A Blast from the Past (in photos)

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I received a letter from the management of Music Museum last week requesting for  photos of my previous shows.

Panic! Panic! Why?

The pictures had to be submitted tomorrow. Agad-agad?!

I went through my files and got stuck… Hanggang sa araw na ito, di pa ako umaabot dun sa pictures na kailangan ko mahanap.



Pero totoo talagang pictures can move and capture the moment. It can retell a lot of things happening when you took the shot. There’s the event itself, the unspoken thought in my mind, and also the people’s reaction. Ang dami ko pang naaalala na mga behind-the-scene pics, conversations, all happening at the same time.

Yung mga plano ko noong mga panahon na yun, natupad ko ba? Maliban sa sarili ko at mga tao sa paligid ko, meron ding tumatakbo sa utak ng kumuha ng picture. Bakit siya ang kumuha ng picture? Bakit di siya kasali?

To top it all, maliban sa nangyayari sa akin, merong nangyayaring mga kaganapan sa bansa at sa ibang bansa. Di pa yata uso noon ang viber o ang WhatsApp. Paano nga ba kami chumichika at saan kami pumunta after kinunan yung picture? Ano ba ang pinanggalingan ng picture na ito? Hahahaha! Baliw ba ako? Slight.

Pero aminin niyo na totoo ang mga sinabi ko na naganap at nangyari nung kinunanang picture. Daming kuwento. Daming nangyari. Pero aaminin ko na napako ako sa three large plastic envelopes…

Ang wedding pictures ko, hanggang ngayon ay hindi ko na-submit sa photographer namin yung napili na pictures kasi nga, naghiwalay na. Hahahaha! Nakatipid yung photographer namin sa album. I had about 1,000 pictures. Walang OA. Ang dami talaga. Merong numbers sa likod at nakita ko yung 1001… Hahahaha!

Siyempre, wag niyo na po hanapin yung groom. Kung ako nga, di ko na makita ngayon, kayo pa… Ganda at saya lang naman ng pictures kaya I want to share. Dedmahin niyo na yung okasyon na wedding at tingnan na lang yung moments captured. This is actually the first time I am posting my wedding pics. Okay na naman ako kaya puwede na. I’m sure okay na rin naman s i ex. Sayang naman yung event. Magamit ko man lang sa blog. Hahahaha!

Ang dami ko pang interesting pictures. Sobrang interesting, di na puwedengi-post. Next time pag may oras mag-scan, post ako ulit. Yun na. Go!

143: 168 and 99

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Bargain. Sale. Discount. Wholesale… here it is…

I had a few days off, and decided to visit the Shenzen of the Philippines.

I left Quezon City at around 9:30 a.m. and reached the 168 vicinity at around 11:00 a.m. Parking is quite difficult.

I came with a friend who showed me the ins and outs of the area.

We parked at the mall beside 168. Was it the 99 mall? Di pa ako nakarating sa 168, I started buying and buying and buying at the mall where we parked. Wattadeal!

Everything you possibly need and don’t need is there in the both malls: 168 and 999.

Para kang mawa-123 at ubos agad ang pera mo sa dami ng puwedeng bilhin. Simply a delight to be there!

Nakakalunod ang dami ang accessories!

I suddenly remembered Shenzen. I’m sure mas mura doon. Yun nga lang. ang layo— airfare, hotel, biyahe— okay na dito.

Hindi lang yun, language is a major problem in Shenzen. Last time I was there, best in action and sign language ako. Hahahaha!

I bought dry squid. Di nila naintindihan ang squid, lalo naman ang pusit. Kaya naman todo pusit ang acting ko…

I just felt while going around, I seemed to be in China.

Kasi naman ang music ng stores, Chinese.

Heto na, there was an announcement from the PA system, aba, it was in English and Chinese. Nangyare?! Bakit walang Tagalog announcement?

Food won’t be a problem. On the 4th floor, there are a couple of fast food restaurants to choose from.


1. All prices are bound to go down by almost half the price (well, ganun sila sa akin!)

2. If you are planning to buy more than six items from one store, ask for wholesale price. It’s quite cheaper by a few pesos. But if you are pressured with the quantity and have no plans to buy more than one, then it’s okay.

3. Sadly, Chinese owners give a better deal than the Pinoys. Maybe because they are the owners.

4. Worry not, there is a clean restroom at the 3rd floor. Bring ten-peso coins.

5. It’s advisable to have different money denominations for faster transactions. (Pangit naman tumawad nang tumawad sabay abot ka ng 1k)

6. Put money in different pockets. It’s advisable to use body bags and put them in front.

7. Patience is a virtue. Learn to canvass before buying. Mura na nga sa store na ito pero puwedeng mas mura pa sa iba.

8. Usually, the clothing stores on the 2nd floor are cheaper.

9. The school supplies are on the 1st floor.

10. Shenzen style: ask price. Ask wholesale price. Give your tawad. Ayaw. Leave. Check other stores.

11. Leave the vicinity before 5:00 p.m. because traffic will be so bad by them. Or, leave after 8:00 p.m.

12. Don’t go during weekends.

13. Make a list of the things you need and try to stick to them.

14. Allot two days for shopping. You may return the items that won’t fit on the second day.

15. Humility is power. Be pleasant and make friends.


What’s important… this Valentine’s Day?

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I just finished my two-night stand-up comedy show, plus, the Forever series has finally started to air before the time slot of 24 Oras. Para akong nanganak, and I am still waiting to see if the people liked my babies. Pumasa kaya sa taste nila?

Doing Candy’s Be U? was quite taxing. Other than getting creatively involved, I had to also know something about the various aspects of the show. I have been doing stand-up comedy for so long, but some do not know that I do. There are other people that know but would rather spend their energies in promoting their own family. It’s understandable.

I felt like I was starting again…

There were only a few people who believed, and those few made me go through the labor pains and delivery with flying colors.

I have been itching to tell you what I had to go through. After pondering hard about it, I realized that the victory should be highlighted rather than the difficulties.

Sabi ko nga nung finale ng show, if you enjoyed the show please tell your friends about it, if not, then shut up!
And it felt good.

My family, of course, was always ready to save the drowning me.

Mamu, Andrew de Real, the director of my show had his full belief and trust on me. That, put triple pressure on me.

My friends, who never fail to amaze me with their unbelievable support… Gelli, Aiko, and Mina. Hats off to direk Wenn Deramas. He is a friend indeed. Direk Ruel Bayani, despite his pagod and antok, he was present and he watched. Direk Don Cuaresma, who felt kinda trapped in watching, was there to support me. Direk Ricky Davao was also very supportive.

Heto, Inay Malou Choa Fagar, iba ka talaga! Walang sabi-sabi, dumating ka.

GVM, Gina Valenciano-Martinez, I was speechless with how you threshed out my concerns. I was moved.

I was really surprised to see Marvin Querido, kapatid ko ‘yan.

Honestly, in times of real deep trouble, one can count with his hand the people that can help revive a sinking ship. I was then a sinking ship. No confidence that I would float.
But because of some people, I am no longer a sinking ship. I am a ship ready to sail. Though wind and high waters may confront me, they can sink me no more. I have anchored my faith to God with the help of people who believed in me, I am ready to sail once again.

Hay, naku! True nga talaga ang sinabi ko sa show na ang problems ko last year ay ‘di ko na problems this year. And my major concerns last week are not my major concerns today. Life goes on. Let it be. The world doesn’t revolve solely on me. O nga ‘no, sama ng loob for those who weren’t able to be with me, ganun lang yun…

February na. Valentines na naman. Kakatapos lang magtanggal ng Christmas tree sa mga malls, puso naman ang isasabit nila. For single ladies like me, puwede siyang pressure at puwede rin naman siyang i-treat as FREEDOM!

Pressure Kung papa-affect ako sa mga puso na nakasabit. Impossible naman kasing ‘di maapektuhan sa puso. Puso nga kasi. E, kung gawin nilang pusod o puson kaya ang isabit nila nang ‘di ako maapektuhan?

Although, it can be stress-free because when you’re single, you are not obliged to go out on Valentine’s Day and go through that traffic.

I am not a victim, bilang mahal na presyo ng flowers and stuff… I am not affected kung all restaurants are booked and all motels are occupied. Meron din naman palang freedom talaga, wag lang magpaapekto sa commercialism around you.

May partner ka nga, but then again… Kailangan bang sa Valentines lang ang celebration of love? Not necessarily.

It doesn’t matter if one is single or not.

What’s important is to love the people around you who are always ready to help you.

What’s important is to love one’s self and appreciate yourself so others may do so, too.

What’s important is you are okay for everything around you to be okay. Yun na!

Laugh with “Candy’s Be U?”

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Hello, PEPsters! Happy New Year, Three Kings, and Happy Valentines in advance.

I did promise all PEP readers that I would update my blog more frequently. Sorry po. Just when I decided to start working and put an end to my locked frame, frozen mode, este, tulala segue tamad mode, work started to pour in.

I now truly believe that what you feel and what you think are actually what happens.

There were times when I would blame other people for what happened and is happening to me. At the end of the day, I cant control what other people can do and not do for me. l can only control what l can do to make things happen. Meaning, stop worrying and start moving… Oh yes! Sa pagka-hyper ko na tao, l also have my bad or down period.

Again, even if one prays and prays but doesn’t move towards the goal, it’s useless.

Naku, PEPsters, I learned a lot and so much recently…

Here’s one of my realizations: Faith is an action word.

The “let’s move it” attitude made my last quarter of 2012 full and the start of 2013 abundantly blessed with work.

I started taping for this new soap last year. It’s a fantasy and romantic story of a couple whose love was separated by death.

Then the couple… sandali, baka naman pag kinuwento ko sa inyo nang bonggang bonggang e di na kayo manood.

Watch kayo ng FOREVER, it’s GMA soap opera with Ms. Gloria Romero and Heart Evangelista leading the cast.

Ang role ko, bagong-bago talaga, sidekick of both leads. But, I hold the truth.

Ayun, malapit ko na ma-perfect ang pagiging sidekick. Hahaha!

I hope to really shine in this soap, kumbaga, I am aiming for an award. Ganun daw talaga, one has to say it and claim it for it to happen. Kaya friends, start saying and claiming your dreams and hopes.

Wag mo naman i-claim mamatay yung kaaway mo at baka mag-bounce back sa iyo ang bad vibes. Positivity and good thoughts only…

Also this January 25, 26, and February 1, please join me at Teatrino, Promenade, Greenhills, as we laugh about the realities of life in CANDY’S BE U?

This is under the direction of Andrew De Real. Masaya ito. Promise! Pag di ka natuwa pag nag-watch ka, saktan mo ako. Hahaha!

I’m sure you can relate to the show. At the end of each life’s reality, can this be you? Tickets at 1,500.00. Please call TicketWorld at 891-99-99 or Teatrino office at 722- 4501 local 116.

Let the good vibes and positivity flow. Yun na. Go!

Saranghae-yo, Oppa!

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Hello, PEPsters and tweeps!

I promised my Twitter followers that I would write something about the Korean dramas. So I decided to give you a rundown of my favorites.

Most people would like to watch a good romantic comedy to ease their tiredness and veer their attention away from life’s chaos.  I understand naman.

But, as you know, Korean Drama is not all about romantic comedies.

Today, we will focus on the rom-com, the most-liked genre.

Siguro, I like the Oppas because puwede silang gawing crush at walang complications and tsismis.

Out of all the Asian dramas I have watched, I noticed that the Koreanovelas are very particular about promoting careers or professions. It’s like subliminally encouraging the viewers to look for a job.

Mas nakakatuwa naman talagang ma-in love sa lalaking may totoong trabaho at pinapakita ang kaalaman nito sa trabaho niya.

Ito ang dahilan kung bakit napro-promote din ang iba’t-ibang industry or negosyo nila sa Korea.

After the airing of Kang Sang Woo’s Cinderella Man in 2009, where he played a merchant who owns a stall at the Dongdaemun Market, sales of clothes, fabrics and designs increased.

Anyhow, let’s review the 2012 Koreanovelas and Films.

Currently airing now is Five Fingers, starring Joo Hi-Hoon, the crown prince sa Princess Hours. I decided to watch this because of him. Well, usually naman sa amin ni Gelli pag di guwapo yung lead, di na namin pinapanood.

The start of the story is rather slow. If you are interested in pianos, this may be of interest to you. Joo Hi-Hoon is a piano genius who will be bullied by his stepmom and half-brother. Honestly, just watch the 1st and 2nd episode, then jump to episode 9 or 10, okay ka pa rin. Ngayon pa lang ako naaaliw sa series na ito.


I’m currently waiting for the last 2 episodes of Innocent Man/Nice Guy. Yes na yes, watch niyo ito. Guwapo na yung bida, exciting pa yung plot.

The cast is very good, especially Song Joong-Ki. Sungkyunkwan Scandal pa lang ay naaliw na ako sa kanya.

Pero dito sa drama na ito, nakaka-in love siya. Familiar ang mga mukha ng mga artista na kasali dito at nakakagulat na ang laki nang hinusay ng mga artistang ito sa pag-arte.


Para sa mga gusto ng romantic comedy pero hindi na gaanong bagets, A Gentleman’s Dignity ang swak na swak sa panlasa niyo.

It’s about men in their 40s who fall in love but remain as boys forever. I  like how they always start an episode with a flashback, which relate it to . The writers co-relate the flashbacks with the present situations.


In The King 2 hearts: Once again, Lee Seung-Gi has captivated me with his good looks and portrayal. The action scenes of course is once again provided by actress, Han Ji-woo (lead of Secret Garden).

The story is set in an alternative universe where modern South Korea is ruled by a constitutional monarchy. This is a story about uniting North and South Korea by uniting the hearts of two people.

The cultural differences of the two sides of Korea were shown here. The plot was not unusual but it’s very entertaining.


The first half of 2012 were all about time travels… Some of them were successful in using the time travel, while others failed to sustain my interest.

Queen In-Hyun’s Man used time travel to create conflict and mystery. It’s a certified kilig story.


Faith: Another time-travel drama where Lee Min Ho, skilled warrior is the lead male who transported a doctor from the present time to save the queen. It is not as exciting as City Hunter, but how it tackled political war is interesting.


The other star is mainly for Lee Min-Ho’s presence.

Love Rain: The first 5 episodes were really very slow. If you are a fan of Jag Keun-Suk, watching the slow episodes may be okay.

It’s a love story that started in the 1970s and resumes to the present. If you have a lot of time to spare, go and watch. A certified laugh trip!


Rooftop Prince: Time travel na naman!

The crowned prince travels to the present time to hunt the killers of his princess.

There were a lot of hilarious scenes. If you’re after some good laughs, not the storyline,  then this for you.

It was interesting in the beginning, but as plot thickened, the writers seemed to have a hard time reconciling everything.


Dr. Jin: Honestly, crush ko lang yung bida…

Pero OA kasi sa blood effect ang pinakita dito. A medical story and a love story rolled into one and time-travel scheme.

A modern-day surgeon was transported to Joseon era, where he cured so many people without the modern-day technology.

I like most parts, but found some of the medical practices featured as impossible.


Fashion King: I was expecting glamor and elegance from this series. Bitin!

The lady antagonist wore beautifully-structured outfits that I looked forward to. The lead guy was such a disappointment though. I don’t want to put all the blame to him. The script was also at fault, big time. It was a waste of airtime. Dapat nga, di ko na sinali dito at sayang din space.


Dream High 2: The first Dream High was so much better.

There were new characters to look forward to. It was a totally new plot with no relation with the 1st.

What’s up: A teeny-bopper story. Para siyang Dream High na ibang genre. Aliw. Walang complications pag pinanood mo, nakakabata.


BIG: Gong Yoo is back after Coffee Prince.

The plot is cute… just for Gong Yoo, who is ultimately yummy.

The soul-switching and body-swap conflict would lead to the discovery of so many truths. I was entertained.

Once again, the writers couldn’t end the story logically without disappointing the fans. It has its moments. Go and watch!


I do, I do –It could have been promising…


The Moon Embracing The Sun: This series is highly-rated, and has won an award for Best Drama and Best Actor at the 48thPaeksang Arts Awards.

It’s about the love story of a fictional Joseon king and a shaman, plus, the politics they had to go through. I really liked this series. The shaman (manghuhula) character is very interesting. It clearly shows that the Asians are really fond of fortune tellers and magic. A must-watch series.


Wild Romance:It could have been a great series but the female lead was too OA for me (to think OA na ako).

I couldn’t find the chemistry between the two leads.


To the Beautiful You: The original Japanese Hanakimi is still the best. This adaptation is a poor loser to the other versions.

Arang and the Magistrate: A love story between a ghost and a magistrate, who can see and speak with ghosts. Very entertaining with unpredictable twist.


Heaundae Lovers: It wasn’t good. It wasn’t bad. It didn’t affect me at all. No catharsis effect.


Equator Man: Interesting.


I Need Romance 2: Bawal sa bata. Relationships. Falling in love and falling out of love.


Bridal Mask: I wasn’t able to watch it but it was highly-rated.


Answer 1997: I’m still trying to find time to watch it. Gelli insists that I should. I trust naman her reco. This series is also highly-rated. She really likes it, and has re-watched it na.

There a lot of series kasi na sa sobrang aliw, you will watch it again. May mga ganun talaga.

Just recently re-watched We Got Married’s season 1, featuring the JoongBo couple. The same intensity ang aliw ko kina Kin Yun-Jun and singer Hwangbo, who is older than the groom by six years.

We Got Married is a reality show for pretend-to-be-married couples. Korea is really trying to promote marriage since it has high divorce rates.

Next entry, I’ll talk about the films  naman at baka sobrang haba na nito.

Pero sa true lang, iba pa ring gumawa ang Pinoys ng teleserye. Nakakatuwa lang kasi sa Korea pag na-touch ang culture or magpakita ka ng mga probinsiya at scenery, subsidized na ng government.

Kaya naman, ang dami nilang nagagawa dahil may subsidy at suporta ng pamahalaan.

Tayo, wala pang ganun, may husay na. What more kung di masyadong corrupt ang mga government officials natin, di ba, then the industry would be so much better and would have a chance to compete globally. Yun na.

Saint-inspired Trick or Treat

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Hello, Peeps!

It’s been such a looooong time since I wrote something. I just had a wonderful experience and couldn’t contain the joy. Naks! Yes, joy indeed… yun nga ang naramdaman ko.

I have never joined trick or treats or Halloween celebrations for simple reasons: matatakutin ako at mabilis umandar imaginations ko.

I can actually count with my one hand all my voluntary horror involvement.  They were mostly in college with friends like John Lapus, Eugene Domingo, Harlene Bautista, etc. We would go to all the horror booths of carnivals during Christmas season.

Even then, wala naman ako masyadong maalala kasi nakapikit ako. Dalawa kami ni Uge na duwag sa ganyan, pero hilig naman namin mag-join. Hahahaha! It must be peer pressure or our naturally-damaged brain.

There was one time the ghosts had to carry Uge and me out of the horror booth. It was at the horror house of Gift Gate in SM Megamall . Medyo nakakahiya pero yung mga multo na yung nagsasabi sa amin na wag matakot dahil hindi kami makakilos ni Uge. As in, kinakalabit kami ng mga naka-costume sa kung saan kami dumadaan.

That’s the main reason I never really tried doing trick or treat.  I easily get scared. Walang OA… Natatakot ako sa costumes. Saka I don’t want the horns, ugly monsters, devil tails… Ever since I was a kid, I was never amused with them.

Here comes this “Halloween season,” where all the ugly masks and costumes are plastered all over the malls, TV, etc. All these stuff promoting fear, ghosts, and such to kids…

I heard my son talking to his yaya, “I want to be a St. Zombie! Or a St. Monster! Huwat? At kelan pa naging santo ang zombie?

I asked my son, “Why do you call the zombie a saint?

My son replied, “I read in the calendar it’s All Saints Day, and I want to wear costume too like other kids.”

Ay, oo nga… All Saints Day nga pala… E, bakit, yung mga aswang at zombie ang prino-promote natin? I decided to google All Saints Day. It’s indeed a day of celebration for all the heroes of mother church that have been inspired and graced by God. Ayun!

Here we go…

Call sa mga friends around the neighborhood… Tara! Let’s have a saintly treat for a change. Para positive din yung ma-instill natin sa kids, we decided to attend as saints. Come in your favorite saint or whatever that saint is known for ang theme.

Exciting pala to know the saints related to your name. I had to check on the name meaning and check on the name origin before I can get to look for the related saint. Quite taxing but interesting.

Quentin came as Saint Quentin of Amiens, early Roman Saint and patronage of surgeons, chaplains, tailors, and against sneezes and cough. Steady, di ba…

I came as Saint Candida. Opo, meron palang ganun… Six yata yung St. Candida. I choose St. Candida Maria of Jesus, foundress of the daughters of Jesus. Taray nung foundress!

Kasama din sa happening ang mga super yaya namin ng anak ko. Quentin’s Yaya Vanessa came as St. Zita, patron of maids and domestic servants. My yaya Mae came as St. Margaret the Virgin, since Mae came from the name Margaret, patronage for pregnant women, dying, kidney disease, and Malta.

At dahil na-excite ako sa saints related to the names, I decided to check on the names of other artists, celebrities, and friends… Let me share some of the info I gathered.

Direk Wenn : fair and white, Slavonic, name origin is Wenceslas, St. Wenceslaus, duke of Bohemia, patronage Bohemia, Prague

Anna Gianelli Rivera: daming st. Anna… Pati mama ni other Mary, St. Anna. Pero type ni Gelli si St. Anna Kim or St. Anna Pak Gi, na Korean martyr-saints. Taray! Hangang sa santo, Korean! Gianelli, by the way, means enclosed fortress.

John Lapus : gift of Yahweh, St. John the Baptist, patronage teachers and St. John of God, patronage of the poor

Kris Aquino from Christine meaning “follower of Christ,” saint Christine of Bolsena, feast day is on July 24, St. Christina is the astonishing patronage of psychiatrist

Piolo Jose Nonato Pascual : I was really looking for the meaning of Piolo but couldn’t find any. Jose meaning “God will increase,” yung St. Joseph naman, the perfect husband

Carmina Villarroel: Name origin is Carmel, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, strong and fighter

Wolfgang is Saint Wolfgang, patronage of Strokes

And there’s many more!

Why don’t you check your name origin, meaning, and the life of the saint associated to it?

Our saintly treat was indeed a joyous event. I finally experienced trick or treat with a twist. I wasn’t scared. I felt quite secured. I saw some people giving us strange and awkward looks, trying to figure out why we were dressed as such. The others had our group feeling like an outcast. Kami ba yung outcast? E, kayo nga ang demonyo ang costume… Whew!

Parents, we have to be careful on what we allow our kids to wear and believe. I have nothing against kids going around as zombies. But I personally felt good wearing a costume inspired by a saint. All holy angels and saints in heaven, pray for us :-)


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Hello, PEPsters!

I’ve been busy taping for the afternoon series Hiram na Puso with GMA-7.

It’s really fun working with director Andoy Ranay, who’s been my friend since college days (so recent lang yun, hehehe!). It is fun and, at the same time, puts more pressure on me because I don’t want to disappoint and let him down for including me in this project.

It’s also nice to reunite and work with old colleagues like Ms. Ayen Munji and Mr. Gardo Versoza, na parehong baliw off-cam (baliw in a positive way).

I have also met new friends in the cast and staff. It’s my first time to meet and work with Mark Herras, Bela Padilla, Polo Ravales, and Kris Bernal, who always reminds me of how fat I am, kasi nga, ang payat niya.

I have to admit na kakaibang species din naman ang mga staff namin headed by our kakaibang species na executive producer, Mr. J.

Pero ang talaga nga namang kakaiba ay yung story about heart transplant and how the original heart owner will affect and transpose the life, thoughts, and emotions of the new heart owner.

At meron po itong scientific research and testimonies na may mga kaso na yung bagong heart owner ay naging asawa ng nabiyudo na heart donor. Yung mga memories, likes and dislikes noong heart donor ay napapasa sa new heart owner. Puwede pala. Totoo nga kaya?

One Sunday afternoon I had the chance to chat with a good friend, Fr. Vic Sadaya, CMF, Rector of Claret Theology house. He’s also a psychologist. True enough ay talaga namang sinuportahan niya ang heart transplant story na ito. Ang sabi niya, ang puso daw po ay puro dugo kaya puwede talaga.

Marami din naman palang stories about blood transfusion na nag-iiba ang ugali ng taong sinalinan ng dugo pag bagong salin ito. Minsan ay biglang sumusungit kaya nga merong term na “dugong tigre.” Kaya nga daw minsan nasasabi ng mga tao sa isang bata, “Ang lakas ng dugo ng nanay at kaugali talaga ang bagets.” O di naman kaya, “May lahi ba tayong kastila at meztisa ang bata?”

Furthermore, we were saved by the Blood of Christ, and that makes all of us children of God. Oo nga naman. Taray!

We all have in us God’s character, and it is by choice if we wish to use it. Kaya pala merong innate goodness ang lahat ng tao because of the Blood of Christ that saved us. Taray! Parang lalong lumalim ang pagkakaintindi ko sa kuwento dahil sa mga explanation na ito sa akin.

Parang sakto nga naman ang mga words na ito sa panahon ng Lent. “Lent,” as in pinahiram sa Tagalog. God gave us, not lent, but gave us His son for us to live eternally in glory. He lent us our earthly lives in preparation for our big bang eternal life. Our heaven can start here depending how we live our life. Indeed, may ganun nga!

Lent came from the word Lencten, which means the “spring season.” Spring and springtime, according to Wikipedia refers to rebirth, renewal and regrowth. The period of transition from winter to summer. Mula sa taglamig na buhay, overhaul nang bongga ang self para sa mainit na bagong renovated na you! Ang saya naman ng pagkakadugtong-dugtong ng mga bagay bagay.

This Lent pa-self tune-up tayo at ire-assess how we are living our lives, making use of our talents and resources to give warmth to all.

Speaking of talent, di ko puwedeng hindi sabihin na “napakagaling na artista nung Ms. Gina Alajar. At ng dahil sa kanya, napapa-reasses ako ng sariling kakayahan ko. Maraming salamat.

Pag-usapan naman natin yung Gina Alajar sa susunod na entry. Pa-tune-up and overhaul muna ako para bongga ang rebirth at renewal to a better me. Yun na! Go!
P.S. Panoorin araw-araw pagkatapos ng Eat Bulaga.

Endings are new beginnings

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After three months, patapos na po ang teleserye na PS I Love You, na ipinapalabas sa TV5 at co-produced by VIVA Entertainment.

Kaya pag may nagtatanong sa akin kung kamusta ang TV5, di ko naman diretso masagot bilang VIVA ang production namin.

Sa maikling panahon na kami ay nagsama-sama ay namunga ang bonggang mga pagkakaibigan. We all started as co-workers, but now we are friends working together. Naks!

I have worked with Ms. Dina before, but I got to know her better this time around.

I saw her bloom as a person as the series was running. Why? Basta! Ms. D is really sosyal but is very down to earth.  She can be very straightforward but sweet and caring.

Sir Gabby Concepcion, cool guy. Quiet guy.

Alex Gonzaga, kakaibang species.

Pati naman siya, agree sa akin sa description ko na ito. She’s really makulit. She has her tantrums like everybody else. At least di naman niya pinaandar sa akin. She is malambing, very open, easy to be with, funny and interested. Yung kulit nga niya minsan, parang nakikita ko ang sarili ko. Minsan lang naman… Masarap patawanin si Alex, lalo na kung di mo siya katabi dahil nanghahampas ito habang tumatawa. I will truly miss this lady and her antics. Siyempre, sama mo na yung tsismisan updates.

Kean Cipriano, rock en roll!

Steady, magaan kasama at gusto matuto. He has passion for his music. He wants to take acting seriously. He is charming indeed, tipong tinitilian talaga ng girls when he goes on stage. He can be a very good buddy. Ang sarap kabatuhan sa alaskahan and kulitan.

Cheska Inigo, the meztisa girl with a big heart and a contagious laughter.

She would often put herself down with words like, “Di naman ako kilala.”

The girl is from Bagets. She stopped acting for a while to concentrate on her family, but now, she is back.

Everybody loves the professional Cheska on the set, who usually brings a basket of goodies, sweets, chips, fruits and soda. Gusto mo ng maalat? Ask Cheska. Gusto mo ng matamis? Ask Cheska. Gusto mo ng Chika? Chika mo si Cheska.

Jaycee Parker always fills what’s missing with her ideas.

She’s known to be the sexy gal with half a brain. But under those big bumpers is a big heart. She’s most of the time our event organizer and talent coordinator. She calls every one and checks out our schedules so we all can meet. Do you know that Jaycee travels all the way to Pampanga to visit her grandparents? She is the bread winner and takes care of her family really well.

Michael Flores, a true blue Atenean who loves to dance and is a natural actor himself.

Michael’s sharp features work to his advantage. His eyes are very expressive. He is a brother to all. A friend you can rely on. He is a buddy to all. Every one looks for him, from Sir Gabby to Kean to Jaycee…  This guy has such adorable kids. Super kay guwapo ng mga bagets.

Say Alonzo, a sweet newly-married lady with a lot of gusto and enthusiasm about life and marriage. Positive!

Thanks guys for keeping me company and making my taping days fun.

Napansin ko lang, madami na akong teleserye na pinagdaanan at natapos. Ang nakakatuwa ay ang pagkakaibigan ay hindi natapos.

Ika nga, the story goes on.

At marami akong naging malapit na kaibigan na dati ay ka-trabaho lamang.

Kahapon, February 13, nung nagkapaalaman. Naririnig ko ang mga tao sa paligid ko, “Uy, pareho pa ba ang number mo?” “Tawagan ha….”

Mukhang hindi rin natapos ang kuwento namin kahapon, the story goes on…

Love month… Love it naman talaga!

Let’s enjoy and cherish every moment and spread the love to all. Please follow me on my twitter account @candypangilinan.

I must say…

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Hello, PEPsters! I’m so definitely back on track…

So many good things had happened to me, and maybe to you as well, these past few months.

Yes, there were mishaps but why talk about them now?

Let’s give recognition to the good things around us, and the people who deserve it. I know there are a lot of them pero hero lang po ang kilala ko at alam ko kaya, pagbigyan niyo na ako.

I must say I am so impressed with the acting performance of Ms. Janice De Belen in Budoy. I am moved to tears by her sincerity. ‘Yan nga naman si Flordeluna!

I must say na tuwang tuwa ako sa Praybeyt Benjamin at ang tagumpay na inaani nito sa takilya bilang blockbuster.

Congrats to Direk Wenn, Vice Ganda, and the whole cast and production. Meron pa kayo chance manood, go na!

I must say that the anniversary presentation of Showtime was so memorable that I decided to include it on my list today.

Ang dami kong emotions na naramdaman sa mga performances nila, especially with the production number of Anne Curtis. I was amazed, afraid, excited, surprised, stunned, and tired—sobrang mixed emotions. All of the numbers were aliw.

I must say that traffic now is really bad.

I don’t know if it’s because of MMDA head’s present system. Nevertheless, I super appreciate their online presence on Twitter, where they answer you regarding traffic flow queries.

Each time my son has a requirement, I run to SM. I must say that SM truly got it all for you. The shooting incident got me really scared though. Thinking about it, e, ganun talaga, they got it all for you nga, e.

I must say na gumaganda si Ms. Kris Aquino sa paningin ko bilang tao and bilang babae.

I must say panalo ang line-up ng GMA News TV and shows. Very interesting at aliw talaga panoorin bilang loaded ng info ang mga ito.

I must say that I am enjoying my voice-over stint with GMA-7’s Daldalita as Mother Daisy.

I must say that the Ram Revilla case is scary.

It’s an eye opener and a mirror of what twisted values our youth has acquired. Whoever did it, alarming lang yung mga killings na ang involved ay kabataan.
Sabi ko positive lang pag-usapan, positive yung effect sa mga tao na bantayan ang mga ginagawa ng bagets. Let’s go back to basic and strengthen the smallest unit of society which is the family.

I must say the Oktoberfest celebration was a big hit!

I must say the death of Steve Jobs really shocked and moved a lot of people to tears.

I must say congratulations to Direk Ruel Bayani for the box office success of No Other Woman. Better late than never. The premiere night for this movie was cancelled due to typhoon. So what Direk Ruel did was invite me with some friends to watch one of the regular showings. I enjoyed the company, the movie, and the chika. Bawal magkamali sa group na yun, delikado sa lait!

I must say that the John Lloyd-Shaina-Ruffa love triangle is pretty interesting and at the same time tiring.

Hearing it once is enough. I’d like to give all parties the benefit of the doubt. And I’m sure each one of them knows what truly happened.

I must say that the declaration of an all out war in Basilan is tragic.

Personally, I never believed in war being a solution to anything. Nobody wins in a war. It’s a good thing that people are have been reacting and giving opinions regarding this. As they say, by your fruits you will be known.

I must say that I am anti-RH Bill.

I’m happy that there are more people realizing the real content of the bill. Let’s not just join the bandwagon. Let’s not just believe in it because of the church. Let’s read and get to know the bill.

I must say that I recommend the plain yogurt being sold at Centris tiangge every Sunday. It’s per order. It’s fresh, healthy and affordable.

I must say that COHEN diet is really hard.

I’ve been on it for four months. I have been cheating for four months. My gosh, I’ve been dreaming of the diet. I was given my personal dietary plan according to my blood chemistry. Everything I eat is weighed. I could only eat certain food at a specific time. I must say ang hirap magpapayat!

Sa susunod kong blog entry, ‘yan ang pag-usapan natin….. Diet!

I must say I miss writing blogs. Till the next…

Ang Makabuluhan, Bow!

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Lately, I have been getting invitations to events that had opened my eyes about how talented the Filipinos are and how we all can help each other. I must say I feel so privileged. In fairness, nagiging makabayan ang mga gimmick ko.

SAVE ACT. It’s a trading law that is being passed by the US Congress to eliminate duties and taxes of textiles and thread that are being exported by our country.

What does this mean?

The Philippines have been locally manufacturing for brands like Gap, Nike, Ann Taylor, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Adidas for several years now.

There had been a decrease due to the more competitive cost of products manufactured in other Asian countries like India, Vietnam, and China.

If this law is passed, our exports will have a greater advantage due to the much lower total cost.  About 450,000 jobs will be offered to Filipinos, and five billion dollars will be potentially earned.

Ano naman ginagawa ko sa event na ito?

I was invited by my cousin Chuck Lazaro. And I met some people from the industry who are actually very nice. Hello? I’m looking forward to our gimmick.

What was even more touching was the fact that ABS-CBN gathered its resources to support the cause and mount the show, which was joined by KC Concepcion, Sam Milby, Jose Mari Chan, APO Hiking Society, Angeline Quinto, Bugoy Drilo, and Noel Cabahug—na super aliw ako sa song niya.

Sina Venus Raj at David Celdran ay nandun din.

Please support this bill. Spread the news to your FIL-AM friends. For more info, please visit

CHILI’S. I was with Direk Dante Garcia, who asked me to drop by Chili’s Greenhills. Meron palang bartending competition. Aliw! Ang huhusay naman ng mga bartenders natin. I was so entertained seeing how passionate they were with their work. Meron din pala tayong ganito sa Pinas. Kaya ng Pinoy!

PICO DE LORO. It’s a getaway in Batangas. There were plenty of pools to choose from, a playground for the kids, a game area, karaoke rooms, dining areas boasting of different cuisines, a lake and a beach, comfortable and beautiful rooms, a beautiful scenery, and a wonderful staff ready to assist you in your every need. It’s a land trip from Manila. Ganda ng Pilipinas!

LIPA. I went to Our Lady of Mediatrix in Lipa. I was surprised about how fast my trip was. There was this new SLEX that is connected to Star Toll that made our trip really fast. I was in Lipa within an hour and a half. There were a lot of foreigners who were there that came to pray at the miraculous Mediatrix. Yes! Kilala siya ng ibang lahi bilang marami na pong milagro itong napamalas. When I told my friends about it, not everyone knows about this miraculous place in Lipa.

ZONTA. Opo, maliban sa mga bagay na alam niyo sa akin, ako rin po ay member ng ZONTA, a non-government socio-civic international organization that aims to empower the women.

I was invited to be a moderator for a workshop entitled Education and Job for Women. It was a discussion about the jobs available for women and the discrimination they experience in the workplace.

To sum it up, maliban sa nakasanayan na lalakeng tubero o lalakeng karpintero, there was little or no discrimination, according to study.

Would you believe the Philippines is leading in terms of advocating equal rights for men and women?

Dito ko ang nalaman na meron palang Single Parent Law, Anti-night law for women, etc.

Yes! Meron po tayong ganyang batas. Other than the Magna Carta Law na bonggang bongga talaga para sa babae at sa mga bata, ang gaganda ng batas natin lalo na kung maipapatupad sila.

I had the honor to people who are highly respected in their fields—Dr. Patricia Licuanan, chairperson of CHED; Mr. Bong Austero, educator, columnist and head of HR department organization; Dr. Brawner, science and technology expert; and Dr. Concepcion, educator and award-winning psychologist, and guidance counselor.

Mga Pilipino po sila at matiyaga nilang pinag-aaralan at tinuturuan ang mga Pilipino para maging kapaki-pakinabang na mga mamamayan at tao.

Gusto mo ba yung statement na yun? The Zontians have been sincerely doing and looking for ways to uplift the lives of Filipino women. Nakakatuwa lang kasi dati, naririnig ko lang na merong ganitong mga tao at industry na willing to help. Now I have met people who are actually helping. Nakakatuwa!

We have everything here in the Philippines, we just need to find the right avenue and the right people to approach.

Ganun nga ba talaga? E, bakit ang daming wala work?

Dito rin naman yung binibigyan mo na ng bahay para umalis sa squatters’ area pero babalik at babalik pa rin dun. Bibigyan mo na ng pera para magsimula ng negosyo at nang hindi na mamalimos, pero mas type nila ang mamalimos. Bakit? Nakasanayan na, e. I think we have to get out of what we’re used to and not get stuck with our concerns.

When we focus our energies in helping others, our problems become small and eventually they are not a problem anymore. So, anong problem? Hahaha…Yun na!

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