First times (sa pagpapatuloy…)

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Yun na nga…

I remember the first time na nagpa-cleaning ako. My gosh! My virgin cuticle was in fear and trauma. Akala ko lalabas ang esophagus ko sa big toe ko. Ang bilin ng mommy ko sa manicurista, “’Wag mo masyadong kalkalin, ha.” Eh, na-excite yata sa kadaldalan ko si Ate at hinukay niya na parang merong swimming pool na itatayo sa gilid ng mga kuko ko.

I remember my very first show in Music Museum entitled KSP (Kendi Saka Philip). We chose the title because we were new and we wanted some attention. KSP was a tribute to all the dreamers and beginner.


I had a shoot in Malate. Ang tagal, todo! Wala naman akong ginagawa sa movie kung hindi maglakad at basain. No lines. Anyhow, I excused myself and went to The Library to kill time while waiting for my turn. Mamu Andrew de Real, the owner, and Philip Lazaro was there. That night, KSP was born.

I remember the first time I bought a car. It was a second-hand light green Mitsubishi L300, which I bought with my salary from the movies I did for Regal Films. In particular, it was from my first full-length movie where I was billed “introducing.” Ang title ay The Secrets of Sarah Jane starring Gelli de Belen. By the way, she won best actress for that film. I’m so proud of her. Gelli and I started our sincere friendship from there.


Back to my L-300, grabe, sakit sa ulo! Ang hina ng aircon. Mas malakas pa ang utot ko. Never naman akong tinirik ng kotseng ito. Pero sa tirik ng araw, tirik din ang mata ko sa init. I paid 280k for that vehicle. Yes, I spent a lot for repair and maintenance of that van. That van served like a school bus to all my UP friends. It was also a bar, where all the beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) were stored at the back in a cooler. There were also wine glasses and chips. So park anywhere ang drama namin.

After three years, I sold that car and bought a new one. I wanted to keep the van because so many memories went with it. I realized I have no use for the van and the memories won’t be kept in the van naman. Memories were kept and remembered in my heart.

I remember my very first sweldo for a TV appearance, I treated my eldest sister, Ate Marissa, at Pizza Hut, SM city. Iyang SM City nga naman talaga. They really got it all for you. Just the two of us kasi ‘pag dumami pa, hindi na kaya ng budget ko. I really wanted to share with her the fruits of my labor. Ah…eh…kulang pa nga yata pera ko, nag-abono pa yata si Ate. Hehehehe!

I remember the first time I was invited to an awards night. Todo!!! Baduy kaya ng gown ko kasi sumunod lang ako sa type ng Nanay ko. I was tasked to become one of the presentors. Sosyal! Ang category: Best Float. Vic Sotto received the award. ‘Tapos piniktyuran ako ng mommy ko. Sa layo ng upuan nila, halos ‘di mo na ako makilala. Actually, hindi mo talaga ako makikilala. Sayang yung make-up ko, walang close-up. (Sensya po at piniktyuran ko na lang ulit.


I remember my very first movie with Viva—Lovenotes. It was directed by Maryo J. Delos Reyes. Tita Mina Aragon wanted me to sign an exclusive contract after the premiere night. It never materialized because she passed away. It was also my first time to work with Donna Cruz. I remember, we slowly gelled together but eventually became real good friends.



I remember the first few times I got nominated—Best New TV Personality and Best New Actress for Movies for PMPC Star Awards. In both instances, I competed with Mikee Cojuangco. Hahahaha! She won both awards as well.




I remember the first time I had an encounter with Direk Wenn Deramas, and found out that he hates me with this kind of passion.


M.A.D. (Martin After Dark)
Call time: 8:00 am
Venue: ABS-CBN
Role: Darna/Wonder Woman

I was ready, all made up, and in costume, as per instruction of the P.A. Before 10:00 am, I was ready to fly. Lunch time: I asked if I can change into comfortable clothes because I was freezing cold. The P.A. refused and told me to be on stand-by because they would tape my segment soon.

This was also the first time I met Bong Bella, make-up and hairstylist of Martin Nievera. Bong and I became friends after this meeting.

To make a long story short, at around 2:00 am, the P.A. asked me to sign the attendance sheet for the talent fee. They decided to drop my segment. After enduring the cold, the discomfort, the endless waiting, pack up! I was mad. I pitied myself. Cut to, Direk Wenn, who was then an E.P. or executive Producer of M.A.D., saw my volcanic eruption acting. He wasn’t informed about the real basis of my anger. There, he got pissed off banned me from all his shows.


Direk Andoy bridged the gap and smoothened the misunderstanding between Direk Wenn and I. The first time we met, “I said sorry, Direk Wenn,” smiled back, and we danced at the floor of Studebaker’s.

I remember the first time I drank beer. I hated the taste. Noon yun.

I remember my first communion. I was very excited to receive the Body of Christ and say “Amen.” I was excited to join the line of people for communion.


I remember my first cat fight with girls. I was in grade 4 and pinag-aagawan namin kung sino ang best friend na totoo ni Mahinhin Domingo. I told Mahinhin that I was her best friend, but the fight ended without finding out who her real best friend was.

I remember my very first interview for a broadsheet. It was conducted by Ruel Mendoza. Opo, bata pa lang ako, writer na siya. I was very nervous that I prayed silently in my heart during the interview.


I remember my very first teleserye Mula sa Puso. I had so much fun taping that series. It never felt like work at all. We were one happy family. The friendship that started from Mula sa Puso had carried on till today. It was the only series where I really cried when it ended. After Mula sa Puso, I never cried again because I realized that shows will stop airing on TV, but friendships can continue forever.


I remember the first time I did a full serious production number for Eezy Dancing. Maribeth Bichara persuaded me. Hahahaha! Paano ko na-remember? I saw it on YouTube. Nakakaloka! Ang payat ko! At sa pagkaalala ko ayaw ko talaga sumayaw ngunit, datapwa’t ako ay na-convince ni Nanay Bechay. Asus! With matching perseverance and charms of the VIP family, there you go.
Heto po ang link:

I remember my first pictorial ever with a stylist. I had previous pictorials but without a stylist. The day before, the stylist Jennie Epperson called and asked me to bring black shoes. That’s about it. Pictorial day came. She had all the clothes prepared for me, the lay-out, the look, the poses, the sequence of the shoot planned. Honestly, I was challenged because she made me do things I wasn’t used to. Hindi ko alam kung paano ko babaliin yung katawan ko according to her direction. She made me do things for the first time. In fairness, I really felt like a real model.


I remember the first time I did Gloring was for the ABC5 gag show, Ispup. Tito Willie Nepomuceno and Jon Santos truly helped me a lot. I had to learn and watch a lot of her speeches. I was so scared yet excited. Today, I still do Gloring for corporate shows. After impersonating GMA, I got revved up to impersonate more personalities.


Here are some pahabol pictures from my last entry, “First Time.”

With Da King, FPJ


Cast of Mixed Nuts


I remember the first time I owned a mobile phone. It took me three days to figure out the profile and category of my contacts. I categorized my contacts according to Family, Friends, Acquaintances, VIP, Work Related, and others. Each category had a different ringing tone. Exciting! That mobile phone actually made me contemplate about the people I know.

I remember the first time I returned to our community, Living Word Community, after my marriage fell apart, it really felt like home. I left the community for more than ten years. I was a backslider. When I came back, nobody questioned me, or judged me. They simply welcomed me with outpouring love and concern. Todo ako nahihiya. ‘Di ko alam kung saan ako lulugar. I remember one of our members, Marlon, approached me and handed me the tambourine.

Oo nga pala, tambourine girl ako sa music ministry. Kaya nga po nag-aaral ako ng gitara at drums ngayon para tumaas ang instruments na hawak ko. Naks!

I remember the peace I felt after that prayer meeting. It was like being born again. First time talaga ang feeling.

I remember the first time, after so many years, I did a willing confession. Sarap! Binigay ko na lahat. Sinabi ko na ang lahat ng kasalanan ko. Pati yata mga future kasalanan ko sinabi ko na. Peace, pare! Steady, pare! Nakaka-adik ang feeling.

Oo nga pala, recently as in the other day, Gelli and I had our first Korean novela night. We both watched different Korean novelas in our potable DVD players. We had fun. We laughed. We exchanged intelligent and stupid opinions. It was something different.


First times, either bad or good, are very memorable. Sometimes, your firsts are the ones you really want to forget. Sometimes, you don’t want a second time of it. Still, the first time is the best.

Doing your firsts is like making a step with growth at the end of the line. Doing something out of the usual is getting out of your comfort zones. That is growth.

Take time out to remember your firsts because it will give you a nice feeling. Meron bang sense yung sentence ko? Try to reminisce your firsts and you shall appreciate yourself more today.

It’s never too late to do something new or do something for the first time. Hmmm…Gusto kong mag-bungee jumping, jump from a plane, dive, surf… I’m excited to do more firsts. No matter how old or young you are, it’s never too late to do something you like for the first time.

Diabilita: Napanood ko na Bad Couple. Try ko yung iba.

Ping: Hindi pa po kami talaga kami gumagawa ng movie ni Ms. Sharon Cuneta. Of course, I would love to do one with her if given the opportunity. Si Sharon Cuneta kaya yun.

Blackdiamond018 and tarayquin: I have a new teleserye with ABS-CBN. I also have a show with GMA.

SaraSidle: Sana ito magustuhan mo.

Ciel: Napanood ko na po yung Princess Hours and Coffee Prince.=

Janelle81: Princess Hours, Coffee Prince, Devil Beside You, Spring Waltz, Romantic Princess, Why Why Love, Bad Love, among the few, na naalala ako at this very moment.

Pating: Darating ka ba? Hanep! Wala naman akong problema at okay na ako. Deadma na po.

Kaye1311: Naman. Ang gaan ng feeling.

Jezebel: Iyan naman ang pag-usapan natin sa susunod. Offhand. parang wala naman yata talaga ako nun. Read Busy Bee and you will know my schedule.

Manay: Thanks so much.

First Time

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I had a guesting on GMA-7’s Fullhaus sitcom, and I was so happy to see familiar faces from M-Zet TV. They are same people I used to work with during Mixed Nuts, a gag show of GMA-7 in the late 90’s. Tama ba ako sa data? Deadma.

On the way to the set, I felt it was just like any ordinary taping. The minute I opened my car door and was greeted by the old manong taking care of the generator set, I had this sudden thump in my heart. Please don’t get me wrong. Hindi ko po siya crush. As I was walking towards my dressing room, familiar and warm faces greeted me with sincerity. Hindi ko na sila iisahin-isahin kasi madami sila. Mula kay manang na nagluluto, utility, guard, driver, make-up artist, P.A., assistant ni Bossing, staff ng MZET, and si Bossing himself.

Ay…parang konti na lang inisa-isa ko na sila.

I suddenly remembered the first time I stepped inside MZET TV office. It was to audition for a new gag show. I was painting the set for a play in Guerrero Theater in UP Diliman when I received a message through my beeper that there’s an audition at MZET TV office in Timog.

I ran to the audition wearing a loose faded blue Giordano shirt, jeans with paint splashes, Converse, backpack, and beaded cap. Yes, beaded cap that a good friend handed to me as a gift that day.

There was a long line of beautiful, all made-up, clean, and good-smelling girls—they were all auditioning as well. In the end, I was chosen. Gusto yata nila ng mababaho.

My first official regular TV show. Pilot taping took place on May 8. It was my birthday and nobody knew about it. The fact was in my heart I was expecting for a surprise. Just like the ones I watched on TV. Ha! The taping finished and I was surprised that nobody surprised me. Not their fault. Even if I wrote that info in the audition’s application form.

Hahahaha! Mixed Nuts was a wonderful learning experience. I worked with the legends—Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, Richie D’ Horsie, Tito Val, and so forth. There were only 3 girls—me, Jenine Desiderio, who just succesfully came back from Ms. Saigon, and Ms. Ali Sotto.

I will never forget my firsts. The first times are the ones we usually go back to—are they okay? Are they right or wrong? Too risky? Do I have regrets simply because it’s the first time?

I remember my first kiss, grade 7 ako. Landi ko ba? I was doing a play for ACT, Ateneo Children’s Theater. Gosh! Children’s theater…child ako nun. Nyek! Landi ko nga! Basta Atenean siya and we kissed while playing hide and seek.

I’m not sure kung siya ang first love ko kasi ang dami ng definition ng love at that time. Merong puppy love, crush, infatuation, in love with love, or baka naman peer pressure lang yun. Ewan! Hihihi. Siya din yata ang first love ko kasi no matter how I wanted to define it, it still fell under the category of love.

I remember the first time I made an appearance on Maricel Drama Presents. Mel Chionglo was the director and he was very nice. I was so excited because I wanted to meet Maricel Soriano. Why? Because “I am what I am.” Anak ng tofu! Di ko siya makaka-eksena. Isa lang eksena ko sa sofa, hindi kami kinunan magkasama, after lunch pa ang call time niya. Sayang!

Second guesting ko. Hindi na ako expectorant.

Amazingly, she called my attention and told me that she was able to watch the sofa scene and complimented me on my performance. Di ko alam ang isasagot ko. Nautal ako. Hindi ko nga yata nalunok ang laway ko. Na-lock frame ang internal and external organs ko for awhile. Bait naman pala ni Taray Queen. Chinika ko na siya. Dami niyang lesson plan na binigay sa akin regarding the industry. Until now, ganun pa rin siya. Accommodating and sweet nanay-nanayan ko.

I remember the first time I met Malou Santos. Hindi ko alam na siya si Malou Santos. Tatanga-tanga din naman ako nun. Pero concerned ako sa kanya bilang pagod na pagod daw siya. Sabi ko sa kanya, absent muna siya at magpahinga. Hindi daw pwede. When I asked bakit kasi hindi pwede. Finally, dahan dahan ko naramdaman in the course of our conversation kung sino siya. I asked. She confirmed. Gusto kong mawala in thin air. Dyahe todo.

I remember my first play in UP. Non-living thing are role ko.

I remember the first time I met Sir Tony Mabesa. Feeling ko siya ang may-ari ng UP. Pero bilib na talaga ako sa kanya.

I remember the first time I met Floy Quintos. Sa Faculty Center studio sa UP. He just won a Palanca Award for the full-length play entitled Gironiere. Kasali ako sa play. Stocking lang ang damit ko. Tag-isang malaking dahon sa breast with matching vines na dala ko. Yun na!

I remember the first time ako sumali sa movie nung college ako. Nagdala lang ako ng medyas ni Harlene bautista sa set ng movie nila ni FPJ, Tapos pinakain ako ni FPJ. Niloko ko siya na isali niya ako bilang kaibigan ni Harlene. Sinali ako. Addict. Tumalon ng building. Patay.

Pero first time and only time ko makatanggap ng bonus sa buong buhay ko for a movie kay FPJ para sa movie na Dito sa Pitong Gatang. 500 pesos. Saya!

First time ko nakilala si Direk Jerry Sineneng, kinuha niya kaming talent sa UP for Shake, Rattle and Roll. My part had me recite some lines. Kaibigan ni Manilyn Reynes na makulit. Patay din. Kinain ng undin.

I remember the first time ako nag-drive hindi ako makausap, bawal ang sounds and basang basa ako sa pawis kahit todo naman ang aircon ko.

I remember the first time ko nagkaroon ng role na hindi mamatay is for the Dolzura Cortez Story. Si Vilma Santos ang kaeksena ko. Siya ang mamatay because of AIDS at ako ang nurse niya. Bago mag-take, nag-cut si Direk Laurice Guillen kasi kailangan meron daw surgical masks ang nurses assisting the AIDS patients. Bad trip. Hindi nakita ang iyak ko. Hindi ko nga nakilala ang sarili ko kung hindi ako naglagay ng clip na may kulay.

I remember the first time na magpa-cleaning ako ng paa…

(To be continued, haba na eh…)

First time ko hindi tatapusin ang blog na ito at abangan ninyo ang susunod. Haba na talaga and maiba naman. First time din ito.

First time ko rin ipagsasama ang sagot ko with the comments I got for my past 2 entries.

Kaye1311: Na-miss ko ring magsulat. Salamat sa paghihintay.

Potato_and_kumara: In the midst of my hectic schedule, I really find time to be with my son. Ngayon nga, while working on this blog, nasa bed ako beside Quentin. Masarap ang boxing. Go!

ShyShy: Saan ka naman nahilo?

Anoba: Natanggap ako sa first stage ng audition. I just hope the station approves of me as well.

Efiram: Nagsulat na ako about sa UP dati. Five comments lang yata ang nakuha ko. Ang lungkot!

Google2: Okay naman ako

Pugin: Pinanood ko yung Why Why Love as per your reco. Naku naman! Crush ko na talaga yung bidang lalaki. Crush namin siya ni Gelli. Yes, na-infect ko na si Gelli.

Bingo: Sige, next time Luneta or post office or any government office ang pag-uusapan natin. Thanks for your suggestion. I appreciate it very much.

Kikay228: Nope, I don’t personally know Skinny Bitch. Tho’ parang pinepersonal niya yata tayo. Oks lang.

Casi12: Thanks.

Lonely Richkid: Thanks talaga for the affirmation.

Maganda21: Thanks. I love Canada.

Dropdead: Thanks. I heard we are showing third season on April 14. Doon ako kasali. GMA din yata, papalabas na rin.

Tina_tinapay: Wala pa yung ibang title na sinuggest mo. Yung top three korean novelas mo, napanood ko na. Other movies, tapos ko na rin. Wala pang Brown, VS, 1%, and others. Kakainis nga, eh. Hahanapin ko iyan.

Dalagita: Regular na po ako sa Camera Café.

Vienne: Grade 4 pa lang ako namatay na ang daddy ko. Baka tito ko yun.

Chorva888: I haven’t watched A Rosy Life. I don’t like heavy dramas. Tiring! Sana steady pulso lang ang story line.

Gossipmonger: Hahahahaha! di ko alam. Magkatrabaho lang yata. O, nga noh? Ewan ko. Ask ko.

Alriqqa_queen1: Heard about that bar. I was invited to do a show there hindi natuloy. Thanks for posting a comment.

Boy_alabama: Nakakatawa ka naman. Kung type mo ako mahalin, salamat.

Jerbie1022: Ay naman! Hindi na raket ang tawag ko ditto, work or hanapbuhay. Serious! But single parent or single, I really love my work. I’m so blessed that I’m rewarded to earn and do something I love to do.

Ryann: Mura lang ang sheesha, ‘wag mo naman ipagkait na uwian ako ng isa. Babayaran ka naman. Huwag masama ang ugali. Hindi ako nakabili last time I was there. Ganda rin kaya yun para sa bahay. Patay lamok sa lanai.

Jezebel: Kailangan ko nga suggestion niyo.

Trannywidpussy: Na-discover ko rin ‘yang site na iyan for updated telenovelas Pero gusto ko talaga ay isang upuan na panonood.

ShyShy: Sige na nga… hindi libre ang pagtoo-toothbrush. Masyado naman ikaw magbilang. Compared sa vacation, libre lang ang pag-toothbrush. Point taken. Salamat.

Fingertalk: Like ko your answer.

Usyusero: Sensya!@!@ Big sigh pala ang English ng buntong-hininga and hindi deep breath. ‘Wag kang magalit sa pagkakamali ko, hindi ka naman nasaktan. Sungit mo naman ng slight. Sorry, pwede po ba?

Benignorexlester: Love it.

Coach: In fairness, Coach, marami ang mai-in love sa listahan mo.

Diabilita: Hahahaha! Sarap nga ng feeling maglinis ng tenga.

Melito: Sarap maglakad lakad sa maliwanag and safe na lugar. Wag sa mga agaw-buhay locations.

The best things in life are free

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Yun ang totoo kong nararamdaman bago sumulat nito. Korekek!

Natatawa ako kasi hindi ko alam kung ano ang isusulat ko. Sa dami ng thoughts na nasa utak ko, hindi ako makapag-decide.

Then a realization recently hit me: Teka, the best things in life are free!

I stayed in Manila during Holy Week. Well, a first time for me. In other words, I did not spend a lot of money to relax and bond with my family. I did not spend that much for a vacation.

To get away from the busy setting of urban life could have been a great escape. But, I realized I didn’t have to.

Well, I have the best things in life. Right here. All the time.

Here are my recent discoveries:

Masarap pala ang bumuntong-hininga.
Deep breath ang translation para sa mga Inglesera.
Masarap ito lalo na kung ikaw ay bored at napapatanga.
‘Pag magulo ang paligid, ang sarap ng buntong-hininga.
‘Pag may naalala kang nakakatawa, pang-ending ang buntong-hininga.

Masarap naman talaga ang tumawa.
Yung todo tawa hanggang sa maluha ka na.
Kahit walang nakakatawa, subukan mong gawing mag-isa.
‘Wag ka lang obvious at baka sa ‘yo, ang mga tao’y matawa.
At baka mapagkamalang nababaliw ka na.
’Wag ding pigilan ang pagtawa dahil mahihirapan ka.
Bumigay ka na, tutal may dulot naman na saya.
Hindi totoo na ‘pag tawa ka ng tawa, mamaya iiyak ka.
Gano’n lang talaga ang life—pagkatapos ng iyak, mamaya tawa.
Kaya piliin ang tawa para buhay ay masaya.
O ‘di ba, libre pa ang tumawa.

Ang sarap din pala magbanyo.
Kung ano man ang ginagawa mo sa inidoro,
aminin mo masarap ang feeling na ito.
’Pag pinigilan mo, sigurado kikilabutan kang todo.
At pag nakaraos ka na, winner ang feeling mo.

Ang sarap pala humikab.
Warning sign of the body that says sleep is a must-have
Merong sound at may kasamang sob.
Pigilin mo, lalo ka pang mahihikab.
At ‘pag nag-give in ka, oh, what a nice feeling from above.

Sneeze or hatsing, oh what a feeling!
Sa sarap nito, minsan may kasama pang giling
’Pag di mo binigay ang iyong hatsing,
sakit ng ulo aabutin at ika’y mapapa-iling.

Sarap mag-toothbrush
Parang there’s this sudden rush
Para kang tumakbo sa 100-meter dash
’Tapos confident ka, talk loud man or in a hush

Sarap matulog, or even just a nap,
Be it in a bed, or better, in a loved one’s lap.
Clears the mind and refreshes the soul.
Paggising, you’re rejuvenated as a whole.

Indeed, the best things in life are free.

Dahil sa mga realizations na ito, nag-attempt tuloy akong maging makata. Magustuhan niyo man o hindi, oks lang. Libre naman, eh, di ba.

Kayo? What do you guys have in your list?