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According to Oxford Dictionary, the word “groupie” means a young woman, who regularly follows a pop music group or other celebrity in the hope of meeting or getting to know them.

Personally, I use the word “groupie” for my different set of friends.

I’m sure you also have different sets of friends, where you share your different interests.

I was browsing through my albums and realized that I have “groupies” pala.

And does the groupie represent the different areas of one’s life and personality? Parang, e…

Here are my “groupies”:

Everyone knows about my Apat na Sikat group—which is composed of Gelli De Belen, Carmina Villarroel, and Aiko Melendez.

There are some things that we can talk about only among ourselves. We have a common denominator. We are all from show business, but I would like to believe na hindi kami “showbiz.”

I’m not saying that real friends in the biz are hard to find. Actually, it’s easy to make friends but it’s hard to maintain it. Why? Because of the work schedule, lifestyle, pressure, outside forces, shootings and tapings, pati na rin ribbon-cutting events, upcoming typhoons, traffic, politics, etc. Basta ganun talaga, hirap explain. Pero ganun talaga and maiintindihan niyo siguro ako kahit papaano.

Parang work ka ng isang company, pag transfer ka to another company, hirap naman to find time to connect with old officemates. Parang ganun.

Other than we all are from the biz, we are all mothers and have different responsibilities towards our families. Malalim yan, maniwala ka. In this groupie, no words are needed.

Madaling kausap. We understand and have accepted each other.

Meron din naman akong kababata friends/ community friends.

These are the people that I practically grew up with. Our families are intertwined by affinity and faith. We meet once a week for prayer meeting. Some of us have not shown up for the longest time, just like me before. Pero pag bumalik, no questions asked basta welcome back and back to normal.

We are bound by faith. Iba din naman ang tightness nito. There are some things that we only understand among us and others might find it weird.

I also have my theater groupie.

My UP College friends, whom I started to dream with, had worked with blood and sweat for the passion for arts and theater.

I can say they are also like family to me. They know me so much. They know me when I am okay and when I am not. I usually have my night-outs with them. I learned to drink and to stop drinking with these people.

This is actually a big group that’s also subdivided to mini-groupies. Parang ganun.

Part of this group is Direk Andoy Ranay, Peter Serrano, theater actress Frances Makil (who plays Adel in Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin), stage actor/make-up artist Ricci Chan, Eugene Domingo, John Lapus, Harlene Bautista, Direk Dante Garcia, Joel Saracho, and marami pang iba. Kung di kita nabanggit, napagod lang ako mag-type, kaya wag kang magtampo. Meron kaming mga pinagdaanan and naranasan na talaga namang nagkakaintindihan kami.

I also have my “ampons family.”

My friend and hairstylist Celeste Tuviera is my link to the “ampons,” then eventually, I became close to the entire Tuviera family.

There is some kind of warm, comfy, and secure feeling whenever I am with them. Mother Madz always comes up with wonderful gatherings that never fail to make me smile.

I will never forget the time I found myself in the middle of a controversy. I was given a surprise dinner that surely lifted lift my spirit.

Hindi ako umiyak dun. Pero napahagulgol ako pauwi after the gathering because I felt so much loved.

I don’t see them often, but whenever I do, it seems like we were just together yesterday.

I would usually pretend to be alright each time I am in front of them, but they seem to know me well. I cry to them. I complain. And they’re like a breath of fresh air. I have known my sibling here for years, even before we all got married. I know I can always run to them.

How weird that I don’t want them to worry much about me that’s why I pretend. Does that mean I’m not real to them? Hindi rin eh. Kasi nga they know everything. They know why I work, how I earn, whom I go out with, and etc. They are my other family apart from home.

I also have my Library groupie na parang nagko-cross over din sa Tuvieras and UP peeps.

The library people have also been my friends for more than a decade now. They knew me when I was single, got married, annulled, engaged, and cancelled. Hahahahaha!

Nothing seems to have changed. They are still the fun loving people. Of course ka-join dito sina Mamu, Philip Lazaro (kasama rin sa Ampons), Louie, Anton Diva, etc.

I also have this group of friends who don’t belong to any category. They are Direk Wenn Deramas, Thess Antonio, Ricky Rivero, Agot Isidro, Kuya Danny, DJ, Chokoleit, Uge, Sweet, Biboy Arboleda, Joel Mercado, Jon Santos, Direk Ruel Bayani, etc.

Kung di kita nabanggit, wag na magtampo at mahaba na ang entry ko.

Nag-cross over na naman kasi mga casting na tao. Kaibigan ko sila. Alam ko lang yun.

Meron din naman kaming mga topics na enjoy kami pag-usapan. We don’t often see each other pero tight kami. Meron kaming bonding na ang mapikon—out!

I also have my blacksheep groupie. Dito naman, kasama sina Lito Camo, Direk Willy Cuevas, and Aiko Melendez. The friendship started with the Yes Yes Show and to this day, we meet up to laugh, update and scold each other.

I also have a Fab 5 group, which includes my sister and three friends.

I also have this groupie from Manila. We also do business and pray together. Iba rin yun naman.

Maliban sa mga ito, meron pa akong ibang groupies and mini-groupies from a big groupie.

Dami ko palang friends and groups. I feel so blessed!

All of them are my real friends, and I have also been a true friend to them.

Ibig ba sabihin nun meron akong multiple personality?

Life is simply like that. We have different sets of friends. We just don’t realize how important is such fact. Different groupies, different nature, different gimmicks, different interests—the common denominator is ME.

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