Salonpas Moments in Hong Kong

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What happened?

In one of “AS” (apat na sikat) dinner meetings, the idea of an out-of-the-country trip popped up. Carmina Villarroel, Gelli de Belen, and I eagerly agreed that this should happen the soonest.

Sadly, Aiko had to beg off due to taping sked of Reputasyon. Basta naman trabaho and pamilya ang dahilan, no questions asked, excused and understood agad.

Carmina Villarroel wasted no time and booked us a flight to Hong Kong, which happened last weekend.

We were a group of four?with Gelli De Belen-Rivera, Carmina Villarroel, Janice De Belen, and myself. The three left earlier and took the first flight out last Friday, June 10.

I had a show to finish so I took the last flight, and that’s when my journey began. Why? My show ended at 5:00 p.m. and my flight was at 6:40 p.m.

Thank God! There was no traffic on a Friday rush hour.

My friends have been texting, sending messages via BlackBerry Mobile, and calling me about my whereabouts. They only stopped pestering me when I told them I was already on cue for the immigration line.

At that moment, the bad news of others was my good news. The flight was delayed. The stressful rush was eliminated. I even had the chance to visit the Mabuhay Lounge to drink water and eat some fruits. Lovely!

What better luck do I have than to meet some friends who were at the same flight as mine—debonair Edu Manzano and a pretty lady celebrating her birthday…Uy, what a lovely couple!

My friends called again and told me if I could just take a cab from the airport to our hotel. The adventurous part of me agreed with much excitement. But I must admit I was nervous at the same time.

Where do I get a cab? Where do I exit? Shall I go down or turn where? Just before I could figure out all the answers to the questions floating around my head, the good-hearted Edu Manzano insisted that he brings me to the hotel when he found out that I was going to take a cab. What a blessing from the lovely couple! Thank you once again Edu Manzano and beautiful long-legged birthday girl.

Finally I was at my hotel lobby. No sign of Gelli, Carmina or ate Janice though.

Candy: Asa’n na kayo?

Gelli:  Hotel lobby.

Candy: Ako rin kaya.

Gelli:  Sa’n banda? Nandito ako. Heto ako, naglalakad-lakad para makita kita.

Candy: Ako rin. Nagpapaikot-ikot ako dito.

Gelli:  (A bit irritated) Nasa’n ka ba? Lumapit na ako sa bellboy by the door. Canton Road, ha?!

Candy: (Impatient and tired) Yes. Canton road nga. Lumapit din ako sa may door. Kadikit ko na talaga yung bellboy by the door. Asa’n ka?

Gelli:  Impossible! Heto na ako, e. Bakit di kita makita?

Candy: Ano naman makukuha ko pag nagsinungalling ako na nandito na ako?

We were both exhausted, trying to find each other. I could hear Carmina commenting in the background, “Ask her if she’s at Marco Polo.”

I quickly answered, “Oo naman!”

“That’s weird. Nasa Marco Polo daw talaga siya,” Gelli relayed the message to Carmina.

“Isa lang naman ang Marco Polo Prince dito, e.” Carmina said.

“Prince? Wala kayong sinabing Prince.” I replied. “Tinext ko sa kanya yung Prince. Check kaya niya…” Carmina defended. “Mamaya na ‘yan. Okay na. Important na makita na muna natin siya. Nasa’n ka? Wag ka nang gagalaw diyan. Puntahan ka namin.”

Finally, we met. We forgot all about our heated exchange and were simply happy to see each other.

“Where’s Ate Janice?” I asked. “She’s at the room. She’s dead tired,” Carmina answered.

Tired on the first day? This is another story to tell.

The minute we entered the hotel room, Carmina showed me the spot for my things. We had a very spacious hotel suite. As I settled down inside the bedroom, I could hear them complaining about their aching feet at the living room. What a sight to behold!

And because of that night, I was inspired to write this

O, Salonpas! Ginhawa ka sa muscle na matigas!

Ikaw ba ay gamot o tagasabi ng totoong edad at oras,

Dahil kabataan di ko naman nakitaan

Salonpas ay kasama sa baunan.

Kahit ‘sang dikit ka mang itago

Ang amoy po ay umaalingasaw kahit nandito ako

Ang sa iyong paggammit ay parang nakakahiya

Pero para kay Flordeluna, mas mahusay ka pa sa masahista sa Spa.

Till my next entry. To be continued ang HK trip na ito.

Hopefully, I’d be able to figure out how to upload the videos. Be safe, PEPsters. Follow me at twitter: @candypangilinan.