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First of all, thank you to all those who took time to welcome me here in PEP through their affirming comments. I just hope I can live up to your expectations. Yes, I will try my very best to reply to your comments.

Monday: I finally got my Caravan out from the casa. AKALA ko magagamit ko na siya.

Tuesday: It was Quentin’s therapy day. I was busy playing with my son at the back seat and as we were about to leave the parking lot, my driver bumped into a helpless wall. Bang! I asked my driver what happened. He answered, “AKALA ko malayo pa, eh.”

Wednesday: I was asleep and on my way home from Calatagan, Batangas, where we taped some of the scenes for Princess Sarah, when I was awakened by such a disturbing, grumbling noise. Cut to…a flat tire. My driver apologetically said, “AKALA ko po kasi yung kalye hindi pantay. Tayo na pala yung tumutunog.”

Thursday: AKALA ko uulan, nag-long sleeves ako. Ang init! Pawisan tuloy ako sa taping ng Kay Susan Tayo sa Robinsons.

Friday: AKALA ko makakauwi ako ng maaga from taping. AKALA ko hindi nagsisinungaling ang bata. Iba na ang panahon ngayon.

Saturday: Late ako sa taping. Galit si direk Don (Cuaresma). Bakit? Miscommunication. AKALA ko kasi…basta! Kasalanan ko .

Sunday: At around 7:00 p.m., my mom called me up and asked me to buy cake and ice cream for our two angels (household help) who would be celebrating their birthdays. She was out of the house since 9:00 a.m. and didn’t know that everybody was out as well. AKALA niya may uutusan ako. Day-off ng driver. Nag-day off din yung isang angel namin na tinawagan ko sa cellphone. AKALA daw niya pinayagan ko siya.

The other two angels (my son’s yaya and my P.A.) went to hear mass together. The other angel accompanied my mom. So at home, there was only one angel, the security guard, me, and my son. The grocery would close at 9:00 p.m. so I had to leave and get all those stuff alone. I didn’t bring my son at the grocery since doing so may cause us both more trouble.

To add to the much needed pressure, the yaya texted me, “Mam, wala na nga pala pong gatas at diapers si Quentin.” I texted back. “Bakit pag malapit na maubos saka mo sasabihin?” She replied, “AKALA ko po kasi meron pa nakatago sa storage.”

Heto na ako, sakay ng car, wearing white baby dress, red pumps with red cap…off to the grocery

Habang hinahanap ko yung gatas ng anak ko which is soya, meron akong narinig sa likod ko na dalawang babaeng nag-uusap, na kunwari ay nagbubulungan pero ang lakas naman ng boses.

Babae 1: Parang si Candy Pangilinan yata.

Babae 2: Ito (sabay turo). Hindi kaya. Kahawig lang. Ang taba-taba kaya ni Candy!

AKALA niya, hindi ako si Candy kaya AKALA niya ikinatuwa ko na payat ako at mas mataba si Candy.

May babae naman ang lumapit sa akin at nagsabing, “Alam mo, kamukha mo si Candy Pangilinan. AKALA ko nga ikaw eh.”

Pasagot pa lang ako nang bigla akong natigilan dahil nilapit niya ng sobra ang mukha niya sa akin, habang ini-estima ang aking pagmumukha, “Pero kamukha lang.” Exit ulit si manang.

Pero meron namang mga tao na magugulat na lang ako na bigla na lang lalapit at babati ng maayos sa akin. Di ko AAKALAIN sa itsura na maayos at mababait sila.

Sa wakas, nakapila na ako sa cashier nang merong nakakilala sa akin. “Ay si Candy!” Talaga namang binigay ko ang ngiti ko. Pagtalikod ko, narinig ko na lang: “Pandak pala sa personal.” Napalingon ako dahil sa pagkabigla, pagkalito at pagtataka.

AKALA niyo ba di ko kayo naririnig? AKALA niyo ba non-living thing ang artista at walang emotions? AKALA niyo ba nakakatuwa yung ginagawa niyo? Lahat iyan ay sinabi ko sa sarili ko. Kasi pag nagsalita ako, AKALA niyo ba ako ang tama? Syempre, hindi. AAKALAIN ba ng mga tao sa grocery na madami akong pinagdaanan sa loob ng grocery sa loob ng maikling panahon? AAKALAIN ko bang malalait ako sa grocery?

(

Title search

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Gosh! This is so exciting. (deep breath) I’m actually posting my blogs in an official site. I’m a writer, blogster (if there’s such a word), and part of the PEP family.

Excited ako! OA ako! Aaliw ako! Mababaw ako! Honored ako at the same time kinakabahan ako. All emotions rolled in one human anatomy. Can you actually visualize how I look as I type this blog?

Certainly not this way. Napakakalmado niyang picture na iyan. Parang may stiffneck pa nga ako diyan.


This is the closest to how I look and feel.


Why? It’s a long story how I came to experience this multitude of emotions. Let me share to all of you how all these things started.

After the Princess Sarah presscon, held last November 8, Pilar Mateo and I had a little chat over coffee, and there, I simply asked how to be a blogger in PEP. Well, she did tell me to submit my blogs before, but I never took it seriously. That innocent question of mine was responded with a quick action of Pilarsky’s fingers, fast motions on her mobile keypads. This was followed by an incoming message for Pilarsky. Then she told me: “Okay daw. Sulat ka sa PEP…yung mga blogs mo.”

Candy: Huh? Anong isusulat ko?

Pilarsky: Blogs nga. Gusto mo ba, ayaw mo? Kasi meron ka ng deadline next week. Please, also think of a title for your blog site. I need it asap.

Candy: Okay…

Thought bubble. Title? Ano kaya ang maganda? I need a title that’s very me, interesting, common but catchy, and should be the umbrella of the blogs to be written. Ngek?! Ano nga kaya? Are blogs written in English or Filipino? How’s my English grammar, which I haven’t been applying in print because of the SMS technology? Wait a minute, why dwell on the grammar at this point when I still don’t have a title to begin with?

The title. The name. The headline is of so much importance because it symbolizes the persona af the blogger. Names. Names. Names. Even in Starbucks after ordering your coffee, the server asks for your name.

Consensus. I started texting friends from different walks of life, stature, beliefs, opinions, etc. to get a consensus. My SMS was: “What’s a nice title for my blogspace for PEP? It will tackle life, experiences, concepts, opinions, views like all blogs. My options are Candidly yours, Piece of Candy, Iba’t ibang Candy, Assorted Candy, How Candy’s Be, I Candiva, Kinendi ni Candy, Candiliver, iCandy…Kaw? Meron ka bang napili or suggestion? Let me know.

Sending…Message sent…


Oh, my! I forgot I have creative and opinionated friends. Aside from my title studies, they even came up with interesting suggestions. Arriving at a descision became more complicated.

Revelations. On the other hand, I noticed that the names they picked also mirrored how they perceive me as a person. It also revealed their hearts as well. (Naks! Lalim ba?) That’s the truth…truly, from the fullness of the heart the mouth speaketh.

ANDOY RANAY(Director): Candylicious, Simply candy (Napaka-contrasting naman ng options.)

CARMINA VILLARROEL: Candeliver and How Candy’s Be? (Carmina is a very outward person, a giver.)

PETER SERRANO (Theater actor): Must try candy, Candy’s store, Candy-ninated (Mmm…parang pinilit.)

OLEN: Supercandyfragilisticexpialidoshus (Am I that complicated? Or maybe I talk too fast.)

PENNY TUVIERA: Candeny (She just wants to make sure I don’t get into trouble by being too candid.)

(

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!