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Camera Cafe:
Nag-taping ako para sa isang bagong show.

Nakakaloka naman pala ang format ng show na ito. As in! Parang merong taxi na waiting sa labas ng studio.

Pass your papers agad ang attitude. Deliver the punches. We mean business…

Time is gold. Why? The show runs every day for only five minutes. That gives the actors three minutes to deliver the whole sketch (prologue, two short sequences, and epilogue). Finally, I am able to put into good use my being a fast talker. Amazing! Directed by Mark Meily and Henri de Lorne.

My role is Frida. Another actress is supposed to do the character, and I am just filling in for her. That’s double work and pressure for me. Simply because there is a point of comparison. Fortunately, Camera Cafe people are open enough to give me a fair chance and have a new start. So as not to confuse the viewers, they changed my character name into Fonda. Parang pinag-isipan ng months noh?!

Character Study: Eccentric, party goer, sexy punk, weird, rehabilitating addict, may kapatid sa preso, matalino, muntik ng gumanda, walang pakialam sa earth, the type na magpapa-tattoo and magpapa-skin pierce, smart, intelligent, a bit of a snub, and practical. Fonda is in love with someone but would not reveal due to peer pressure.

Todo! Ganyan kaya ang pagkaka-explain sa akin ni direk. S’yempre smile lang ang reply ko. In all honesty, naisip ko, malamang schizo yung character ko. Parang nabasa yata ni Mark Meily ang membrane ko, kaya sabay sundot niya na, “But she is very responsible and dependable.” Whew! Hirap…paano kaya?

I told direk, “I will start with my costume first, direk, and I will just let the character grow in me.” Ayos ba sa ad lib? Iyan ang sagot ng mga hindi alam ang gagawin.

But everybody in the set became helpful. The work that I was worrying about turned out to be a wonderful learning experience for me.

After my first taping day, I figured that it wasn’t really that hard to embody such a character. All I had to do was combine all the characteristics of my friends in college, UP Theater Arts—tadah!—that’s Fonda! As a matter of fact, looking back, bilib din ako sa mga teachers namin…How they were able to bear with all of our eccentricities.

Camera Cafe is an adaptation. Its format was patterned from the original Camera Cafe in France. Imported here by three nice, amiable, and good- looking French producers. (Naks! Sipsip!) Seriously, mababait po sila pero hindi paliguy-ligoy ang usapan. At dahil mabilis kausap, wala akong nose bleed. Among the cast, walang pa-star effect sa show. We work as a team. At first, ang hirap mag-gel in., hanggang naka-penetrate ako. Yipee!

Maganda ba ang show? Third season na po nila. Kaya maganda ito. This is for QTV. I’m not really sure if ipapalabas ito sa GMA-7. But in QTV, it airs like three times a day. Sinong cast? Bearwin Meily, Epi Quizon, Assunta de Rossi, Wilma Doesn’t, Joy Viado, Patricia Ysmael, Christian Vasquez, Vince de Jesus, Meryll Streep, Glenn Close… basta marami pa kami. Manood ka na lang para makita mo.

Corporate Show:
I went to Bohol for Philip Morris Philippines. Nakilala ko si Tita Zeny David, the owner of CCTV, an events company that has been in the business for 25 years now. Nakakatawa siya. Ganda ng history niya. Next time ko na sila fully ipapakilala sa inyo.

Okay naman yung show. Masaya. Kaso naisip ko, “Smoking is really dangerous to your health.”

Second hand smoke is worse. Guess what?! The people of PM are coming up with this new smokeless cigarette. Kaya when I smoke, I only endanger myself. Taray! Ganun pa rin, meron pa ring danger.

“SMOKING CAN KILL YOU” or “SMOKE AND DIE.” Kahit ilagay ito sa buong pack in bold letters. People would still want to smoke. Taxes for cigarettes have increased. Still, a lot of people buy cigarettes. Na-realize ko lang, sana ang nilagay na lang nila, “Cigarettes contain fats.” With this tag, I’m quite sure, the sales will go down.

SIS taping:
Taping ako ng SIS at hinawa ko si Gelli to watch Korean novelas. I succeeded and mukhang to follow na ang beauty ni ate Janice. Bwahahahahaha! Gelli (Gagay, the name I call her) is just like me. Ayaw niya masyado ng complications.

Carmina is very dependable, will listen to me, and will not judge me.

Ate Janice (Flur, short for Flordeluna) is always cool and steady but has a very good heart. I’m so blessed to have them as friends.

Aiko, I don’t get to see and talk to her lately. I know when I see her nothing has changed. She’s is still our good and reliable friend.

Nag-audition ako for a new show. Tagal ko nang hindi nag-audition. Sarap! Tanggap o hindi, ang sarap ng feeling na nag-audition. Masokista yata ako. There are no results yet so I don’t know if I got the part. Yun ang hassle. Nervousness to the max! Hopefully, the management will be fair with their judgment. If I get the job, sweet success naman talaga! Ano yung show? Secret. ‘Pag natanggap ako, share ko sa inyo.

Watched a play:
Orosman and Zafira in UP directed by: Dexter Santos. A kundiman written by Francisco Balagtas.

In contrast to my initial impression of a fight-till-the-end-boredom of watching a kundiman, I was gladly surprised with how Dexter transformed this kundiman into a musical-dance drama with live accompaniment. It was worth my two hours and 30 minutes of time.

Buhay na naman ang Philippine Theater. My blood was pumping with excitement, my heart was beating fast as my passion arises once again for the love of this medium, theater.

I started in theater and I wish to do a play again soon, after watching this play. Hats off to all the cast, staff, and crew!

When something is done out of love and passion, for sure, it will bear good fruits. When the product is good, no matter where and when it is, it will be given proper credit.

Graduation ni Quentin:
Nag-graduate si Quentin. Hmmm…level?! ‘Di ko talaga alam. I’m quite sure pati yung mga teachers niya, hindi rin alam kung ano ang level niya. Binigyan siya ng award na “Most Improved.” What an interesting award!

I wasn’t able to attend the graduation rites because I was out of town for work. Sighs. Single moms’ predicament is how to work and be with our kids. Thank God for family. They were there to fill in for me.

To Happy Tykes: Thanks so much for your consideration. My son is excited to be back in school soon.

On the side, I watched the following Korean novelas: Marrying a Millionaire, Devil Beside You, One Fine Day, Hana Kimi (Japanese version), My Name is Gong-kim-Sun, Hello Baby, My Girl, Couple Trouble, Princess Romance…On the side iyan ha, take note. Habang nasa banyo, naliligo, nasa kotse, nasa plane, in between shows and taping….Sa dami kasi ng sinuggest sa akin last time na titles, na-stress ako. Na-stress ako kasi hindi ko kakayanin panoorin ito lahat. I still thank everyone for suggesting titles.

Self Improvement:
I’m into boxing. I enrolled at Elorde Katipunan. Well, as expected, there are more boys in the gym than girls. The other difference is that the boys, who go for boxing, mean business. They really want to hit some punches and get a real work-out. No time for pa-cute like the people in the normal gym. This observation doesn’t apply to all, so please, don’t get offended. Kasi ‘pag na-offend ka, lagot, guilty ka!

I also started my voice lessons with Ms. Maye Puno. She’s quite eccentric but very passionate and gifted in music. She doesn’t really teach. Thank God, I was able to convince her. Nevertheless, I’m still getting voice lessons in UP after holy week. Serious ba ako?! Naman! Kailan ko pa gagawin ito? ‘Pag 65 na ako at hirap na ang diaphragm ko.

In the midst of my busy schedule, I plan to seriously go back to playing the guitar and drums. These two instruments had helped me so much during my healing period after my failed marriage. These two instruments helped me go through a day and forget the pain. Now I am ok. It’s about time I play these two instruments again, with a happy heart. That’s why I want to learn and improve what I know. Learning a new instrument is never too late. Learning is part of life, an everyday experience. ‘Pag magaling na ako, kakantahan ko kayo through a web blog. Naks! Parang kinabahan kayo, ah!

I love to dance. During my college days, I would take all opportunity to show my dancing prowess. Now, I have decided to take formal lessons again. I stopped dancing ballet when I was in grade 4, because my dad died. I was absent for a long time. When I went back to my ballet class, they already knew so much and were getting ready for recital. They included me but I was at the back. I didn’t get the part I wanted because I didn’t know the routine. I was absent. That broke my heart. I was practicing and aiming for that part. I decided to stop ballet. The good news is my energy has shifted to another form of performing arts: Acting. No regrets.

It’s never too late to try again. Failure was my stepping stone to being an actress. In my heart, I have to try dancing again. I’m back!

Rated K:
Nag-taping dito sa bahay. Dumating si Korina. Daming tao dito. Matalino si Korina. Alam niya ang ginagawa niya. Stressed na rin yung tao. Kawawa naman. Yun lang.

Holy Week na! Last Palm Sunday, we had the traditional pabasa. We started at 3:30 a.m. Baduy ba ang pabasa?! Hmpf! Mga first 30 minutes lang yung baduy feeling, then it evolved into curiosity, then interest, then trying to sing a long, then voila—you are hooked already. Iyan ang pabasa.

Though our pabasa is quite modernized with “kahon,” tambourine, and guitar accompaniment. It’s still the traditional pabasa. There are a lot of facts about the life of Jesus that I only learned through pabasa. Having watched so many Korean novelas, I am in no way ashamed of our Filipino culture and traditions.

Of course, ‘pag may pabasa, may pakain! May pakinabang talaga for all. And yes, I noticed, Jesus always have dinner pala with friends. Iyan ang bonding moments niya. Aliw ‘di ba? Flang!

Masaya ang pabasa lalo na when one does it to the tune of “Anak,” or rap, or even R&B. Well, who says you can’t go with the times? To make people interested, enjoy and learn the pabasa. Why not? Si Jesus nga, nag-adjust according to our needs. There’s an image of a crucified Jesus, carrying the cross, his Resurrection, meron na ngang laughing Jesus. Not to mention, merong Baby Jesus through the Sto. Niño and the matured Jesus, seated in His Throne. Taray ‘di ba?! Kaya ubra…

Ang dami kong meetings lately. Meetings with clients for stand-up shows, with my management company. Communication really makes life easier. It’s nice to be heard, and to listen to what and how others think. Though too much meeting is also bad. Implementation must follow after the meeting. Meeting of minds is very important when it comes to work. That’s also planning. Following quote: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Evident Events:
I’m back to doing events. Our company name is Evident Inc. I thought a lot about this. I was afraid to go into this kind of business because it might be in conflict with my main job as an actress. I don’t want to scare the agencies hiring me for their corporate shows, thinking I might get their clients. After a looooong talk with myself. I realized it won’t be such a conflict. As long as I remember the work ethics, then I will be fine. I will never handle companies which are connected to the agencies that hire me as artist. Sighs. That feels better.

(

If I only knew…

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I don’t usually use the phrase “If I only knew” because it seems very negative to me.

Recently, I figured that this line could actually allude to a person’s negative experience. But the good thing: It could also lead to firm resolutions or better decisions.

People say “If I only knew” whenever he fails to do the right thing simply due to lack of better judgment.

If I only knew…

1. If I only knew that I would be writing blogs, then I should have taken my English and grammar subjects more seriously. And I won’t be having a hard time, at this very moment, trying to figure out proper word usage. Is it “If I only knew” or “If only I knew?” They actually sound the same to me. Whatever… Naiintindihan niyo naman ako, ‘di ba?

2. If I only knew that mothers really know what’s best for their children, then I shouldn’t have wasted my time dwelling on senseless thoughts about her and our relationship. Daming oras ko rin nag-drama mag-isa thinking she simply doesn’t understand me.

3. If I only knew na hindi naman pala totoo na kinukuha ng daga yung ipin sa ilalim ng unan para tumubo agad yung bungi ko, then I should never had hidden a tooth under my pillow cause it was not hygienic.

4. If I only knew that every word that comes out of my mouth is heard like a prayer, then I should have been more careful, and things would have been different. Patawa ko lang yun dati. “Kahit walang asawa basta may anak,” parati kong sinasabi dati. Ayun, nangyari nga. Hahaha! Kaya binabawi ko na.

5. If I only knew that today, I will pay for my drinking water (when before, as far as I can remember, it was actually a free gift from God), then I should have saved more water and pioneered the mineral, spring, distilled, filtered, purified water business.

6. If I only knew that EDSA would be filled with billboards, I should have spent more time looking and appreciating the sky before.

7. If I only knew that sleep would one day be a luxury for me, I should have slept longer and more often before.

8. If I only knew that one day, I would be forced to leave our house because of work and other matters, then I should have stayed home more often before.

9. If I only knew, that whiter skin would be the “in” thing, I should have pursued more indoor activites.

10. If I only knew that I won’t be able to use all my shoes because they just get “sira” due to bad weather or get “amag” while kept inside my cabinet, then I could have been wiser in not buying excess stuff.

11. If I only knew that getting mad at someone and being unforgiving would just be a burden me and not the other person’s, then I shouldn’t have harbored unnecessary sentiments.

12. If I only knew na ‘pag nayayabangan ka sa isang tao just means na mayabang ka rin, eh, ‘di sana, maaga ko naalis yun. Well, totoo nga naman…paano ka mayayabangan kung di ka mayabang? Kasi kung di ka mayabang, eh, di dapat hindi ako affected.

13. If I only knew that happiness is a decision and not an emotion, then I could have decided earlier.

14. If I only knew that God truly answers all prayers, then I should have given Him the chance to truly help me during the difficult time of my life. I shouldn’t have relied on my own perceptions. Or, maybe, I could have spared myself from some of the misery I went through.

15. If I only knew that God loves me more than I love myself, then I shouldn’t have worried too much and just used my time moving forward fruitfully.

If I only knew all these, then I would not have gone through all that I’ve been through. I would have experienced all of it. And I would not be saying, “If I only knew,” now

Past is past. True. Do forget the pain, the drama, acting, etc. But remember how the incidents changed our lives. Otherwise, we also forget the lessons learned from each experience. Positive pa rin naman pala. It’s all a matter of perception or how you look at things, and attitude or how you deal with them.