Boy Abunda, Bayani, Sunshine Cruz, and Ken Lee

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For those of you who do not know Ken Lee or cannot relate to the lyrics below, please watch the video and have a good laugh. For those who know Ken Lee already, please sing while seated. If you’re in the office, make sure you do it very quietly, almost whispering, para hindi matanggal sa trabaho. But if you’re just in your room or at home—tawagin ang buong pamilya, pati si Mimay at ang asong si Tagpi, at kantahin with feelings to the tune of Mariah Carey’s “Without You.” I promise mawawala yung stress mo!

No one ken to ken to sivme
Nor yun klees tojo maliveh
When I gez aju saveteh nalechoo more
Nu Yonooz tonigh moli nigh
Yon sorra shoo, yes ee shooo,

Refrain: Ken Lee, tulibu dibu douchoo
Ken Leee meju more

Birit pls: Ken Lee, tulibu dibu douchoo
Ken Leee meju more

Wala lang, I just wanted you to smile or, hopefully, laugh a bit.

Ever since I was three years old, I never go to sleep without making a person laugh or smile. It’s all I want to do in life—make people happy. I guess that’s what I’m meant to do in my life.


The former owner of my house asked me if I could continue the tradition of holding swimming lessons every summer because the kids in the village always look forward to it. I couldn’t promise him because I was thinking of my privacy being violated with an open house. Ang hobby ko pa naman ay ang maglakad sa bahay nang hubo’t-hubad (Joke! Pero may kilala akong sikat na TV host na lalaking ganyan. Itago nalang natin siya sa pangalang — Ayaw ko…Mawawalan ako ng friends, weeeeeeee!).

I changed my mind and decided to hold summer swimming lessons in my home after Atty. Mario Lozada promised me that they will be the one to take care of everything. All I need was to lend my pool. Hmmm. Magandang raket din ito. Matutuloy ang summer swimming school tradition ng Rolling Hills, may pambayad pa ako ng Meralco! O, siya. Go!

(Interested parties may call the Lozada Swimming School at 7234347 and look for Lucia.)


Boy Abunda is one of the greatest persons I have met. He is not my manager but he is always there to lend a helping hand. Duirng my last guesting, I asked him if he could help me promote my swimming school, and he brought his entire crew with Bayani Agbayani for an entire segment.

During our taping, he told me a funny story. In Leyte, when you turn three years old, your parents start to throw you in the beach and you have to fend for yourself to survive. That’s how he learned how to swim. SOLID! What I love about Tito Boy is that he is not ashamed of his humble roots in Leyte.

In Visayan, “Parihas ming anak sang pobreng uten,” and were proud of it!Speaking of “uten,” he also narrated another hilarious story of how he got circumcised. When Tito Boy turned twelve, his parents sent him to the “Manong” near the beach. There was a line of naked adolescent little boys and in the beginning of the line was a Manong with his Labaha or knife. Manong was chewing guava leaves, and when it was Tito Boy’s turn to face the camera (figure of speech lang po ito), the Manong told him to look up at the lizard on the tree. Before the young Boy Abunda could say that there was no lizard on the tree, he was screaming in pain. It was done. Manong spit the chewed guava leaves in his hand, put it in the circumcised area, and told Boy to join the rest of the “new men” in the beach for faster healing. Guavas and salt on your fresh wound in your “uten!” What a painful passage to manhood. I can just imagine your faces while you read this blog. Hahahaha!



Bayani Agbayani is another great person with humble beginnings. Living in Malabon, he worked his way up from making coffee for the staff of GMA-7 to becoming a production assistant, to burning his brows as a writer, and now earning the highest moolah as a comedian in show business. Naalala ko pa siya, twelve years ago sa TV show naming SST sa Channel 7, binabatuk-batukan pa siya ni Randy sa TV at dine-deadma-deadma ni Lenlen habang nililigawan niya. Ngayon, asawa na niya si Lenlen, may binabatukan na siya sa TV, si Bentong, at and yaman-yaman na niya.

Kapag masipag at magaling kang tao, gaganda talaga ang katayuan mo sa buhay. Kaya hala pepsters, gamitin na ang “Law of Attraction” na pinapanuod ko sa inyo sa huling blog ko. Sabay-sabay tayong managarap at yumaman!


I’m set to do a commercial next week. My manager Manny Valera advised me to have my teeth whitened and fix my veneers kasi yellowish at basag na siya. Take a look at this pic at pansinin ang ipin.


So I asked around and found out that Dr. Lizette Rivas of De Los Santos Megaclinic in Megamall was the best cosmetic dental surgeon in town. O, ‘di ba? Dati “dentista” lang ang tawag sa kanila. Ngayon, over sa pagka-sophisticated ng mga titles ha! The term “cosmetic” came upon the arrival of “veneers” in the dental industry. Veneers are composite or porcelain materials that can cover tooth enamel, uneven tooth alignment, spacing, chips or cracks. Most actors have veneers not because they have cracks or spaces in their teeth. It’s because veneers give us the illusion that we have pearly white teeth. Pang-commercial baga!

Back in the old days, yellow teeth were considered healthy teeth. Pero nang mauso ang commercials kung saan ang ipin mo ay kumukutikutitap, hayun white teeth became the IN teeth at nalaos si yellow. Naalala ko tuloy yung kinakanta ng maid ko na toothpaste commercial: “Mother, father, brader, sester, how do you brush your tits?”

Sabi ko, “Ate inday, hindi po tits. Teeth! Ang tits po ay dede.”

Anyway back to my story. Before putting in the veneers, Dr. Riza needed to whiten my teeth kasi sobrang yellow na nga siya. She placed this contraption in my mouth, so I won’t get tired and close it, while she was subjecting my teeth to laser light. Kakatakot itong contraption na ito. It was bigger than my husband’s p***s, so I really had a hard time with it in my mouth. I actually lost my gag reflex!


Anyway, natapos din ang aking ordeal at mukhang happy naman si Dra. Rivas sa outcome.



I received this letter from the U.P. College of Architecture. To summarize it, they’re inviting me to be the commencement speaker for the graduating class of 2008! Here are some snippets of the letter.


Dear Ms. Sanchez,

It is with honor and pleasure that I extend this invitation from the UP

College of Architecture to you to speak at our College Commencement on

Sunday, 27 April 2008.

You have distinguished yourself as a Magna Cum Laude honor graduate

of the UP College of Mass Communications, and have manifested a

creative intelligence in your chosen field. It is with a deep respect that

we perceive how you have managed the highest level of professionalism

and personal integrity in a creative industry that is tragically, so often

fraught with internecine conflicts, personal intrigues and pettiness…….

…..more than just intelligence, wit and creativity, you have exhibited the

ability to cope, survive, thrive and excel in your profession, and always

with a sense of balance, and the rare ability to “not take oneself too

seriously” in spite of your excellent talent and ability. We feel that you

are an excellent example of what a UP graduate should be.

Sincerely yours,

Dean, UP College of Architecture
University of the Philippine


PEPsters, help me! This is where I badly need your comments! Ano sasabihin ko dito? Will I run an academic boring speech? Baka makatulog ang batch? Or will I be the normal, crazy, bubbly Giselle, but will have form and content on my speech that will be empowering as well as inspiring to the graduates? Haaay! I’m so thankful that this blog is interactive. Kaya PEPster Adium, ‘di ba BS ka? At nagma-masters pa ‘di ba? Puwes tulungan mo ako ngayon. Ipakita mo na talagang magaling ka. I’m also asking the help of PEPsters Mike Abundo, lordmanilastone, Avi Siwa, Loyalfan, Cris, EnolaGay, closetjologs, parisiana, loyalfan, Super_Inday, majoy, and the rest of the PEPsters. If you can contribute to my speech, please do so. Thank you very much. (Read more… )

Attracting the Good and the Beautiful

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Haloo! Before we start getting “close,” I’d like to introduce myself and erase all the urban legends about me. My name is Giselle Sanchez, better known as “Ang Babaeng Pangit sa TV pero Maganda sa Personal.” I coined the phrase myself after getting tired or even pissed of hearing people say it to face, “Ang ganda mo pala sa personal, bakit ang pangit mo sa TV?”

Noong una, napapaaway ako at kadalasan kong sinusupladahan ang mga taong nagsasabing pangit ako sa TV. Siyempre may pagka-feeling beautiful din ako ng slight, hehe. The reason being is that I was brought up by my mother to have confidence to the highest level. She kept on reiterating that I was very beautiful, smart, and sexy. At siyempre, naniniwala naman ako sa nanay ko, ‘di ba? So I grew up with a lot of confidence in myself, and I believed in myself all the time. Minsan nga lang, SBSS! (see below for Acronym meanings) And so my mom and I would get into fights with people who would remark that I’m unattractive. Magi-iskandalo kami tuwing maririnig naming, “Bakit ang pangit mo sa TV?”

I finally watched myself on television, and saw my face get contorted whenever I make people laugh, or my eyes disappear when I start to laugh, or my gilagid becomes the only focal point of my face when I start laughing like Bella Flores. I realized, “Shet, pangit nga ako sa TV.”

Check this out to know what I was trying to say…

And so I faced the music na pangit nga ako sa TV, pero maganda naman ako sa personal. Please, please, pagbigyan na ninyo ako doon sa “maganda sa personal” na parte, magpasaya naman kayo ng tao kahit konti, para naman madagdagan ang blessings ninyo.

Kasi ‘pag okray kayo ng okray, bumabalik ang bad karma sa inyo. You become negative and the things around you become negative, including your fate. Suddenly, you lose your job or your boyfriend or you get sick or you have debts. That’s the law of attraction.

When you’re negative. You attract negative things. But when youre postive, you attract success, happiness, love, peace of mind. Kaya ako, kahit ‘di naman ako talagang kagandahan, feeling ko beautiful ako, because it gives me a positive attitude in life and attracts good vibes in my life. Kaya maganda ang buhay.

I would like you to watch the first twelve minutes of The Secret, so you could understand more the Law of Attraction. Then I will discuss more of that in my next blog.

DEFYING URBAN LEGENDS. “Giselle Sanchez is the younger sister of Korina Sanchez.”–NOT!

From time immemorial, Korina and I get our daily dose of this question, “Magkapatid ba kayong dalawa?” Sometimes I answer in my shows as a joke, “’Di po kami magkapatid pero inaamin po naming tatay namin si Mayor Sanchez.”

Korina B. Sanchez and Giselle B. Sanchez are NOT sisters. Yes, we may have similarities in facial features but she’s Kapampangan while I’m Bisaya. It’s kinda funny because we guested before in her show telling everyone that we’re not sisters. But it aggravated the rumor even more because they thought we were just creating a gimmick or something. Totally weird! Pero, atin-atin nalang ito—’pag nahuhuli ako ng coding ng pulis, sinasabi ko na kapatid ako ni Korina kasi takot pulis sa kanya, ewan ko kung bakit.

BORA HOLIDAY. For five years straight, my husband Emil and four year-old Lia sojourn to the white sands of Boracay to create great memories for Lia. I was brought up in a family that frequented the beach every summer. Cavite nga lang, kasi mahirap lang kami noon. Tumigil lang kami mag-Cavite nang umahon ako sa dagat nang may tae sa ulo. ‘Di joke yun! Totoo talaga yun. Tawa nang tawa brothers ko sa akin. Ako lang ‘di natawa sa nangyari. Ikaw nga, try mo maligo 17 times, kung di ba sasakit anit mo!

Anyway, back to Bora, we stayed in White House, the secret hideaway of celebrities in Station 1 (well, after this blog, not anymore!). Last year, I got to jam with so many celebrities in one cabana—Janno Gibbs, Bing Loyzaga, Mylene Dizon, Alicia Meyer, Bianca Gonzales, Bianca King, and Cheska Garcia . I think the reason why celebrities like White House is because of the way Lenard Tirol and his family treats them—like family.

This summer 2008 , the Bora crowd was getting younger and younger—Paolo Contis, Michelle and Ehra Madrigal, Maja Salvador, Mariana del Rio, Brian Revilla, Mark Herras, and some Brazilian models. Jon Herrera (owner of Embassy) and DJ Mars provided the dance music all day and night. BYOB kami! (Again, see below for Acronym meanings.)


BACK TO WORK: MANAY PO 2. Reality check, it’s Monday and I’m back to dub for Manay Po 2, where I join the powerhouse cast of Ruffa Mae Quinto, Cherrie Pie Picache, John Pratts, Polo Ravales, Sid Lucero, Jiro Manio, IC Mendoza, Mike Tan, Rubi-rubi ,and Alex Castro. This is a fun gay flick you have to watch on April 16, sobrang laugh trip!

ROTWFLOL! There’s a premiere on April 13 in Megamall kung gusto ninyo makita yung cast in person.

I also have to prepare for my corporate shows that I will host and perform for—BPI , Ajinamoto Asian Financial and Pediatrica. (Read more… )