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Puwede bang mag-sorry?

I’m truly sorry to all my dear PEPsters for the late blog entry. Puwedeng give ninyo ako ng bonggang-bonggang another chance?

Let me give you a quick rundown of what happened to me this past month. I fell in love. Joke. I thought I was. I am still pondering if I am. Maybe I am just amused. Puwedeng maging honest? Let’s change the topic…

GUAM. Pooh and I went to Guam for a two-day show with TFC (The Filipino Channel). What can I say about Guam? There’s a long stretch of beach fronting different hotels and resort, it’s a haven for shopping because it’s tax-free, plus, 40% of Guam’s population are Filipinos. Most of the old properties and establishments are owned by Filipinos. Ang taray! In other words, isa siyang malaking Subic. Merong mga rules and umaapaw ang foreigners, and, I was one of them.



Whenever I am given the opportunity to travel, I have to admit that I really shop for my son’s clothes. There are more choices and it’s much cheaper. Puwedeng maligaw? I was in a panic-buying mode that I lost track of my friends. I mean, I lost track of myself. I was store-hopping and simply got confused. Thank goodness, I saw a Filipino.

“Excuse me,” I politely approached her assuming that she would recognize me.

“Yeah?” She looked at me nonchalantly.

I gave her my sweetest and most charming smile. I was almost sure she recognized me. Kaya naman nagpa-cute ako na nagtanong, “Kapatid, saan ba ang exit dito?”

I was shocked by her answer, “You must think I’m from the Philippines. I’m always mistaken for being one. Well, my whole family is mistaken to be Filipinos. This is not the first time. I am a Chamorro [indigenous people of Mariana Islands]. Your people must be pretty close to approach anyone you don’t know, but think of the same country.”

Freeze. Locked Frame. Whatta?! Ang liit, maitim, makapal nang slight ang labi, at pango pero hindi siya Pilipino? Sorry! Puwedeng magkamali? The natives of Guam look exactly like us. Puwedeng magkalituhan, di ba?

. I made good friends in Guam. I met Mike Constantino, Myrish, and Dave, all from TFC. Puwedeng cool silang tao? Puwedeng umamin na naghihintay pa ako ng mga sususod kong trips? I cannot tell yet where, because it’s all inquiries and TFC hasn’t confirmed anything. Puwedeng hello Mickey Munoz! Mickey is the head of TFC or kung ano man ang job title niya, basta meron siyang sariling office at nagbabasa siya ng PEP.

I was supposed to leave for Europe with Pooh and Vhong Navarro. What happened? I don’t know? Puwedeng mainis.

I lost quite a number of projects because of this trip. It pisses me off that all schedules are now messed up. Puwedeng ma-disappoint? Uubra naman to feel such but huwag over-acting. Lahat ng acting, dapat sakto lang.
PROJECTS. Two weeks ago, I made a guesting at Judy-Ann and Ryan’s new sitcom, George and Michael. It was the first time I worked with Direk Joey Reyes as a director. We’ve known each other for the longest time, and I was privileged to portray eccentric characters from his scripts. These characters earned me nominations and the nod of public approval. I’m not so sure if I have thanked him enough for this. Puwedeng mag-thank you kay Direk Joey? Direk Joey Reyes, thank you for the wonderful roles.
Today is my first taping day for Only You, a Koreanovela adaptation. I’m excited. I’m nervous. Puwedeng malito ang emotions? Ubra. Pero dapat sakto lang. My character here is an executive chef who lost her passion for cooking. Jillian, played by Angel Locsin, will be my greatest enemy, but eventually, I will have a change of heart and see the goodness in her.

Only You every day at ABS-CBN primetime bida, with Angel Locsin, Sam Milby, Diether Ocampo and a list of wonderful actors…ehem…I’m one of them.

Puwedeng matuwa? Kasi naman sa dami ng naka-line up sa life ko because of schedule, hindi natutuloy…Hangga’t hindi na natutuloy at all. Puwedeng matuloy?  Ubra.

JUDAY AND RYAN. It was also the first time I saw Ryan and Juday as a couple working together. Puwedeng mainggit? Ubra. They got married. They made it very solemn and private. Puwedeng matuwa? Puwedeng huwag na rin magtampo ang mga walang alam about it? Puwedeng just let it be? Puwedeng mag-wish? I just wish that both  of you will forever cherish the commitment you made to each other and to the Lord. It goes beyond feelings. It’s a decision, and I pray that both of you make good decisions for each other, together, forever. Puwedeng mag sigh? (Haaaay.)

I’ve been busy writing lately for something. Puwedeng secret? Baka maudlot na naman or mawala.

. I had also been privileged this past week to join some feeding programs led by Red Cross, Zonta of Quezon City (an international socio-civic organization, whose women-members usually have coiffed hair), and the Catholic Living Word Prayer Community. Puwedeng ma-high? I am not joking pero merong certain high whenever you do something good. Ubra. Pero dapat sakto lang at baka yumabang.

. I also attended Q’s graduation, where I realized na totoo pala yung mga nasa movies that the mother is usually on tears upon seeing her son/daughter onstage, even if the child was a mere passerby. The day I was watching my son onstage, I felt guilty. Puwedeng umamin? It was like I fell short as a mother because I usually work, and as a  father…The feeling was overwhelming when I saw my son doing his thing onstage, his own thing apart from what everybody was doing.


Puwedeng magulat? He has grown. I started questioning myself if I had been beside my son during the times he needed me most? Maybe this is what a single mom feels. Guilt. In the middle of every thing I do is my son Quentin. Will he be able to understand this one day? I pray so. I can already feel the burning sensation in my eyes. I will not give in. Puwedeng magtapang-tapangan? Ubra sabi ni mama, pero dapat sakto lang kasi kailangan mo rin ng tulong para di ka pagod.

Puwedeng magmayabang? My son is such a scene stealer. He’s so comfortable onstage. He enjoys performing. He loves the attention and the reaction he elicits from the people. Ay, oo nga pala, ADHD, attention deficit… Aside from the attention he was getting, he was enjoying himself. He is such a natural performer.

Mother’s day is so near, and I would like to extend my love and gratitude to all the mothers in the whole world. Walastik ka, chikababes! There’s one thing I’ve realized: A person plays different roles depending on the situations and people. Sometimes, I am a blogger or a friend, an actress or a host, a tourist or a daughter, a sister or a boss, a partner or a fan, a spectator or a hesitant lover.

To top all these, I am a mother 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, back to back with whatever role I’m assuming. I can be a blogger, writing this very piece but the moment Q wakes up, I have to stop and check on him. I am an actress, but in the middle of taping or work, I call home and ask how Q is doing. I believe that the greatest task God has put in a mother’s heart is to be a mother.

Puwedeng umamin? Ubra. Basta sakto lang…Many things had happened to me these past four weeks. I encountered so many people. I felt good so many times. But not every thing that feels good is right simply because I am a mother. Lahat naman puwede. Lahat ng bagay, ubra, basta sakto lang.

Puwdeng mag-plug? On May 9, Sunday, I will be in Baguio for a mother’s day free open concert sa SM.

Puwedeng bumati? Ubra, basta sakto lang kasi, baka hindi na isali ng PEP pag sobrang haba.

RIKKA, MACOLIT, CHIKADORY: I’m watching Boys over Flowers now. Guwapo nga si Jun Pyo. Gisto ko rin yung character ni Ji Hoo.

DRAMAFANBOY: Medyo dissapointed nga ako nang slight sa boys when I compare it with the Japanese and Taiwanese version. Though yung plot ng Korean, parang mas pulido. Jun Matsumoto is a good actor.

KILLERSMILE: I have no idea if there are DVDs of that. I’m so sorry.

Hi, MARK...

Try watching Korean movies naman, like A Moment to Remember and A Wolf’s Temptation. Watch mo rin Japanese drama Pride.

FRANCEZCA:  Thanks for being honest about not liking my blog style. At least you always visit and check it out, thanks talaga.

POISON IVY: I’m a fan of Gossip Girl and Brothers and Sisters.

I will talk about my mother soon.

KAKASUYASHOWBIZ: Ano kaya yun? Nag-enjoy ka pala dati. Try ka lang ng isa pa, ayun, mahu-hook ka na naman.

NANAMIENZO, KIT: Ewan ko lang, ha.

PUWEDENG TAPUSIN ANG PAGBATI NEXT TIME? Ubra. Kayo pa, understanding naman kayo, eh. Love you all. Thanks for taking the time to read and relax.