Whatta month!!!

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What a month…

May is my birthday month. Indeed, so many things happened to me this month. Most of them, I experienced the first time, while some, it felt like it was my first time. The firsts are always memorable and they leave a mark in our lives. The firsts usually set the standard or basis for the second and so forth.

In half a month, I went through a roller-coaster of emotions, I mean from extreme up to extreme down. It was quite tiring.

Whenever I get tired, I cannot help but reflect. There were moments that left me gaping in awe, and I had to ask myself why…Why now? Hindi ba puwede na yung ibang incidents next month naman para maka-tamang phasing ako? There are so many questions running on my mind, and I have been trying to answer them in my capacity.

Here are my firsts during the first half of my birthday month:

1. I’m currently part of the cast of ABS-CBN soap opera Only You. It’s my first to play kontrabida.

2. It’s my first time to work with direk Rory Quintos, Angel Locsin, and Sam Milby.

3. It’s my first time to play the role of a chef. I must tell you, it’s quite challenging.

4. I did a show for a Petroleum company and it’s my first to work with Maverick. I surely had fun.

5. I’ve been going out lately after a long time, meeting my friends, seeing old faces, and I realize how much I missed them. Every time I am out with them, it is like having my first laugh, first toast, and first conversation again.



6. I recently became close to my relatives. A death in the family had drawn us to bond together. Since then, we started partying together, but that was not the first time. We prayed together, that was a first. It felt good.

7. I also had the chance to rekindle my friendship with a cousin. We used to play together when we were small, but we lost in touch as we were growing up. Now, we are back. Kinuwento niya sa akin ang lahat ng nangyari sa kanya. Ako naman, kinuwento ko rin ang mga highlights na kailangan niyang malaman. Ang nakakatuwa dito, parang di naman kami nagkahiwalay ng matagal. Tama nga sil, from something bad arises new beginnings and new things. Sa totoo lang, ang layo namin sa isa’t isa geographically speaking. But the thought of having a cousin I can rely on is comforting.


8. I became extra close to a friend recently. Paano ko ba ito i-e-explain? I have found a friend and confidant in him, and I hope na ganun din siya. Ang high school ba?! Parang high school pero hindi, when I scrutinize the intensity of our relationship. We both know that we have responsibilities that’s why it’s not high school. E, parang first time ang feeling kasi. The person makes me smile, think, wonder, and appreciate the little things. I don’t know if after my annulment, he’s going to be my first and last. I just hope that our friendship will last forever. If that happens, that would be the first.

9. It’s my first time to visit Coron, Palawan. Ganda ng ‘Pinas!


10. It’s my first time to eat at a karinderia in Espana. ‘Tapos tumayo ako sa kalye ng Espana at 6:00 p.m. Masaya! Natuwa ako sa experience na ito. Babalik ako sa Pares house na yun kasi po masarap at mura.

11. First time namin ni Quentin pumunta ng UP para mag-jogging ng umaga. Isang mainit na Linggo ng umaga, kami ay sumabay sa mga joggers at pamilyang nag-strolling sa UP. Simple pero rock! Opo, rock talaga! Kasi ayaw ni Q sa mga patag na daan. Gusto niya trekking sa damuhan, akyat baba sa matatarik na lugar at habulan sa damo.


12. It’s my first time to witness my son Quentin do some acting—as in, he knew he was just acting and was intentionally doing so. My heart jumped when I heard him say “Mom, help. Please help.” Paglingon ko, nakadapa sa carpet at nagpapatulong tumayo. Ano kaya yun? (Read more… )

My apologies

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Kahit ilang ulit ko po i-edit ang apology statement ko, alam ko po na nangyari na ang nangyari. I am hoping though that you will see sincerity in all my efforts.

I will do a public apology on TV tonight.

Some people asked me to do it, but even if they didn’t, I will still make one because sadness has been killing me. I feel sad because people took my remark as a major slur. It’s carelessness on my part. It was the first time something like that happened to me, and I hope that you will all find in your heart to forgive me.

I will be in SNN and TV Patrol. I have answered most of the comments in my Facebook and Multiply accounts. I am hoping for your understanding. I am trying to reach the Igorot community, including other communities, to apologize. If you can give me numbers or urls, that will be very much appreciated.

I am more disappointed with myself for being so irresponsible. Even if I didn’t intend to mean it that way, I accept my mistake. No explanation would suffice now.

I ask myself why all these things are happening. And the realization: It’s a humbling experience.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day than today. I hope that I can truly reach out to all of you and extend my sincerest apologies. I pray that you won’t crucify me for this one mistake.

If this is a wake-up call, effective siya. Sobra! I believe that in humility, there is power. In all honesty and with all humility, hindi ko po sinasadya. Hindi po yun ang gusto kong iparating. Patawad po. Sorry talaga.


Last Saturday, May 9, the day after my birthday, I finished my taping at 8:00 a.m. and left Manila to fulfill a commitment in Baguio at 2:00 p.m.

I am truly sorry because I uttered an insensitive statement during the event. I did not mean to hurt anyone, especially, our Igorot brothers and sisters. It was a careless remark and for that, I am truly sorry. The harm was done and regardless of my explanation and whatever my intention was when I uttered such words, any defense would not matter at this point. It was wrong.

I clearly remember that I did apologize for the careless statement I said during the show. Comedians have the tendency to go overboard and deliver lines, which they deem as witty and hilarious punchlines. But, sometimes, they can get reckless.

Truly, I am sorry for my mistake. I have learned a precious lesson, and I am sorry that I had hurt people in the process.

I delivered the lines incorrectly. I had no sleep that day and was very tired. In all of my shows, I try to make it a point that my audience would feel that I am a part of the entire group and that I am one with them, but I made a mistake this time.

If you were there and had finished the show, you would have heard me acknowledge my blunder. I apologized and explained myself. I even went on, uplifting the Benguet/Igorot Community.

I am very proud of their contribution to the society. I, as a person and a Filipino, would never intentionally discriminate nor disrespect my roots, my ancestors, and my fellow Filipinos.
In summary, I pray that people would realize that I do not look down on anyone regardless of the race, heritage, or religion.

Again, I am deeply sorry.

I hope that you will find in your hearts to forgive me, though I know it may be difficult to understand where I was coming from. It was one major error, and may the Lord Jesus Christ forgive me, and give all of us peace.