For a change

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After for the For the First Time, I thank God for all the work He has given me, and everyone who watched it.

I’ve been busy taping and preparing for Camera Cafe’s 5th season and first year anniversary. Isang taon na po ang Camera Cafe.

Close up sa mga faces ng readers: Ano yun?

Heto po yung show na three minutes lang tinatakbo. Ang eksena ay sa office corridor na nasa harapan ng isang vendo machine. Five times po ito ipapalabas sa QTV at three times naman sa GMA-7. Yung camera namin, nasa harapan at yun na yun….


Pan to the readers: Ay oo. Yun pala yun. Camera Cafe pala ang title nun.

Kakaibang concept diba?! Nakakaaliw. Nakakabaliw. Nakaka-tense din ang taping. Pag nagkamali ka, parang crime, kasi from the top ay uulitin. Walang cure. For a change, para sa first year anniversary, merong group presentation contest. Ka-group ko sina Assunta De Rossi, Vince De Jesus, and Wilma Doesn’t. Tagal ko nang hindi gumagawa ng group presentation. Maliban sa karangalan na magaling ang group ninyo, may prize money worth 100k. Aba, what a motivation!

Meron din po akong ginagawang teleserye ngayon para sa ABS-CBN. Kasama ko po dito sina Judy Ann Santos, Derek Ramsay, Angel Aquino, Rio Locsin, Melanie Marquez, Will Devaughn, Ina Feleo, Maxine Eigenmann, Meryl Streep, Sally Field at marami pang iba. O, laban ba kayo sa Meryl and Sally?


For a change, iba din naman ang role ko.

In Humiling Ako sa Langit, I will play a battered wife and an overly protective mother to my daughter, to the point na nag-nursing ako para samahan ang anak ko na nursing student din. Si Judy Ann Santos ang aming chief instructor. Si Derek ay classmate ko. And the plot thickens…

For a change, real profession and place of work ang focus ng plot. The plot revolves around the lives of the people that go in and out of the hospital.


For a change, mahirap umadlib kasi merong medical terms involved. Seryoso talaga naming pinag-aaralan ang mga cases. Even the way we move are carefully instructed by our on-the-set doctor and nurse. Opo, meron kaming ka-join na doctor and nurse on the set na nakatutok sa mga ginagawa namin. Taray, di ba?! Abangan sa end of October ang airing namin.


For a change sa mga corporate shows na ginagawa ko, I was given the chance to have a story telling session with the kids at Robinsons Galleria. Nakakaaliw pala mag-story telling. Nakakatuwa basahan ng books ang mga bata. Feeling ko nagbata-bataan din ako.




For a change, iba naman ang experience dito. Kung sa mga normal corporate shows ay nagmo-motivate pa ako ng audience to participate, dito ang mga bata walang tigil sa pagtatanong. Ang dami nilang tanong, di ko na alam kung paano sila sasagutin nang sabay-sabay.

(

The scanner

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As promised, mga friends ko naman from way back ang i-share ko sa inyo. Heto yung mga friends that I got to know even before I entered show business.


At inamin ko naman sa inyo na meron akong bagong scanner, di ba. Hindi ko alam kung ang pa-senti mode ko ay epekto ng scanner o epekto ng rainy weather or both. Kaka-scan ko lang ng mga pictures, napa-look back tuloy ako. O, medyo mahaba ito kaya konting pasensya. ‘Pag binasa mo, eventually, matatapos din naman.


Let me start with my grade school friends in Maryknoll, now known as Miriam. Fine! Got it! Maryknoll pa ang name ng school na yun dati when I was studying.


I remember Pia Agoncillo, with whom I had a fight because she said Mahinhin Domingo was her best friend and not me. We were walking along the corridors when she pushed that sensitive “best friend” issue. And that was also when I transformed from a sweet-refined girl to an angry kanto girl, and I pulled her hair. Brouhaha!


It was a cheap fight, but it made me value every friend I had since then. I also made promised that I would never consider only one person as my best friend, kasi nga ‘pag nawawala, masakit.


I became friends with Melanor Abad and Liezl Tiaquio, who are both out of the country as of this writing. We parted ways when we were “honorably dismissed” due to conduct, specifically, an offense of forgery.


Looking back, I can really call it an honorable dismissal. I forged the signature of Melanor’s aunt in her excuse letter. She was absent the day before the exam, and without an excuse letter she won’t be able to take it. Unfortunately, merong nagsumbong at nahuli kami. I could continue studying in Maryknoll with a condition: my teachers should issue letter of recommendation and the principal should approve it. All my teachers signed, but there was no principal to approve it. She was in Hawaii. Grrrr!


Anyhow, from Child Study to first year high school—with seven classes and roughly 45 students each class—please do not let me enumerate all of their names. But I still remember all of them.


Meron ding bus mates/friends na sila Dinnah, Leah, and Marivic. Si Dinnah, anak ng barangay captain, kaya nung nagpagawa ng swimming pool sa plaza, kami ang nag-swi-swimming, meron pang bantay na tanod. Feeling ko before, ang astig namin. Nakakahiya man aminin, naka-bathing suit kami sa plaza ng project 6. Hindi man lang subdivision. Yikes! Hahahaha!


I transferred to St. Paul’s QC. I met Clandestine, Toby, Tessy, Jame, Tere, Trixie, Suva, and etc… They supported my love for performance, though, they never joined the plays. Sa St. Paul yata na-hone ang pagiging business woman ko. My baon was just sufficient for my school needs, so I decided to sell “repacked cookies.” They helped me sell my cookies to the point of harassing my classmates so they would buy.


I remember nagbenta kami ng “class jacket,” na naging “batch jacket.” Gosh, eh, nagsimula lang naman yun sa barkada jacket. Hahaha!


Then, we organized a graduation party at Socorro Poblete’s house, in protest of the expensive graduation ball in Manila Hotel. What a huge success! Siyempre, sa amin merong punch. Doon sa ball, wala. Kumita na kami ng pera, sikat pa kami. Hahaha!


Then came college life.


I pursued my dream and studied theater arts in UP. This was where the real battle began, or so I thought. The teachers weren’t very cordial with the students and it seemed like everyday was a “decision-making day.”


I actually considered changing my course and going to a more amiable, friendly, stress free environment. Yung hindi ako sinisigawan ng bobo ng director? Or yung course na hindi ko kailangan maging alila ng sining? Ang dami ko bang satsat?! Eh, wala namang pumilit sa akin mag-enrol doon, di ba? Nevertheless, the strict discipline helped me a lot. I made the right choice.


UP ignited my passion, colored my dream, and gave me a chance to hold on to it. I met very talented theater friends who gave me the drive to excel and prove my worth. I thought then I was battling with my friends, but it turned out I had a race with myself. Every one had a place under the sun, under the theater roof. Grade school was fun. High school was amazing. But, college was the best!


We studied, argued, worked, cried, laughed, ran under the pouring rain, got drank, dozed off, got sick and recuperated, slipped, played, prayed, paid, planned, hoped, dreamed and loved each other. There weren’t many funds for night-outs. I wasn’t even usually permitted to go out. More often, the gimmick would be at my house. They slept in my house. Eventually, they got to know my mom. Hinihiram na nga nila mga pantulog ng mommy ko.


Every after rehearsal, we would still converge to talk, analyze the practice session, and plan our strategies for the next day. We feared and respected our professors so much that we would do anything to get their approval and appreciation.



In theater, there’s a saying that everything can be done, no matter what—even if one has to beg, steal, or borrow. I experienced that when I was in charge of props, and together with Voltaire, we stole bamboos from all over QC so we could use them as props for the play Gironierre.




One time, we had no food sa backstage. We only had coffee and yung biscuit na kasing-nipis ng bond paper. Gutom kami pero busog kami sa saya.


We had always covered up each other’s mistakes. Well, as much as we could. We did the dirty work backstage to become the beautiful characters on stage. We survived.


Those were the struggling years, where we had nothing but our dreams, our talents, our passion, and our God.




There were also friends I grew up with. I am part of Catholic Living Word Prayer Community, a parish-based Charismatic movement. We’ve been together for 27 years now.  My mom and youngest sister MM have always been active. I am a backslider. Nag-enjoy ako at dinedma ko ang service kay Lord for 12 years.


At my lowest point, feeling so deranged, I had nowhere to go. I came back. I silently sneaked in and attended the prayer meeting. I was warmly welcomed with a smile. No questions asked. They treated me as if I was never gone.


I started serving again through outreach programs, singing during the 12:00 noon mass. It felt good. Heto pala ang feeling ng prodigal son. Mas nakaka-guilty yung hindi pinagagalitan. They were simply happy to see me.



Last Sunday, nagkukuwentuhan kami sa bahay at napag-usapan na mabuti hindi raw ako nag-drugs. Tita Titus said “my humble prayers must have helped.” I was stunned. I realized that in my absence they never failed to pray for me. Kaka-touch ‘no!


Now, I’d like to know where my grade school and high school friends are. What are they busy with? I miss the good ol’ days!


I still get to see my theater friends, because we work in the same industry. And it’s truly comforting work with them, parang may kakampi ako.


Thanks to the scanner. Not only did it scan pictures but it brought back a lot of memories. These are memories that I can joyfully share and recount, and make me appreciate what I have now.


To all the friends that I could have possibly hurt, neglected, or abandoned in any way, I am sorry.


Tutal “ber months” na, pauso na ang reunion and I’m just excited to see every one. At least ngayon, hindi na patak-patak ang pambili ng food and drinks. Maski paano, afford na nating magdala ng dish. Hindi na rin takas ang lumabas. Sariling katamaran na lang ang kalaban. Ayan, umamin na. Being busy is not an excuse. It’s never too late to catch up, PEPsters.


O, ikaw meron ka bang friendship kuwento?

It’s about time

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When I was still in school, I had always felt that time was dragging and slow.

I would always get excited whenever the bell would finally ring. I would count the number of hours left before going home from school, including my travel time. I would always ask myself, “How I can sneak off to meet up with my friends?” and “How many days more before it’s weekend again?”

Corny man, but those were really the days. I had the luxury of time.

Looking back, I can’t help but think whether I was able to use my time wisely or not. It is too late for regrets, because I can no longer turn back the time. Indeed, there are so many things that one can repair and undo except for time. Now I understand the real essence of paying for the “lost time.”

Why am I talking about time?

Once again “ber” months are here. Therefore, Christmas is just around the corner. Gosh! How time flies. Feeling ko, parang kamakailan lang, I was very busy wrapping, distributing, and buying gifts for friends and colleagues. Feeling ko nga, I haven’t fully digested the food I had from all the Christmas parties that I attended, yet, I am going to attend Christmas parties and pig out once again. Grabe!

I have to stop writing for now and attend to my son. Kasi po naglalambing at nag-aarte siya.

Sandali lang po…


I’m back!

Quentin’s birthday is in October. He will be turning five years old. (Deep breath and a long sigh…) Indeed, so many things had happened.


My son can communicate better with me now, though there are times when I still do not understand what he’s saying. He talks and, sometimes, sounds like New York English combined with German, with a touch of Visayan accent. Bisaya kasi ang yaya ng anak ko. Laban kayo sa combination?

My son no longer wears glasses. My son can now stay still longer than usual. My son already knows the concept of right and wrong. We have truly adjusted with each other and adapted to the given situation. I have learned to handle Quentin na hindi na nilalabasan ng pawis ang lahat ng pores ko. Or, maybe I have learned to accept the things I have no control of. In doing so, fresher and fairer skin ang effect sa akin.

My son has so much progress. Thanks to all your prayers. Nakakahiya lang, kasi my prayers had been answered and I was too busy to notice.

Pag tumatanda pala ang tao, bumibilis ang oras. Hats off to all single parents who have raised their children from baby stage to tiny tot era to adulthood. Amazing! I only have one child, though it seems I have more given his state. I know some mothers who have two kids with special needs, aside from their normal kids, and hats off talaga ako, join ko na rin ang pants ko!!!

Despite my busy schedule, God found ways for me and my son to bond. God gave me a very charming, malambing, thoughtful, and understanding special child. He understands that mom needs to work. Pero pag nasa bahay ako, Quentin truly asks for the attention and company. Kahit duling na ako sa pagod or meron akong deadline, Quentin wins. Meron kasing guilt factor even though I work for his needs.

Kaya naman pala, ang normal talaga dapat, two parents para meron talagang nagbabantay sa mga bata. Meron naman pala talagang reason yung partnership, hindi lang naman kasi because of the “norms” dahil mahirap pala ang mag-isa. Don’t get me wrong, hindi po ako nagrereklamo. Nagkukuwento lang naman po at natatawa. Kaya naman pala “wonder woman” ang pangalan ng super hero, kasi talagang minsan nakaka-wonder kung paano nagagawa ng woman ang mga bagay-bagay.

It’s the same with the married woman. She has her kids to attend to and a husband to take care of. No pun intended. No matter what, it’s the same for all types.

Nasa Bible naman di ba, “There’s a time for everything under the sun.” Truly no matter how fast time flies, still, there’s a time for everything. 24 hours is just enough for a day, kasi ‘pag sumobra pa doon, baka hindi na kayanin ng human anatomy. Kaya sorry na lang sa Goodah, isang gotohan na nagsasabing “open ng 25 hours.” Patulan ba pati ang mga taglines ng establishments?! Sorry po, naisip ko lang.

Dati naman, hindi ako nale-late. Ngayon, nale-late na ako. Bakit kaya? According to my sister, malamang meron akong ginagawa na dapat hindi ko ginagawa or mali ako sa timing kaya hindi tumatama ang oras ko. In living our lives, a lot of things are also set, given, waited for. They are all set in due time.

There’s this saying, “Hurry while you have time, so you will have more time to hurry.” Again, it’s a matter of spending time wisely. Time is indeed short, so let’s not make it shorter. God wants us live our lives to the fullest.

Replies to comments. Yes! Kasama ko, as in, kaibigan at kabagang ko sina Harlene Bautista and John Lapus. As a matter of fact, marami pa silang mga nakasama ko. Sa totoo lang, hindi ko napa-scan ang pictures namin that time. Ngayon pwede na kasi, na-scan ko na po. I will tell you more about these friends of mine and our special times together on my next entry.


Pahabol. Naalala niyo yung sinasabi kong promo ng aking blog? Heto na ang aking gift list!


This is open to my abroad-based readers. I’m sure, wala kayong time minsan para bigyan ang mga mahal niyo sa buhay dito sa ‘Pinas ng isang gift. Naghahanda tayo para sa mga special occasions, pero for ordinary days, minsan dedma tayo. Naiintindahan ko naman na time is gold…kaya nga, may promo na ganito.

Anyhow, i-click ang PROMO SITE link na ito at ikuwento niyo sa akin kung ano ang gusto niyong ibigay based on my gift list at kanino niyo ibibigay. Okay ba?

O, anong pang hinihintay niyo? It’s about time!!!