May coincidence nga ba?

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Hello, PEPsters, Facebookers, Tweeps, and all the social networks all over the net.

It’s been such a long time since I had the courage to share my thoughts with everyone. Ayos ba?! Di na lang umamin na busy at pagod.

All alibis are half-meant in a way. Ang drama, di ba…Nahawa na yata ako kay Ms. Lorna Tolentino na parati kong kasama lately because of Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin.

I am truly blessed to be part of such a powerful cast with an interesting storyline, which is about love and family. But how is it different from the others?

The characters are very relevant. The Armed Forces of the Philippines and the rebels, as we call them, play a pivotal role in the plot. It is very timely with all the controversies and investigations happening to our military. But would you believe everything was coincidental? I can attest to this. Even before the issue boomed, we were already taping the soap.

What a coincidence!

I always say there are no coincidences in life. Every thing is part of the plan. Why? We may not understand it now, but one day it will all be revealed.

Recently, I accidentally bumped into a colleague at one of my meetings. I used the term accidentally simply because it was an accident. I would rather not see it as a coincidence. It’s not part of a plan, and that eventually, the reason will be revealed to me in the future. Why? Wala lang. Basta!

I really believe in the circle of life.

Do you guys remember when I was just a newbie in the industry? I used to impersonate Ms. Lorna Tolentino, and I must say I was doing it well. I was scouted by Boyong Baytion of ABS-CBN to portray Lorna Tolentino for the chop-chop massacre spoof for the defunct TV sitcom Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata.

They phoned me the night before to ask if I can impersonate Ms. LT while Joy would do Kris Aquino.

The chop-chop massacre had two versions with the two actresses as leads.

That was the major-major start of every thing for me. I used to tell my friends that one day, I would approach Ms. LT and thank her for it.

My first encounter with the grand slam queen was in Robinson’s Galleria— Gourmet Café, to be exact.

I approached her, gave her a rose, and simply said thank you. I was with Eugene Domingo that time and we were there to watch a movie when we saw Ms. LT and her friends enter the café.

Who would have thought that one day, I would be working side by side with the very person I used to impersonate. What an astonishing coincidence!  God really works in mysterious ways.

Here’s another trivial coincidence. The hairstylist of Ms. LT for MLKI is the same person that fixed my hair during my own wedding.

When I was starting the business, I got to work with a lot of people from different movie outfits.

I signed a six-year non-exclusive movie contract with Regal Films for two years.

I also had prior talks with Tita Mina Del Rosario of VIVA, but we never got to close the deal because she died the day before our set meeting.

Years after, I am now co-managed by VIVA with Manila Genesis.

I used to go to VIVA’s office near ABS-CBN. Wala lang. Pumupunta lang ako. Share ko lang. Coincidence?

It was something that was bound to happen no matter what although it was disrupted in the past. It’s a timely coincidence because just when the sky seemed so blue, the opportunity came along, putting a bit of sunshine into the horizons.

I am happy to be part of Bagets revival for TV5. Who wouldn’t remember such iconic film?!

I was still in school when it was released, and had a crush on Kuya Herbert Bautista. I also liked Raymond Lauchengco, Aga Muhlach, JC Bonin, and William Martinez. Crush ko pala sila lahat. How funny! Nag-abala pa akong gawing bright as day ang outfits ko, as influenced by Bagets’ layering style.

Now, I am a part of the cast as the mother of Aki, played originally by Herbert.

Mother na ako ng role ng crush ko. Here’s more. I can finally put into good use my addiction to Asian Drama.

In the show, I have three kids of different nationalities. I speak three foreign languages—Korean, Japanese, and American.

What a challenging coincidence!

My “I thought this is it love relationship” ended last December 1, 2010. Aiko’s four-year relationship with Mayor Patrick Meneses ended two months, February 14, 2011, after mine ended.

Now, we are both single again. Both men went live on Paparazzi for an interview. Tita Cristy Fermin criticized us both as well.

This is really a sad coincidence.

We are praying that we both find the right person God has prepared for us and our kids. But that would all be part of the plan, not merely a coincidence!

I recently celebrated my birthday with some friends. It was a biglaan sort of thing. Though mas nabigla ako sa dami ng pagkain na dinala ng mommy ko.

It rained during my birthday. It never fails to get included in my guest list. I was really expecting for it to happen, but I wasn’t expecting it to be a storm. Buti na lang, our theme was pambahay and tambay kaya okay lang.

Two years ago, I celebrated my birthday at the Taumbayan, and Gelli de Belen was the only one present among my four best friends.

This year, Gelli was the only one absent. I have to admit I missed some people who weren’t with me during my birthday. Pero kung sino ang dumating, kasama na yun sa coincidence. Kasama na yun sa plano. Madami din naman akong tinext kaso biglaan nga. Kung sino ang dumating, sila ang dapat na nandoon. It was what I just needed at the moment. Sapat. Sakto.

What a perfect coincidence!

Is there really such a thing as coincidence? I don’t think so. Everything that happens comes with a reason. It could be a consequence of an action, a choice, or God’s plan waiting to be unravelled.

Happy Birthday to all May celebrants: Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, Ms. Cory Vidanes, Mommy D, Richard Arellano, Shalani Soledad, Marjorie Barretto, etc… Behold! Yun na!