

After our press conference, Tita Pilar went to Marikina Riverbanks with her friend Rosel Rosalem, and encountered two armed men who forcibly took them to Piedra Blanca Homes in Antipolo. They stabbed the former beauty queen several times and threw her in a blank lot in the subdivision to die.

The men probably thought that at Tita Pilar’s age, she wouldn’t survive. But they obviously underestimated the fighting power of Pilar Pilapil. Pilar is feisty and she will not rest until these men are caught and locked up in jail. In spite of her multiple stabbed wounds, the actress was able to get up and call for help from the residents of the village who rushed her to the hospital.

Just yesterday, Pilar told the press that she is enraged about men who do not respect the women and their vaginas. She also told the press that the reason she joined Vagina Monologues was to “educate everybody that a vagina should be respected and handled with care and love, after all we all came from a vagina,” said Tita Pilar without batting an eyelash.

Despite the fact that she’s a born again Christian, the respected actress joined the cast of the play because its proceeds will be donated to the abused women in Haiti and the Women’s Crisis Center here Metro Manila. Tita Pilar also has a foundation that helps battered and abused women, so this production is very much in line with her advocacy.

Because the men who did this to her are still at large, we cannot disclose what hospital she is in right now. My producer Mia D’Bayan, who is with her right now in the hospital, says, “Pilar Pilapil is stable but we are asking for your prayers for her speedy recovery.”

I am also asking if you can pray for Pilar’s friend Rosel Rosalem, whom the armed men took. Up to now, there has been no word or news about her.