“Iba pa rin talaga ang Pinoy!”

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A month ago, nagmamadali kami ni Gelli na magkita sa Italliani’s sa may Araneta Center. Bakit? Watch kami kay Kim Hyun Joong. We both had a very hectic day and were literally in frenzy, not wanting to be late.

We love Kim Hyun Joong. Siya si Yoon Ji Hoo sa Boys Over Flowers. Gelli gave me some warning and disappointing news so as to prepare me for the worst…She had an one-on-one interview with the Korean actor/singer, and she didn’t get to take a picture with him. Ayaw daw. Sinong may ayaw? Si Kim Hyun Joong or manager…Sino? Thank you Gelli for the warning. But our excitement didn’t waver a bit.

We went inside the coliseum. We even saw Boss Vic Del Rosario and exchanged pleasantries. We begged him if we could have a picture with Kim Hyun Joong after the show. He promised us that he would try to make it happen.

Umaalog-alog sa luwag ang Araneta Coliseum. Ang liit ng stage. Bakit parang HS production. Sabi ng mga Pinoy staff na kilala namin, everything was decided upon by the Korean director. The stage design was not even close to the least of my expectation. After watching K-Pop videos, the set was such a disappointment. Look sa left and right. Aba! Welcome to Asia ang casting ng mga katabi namin. Some flew from Hongkong, Singapore, and Malaysia to watch “The Beast and Kim Hyun Joong.”

The show started with a poor opening act by a local girl group ensemble, na parang Pussy Cat Dolls na hindi na-achieve kaya laugh ang mga foreigners. Clap kami ni Gelli kahit pangit na tunay ang number. Lumabas ang boy band “The Beast.” Nagsimula na ang hiyawan ng tao. Nagpaka-involved na lang kami ni Gelli. In fairness, husay sila dance, smile sila, sing, pero wala akong naiintindihan.

Tagal lumabas ni Kim Hyun Joong. Finally, here comes Kim Hyun Joong. He is so thin. Indeed he is cute and charming. Dahil nga kilala namin yung local production, ask nila kung type namin give ng cake kay Kim Hyun Joong, bilang birthday niya. OO NAMAN! Excited ang dalawang Asian Novela Addicts. Hinarang kami ng Korean body guard when we were about to go onstage. Hinarang naman sila ng Pinoy. Magbibigay lang naman kami ng cake. Kay susungit naman ng mga ito.

Interview portion with Kim Hyun Joong. Meron ka-join na interpreter onstage. Parang Ms. Universe. Nag-akyat kami ng cake. Katabi ko na si Kim Hyun Joong pero hindi kami nag-usap kasi di naman kami magkakaintindihan. Bow lang kami ng bow to each other. Pa-comedy na yung situation. Ayaw pa sumindi ng mga candles sa cake. Tumulong na ang lolo mo na litong-lito rin kung ano ang gagawin.

After that, he sang another song. Then every one entered for the finale. Tapos na? Yun na yun? Yun na nga! Nakakaloka! Kumanta ng “Heal the World” na wala man akong naramdaman kundi awa kay Michael Jackson dahil hindi nila ginalang ang awiting ito.

Bawal magpa-picture. Galit yung mga Koreans. No picture! Ending naglapitan ang mga Pinoy sa amin at sa amin ni Gelli nagpa-picture. Nakakaloka! Kami ba ang nag-show? Bakit kami ang may photo op? Sabay meron isang girl ang nagsalita habang nagpapa-picture sa amin, “Iba pa rin ang Pinoy.”

Sinundo kami ni GB at sumunod kami kay Ariel. Doon namin kinuwento ang masalimuot na experience. Enjoy pa rin kami ni Gelli. Buti na lang magkasama kami. When I opened my bag, I realized that my wallet was missing. Oh no! That’s a gift and a nice one. Whew! Dahil nga Father’s Day ang susunod na araw, medyo malaki ang cash withdrawal to buy a gift for my mom and GB.

GB and I hurriedly went back to Araneta Coliseum to check on my missing wallet. We didn’t find it. We were in the midst of the egress of the production and technical crews asking if they found a wallet. I left Araneta with a heavy heart and a disappointed face.

Three weeks after, I went back to Araneta Coliseum to watch AS1 of partners-buddies Gary V. and Martin Nievera. Ang weird ng feeling as I was entering Araneta. I felt very uneasy. Na-trauma yata ako ng last Araneta concert ko. We were early kaya the house wasn’t full yet.

I looked around and saw familiar faces. Stars and executives from both ABS-CBN and GMA were present that night. The familiar faces made me less nervous. I was holding on to my bag. FEAR!

The show started with a showdown of the old songs of the two. Martin sang, “Please Don’t Throw My Love Away” and was encouraging the crowd to join him in singing. There were a few, like myself, who knew the song.
Gary sang his old song. I’m sorry…I can’t remember the song. But the crowd joined in singing.

Martin wittingly remarked “Fine! And you all know that song!” The crowd laughed.

After the showdown they greeted the audience and acknowledged the celebrities present. Martin was so funny. I really enjoyed his ad-libs and antics. The repartee of Gary and Martin was so entertaining. The partnership was perfect to a tee. Gary’s seriousness combined with Martin’s candidness was such a delight to witness.

Martin would always make fun of himself. He made use of his so-called “shortcomings” to his advantage. Gary on the other hand played along and always gave his friend the laugh, smile, and affirmation.

I really enjoyed the show. I liked their duet that talked about both their friendship and journey. I also enjoyed the role-playing. One instance, Martin had to pretend hating a certain number, and Gary V would insist they’d do it. They both did an awesome job.

Martin did a Broadway medley for his solo spot. I couldn’t help but shout “Bravo.” Kuya Gary did a perfect and precise dance number, where the Manouevres joined in.

The set was not extraordinary but definitely not ordinary. The levels of the stage were properly utilized.

There was also a production number with their kids. It was a treat for my five senses. The drum set was harnessed down on center stage for Gabriel. Keannna looked so lovely, but kinda shy. Paolo, Gary’s eldest, shone while showing his vocal prowess. Robin and Ram, the rockers, really brought the house down.

There was a slight pinch in my heart, a long and deep breath, and some lump in my throat while watching the fathers with their children onstage. How I wished my dad were alive to have at least watched me perform onstage.

The show lasted for about three hours. They sang all the songs that I wanted to hear. They made me travel down the memory lane. They gave me a high with their production numbers. They made me smile with their awesome voices, and laugh on their repartee.

Patapos na yung show when I saw my cousin, Kuya Joseph Pangilinan, who was seated like two rows in front of me. His face lighted upon seeing me. He pulled me to the side. “Meron ka yatang mga gamit na nasa guard dun sa South Gate, mga cards yata. Nakita ko yung license mo dun. Ayaw naman ibigay sa akin, sabihin ko na lang daw sa iyo.” Grabe! Nandoon yung license ko. We went to check on my things. Yung nawala sa akin noong Kim Hyun Joong show ay ibinalik nitong show na ito in so many ways.

My important cards minus the wallet and cash, everything was returned, hanggang I.D. picture. My joy and high expectations in watching a show at Araneta were instantly restored. I enjoyed the tandem, napa-twist and shout ako sa mind ko.

Totoo nga ang sabi noong babae, “Iba pa rin talaga ang Pinoy.” Oo nga, ibang-iba… Alam ang pulso ko, alam ang gusto ko, at higit sa lahat naiintindihan ko. Yun na!

The beautiful and the ugly

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Hello, PEPsters!

Ang dami kong gustong ikuwento sa inyo, starting with my mom’s birthday last July 1. We went to Pico De Loro. Malayo ba ang Pico De Loro or hindi lang ako handa sa mahabang zigzag travel? Nasa dulo ng Nasugbu ang Pico De Loro, kung saan ang feeling ko, konting panahon na lang malapit na ako sa States.

It was worth the trip after all the hilo and reklamo. Ang bumulaga sa akin: A beautiful nature scenery.

Ganda ng Philippines! Ganda ng beach! Ganda rin ng mga furniture na made from our local products. We transferred to the clubhouse, where the main dining is situated, using a shuttle. Yes, meron po silang shuttle, which the guests can use when they go around. Gutom na gutom na kami at sumisigaw na ang lahat ng buffet! The food was not that great. Pero kung gutom ka katulad ko, puwede na rin. Pero bawi naman sa service ng staff, parang ang sarap na rin ng pagkain.

I was amazed by its complete amenities. Meron silang game room (billiards and bowling) and a big playroom for the kids, where Quentin almost decided to sleep over. They also have badminton, tennis, basketball court, and a ping pong area.

The pool in the clubhouse has four different levels to match everyone’s preference. It is separated by structures for the sleeping areas and elevations to differentiate the jacuzzi from the pool, the lap pool, and the sunbathing area.

The sun bathing area is a 5-ft deep pool, where the sunbathing chairs are submerged in the water and facing the man-made lake, which faces the sun. Hindi yata ako ganun kagaling mag-describe. Basta ang point ko, maganda siya.

Did I mention that SM also owns this exclusive vacation place? Grabe ang SM, they really got it all for you and me!

I was with my whole family. We promised mom na aalis kami the next day, which was July 1, to travel to Lipa, Batangas. She wanted to visit the Mediatrix. Confirmed! Sleep kami sa Pico De Loro, kung saan mas marami pa ang guards kesa sa guests.

As promised, we traveled to Lipa the next day. In a Taal intersection, while waiting for the light to go green, we were strongly hit by another vehicle from behind.

Heto na ang istoryang “Banggaan.”

Agad bumaba si Mama, our driver, and GB to see what happened. I waited inside the car with Quentin and MM. Maya-maya, heto na ang Mommy ko, “Candy, bumaba ka diyan at parang may mali.” At talagang naniniwala ang mommy ko na maaayos ko ang mali. In obedience, I went down the car. I stood behind the lady who kept on shouting at the guy who was driving the car that hit us. “Honey, Ayaw ba? Ayaw? Anong sabi? Sino ba dapat ang kausapin ng maayos na ito?”

Dahan-dahan kong binaba ang shades ko at ibinigay ko nang buong ningning ang smile ko, “Ako po.” Sabay shift to relaxed mode si babaeng halos lumabas na ang pharynx sa kasisigaw. “Puwede ba ho na sabihin na lang natin sa police report na ako ang nagda-drive nung nabangga namin kayo?”

Sincere ang pagtataka ko, “Bakit po?” Without batting an eyelash na sumagot naman ang girl ng “Para wala ng complications sa insurance.”

Lalo naman ako naguluhan. “Paano naman magiging complicated sa insurance?” Sabay ismid to all sides ang girl, na naglabas ng cell phone. “Hello, Honey…” na nagmamadaling nagsara ng pinto ng car. Pan to the guy, whom she just called “honey,” na hindi naman gumagamit ng cell phone.

Dumating ang mga pulis na amoy nakainom. Sa presinto na lang daw tapusin ang usapang ito. Parang magkakilala yung mga pulis at yung lalake na nakabangga sa amin. Hmmm, merong something…Hindi ko na po babanggitin kung anong presinto ito at ang pangalan ng mga taong involved. Maraming mga rebelasyon ang lumabas sa hapong ito.

1. Hindi naman pala mag-asawa yung magkasamang babae at lalaki na nakabangga sa amin.

2. Ang may-ari ng sasakyan ay yung babae, na meron din itong asawa at conjugal property nila ang sasakyan na nakabangga. Nakita namin ito sa registry ng sasakyan.

3. Pulis yung lalakeng nakabangga sa amin at meron din siyang asawang pulis pero sa ibang bayan sila naka-destino.

Pinagpipilitan nila na wag gumawa ng spot report kasi daw hindi na kailangan. Kung bakit ayaw nila ng spot report, hindi ko alam. Pero sigurado akong nagtatakipan ang mga hinayupak na mga pulis na ito. Sa station na ito, meron namang mababait na pulis na nagsabi sa akin ng buong sitwasyon. Nakakaloka, two hours na kami sa presinto at hindi pa rin tapos ang police report! Bakit?! Gaano ba katagal ang police report at two hours in the making? Obviously, they were stalling time. E, kung five minutes pa lang ako nandun, saka ko nalaman na ang dami palang sanga-sanggang kuwento at kasinunggalingan ang involved sa simpleng banggaan na ito, baka hinayaan ko na at naawa din ako sa birthday celebrant. Wala na siyang aabutang bukas na simbahan.

After agreeing that they will shoulder all expenses, and getting a copy of the police report, we left for the Mediatrix. Ang naabutan namin ay saradong gate ng simbahan. Nagdasal na lang kami sa labas. Kumain ng bulalo sa restaurant na ang pangalan ay “Grace kapatid ni Rose restaurant and bulalohan.” Katabi siya ng restaurant ni “Rose.”

According sa mga tao dun, magkapatid daw ang dalawa na dating may-ari ng “RoseGrace restaurant.” Nung nag-away, ‘yan ang ending. Para silang sira sa mga subtitle na names. Kahit wala kang kaalam-alam about their fight, nakaka-curious ang set up and names ng establishments nila. Okay din, kasi napansin namin, yun ang topic ng katabi rin naming table. At least meron napag-uusapan ang mga clients. Pangit!

Looking back sa whole-day events, pag meron ka palang kasalanan, mas mainit pa ang ulo mo kesa sa mga taong nasaktan. Ang isang kasinunggalingan pala ay mahirap pagtakpan kung di ka magsisinungaling muli. Nakakapagod pala tumambay sa presinto.

Ang ganda ng Philippines. Kahit anong sitwasyon, basta sama-sama ang family nagiging masayang experience ito. Ang ganda ng mga lumang bahay at lumang simbahan na nadaanan namin.

Yung akala pala ng tao na nagsisikreto ng isang bagay ay sikreto, hindi naman pala sikreto. Alam ng lahat ng tao sa paligid ang truth at trying hard lang yung nagsisikreto na isikreto. Nakakatawa talaga ang buhay at kung paano ginagamit ng Diyos ang bawat tao para tumino tayo. Lahat ng sikreto nabubunyag. Ang lahat ng tao ay merong kanya-kanyang kuwento.

Malalaman at makikilala mo pala ang isang tao sa oras ng krisis. Kahit anong delubyo ang pinagdadaanan ng tao, it depends sa tao kung paano ito iha-handle. Kasi si Quentin, the whole time, masaya naman siya. Ang birthday ay isang araw lang pero how you are going to spend this year is a greater assignment. Kaya naman pala happy birthday hindi dahil sa mga nangyari sa araw na ito, kung hindi dahil umabot ka sa araw na ito.

Dalawang oras pala gawin ang police report. Ang spot report, hindi pala on the spot nire-report. Marami din naman mabait na police at honest sa katungkulan. Kahit ano pa ang trabaho mo, magtatakipan ang magkakaibigan, iyan ba ang result ang bayanihan? Hindi naman pala lahat ng pulis ay umiinom sa hapon, nagkataon kasi na nanggaling sila sa binyagan. Yun na!