BLOG: “Senior” parties!

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I attended two parties in one day.

In both parties, I had fun watching the senior citizens enjoy and share stories.

I first attended the 80th birthday celebration of Auntie Emma Pangilinan.

It was a joy to see my dear aunt up and about. Uncle Donato and Auntie Emma have nine children—all of them have families of their own.

They are already a party with 50 heads.

The four boys of uncle Donato—namely Kuya Joseph, Kuya Kiko (Secretary Kiko), Kuya Anthony and Kuya John-john—always perform this “saging song.”

We have seen it several times and have always enjoyed it but not only because it’s a great song or it’s a great performance.

It’s with the way they enjoy themselves!

Here is a clip of the video:


I also attended Erap’s Senior Prom.

It was indeed a star-studded evening at the Vera Perez Gardens, Sampaguita compound-turned-events place.

The event was filled with beautiful and glittering stars of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 2000s. Parang ako na ang representative ng 2000. Hahahaha!

It was such an honor and privilege to be invited and join these respectable and dignified stars.


Ask your mom or grandmom who her favorite local star, and she/he was likely there.

Hosted by Erap, it was a casual party/ reunion with all the stars he had worked with.

I saw Ms. Carmen Soriano for the first time and she is still a beauty.

It took me an hour to kiss everyone. Yes, ang daming tao!

After I finished kissing and giving respect to everyone present, I went to the host, Erap himself. I was kissing him on the cheek when he turned his head and looked confused. He was trying to figure out who I was. Hahahaha!

Buti naman naimbitahan pa ako, kahit ‘di niya maalala kung sino ako.

I had to tell him who I was. “Candy Pangilinan po,” I said, feeling embarassed.

“O, ‘di kita nakilala,” Erap answered.

I said, “Buti naimbita mo ako, kahit ‘di mo ako kilala.”

Erap quickly responded, “Taba mo kasi, e.”

I told myself, “Ayun, sapul, pa-witty ka kasi…”

Pag ganun na ang takbo ng usapan, parang cue na yun for exit frame.

As I tried to look for my table, I was drawn to the black and white portraits on the wall, and was so surprised to see my photo! Wow!

Thanks to the organizers for making me a part of the event. Nakaka-honor at nakakatanda rin. Pero deadma na sa nakaka-tanda. At least natandaan ako ni Erap kahit isang pelikula lang ang aming pinagsamahan.

In fair naman kasi dito kay Erap, napatawa naman niya ako ng ‘di niya sinasadya bilang siya mismo. May angking kabaitan po talaga.

I was further mesmerized by the sight of Superstar Nora Aunor who was in a svelte black suit. Why not! Chinika ko at baka maambunan ako ng galing niya sa pag-arte.

Kakaiba ang araw na ito for me. Senior prom nga kasi, puro senior ang nakasama ko at marami akong natutunan sa kanila.

Today, I call them senior not because of their age but because of the lessons I can learn from them. Their mere presence can tell so much about the kind of life they have lived.

Are you ready to die?

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Undas, undas napapadalas!

Totoong Undas na pala talaga…

There were so many deaths these past months that I felt going to memorial parks and memorial services was not a special event anymore, unlike during my younger days.

It’s been like a monthly event, and I don’t know if there are more people dying today than when I was younger. Or maybe, I am getting older, and I know a lot of older people who are scheduled to die than when I was younger.

Due to this monthly event, I have been attending memorial services, and have witnessed different kinds of services, visited a lot of chapels, listened to so many homilies and eulogies, and tried various catering services.

We have to admit that food is essential in all funeral services. And now, I see coffee, biscuits, and nuts in a different light.

Before, coffee and biscuits are for friends bonding in a posh coffee shop. Now I realize that together with “butong pakwan,” they are staple foods in memorial chapels while talking amid rows of flowers with sashes of greetings.

I sometimes imagine the row of flowers as contestants in a beauty pageant. The flowers seem to parade themselves to all mourners. There are different categories like best in arrangement, best in sincerity, highest in impact, most creative, most expensive, early bird, and best in sash.

I have heard different kinds of homilies, and learned that the reality of dying is a fact and inevitable. I know that I will die soon. I just hope not too soon.

Death was never a serious thought that I would like to entertain.

But today, I am embracing this glorious fact. Yes, it’s a glorious fact because it’s the gateway to a more meaningful and blissful life.  I believe that there is life eternal.

Ang lungkot naman kung pagkamatay ko, talagang ending na at wala nang sequel. Of course merong sequel… and the sequel of my life depends how I live my present life. Kung horror ako ngayon, malaki ang chance na horror din ako sa sequel.

Kaya naman many terminologies have been changed acknowledging that there is eternal life.

We no longer say funeral homes but memorial chapels. We no longer say corpse but mortal body. It’s not death but pass away. And pag ‘di maayos ang buhay, nagiging pasaway. Kahit sa Tagalog, ‘di na natin ginagamit ang salitang namatay kundi sumakabilang-buhay.

I don’t want to sound preachy and pa-righteous when I know for a fact that I am far from being holy and good. Ang hirap naman kasi maging good.

Truly, all fall short to the kingdom of God.

Am I ready to die? Can I really die anytime? Hindi pa talaga! ‘Di ako ready.

A priest asked me this question: if I were given the last 24 hours of my life, what will I do? That made me think.

There are so many things that I don’t do in my everyday life that I will do when only given 24 hours to live.

So maybe, what matters in this life are the things I want to do in my last 24 hours in this earth.

Naisip ko parang ang lungkot naman yata ng buhay pag sobrang bait ako. Hahahaha!

It’s like I am depriving myself and not loving myself.

I was told sacrifices do not become sacrifices unless done out of love. I want to go to heaven. Everyone who goes to heaven is a saint. Hindi ka nga lang famous pero saint ka.

In connection with this, our community has continued to promote the life of the saints during the Halloween. Instead of dressing up in gory costumes and scaring each other, we all dress as our chosen saints.

Sa totoo lang, takot ang anak ko sa mga pangit na costumes. Buti na lang, mas pleasant looking ang mga saints.

Not sure how much impact we make by doing this for three years now; but it surely feels good doing something simple yet heartwarming.

Lahat nagko-costume! Pati si yaya and the parents.

May we all see each other in God’s paradise. At kung nalulungkot ka at sumakabilang-buhay ang mahal mo, wag kang mag-alala, nauna lang sila. Susunod din naman tayo. Yun na!

Business permit in three hours!

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Here I am applying for a new business. Not Qbags.

I want to revive my events management business using my old name.

I first asked my friend to go and register my name at the DTI pocket office in SM North Edsa.

My name wasn’t approved.

I registered EVIDENT Productions Inc. before, closed it, cancelled everything.

But I guess the online system of SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) hasn’t.

I reserved the name years ago. I never got to open it because I was too busy. I used MCP Productions for my past events.

The latest was that my friend came back and forth trying to have other names approved: there’s Evident, First Evident, Evident First, and no luck, they still did not accept.

I sent 7 new names: Q3, Q3+, Q3expertus, Q3patent, Q3shindig etc. Hahahahaha!

Bawal pala ang numbers and symbols.

But the name has to be essential, memorable, and meaningful to me. It should also have the quality of my nature of business.

I had sleepless nights thinking of a name that DTI would accept. It felt like Igiving birth again. Kailangan, may arrive ang name.

I remember, when I was deciding on my son’s name. I wanted Enoch, meaning “God’s favorite.”

My mom contradicted kasi daw she has a friend na Enoch na babaero.

After buying three books on names, and studying the meaning of the names, I ended up with Quentin.

Now, again, I have this dilemma of finding a name.

Because of this, I started researching the meaning of my friends’ names.

Suprisingly, the meaning of their names actually described their individual personalities.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I believe that because of the name, the person sort of owns it and imbibes the meaning. Taray! Ang lalim pala ng meaning ng names.

I even asked for help on my FB page. They all suggested that I personally go to DTI NCR main office on EDSA.

I did (I was accompanied by my sister na naging taga-xerox. Mura lang dito, five pesos).

I was clueless. But guess what, everything was fast.

The people in the counters were very efficient. They were very friendly and helpful.

I explained my side of the story and got my name back.

Gone are the days when we need fixers. Anyone can just go and apply. The step by step process are all over the place.

My mom told me, “kailangan may kakilala.” Hindi naman. I was there and saw that every one was treated fairly. I was even taught what to do next. I was done in 20 minutes.

Next, I went to our baranggay hall to get a clearance. I paid a 1,000 pesos and got one in 7 minutes. Oh yes, inorasan ko ang bawat step.

Then, I was asked to get a business permit at the QC City Hall.

Heto na ang challenge!

I went to City Hall clueless about where to go. Guess who taught me what to do? Kuya street sweeper! Thanks to him, I didn’t have to hop from one building to another.

As soon as you enter the building, there were signages everywhere telling where to go.

I arrived 45 minutes after 11:00 a.m.

I was worried they might be off for lunch, but they don’t have lunch break. Business is nonstop.

I signed some papers, waited for them to process my papers.

In 15 minutes, I was off to doing the next step: pay.

I thought it would take me decades to line up. OMG! Again, my number was flashed on the screen right away. It was my turn. I finished paying in 10minutes.

I went back to the first building, this time, a different counter. I waited again while they processed my papers. Again, in 20 minutes, I was done with my business permit.

Now, next step is to go to BIR. I better let my accountant do this. Hehehe…

But back to my business permit, I learned that the fixers’ days are over (or ikonti na lang). That practice is so 70s and 80s.

Every thing I paid for had an O.R.

Bigla akong natuwa. I am so proud to be a Filipino. I was able to register a new business in three hours, including my travel time.

I just hope our government offices can be more presentable.

In city hall where my papers were processed, the air conditioning was busted.

There were big IWATA fans that were so loud that we had to communicate in a louder voice.

Another thing I realized, there are a lot of government employees who are working hard.

Too sad that some of them had to ruin the reputation by doing illegal jobs on the side.

Lastly, I am happy because my government is efficient. No hassle. No fuzz. No lagay. No shortcuts.

Next stop: Renewal of my driver’s license and change of name.

I am still carrying my ex-husband’s family name in my license.

I was scared before of the gruesome process.

After today, I’d like to see if it’s the same with LTO. Yun na!

Candy Pangilinan’s QBags!

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Starting a business is no joke.

I have to admit that I got used to having every thing simply handed to me. I didn’t pay that much attention to details. There were a lot of people around me, assisting and showing me the way…Well, some perks of being an artist.

I have to admit that after gaining weight, I began receiving less project offers. I regret those days I splurged on clothes and perfumes. Things are different now.

But let’s not get melodramatic.

I’m just stating a fact: it’s an artist’s responsibility to look good. I can look good but my weight gets in the way. A person looks 10 lbs to 15 lbs heavier on screen. Kaya perfect nga ang payat talaga…

Now I am on the ageloc, NUskin program. Good luck na naman sa akin kung magiging effective ito. I’m on my 2nd month and my stats is not really moving. Haaaay!

To make a long story short, here I am…with a new business. Yipee! Ang hirap pala. It’s hard but it’s exciting.

QBAGS. I recently started an online business Qbags.

Recent ba yung November of 2013? Di na yata. Hehe.

Why bags? It’s a necessity. Everyday, people carry a bag. All kinds of people carry different bags for different purposes.

Then there’s the expensive signature bags that have become a social status. Oh yes. I have to admit I like the signature bags minus the price. Kaya naman I decided to make trendy, useful, and quality bags that people can afford.

When I started last November, I was using my personal number to entertain inquiries from clients. Nakakaloka!

Meron mga nagte-text sa akin para tanungin ang number ni Kris Aquino, Coco Martin, Kim Chu, etc.

Meron namang makikipag-debate sa akin sa text about the item. Iba-iba din naman talaga ang kliyente.

Merong magtatanong ng maraming-marami ‘tapos dedeadmahin ka na after.

Meron naman papa-reserve ‘tapos di naman kukunin.

Meron naman gusto pagkabayad nila sa bank, nasa harap na nila yung item agad.

Sana sa genie sila nagbayad, para yung item, nasa harap na nila delivered pa ng magic carpet.

Meron naman minsan nagsabi ng problema. Yung iba nagpapatulong maging artista. Kung sarili ko nga hindi ko malako, iba pa kaya.

Nakakatawa na nakakaubos ng dugo. Siguro sa susunod kong stand-up show, online business ang topic ko.

Kaya naman nag-decide ako na kumuha ng ibang number for Qbags only. My bags are made in China, Korea, Portugal and, of course, from the Philippines.

Yung paghahanap ng supplier ay ibang experience din. Kung saan-saang sulok ako ng ‘Pinas nakarating. Parang ginawa kong tambayan ang Nlex and Slex sa pabalik-balik at paikot-ikot ko.

Kaya nung Holy week, di na ako nagbiyahe kasi quota na ako sa biyahe, in fairness sa akin.

Thank God I have a business partner who help me with the details. He is a Chinese businessman. I owe him a lot. I learned so much from him regarding business and handling money. I think the Chinese were really brought up for business. I don’t know why but it seems business is innate to them.

CLIENTS. My very first clients were my good friends Ge Malacaman-Villamil and Frances Makil-Ignacio, who got my first ever design using genuine leather.

Thank you, friends. I greatly appreciate the support. I remember throwing a merienda session, where people can see my bags. Only one person arrived. Ang daming pagkain, isa lang ang dumating. Hahahaha! Piyesta ang mga kasambahay sa dami ng food.

Early this month, we were very lucky to get chosen as a concessionaire in Wellworth Department Store, Fairview Terraces.

My good friend Carmina Villarroel was the one who told me about this.

Carmina got a place much earlier than I for “Muniz” shoes.

I was the last concessionaire to come in. My spot is quite humbling. Nasa likod ako, sa dulo, sa likod ng poste. Okay lang! May puwesto pa rin. It’s a different world. I usually pass through the back gates as an artist for shows. Here, I pass through back entrances due to deliveries and inventories.

I now understand what sales ladies in department stores have to go through. They stand for long hours. They can’t sit down. They need to smile all the time. They need to be fast. They have to know the answers to clients’ questions. They are like beauty contestants without the sash.

Fairview Terraces is a joint project of Ayala and Rustans’.

I sort of grew up in Rustan’s Cubao. My mom used to have her Interior Design showroom in Rustan’s Cubao. I remember running around the mall every day after school.

And now this, I have learned more about people…life.

There’s so much to learn. I am excited and eager. I am also, at times, overwhelmed.

If you have time please visit us at Wellworth Department Store, Fairview Terraces. You may also visit us online or .

For inquiries you may call, sms, viber, wechat, whatsapp, kakao, chaton (kung ano man) at 09999998050.


The point is: just call us and inquire. Happy shopping! Yun na!

Ang nakagaganda at nakababatang Diary ng Panget

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Just watched the premiere showing of Diary ng Panget the other night in SM Megamall Cinema 9.

Ang saya! Ang bata! Ang bagets! Ang summer fun!

I am not a legit movie reviewer but let me share with you my opinion as a simple moviegoer.

The movie was based on the best-selling book of “have you seen this girl,” Denny, on Wattpad.

I have many friends who were able to read the book, and they were all raving about it. Success! Kaya heto, movie na.

Director Andoy Ranay captured the teenybopper feel of the movie. The storytelling was fluid and clear.

Director Andoy Ranay will lead you back to your simple self and enjoy just being you as the story progresses.

The lead actors Nadine Ilustre and James Reid are a perfect combination on screen.

The audience literally was screaming out of “kilig” especially because of James Reid.

Iba rin naman ang “arrive” niya on screen.

His killer abs is really a killer. If I were younger… whew! Hahahaha!

Relate ang madlang people sa characters on screen. Why? Nadine wasn’t projected as beautiful. Kaya nga Diary ng Panget.

Even after her transformation ‘di naman siya naging Cinderella beauty. Umayos ang mukha pero ‘di naman papuntang beauty queen.

Kaya naman, relate sila ate, nanay, tita, kuya, etc.

‘Di naman ako kagandahan kaya relate ako. Hihihihi…

Nakaka-teenager feeling ang movie. Sa babaw ng movie, may malalim siyang gustong sabihin.

The movie also emphasized what real beauty is—the beauty that is coming from within. Naks!

It’s a reminder to all of us that “what is essential is invisible to the eyes,” as Ruffa Guiterez quoted from the book, The Little Prince.

These days, every thing we see on TV and and the big screen is all about enhancing physical beauty. But the basic values that we were taught when we were younger was that beauty is from within.

I remember when I was much younger. Lahat ng mga crush ko yung mga kuya na mababait at hindi naman yung mga gwapings na kuya-kuya.

‘Di ba, ganun naman talaga, we get attracted to the nice and kind people pero we end up with the not so nice people. Bakit nga ba? Hahahaha!

Even in some Koreanovelas, the lead stars are not so pretty and handsome. But the characters sort of grow in you. The not so handsome lead actor eventually becomes handsome because the audience falls in love with his character. The not so pretty lead actress eventually becomes pretty because the people see goodness and sincerity.

In the Diary of Panget, the handsome and hunk features of James Reid is in contrast to his rude and ugly attitude. Swak naman!

Cute pa rin naman kahit bad siya kasi guwapo naman talaga.

It’s interesting to watch Yassmi Pressman. I love her accent. I like the idea that someone with such an accent can also speak Tagalog fluently.

The innocent looks of Andre Paras in contrast to his towering height is perfect for his character.

We know that these kids have more to give. But for this movie, what they gave is just right for my taste and for what was being asked from them.

The movie was also visually entertaining and beautifully crafted by production designer Gwyn Guanzon. The artistic lighting of Pao Orendain enhanced the production design and sets.

Opo, kaibigan ko sila…pero ‘di ko naman sila pupurihin kung di naman talaga maganda ang trabaho.

I have to commend the good choice of locations by the location manager. The mansion that was used as the house of James Reid is the vacation house of former vice president Doy Laurel. Gandahhhh!

Pero true din naman talaga, aanhin mo naman ang magandang bahay kung bwitre naman ang mga nakatira. Kaya naman, the character of Nadine Ilustre was a breath of fresh air in the beautiful but lonely house of James.

I think heto talaga ang kailangan ng earth, mga good-hearted people para masaya lahat. Ang totoong panget talaga ay ang taong may masamang ugali. Well, I have to admit maraming times na panget ako. Kaya try ko na to be good para always maganda…nakakabata. Kayo din try din ninyo. Yun na!

PS. Watch na ng Diary ng Panget para masaya!

Beki Mommy

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I missed blogging, dear friends. I missed all of our dear PEPsters.


I have to admit it’s hard to blog if you are not doing anything.


It’s hard to blog if you are doing so many things.


It’s hard not to blog at all.


Yeah, I’ve passed all that stages these past months that I haven’t submitted anything to my PEP family.


Ang dami ko ngang pinalipas na magagandang pelikula, live shows, even my shows, dear people…hot issues, parental concerns, child-care remedies, observations, opinions, etc.


But this one, I cannot just let it pass without writing about it—being a mother of a homosexual.


I am doing a daily show for TV5 entitled BEKI BOXER. (pasimple, nag-promote…)


I can’t really figure out if this a teleserye or a sitcom.


It was really supposed to be a once-a-week sitcom. Then after showing it to the management, they decided to make it a daily thing.


The attack of the series is very light, still comedy. The subject matter and conflicts are quite serious and heavy.


But in general, every thing is tackled very lightly to lighten the situations.


I just realized how serious and difficult my “baklita friends” have been going through.


Well, not everyone I guess had to go through discrimination. But it’s inevitable for every gay to reveal to their parents their true identity.


I guess kanya-kanya rin naman talagang journey. Some are blessed that the parents easily accept that their kids are gay. Some parents are in denial. Some parents know their kids are gay but prefer not to talk about it. Some parents try to do things that they feel might change their children’s preferred gender. No matter what, the parents will accept and will love whatever and whoever their kids are.


As one of my gay friends said, “It’s not something that they just decide to be”. It’s just is.


Another gay friend told me “It’s not a sickness. Hindi naman siya lagnat na puwedeng inuman lang ng paracetamol”.


While taping for Beki Boxer, I remember the line of Tirso Cruz III from the movie Bekikang, “Hindi kita binabago anak. Hindi kita tinuturuan ng karate para maging lalake ka. Alam kong bakla ka at tanggap ko na iyon. Tinuturuan kitang magkarate para mapagtanggol mo ang sarili mo. Mahirap ang buhay na pinili mo. At hindi naman puwede nandun parati si Tatay para ipagtanggol ka. Mahal na mahal kita anak.”


I play the mother of Alwyn Uytingco, Beki Boxer himself, and, indeed, the journey of the parents is another story that should not be taken for granted.


It’s true that the parents know their children. The mothers specially feel their children. Even if the child denies it to the whole world, a mother would know. Kanya-kanya na nga lang talagang atake kung paano i-handle. Interesting.


Every taping there’s a new learning, and I’m still learning and discovering so many things. I can’t claim that I understand my beki friends more. But I feel for them more than before. Hand in hand journey pala talaga.


Girl, boy, bakla, o tomboy, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is how one lives his life. Meaning, ikaw ba ay nakakatulong sa lipunan o pasanin ka ba ng lipunan? Heavy ba? Pero ganun talaga, respect comes with responsibility. Love comes with respect. Tama ba? Parang ganun…


True confession: Ang hina ng trabaho bilang artista on TV and movie for me. Hmmm… tumatanda, tumataba, etc. etc. ‘Wag na natin elaborate at pa-nega na, hahahaha!


Kaya naman bilang true nanay and tatay ako sa totoong buhay, I have to find means and ways to earn.


With a business partner, I put up a bag business. We started October of last year online. Hay naku! Iba ding mundo ito. I shall write more about it on my next entry. Pero pumasok na kami bilang concessionaire sa Fairview Terraces. My good friend Carmina Villarroel was the one who invited me to join. She also has become a concessionaire of Wellworth department store, a joint venture of Rustan’s and Ayala. If you are interested please check out online Muniz shoes of Carmina. Paki-check na rin yung and


Bilang closing, ang masasabi ko lang, when you are down, the only way to go is up. Go! Go! Go! Wala lang… parang masarap lang sabihin.


Congratulations to all graduates! Be the best person that you can be. Go!

My Easter experience

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Hello, PEPsters!

I know late na ang entry na ito for the season. But please bear with me and let me share my wonderful experience.

For the past seven years, every Holy Week, I have been teaching kids at the Easter vigil paandar.

Yes, paandar, kasi di naman normal yung ginagawa ng mga children sa loob ng church. Ayun na yung nag-cheering sila, nag-“Pyramid” at “Funky Town,” saka nagsayaw sa music ng Black Eyed Peas sa loob ng church.

Marami akong na-encounter na different kinds of kids of different age (mula 3 to 15 years old), backgrounds, and living conditions.

Meron din namang lagpas sa age limit. Merong sobrang yaman at sobrang kapos din naman.

The first time kong nagturo, akala ko mahahati ang membrane ko kasi more than 200 na bagets ang sumali.

Heto na, bilang most of them come from less-privileged areas, I thought mas masakit sa ulo sila turuan. Actually, hindi naman pala. May I follow sila sa instructions more than the well-off kids.

Nag-request ako sa mga bata if they can take a bath before coming to practice.

Say ng bata, “Wala po kaming tubig sa umaga.” Ang lapit lang ng mga bahay ng mga batang ito, ano nangyare? Quezon City lang Ito nakatira, anyare? Meron ba ako dapat ireklamo since these kids do not enjoy the basic necessities of life.

During the first year, kung anu-anong issue ng mga bagets ang na-encounter ko.

Andiyan yung nag-away dahil natatakpan siya ng bata sa harap. Andiyan yung magkaaway yung magulang nila kaya di rin sila puwede magtabi. Ano ba yan?

But what shocked me the most was how the kids talk. They have no freakin’ idea what cursing is, but say the bad words as if they’re adjectives taught in school.

Cursing is second nature to these kids. Why? We cannot blame the children. They are children nga! E, kamusta naman ang mga magulang na almusal ang pagmumura?

After seven years, I have seen the difference between kids then and now. I’m not referring to their age. It’s how they talk and react to situations.

Ang mga bata ngayon, lahat pala-sagot and pilosopo. I have nothing against gays. But kids proclaim these days their gayness at a very early age. Young boys come in clip and lipstick. Okay lang ba yun? Baka nga ganun na ang trend ngayon?

Even the girls answer back pa-witty. I am guilty. I am a contributor to the way these kids talk. Media has a big role in how children are. I am not blaming everything to media. The parents also have a great responsibility in raising their children.

Despite and in spite of all these, the kids had touched me. How? Di ko ma-explain. Ganun naman pala talaga ang nata-touch, di masyado kailangan ng words.

The purity and innocence of the children are just so contagious. Impossible na hindi ka maapektuhan.

There is so much joy. They are so eager to learn.

Sa totoo Lang, mas madali pa kausap ang mga bata kaysa sa matanda. Straight to the point, walang paliguy-ligoy. Di ko kailangan makiramdam dahil as is na sila. No pretensions.

This year, meron pa akong bonus.

My son Quentin joined the celebration. He diligently and obediently attended the practice. He tried to follow the instructions.

Thank God there were two older girls who guided him.

He obeyed the girls. That’s a big load off my shoulder.

This year, Christian Songs mixed with party rock were our inspiration.

We changed the lyrics of “Party Rock” to “Party ng tayong lahat/ Everybody let’s have a good time/ Coz tinalo ni Hesus ang lahat/ He is risen… Alleluia!”

In fairness, pasok naman and napa-indak ang madlang people.

Come performance time. I had to deal with a dilemma. 150 kids nga naman vs. 1 Quentin? I had to guide the 150 kids!

Candy: Yaya, pwede paki-video si Quentin. One press lang ito, record na.

“Para sigurado, dalawa ang pinakiusapan ko, “Bro, pakikunan yung sayaw. Si Quentin ha.”

And so kampante ako na mapapanood ko si Quentin after.

Heto ang na-video ni Yaya:

Anong nangyare, Yaya?  Eight minutes ang presentation bakit 10 seconds lang nakuha?

Galit na sagot ni Yaya, “’Yan lang?! Nangawit nga ako sa pag-video, e. Tapos ‘yan lang?”

Saka napansin ni Yaya na di ako nagsasalita.

Pero bumawi naman, “Pero mam, ang galing ni Quentin sumayaw. It’s the thought that counts.”

The thought daw kasi, magandang isipin na sumayaw ang anak ko kahit papaano.

Naging okay kasi pina-video ko naman as back-up sa barkada ko.

“Kamusta, nakunan mo ba lahat from the top?”

Mayabang na sumagot ang kaibigan ko ng, “Of course.”

And I was so happy, “Thank you talaga at nag-video ka. Nakakatuwa ba panoorin si Quentin sumayaw?”

Heto ang sagot niya, “Di ko nga alam kung nasaan siya, e.”

Magagalit ka pa ba? Hindi na… Sayang sa oras.

If you want to check out the Easter Vigil Presentation of the kids, here it is…

This Easter, I hope we did some looking back.

Then, live each day to the fullest and worry not about tomorrow.

Sabi nga nung isang bagets, “Gagalingan ko po ngayon, para may pondo ako bukas.”

Totoo naman, dahil nakita ko ang gigil at galaw, nilipat ko ng pwesto sa harap. Nakipagpalit doon sa batang tamad na tamad gumalaw.

Kaya give ako nang todo today, para may pondo ako bukas, at ganun araw-araw hanggang madami na akong pondong naipon na hindi ko napapansin. Bongga!

Hope you all had fun last Easter! Nabuhay si Kristo kaya go! go! go! Yun na.

A Blast from the Past (in photos)

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I received a letter from the management of Music Museum last week requesting for  photos of my previous shows.

Panic! Panic! Why?

The pictures had to be submitted tomorrow. Agad-agad?!

I went through my files and got stuck… Hanggang sa araw na ito, di pa ako umaabot dun sa pictures na kailangan ko mahanap.



Pero totoo talagang pictures can move and capture the moment. It can retell a lot of things happening when you took the shot. There’s the event itself, the unspoken thought in my mind, and also the people’s reaction. Ang dami ko pang naaalala na mga behind-the-scene pics, conversations, all happening at the same time.

Yung mga plano ko noong mga panahon na yun, natupad ko ba? Maliban sa sarili ko at mga tao sa paligid ko, meron ding tumatakbo sa utak ng kumuha ng picture. Bakit siya ang kumuha ng picture? Bakit di siya kasali?

To top it all, maliban sa nangyayari sa akin, merong nangyayaring mga kaganapan sa bansa at sa ibang bansa. Di pa yata uso noon ang viber o ang WhatsApp. Paano nga ba kami chumichika at saan kami pumunta after kinunan yung picture? Ano ba ang pinanggalingan ng picture na ito? Hahahaha! Baliw ba ako? Slight.

Pero aminin niyo na totoo ang mga sinabi ko na naganap at nangyari nung kinunanang picture. Daming kuwento. Daming nangyari. Pero aaminin ko na napako ako sa three large plastic envelopes…

Ang wedding pictures ko, hanggang ngayon ay hindi ko na-submit sa photographer namin yung napili na pictures kasi nga, naghiwalay na. Hahahaha! Nakatipid yung photographer namin sa album. I had about 1,000 pictures. Walang OA. Ang dami talaga. Merong numbers sa likod at nakita ko yung 1001… Hahahaha!

Siyempre, wag niyo na po hanapin yung groom. Kung ako nga, di ko na makita ngayon, kayo pa… Ganda at saya lang naman ng pictures kaya I want to share. Dedmahin niyo na yung okasyon na wedding at tingnan na lang yung moments captured. This is actually the first time I am posting my wedding pics. Okay na naman ako kaya puwede na. I’m sure okay na rin naman s i ex. Sayang naman yung event. Magamit ko man lang sa blog. Hahahaha!

Ang dami ko pang interesting pictures. Sobrang interesting, di na puwedengi-post. Next time pag may oras mag-scan, post ako ulit. Yun na. Go!

143: 168 and 99

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Bargain. Sale. Discount. Wholesale… here it is…

I had a few days off, and decided to visit the Shenzen of the Philippines.

I left Quezon City at around 9:30 a.m. and reached the 168 vicinity at around 11:00 a.m. Parking is quite difficult.

I came with a friend who showed me the ins and outs of the area.

We parked at the mall beside 168. Was it the 99 mall? Di pa ako nakarating sa 168, I started buying and buying and buying at the mall where we parked. Wattadeal!

Everything you possibly need and don’t need is there in the both malls: 168 and 999.

Para kang mawa-123 at ubos agad ang pera mo sa dami ng puwedeng bilhin. Simply a delight to be there!

Nakakalunod ang dami ang accessories!

I suddenly remembered Shenzen. I’m sure mas mura doon. Yun nga lang. ang layo— airfare, hotel, biyahe— okay na dito.

Hindi lang yun, language is a major problem in Shenzen. Last time I was there, best in action and sign language ako. Hahahaha!

I bought dry squid. Di nila naintindihan ang squid, lalo naman ang pusit. Kaya naman todo pusit ang acting ko…

I just felt while going around, I seemed to be in China.

Kasi naman ang music ng stores, Chinese.

Heto na, there was an announcement from the PA system, aba, it was in English and Chinese. Nangyare?! Bakit walang Tagalog announcement?

Food won’t be a problem. On the 4th floor, there are a couple of fast food restaurants to choose from.


1. All prices are bound to go down by almost half the price (well, ganun sila sa akin!)

2. If you are planning to buy more than six items from one store, ask for wholesale price. It’s quite cheaper by a few pesos. But if you are pressured with the quantity and have no plans to buy more than one, then it’s okay.

3. Sadly, Chinese owners give a better deal than the Pinoys. Maybe because they are the owners.

4. Worry not, there is a clean restroom at the 3rd floor. Bring ten-peso coins.

5. It’s advisable to have different money denominations for faster transactions. (Pangit naman tumawad nang tumawad sabay abot ka ng 1k)

6. Put money in different pockets. It’s advisable to use body bags and put them in front.

7. Patience is a virtue. Learn to canvass before buying. Mura na nga sa store na ito pero puwedeng mas mura pa sa iba.

8. Usually, the clothing stores on the 2nd floor are cheaper.

9. The school supplies are on the 1st floor.

10. Shenzen style: ask price. Ask wholesale price. Give your tawad. Ayaw. Leave. Check other stores.

11. Leave the vicinity before 5:00 p.m. because traffic will be so bad by them. Or, leave after 8:00 p.m.

12. Don’t go during weekends.

13. Make a list of the things you need and try to stick to them.

14. Allot two days for shopping. You may return the items that won’t fit on the second day.

15. Humility is power. Be pleasant and make friends.


What’s important… this Valentine’s Day?

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I just finished my two-night stand-up comedy show, plus, the Forever series has finally started to air before the time slot of 24 Oras. Para akong nanganak, and I am still waiting to see if the people liked my babies. Pumasa kaya sa taste nila?

Doing Candy’s Be U? was quite taxing. Other than getting creatively involved, I had to also know something about the various aspects of the show. I have been doing stand-up comedy for so long, but some do not know that I do. There are other people that know but would rather spend their energies in promoting their own family. It’s understandable.

I felt like I was starting again…

There were only a few people who believed, and those few made me go through the labor pains and delivery with flying colors.

I have been itching to tell you what I had to go through. After pondering hard about it, I realized that the victory should be highlighted rather than the difficulties.

Sabi ko nga nung finale ng show, if you enjoyed the show please tell your friends about it, if not, then shut up!
And it felt good.

My family, of course, was always ready to save the drowning me.

Mamu, Andrew de Real, the director of my show had his full belief and trust on me. That, put triple pressure on me.

My friends, who never fail to amaze me with their unbelievable support… Gelli, Aiko, and Mina. Hats off to direk Wenn Deramas. He is a friend indeed. Direk Ruel Bayani, despite his pagod and antok, he was present and he watched. Direk Don Cuaresma, who felt kinda trapped in watching, was there to support me. Direk Ricky Davao was also very supportive.

Heto, Inay Malou Choa Fagar, iba ka talaga! Walang sabi-sabi, dumating ka.

GVM, Gina Valenciano-Martinez, I was speechless with how you threshed out my concerns. I was moved.

I was really surprised to see Marvin Querido, kapatid ko ‘yan.

Honestly, in times of real deep trouble, one can count with his hand the people that can help revive a sinking ship. I was then a sinking ship. No confidence that I would float.
But because of some people, I am no longer a sinking ship. I am a ship ready to sail. Though wind and high waters may confront me, they can sink me no more. I have anchored my faith to God with the help of people who believed in me, I am ready to sail once again.

Hay, naku! True nga talaga ang sinabi ko sa show na ang problems ko last year ay ‘di ko na problems this year. And my major concerns last week are not my major concerns today. Life goes on. Let it be. The world doesn’t revolve solely on me. O nga ‘no, sama ng loob for those who weren’t able to be with me, ganun lang yun…

February na. Valentines na naman. Kakatapos lang magtanggal ng Christmas tree sa mga malls, puso naman ang isasabit nila. For single ladies like me, puwede siyang pressure at puwede rin naman siyang i-treat as FREEDOM!

Pressure Kung papa-affect ako sa mga puso na nakasabit. Impossible naman kasing ‘di maapektuhan sa puso. Puso nga kasi. E, kung gawin nilang pusod o puson kaya ang isabit nila nang ‘di ako maapektuhan?

Although, it can be stress-free because when you’re single, you are not obliged to go out on Valentine’s Day and go through that traffic.

I am not a victim, bilang mahal na presyo ng flowers and stuff… I am not affected kung all restaurants are booked and all motels are occupied. Meron din naman palang freedom talaga, wag lang magpaapekto sa commercialism around you.

May partner ka nga, but then again… Kailangan bang sa Valentines lang ang celebration of love? Not necessarily.

It doesn’t matter if one is single or not.

What’s important is to love the people around you who are always ready to help you.

What’s important is to love one’s self and appreciate yourself so others may do so, too.

What’s important is you are okay for everything around you to be okay. Yun na!

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